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Topic: Tyrant / Frozen Dawn EVENT deck helper

Originally posted by lonelyterrorist:

totally misleading title..

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Topic: Tyrant / [TO DEVS] Winter Solstice Event: bug with winning streak!!!

too complicated to recalculate the whole ranking. Devs, hand out terraformer to all players that could have reached #250 w/o that bug, and everything is fine

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Topic: Tyrant / So what would you want to get from DEVs for Christmas?

Originally posted by DodgerBlue016:

I’d personally like new cards, free war bonds, my own robot servant, a hoverboard, thirteen souls, and fourteen free tickets to heaven.

… and a partridge in a pear tree

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Questions unanswered regarding the event

5. why is Grimclaw not unique ? this is gonna be a mess
6. was Gorrus really meant to summon himself, not Gorepox ?

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Topic: Tyrant / How important is ESoK now?

Originally posted by Littleheran:

it’s either esok or quit at this stage

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Topic: Tyrant / Best way against Gauntlet spam?

Gauntlet spams r boring. i can’t wait for Frost Bite spams to become popular…

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Topic: Tyrant / [to Devs] lost coins in Epic Jotun

Originally posted by dzrtr:
And 127 honor is not 127 coins.

what else ? that’s why they are called ‘honor coins’

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Topic: Tyrant / [Raid] ESoK HQ

Originally posted by whitegluejacky:
Originally posted by yeasy:

ESoK 24.2 will take back-up members in, please PM or whisper me.

I think you dont need back-up members, because MSU is already WBing

I’m glad MSU is pulling the cart forward, bc somehow a couple of trolls managed to get into 24.2

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Topic: Tyrant / What's the counter for XD4 on a tile ?


that deck by mastermosnter was soooo good. 7/1
on my last attack he opened with Marrow Aileron and i went all pale (had to start with 2 assailants), but somehow i managed to take that tile, happy end

great community
thread 100% troll free, that’s even more impressive than deck performance

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Topic: Tyrant / What's the counter for XD4 on a tile ?

Originally posted by mrmastermonster:

Draco, Double Agent, GS*, 2x Assailant, Launch Codes, FoC
85% Ordered

thanks, that’s perfect ! 3 wins in a row now, tho I had unlucky draws

(i tried the suggestion by didgogns, but with only 3 ospries. good deck for sure, but i failed when opponent plays zarak early)


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Topic: Tyrant / What's the counter for XD4 on a tile ?

Any idea what to use against Xeno Domination4 deck on a tile (no battleground effect) ?

Don’t suggest Gauntlets, i’ve tried that with Gaia*, CW, 7 Gaunts, Necarian, Templar*, DFA*
and don’t suggest a bunch of Gouchers plz :D

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Topic: Tyrant / [to defs] possible bug

Originally posted by kkk1234kkk:

ok, thx for the tip with tripute. makes no sense for me why tripute still works but who cares.
now i saw something else. my rat catcher immobilized a gauntlet but got attacked from the gauntlet next round. how is that possible ?

Black Magic

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Topic: Tyrant / Guess what I'm looking for..

must be the 2nd Templar, holy watcher of Gaunts

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Topic: Tyrant / What Snapped Your Winstreak(s)?

I ran into Hoschi’s cannonwall-wall (4cw, 2 usial, HoC, WWF)

WTF there’s many 1000 def decks out there and RNG gives me the one of Hoschisack !

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Topic: Tyrant / [To DEVs] Please, fix pack sorting

A lot of players believe (and would kill for this belief) that packs ‘content’ is random. Even the fansite gives odds based on randomness.
BUT NOBODY ever said that this is the case. There’s no label on packs stating this. So why assume it ?

To me it’s obvious that there’s a higher probability to get cards that a player posesses already

^ pure troll bait for randomness believers

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Topic: Tyrant / what's your best win streak so far

21, then i lost to a noob that was opening with Tremor Wyrm and a perfectly timed IM

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Behold Nadja the Viper!

I wonder if she removes sanc before dealing damage, or if she suffers from dmg reflection in the 1st attack

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Topic: Tyrant / The nice players defeated a troll, congrats!

Why ban Lord Tywin, he’s going to be killed with a crossbow

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] New Promos + Legendary!

Originally posted by synapticon:

It sounds like the major issue is that the new promos are considered weak. Would the preference be to buff the current promo cards?

NO !

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Warning for Newbies: VIP Packs

In my first 7 master packs there was not 1 single 5* card, though the description says ‘Normal’.
i’d call this ‘Scarce’ at best, and i think calling it normal (maybe 50%?) is very close to lying

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Topic: Tyrant / DarkBlood1 completely retired from Tyrant (2011-2013)


sad story. hope your turnaround works this time

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Topic: Tyrant / The Devs need help!

Reset Version to around HW/Phobos, and i’m back playing Tyrant
(will never happen though, so i’m gone)

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Flashpoint Expansion Announcement!

Originally posted by AllenI4three:

New expansion again? I didn’t even buy a worldship pack yet!


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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs / Suggestion] Change the rules around legendaries

Originally posted by Sabroso84:

How about a legendary commander?

There’s Moya, they just forgot to mark it as legendary

@OP: great idea

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Upcoming Updates

Originally posted by Malutor:

When Phobos for gold and Raid Revamp?