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Topic: Galaxy Online / Shelix' Game Review: Galaxy Online

Good lord; thread necro from Lynx!

I haven’t played GO2 since….September 2013? Ish?

What was funny was seeing that I said it wasn’t worth spending money on, given that I have about $20,000 sunk into my account. And it’s all still there. ^^

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Topic: Galaxy Online / AvatarKeshnu vs. AvatarKeshnu???

Renegade embraces the chaos.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / List to find BluePrints on Each instance

I’m gonna chime in here with “325 constellation passes burned on Sag.04 with no Sagan Explosive Shield yet.”

I give up.

Don’t get wrapped up in probabilities.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / UPGRADE HONOR SHOP

Honor is by far best spent on Corsair Gold. The requirement to get honor weapons as a stepping stone elsewhere is just that – a stepping stone.

Additionally, honor buys passports. If you’re not using 3 restricted passes a day, you’re playing wrong. Honor can buy them, saving you vouchers for speedups, advanced truce cards, speedups, and speedups. You can also buy corp certificates with honor. And Advanced Galaxy Transfers. And SP cards.

There’s a lot of things in this game that you need honor for. In fact, the only people in the entire game without a use for honor are either not taking advantage of many of the game’s features, or are ship-builder alts that don’t run content.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Another War Because Epsilo Didn't Have Beer

What was impressive about this fight was the fact that it was a planned operation, utilizing some basic military principles.

A company-sized formation sends multiple squad sized elements out to recon for enemy activity, and reinforces in strength upon enemy contact. Infantry Field Manual 7-8, Flank and Maneuver, Diagram A is a good stepping stone.


Topic: Galaxy Online / How to add MP w/out kreds

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Topic: Galaxy Online / July 11 Server Maintenance

You’re going blind old man.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Championships decoys

Easier fix than this….

Add a space base in the middle that shoots everything every turn. Then all those little fleets die.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / July 11 Server Maintenance

So the “patch” is live now.

It’s tragically comic to watch space battles now. Fleets scurry a few spaces towards combat faster than they used to. Since only the actual pixel movement was sped up, combat now looks like this:

1. Awkward pause waiting for a fleet to move.
2. Fleet moves VERY quickly towards it’s target.
3. Awkward pause waiting for firing mechanics to begin.
4. Slow firing phase.
5. Firing Mechanics end.
6. Awkward pause waiting for the next fleet to move.

IGG, please fix #1, #3, #4, #5, #6.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / July 11 Server Maintenance

Current battle times consist of the following:

10% time spent watching ships move.
90% time spent watching ships fire.

Post-patch battle times consists of the following:

5% time spent watching ships move.
95% time spent watching ships fire.

With +2 fleets in Championships (the +4 fleets in IGL is irrelevant since battles auto-conclude), IGG has just extended battle times significantly.

IGG, we don’t need ships to visually move faster. We need ships to fire faster, and championships to auto-finish, with the option of watching like IGL.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Shelix's Log: The search for the Inconceivable Invisible Icarus

Ninety Six. I despise this number.

Ninety Six hours cooped up in a second-rate cruiser that should have been mothballed years ago. The internal ventilation system hasn’t figured out how to cope with the hours old belch that still makes this entire ship smell like bad chinese food and orange soda.

Ninety Six hours hopping from one piddly planet to the next on a personal holy grail mission in search of an Icarus blueprint that my crew is beginning to doubt exists. The stale air is an irritable nuisance, but even the cotton balls stuffed in my ears can’t drown out the looping playback of Ziggy Stardust’s awful rendition of “One Qazar to Home” stuck in this dungheap’s media center. Curses upon you forever Mitsutoyotordissan Shipyards for thinking Windows 783 “Intergalactic Operating System” should ever be installed off the shelf in your cruiser lineup.

I take it back. This is a third rate cruiser at best.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Best Commander Ever Poll

Common Commander +1

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server problems

29 hours in, round 15 begins!

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Topic: Galaxy Online / 7th Anniversary Parade Inspection

SO1 + Shelix + 37682 + Air Wanderer + Polymesus + Ultra Gwyar + Aggressive Warlord + Presidio of Glory + Chimera Capra + Striking sword

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Topic: Galaxy Online / MVP event rewards

Indeed. Waiting for my inbox to populate.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Locked Cards from Space Raids

pweterpan, couple of thoughts for you.

1. Players drive the price of cards, and there’s nothing wrong with the idea that some cards aren’t worth unbinding. The reason that green and blue charts are considered suicide material is because skills and supers aren’t worth the 100 MP. Even in the “Draw” part of the commander center – you wade through skills and supers looking for legendaries and divines. You can sell cards, including bound cards for Cgold, and with the exception of a couple of supers (Nick, Linda, event supers) the rest are just free Cgold.

