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Topic: Kongregate / Flash 11 is out - anyone spot any cool Flash 11 games?

Originally posted by saybox:

Not yet :P Adobe claims it has the capability for console quality games, but I’m not convinced many Flash devs are gonna be wokring on that sort of a budget.

Just now console quality games? I find that insulting :P

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Topic: Kongregate / The Tower - Qualifier - Closed

Heh, this is the most screen of No Comment I’ve ever seen in one place.

I’m submitting before the boss is dead now, should fix any problems with the game freezing.

Sadly, contact games don’t get as much love as personal projects because of the far tighter deadline. Don’t want to hijack the thread, but feel free to PM me if there’s any features that will make your lives easier (pause, score display on title screens?).

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Topic: General Gaming / Forget the Demo! FancyPants Adventures: World 2 has landed on Kong

Haha, hey guys! Nice to see some hype for the game!

I’m always worried that no one’s going to notice the little details in the game like that, so it’s great to see them getting some attention. Thanks, renny!

Actually, the only walls you can slide up are the slippery walls, the walls that have ink on them (see the black on the walls there in the pictures?). But pressing up and down will change how you jump off from any wall, though I think that might have been in the demo…

Yep, that’s a reference to NinjaCow, who was actually one of the first to join my site and help with the beta testing. That bird thing is more of a parody of the terribly drawn birds in level 3 of World 1 (on a side note, those were supposed to be temporary but I forgot about them, haha).

Also, if you hold jump or down while stomping a baddie, you’ll bounce off higher, like in World 1, but you’ll also defeat them instead of just stunning them.

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Topic: General Gaming / Nuclear Eagle

Don’t worry guys, it’ll be out today, with a few extras thrown in, and hopefully better refined controls.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

I think you need to distinguish between allusions to and graphic depictions of. From what I saw in your game just now, it’s a simple, oh har M.J. likes little boys, but I didn’t exactly watch him do anything to them, so no, I think your game and ‘insensitive’ jokes have nothing to do with why I believe the game didn’t belong on Kongregate.

But whatever, I’m going to sleep…

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

I’ve never seen Michael Jackson graphically rape children on television or any other sort of filtered media, nor have I ever seen pretty much anything that belongs on 4chan on any media is made for public viewing…

Just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean it has to be ‘worse’ than cable television. Oh, great, now we can be uncensored, so lets do whatever we want. Uh, no, that’s not what Kongregate’s about.

And Eggy, please, if all you can argue is that you’ve seen worse deep within the bowels of the internet, hid behind the sort of anonymity the internet grants that brings out the worst in human beings, then no, you don’t have any sort of grounds to argue that anything should be legal.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

Wow that news article is amazing. They actually went so far to ban it legally.

Well, Eggy, they must not have known that pedophiliac cartoon rape porn was perfectly legal.

I mean, taking pictures of children and photoshopping them in pornographic situations, I don’t find that disturbing at all, do you? Or men doing little boys in cartoons, every pedophile should have a stash of that somewhere, don’t you agree? I mean, real pedo-porn is perfectly fine being illegal, but animated or photoshopped pedo-porn is just dandy, right?

Oh, wait, no, that’s sick and offensive, no matter the context.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

Sprint, I don’t know what kinda priests you’ve talked to, but all the best that I’ve had discussions with have always said to question everything, that’s the only way you’re ever going to learn anything new. Of course, being forced into anything will make you like it far less than if you find it yourself.

Throughout history, religion has been connected to some truly terrible things, but at the same time, has helped countless people better themselves and how the treat others. Religion can very easily be used as a con. It’s an incredible power that can have unimaginable influence. But it’s not this power that’s evil, and it’s not the people who wield it, it’s the evil people who wield it, like they would any other power over people.

So any comment of ‘religion is teh suxxors’ or ‘I had a bad experience with religion’ is not any sort of valid argument for depiction of child molesters to be on a community focused web site. Nor is ‘it needs to be exposed’ because right now we’re just teaching people to make fake cases in court, or ruin the effectiveness and reputation of the good priests out there. And if you haven’t met any of those good priests, then you probably haven’t met very many priests, or only the old grumpy teacher types. In which case you’re making this personal and personal reasons are never good reasons to hold a vendetta against a cause that effects more than just you.

And no, it wouldn’t be alright if it were just ‘normal’ child molesters, that’s the whole point.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

Exposing the catholic church is just an excuse for creating inappropriate depictions of child rape.
If we removed the church element from it and used ‘average’ child molesters, would it be ok and stay here?

True, and I don’t want to say that I was exactly getting off topic, but that really is the main reason that it shouldn’t have been on Kongregate. But yes, ‘exposing’ scandal that’s been worked into mainstream, becoming the ‘cool’ thing to satire, appropriately or not, is certianly not an excuse for such imagery, if one were to even exist.

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

You’re right of course (though I’d say developers have a right to make whatever gaems they want, games themselves don’t have rights), but that doesn’t address the question of whether it should be on this site. The game attacked Catholicism saying their leaders are rapists, then followed through saying the church as whole perverts justice to let them get away with it. I might be out of the loop here in the UK, but surely there are other paedophiles in the USA?

While people want to protect the game’s purpose of ‘educating’ people about the true scandal that did happen in the church, well, seriously, who hasn’t heard about it already? What people don’t tend to throw around as easily as ‘har har priests and little boys’ is the fact that there are a lower percentage of priests who are pedophiles than people in general who are pedophiles, or that the church cracked down on the corrupt societies within after that happened.

