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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Player Name Change


please change to Kainsaw.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dino Storm] Monsters not visible


I’m not sure if this is lag or what, but monsters are not visible or target-able in my game.

My Java is up to date, other players are displayed correctly, and move about cleanly without stutter, skip, or slide. they tell me that I am walking through or standing right on top of a monster, but I cannot see it.

I will try another server, but any advice here would be appreciated.

update1 – my first character was on America1, but now the only server available is Europe1, perhaps the server is down for maintenance or resetting or could that have impacted how mobs were displayed? Or is Europe1 the only available server because i have another character on America1 and it’s limited to one per?

update2 – Rookie Bandit mobs appear fine and i can attack them without problem, but not Entelodon in the new player zone.

update3 – cleared browser cache, restarted firefox, and now everything is displaying normally. you can lock this thread.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Design your ship

Originally posted by skullhead51:
Originally posted by ENDGamesRyan:

:) This is great stuff everyone! Makes me really stoked to know you’re all enjoying the game enough to come up with these cool ideas! Keep ‘em coming, it’s very inspiring for us!

skullhead51, I think you’re going to like our 11th ship already in development… ;)

oooo, is it gonna be like my 1st or 2nd idea? XD

Probably the second idea. the next ship looks like a plague ship. Probably deploys damage-over-time weapons or hinders enenmy ship performance with debilitating disease based debuffs. Toxic cloud AoE perhaps?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Design your ship

Ship: Drone Mothership
Pilot: 00101011101
Role: Support/Defense
FirePower: Low
Speed: Medium
Handling: Low
Energy: High
Q. Rail Gun – electromagnetic ballistic cannon, with a long range, but with a slow rate of fire. Upgrading increases damage and rate-of-fire.
W. Drone Bay – launches small attack drones which behave like npc drones, attacking any enemy player, drone or turret within range, yet stay within a short radius of the mother ship. Their speed and rate-of-fire offset the slow Railgun. The drones are fragile, and this weapon has a long cool-down to reload. Upgrades increase the maximum number of drones deployed and performance.
E. Nano-Cloud – deploys tiny repair bots in a field around the Mothership, which regenerates energy for any ally or drone within. Upgrades increases the range and persistence of the cloud.
R. Kamikaze – causes all deployed drones to speed towards their current targets and explode on contact, this allows them to leave their usual radius restriction. They cease fire, but double their movement speed. This trades their defensive roles and persistent damage over time, for burst damage. Upgrading increases their explosive damage and move speed.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Resign Vote

Today we were in a game that quickly went 500-0 on the scoreboard, and the opposing team fled, or rage-quit or just left, and the team balance was 4 of us vs 1 of them.

and the game dragged on and on an on, with the one remaining opponent not afking, not leaving his shielded base either, and not resigning.

So a resign vote gets started on our side just to get things moving, and we lose the match.

Has this happened to you? Is there a better way to conclude such a match?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / May 23, 2012 Update Build Notes

I noticed that occasionally when knocked down in midair, when landing on the elevator I would be stuck in the falling position unable to move or act. I even had an opponent who put me in that state stand over me and slowly pump rounds in one by one rather than just finish me off. We laughed the whole time.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tanks are Overpowered

Originally posted by Dual_Smoke:

If you are having trouble versus tanks, you are probably playing your class wrong.

this. Plus being an effective member of a winning team is not about being able to 1v1 every class on the opposing team. Even a skilled tank can be brought down with coordinated effort.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Rank Titles

I think it would be a better reflection of skill level if your title-rank was dependent on your overall ranking. Top 5% = highest rank, bottom 50% = private, with all the rest in the middle somewhere.

I’m a Msg, but only by virtue of playing alot, but my actually ability is well below that.

Could ranks be based on merit rather than time?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Achievements

Achievements. Nothing feels so rewarding as a sticker that says “good job, kid.”

I think a freerangegames poster joked in another topic about purposely making their game derivative and boring (sarcastically, mind you). I feel like Achievements falls into the derivative column. I don’t need a badge that says I got a 10-kill streak to feel good about the streak, to prove to anyone else that I did it, or to make getting a 10-kill streak a goal. Once you insert these virtual rewards into games, suddenly every game has them, and they seem to lose meaning.

As a carrot, dangling in front of players, it works to keep them working hard on the gerbil wheel, striving to get that next milestone, but I believe that if your game is fun to play, those carrots are unnecessary.

Now a cash or xp reward for skilled game-play, I wouldn’t turn down. It would offer a skilled player who is stuck on a losing uncoordinated team at least some reward for individual performance. But I guess some people really need their gold-star sticker to show the rest of the class what a good boy or girl they are. ;)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Auto Aim

Originally posted by Edge363:

maybe a good option for free aiming though? that way people can make up for numbers with baddassery.

Please see previous comments regarding the benefits of manual aim. Hence, rewarding badassery.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / May 12, 2012 Update Build Notes

Originally posted by freerangegames:

The gunner’s rail gun’s knockback was decreased, but his assault rifle was improved and he was given copter kick. We did this so people couldn’t just lock down other players with the rail gun hit reacts.

My favorite experience with the copter-kick so far: I charging a gunner as a tank, which is normally silly, but I’m on his blindside. His reaction is to pop out of crouch into a copter kick. I stood under him with the heavy machine gun and he just floated up up up, and back to respawn. Hot lead enema ftw.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / May 12, 2012 Update Build Notes

new update issues:

as a heavy, if I pop my neutron shield right before the warmup ends, I start the match shielded.

also, I was stunned in midair, sniper shot maybe? and fell helpless onto middle elevator to the health pickup, and would not stand up. I just laid there, unable to move or act till an opponent helped me respawn. (pew pew)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class cap limit (NEEEED!!!!!) --- OR Winning Team Strategies

Originally posted by kazzar12:

If you can’t handle fighting a group of techs that’s user error.

Agreed. Their teamwork > your individual effort. I can’t count how many games I’ve played where nobody talks or coordinates, but just flies out of the base hunting for kills.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / change this

two player fixes to the expensive quick-respawn.

1. die less.

2. wait patiently and think about what you can do to die less next time.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here