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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Massive fund scaling imbalance

I think it’s worth noting that the car wash prices scale exponentially faster than all the other prices, and actually begins to exceed the price per unit of movie studios around 250 units, and banks around 280.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Zone 6 and 7

Originally posted by Noobhero007:

…if you’re a psycho u can use combo : high voltage x2, shock coma x2, high voltage and subversion. passive: overdrive…

Ok, so I just tested this, and BY GOD IT WORKS SO WELL. I just solo’d the entire tunnel of illusions with it, but here’s what you need in order for it to work:
retrograde lvl 2 x1
overdrive (passive)
high voltage x2
shock coma lvl 3 x2
traumatize lvl 1 x1
tenacity lvl 5 (passive)
put three fourths of your attribute points in speed, and the rest in health. Use noobhero’s combo, but use traumatize on the FIRST TURN of the fight, THEN use the combo. this will not work if you have veradux on your team (shift+click in the inventory to remove him) and it will NOT work if you are missing anything except the tenacity (tenacity is just to stop your passive from making you too vulnerable) anything you use this on will die on the seventh turn.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

For all those who are confused, the ‘rarity’ upgrade on the gold generator does NOT increase the amount of gold one coin gives you, but rather increases your chances of finding a higher value coin (ex: +10% rarity means enemies are 10% more likely to drop a silver coin rather than copper, and 10% more likely to drop a gold coin rather than silver.)