The game isn’t even propaganda anymore, it’s been reduced simply to fan service for those who already hate the catholic church (which apparently a lot of people do, though I’m not seeing any good reasoning behind it).

And Eggy, we’ll go with, ‘one of those people on the internet who believe that their opinion and the opinion of the people they know is or should be shared by they majority.’

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

This is just focusing on a controversial topic like many other things. Theres always something that will offend someone else, this one just has a much larger group – Christians.

This game is getting a message out that the church covered up some things. Of course this will stir trouble. The game has to be so blatantly “inappropriate” to really get its message across, and I guess it’s working since all the christians are fired up.

I’m sure you’re part of the entire, ‘this is the internet, therefore my opinion must be the opposite of the "real world’s opinion", but Kongregate doesn’t have to be controversial, nor does Kongregate have a duty to support anything with the sole purpose of ‘riling people up.’ That would be ANYONE, not just christians. I think the fact that the game had no other redeeming value besides the ‘OMG PRIESTS HUMPING BOYS SWEET’ effect has been established.

You know, maybe I’m just biased, maybe I just want to make games that everyone can enjoy, hell, my latest game lets you turn blood off (yes I make games with blood too, I’m not completely ‘teh kiddie’), and games that are enjoyable sans controversial gimmicks. But I was under the impression that Kongregate as a website and a community supported the ‘higher quality games for all’ mentality.

And yes, the church did screw up, very , very badly. Any good christian will support the removal of these men who are thoroughly corrupt, or who just have flaws that keep them unsuitable for priesthood.

But graphic, even cartoony depictions of children being molested by priests? No, you do not have a ‘right’ to watch that movie on Kongregate. No, Kongregate does not have an ‘obligation’ to keep it up here. And no, that game is not being singled out for ‘riling up christians,’ it’s being singled out because it’s the only game on here that offends people in general (if any zombies wanna step up and complain that they’re being unfairly represented in Flash gaming, be my guest). It’s like the young bad kid screaming and breaking things for attention.

But no, the author shouldn’t be banned because of that, unless, say, the game got removed by Kongregate, and he kept uploading it over and over again…

Maybe a ratings system could be a good idea, that TIGRS looks pretty good, though I wouldn’t mind seeing Newground’s breakdown of what sort of content the Flash contains specifically, so that can be filtered out, but right now everything’s looking better than the ESRB after that damn Manhunt 2 scandal…

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Topic: Kongregate / Pedopriest on Kongregate

What’s Kongregate, one site amidst an internet of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of web sites who host flash games? Oh, sure, Kongregate’s got quite a few ways that it differentiates itself from other sites, and those reasons are why I’m sure that one day this site is going to be huge and successful.

But Greg, you can’t ban someone for talking about a game that’s on the site. I would want to ban someone for describing anything in that game in a chat that I was in.

You’ve also created a much smaller, much more content controlled site, so the users are going to expect you to filter through the offensive stuff, as really anything on this site is now going to be up for discussion by the users.

And censorship? This is the internet, anyone can censor anything, because it’s easily found anywhere else. You’re going to have to ask yourself why the audience hasen’t looked somewhere else first.

Now, just burying it within the site, all that says is that if someone decides to upload something that cannot in any way add to ‘kongregate’ (achievements, badges, being discussed in a positive way ever), and really angers users, it will remain on the site until the author removes it.

And if you look through the comments on Newgrounds, about half of the viewers are hating on the game, and this is Newgrounds, the site that was built on ‘Club a Seal.’

Nothing wrong with a bit of controversy (and I’m going to refrain from ranting about how stupid generalizing priests as pedophiles is), but not on Kongregate, through a game that uses priests sexually molesting young children. That’s not Kongregate, and it’s not something that I want on a site that I recommend people go to for flash games.

SoraRikuVGM, why are you on Kongregate and not Newgrounds?

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Topic: General Gaming / [OMG] - The most beautiful flash game ever ?

Pretty, but prerendered. And I’m currently working on what I hope will end up ‘the prettiest flash game’ with TommyLM when it’s released. And yes, it’s all vector art.

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Topic: Kongregate / Website Name Misspell

Dammit Knox!!! Look what you did!!!!

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Topic: Kongregate / The Future of Shockwave Games


There’s just something about being able to draw right into the program that makes Flash extremely adept at creating certain types of games. Being able to draw and tweak levels in Fancy Pants Adventures on the fly is something that I’d consider invaluable to its creation.

Way to give 2d games and developers the shaft, Adobe.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Player Performance

Yeah, use bitmapCaching like it’s going out of style.

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Topic: Game Programming / [Mac] Keyboard Focus Problem

Eh, just checked and it does it on other sites as well in safari.

It’s official, Adobe hates me.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Player Performance

dxOne nailed it, I’ve spent quite some time trying to figure out why my Mac Pro of all machines can’t play Fancy Pants Adventures in Firefox, Safari, Firefox in windows, or Internet Explorer in windows at 30 fps, yet it will run at 120 fps in the standalone player. There’s an Adobe blog that goes through this, then explains that shockwave, quicktime, and windows media can run such CPU intensive tasks because they run in a different thread, while Flash doesn’t. I think this is completely ridiculous, especially if they ever expect Flash to be anything more than an annoying as hell advertisement program. Anyone have anyone’s email at Adobe/Macromedia? I want to go yell at someone.

Any gaming site that takes itself seriously is going to have to start offering zipped swfs for download until Adobe gets its act together. I’m pretty pissed at browser’s throttling practices too, especially since so many computers are shipping with multiple CPUs nowadays.