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Topic: Serious Discussion / How do some people not believe in evolution/big bang theory?

How can creationists possibly think not only that humans just appeared out of nowhere and one was made from a rib, but also that the world was created in seven days?

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Topic: General Gaming / RPG gaming.

Really funny video about rpg heroes. Anyone that loves rpgs, especially Mardek should watch it.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] What is so great about this game?

It has mass appeal, which means a very small number of ratings below four stars, and a lot of five stars. If you asked every kongregate user which game was best, or at this point, second best, because of learn to fly 2, it probably wouldn’t be the most choosed game. My biggest problem with it is how short it is and, like all other td games, not replayable. It is a good game, but, not the best on Kongregate.