2. When you use a card, it unbinds it. I agree that you should be able to merge bound cards, and have petitioned IGG to do so to no avail. The poor man route is to unseal it to unbind it, then to reseal it; inefficient, but many of the non-MP methods of doing things in this game are. I have 49 sealing cards. I’m not sure where I keep getting them from. I think from “free” draws during gem events. You can buy event coupons for gold, they’re sold pretty regularly, then use those event coupons to buy gems and get free draws as well, which in turn get you free cards, sealing cards, resetting chips, etc. Or you can buy MP for gold (more expensive).

3. The fact that Nixane, jjjuice, Lynx, Shelix, etc are powerful isn’t a bad thing. The point of a freemium game is to be free while offering premium content that people will buy to pay for the game’s development. Go2 exists because enough players are willing to pay money to keep it running for all the free players. It’s the nature of the beast.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Dat troll base

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Exodus Review: Inferior Tank, Waste of Money


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Topic: Galaxy Online / Exodus Review: Inferior Tank, Waste of Money

FearOUs, I was tempted to reply to your initial post, except that your points are addressed in my OP, which means that you haven’t read my OP, or you wouldn’t have made those points in the first place.

So rather than restate what I’ve already said to address your responses to an OP you haven’t read under the premise that saying the same thing multiple times in different places might encourage knowledge absorption….I’m going to instead operate inside a self-contained paradigm where people without the faculties requires to grasp mathematical concepts or the fundamental cornerstones of the scientific method are not my problem, beyond saving, and should be ignored after a sharply worded reprimand for the social equivalent of barging naked into a “Make a Wish” Children’s party, covering the frontal nudity by tripping and falling into the dying child’s cake, then congratulating everyone on engaging children into your alcoholic’s anonymous meeting.

And so I sharply reprimand you. Stay out of business to complex for you to participate in. Like addition, subtraction and literacy. I’m sure there’s a swing-set outside that has your name on it, go play. For shame!

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Championship Matching needs tweaking


Please take a look at your championship matching. Stars are supposed to dictate matching.

In room 4 today, you not only had the two most powerful players in the game on the same team, but several of the close tier 2 players on that team as well.

Looking at the commanders on the battlefield, that team should have been severely outnumbered by the common commanders on the other side. Instead, they also outnumbered the other team by several players.

Commander star matching isn’t balanced, but it doesn’t look like it even works.


Topic: Time World / Welcome To Time World! Now F*** off!

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Exodus Review: Inferior Tank, Waste of Money

Alex, this was a comparison of the Exodus vs the Liberty Wing as a tank. So sure…. LW > Exodus for tanking. Erotes serves a different role.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Exodus Review: Inferior Tank, Waste of Money

Hey folks! Some folks like to have to leading edge in killing, I like to be on the leading edge of tanking. I did some math-hammering to analyze the Exodus’ potential as a tank, and present the following.

Universal Data Points:
1) Assuming 8* Divine commander.
2) LW estack of 2405 (Frigate – 100).
3) Exodus estack of 2277.
4) 19 EOS on each ship.
5) Exodus gets +30 negation per shield module.
6) Liberty Wings gets 15% effective damage negation.

Liberty Wings with Shield Value 70 has a raw negation value of ((19×70)x2405)x1.15, or 3,678,448
Exodus with a Shield Value of 100 has a raw negation value of ((19×100)x2277)x1.05 or 4,326,300.

Now accounting for reality.
1) The most common attack ships are frigates, which the Exodus will suffer 5% less damage from, boosting negation to 4,542,615.
2) A decent tank commanders can laugh off ballistic weapons.
3) Explosives (missiles) are a non-entity for this exercise.
4) Heat and magnetic are the two most popular damage types – directional and SBW.

Liberty Wings has Neutralizing Armor, while the Exodus has Nano armor.

Liberty Wings vs Frigate Magnetics (most common PvP or high end PvE) is now 5,517,671 raw negation due to reduced damage from magnetics.

Exodus vs Frigate Magnetics (most common PvP or high end PvE) is now 3,029,924 raw negation due to increased damage from magnetics.

Conclusion: The Exodus’ +30 negation can’t make up for having Nano armor. Dodge and normal shields take care of lower damage weapon types, leaving the tank in need of tanking high damage weaponry, which is primarily magnetic.

The same sagan magnetics that could cover this weakness also further enhance other tank type ships equally. There is a future possibility of Kinetic SBW, but this analysis is meant to cover tanking value against the most common scenarios.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Weikes War at Los Genios:

1) X people register.
2) They all show up at Bean’s planet with Weike fleets.
3) Bean’s Space Station and Planetary Defenses kill them all.
4) Bean wins Weikes war since no one lived but him.
5) We all lol.

Alternate ending:
4) A troll shows up with real fleets and gets 1,000,000 SDs for giggles.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / What kind of Hull is an Exodus?


Every ship in game lists the kind of hull except for the Exodus. What is it? Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship, or light armor?