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Topic: Wartune / I'm level 70+ and I can't clear Delphinian Swamp at S rank (normal mode)?

Am I screwed? One of my missions is that I need to clear Delphinian Swamp (Hero mode) but I haven’t achieved an S rank for it on normal mode. I’m level 74 as I type this and I thought awhile ago that being a significantly higher level, I’d be able to get an S easily by just blitzing. I mean, it worked on all the other levels! Just not this one. How the heck is it that I’m not able to? Any tips on getting this stupid S rank that’s literally dozens of levels lower than my player level?

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Topic: Wartune / What keeps you playing?

I used to play this game religiously when it first came out on Kongregate. Then I took a break, came back, and realized that everyone was getting better by buying and there were very few things I could get without paying. So I played off and on. I come back because I’m always given the illusion that I’m progressing and getting stronger when in fact nothing has really changed. They give me enough for me to be hopeful, but not nearly enough for me to see any real improvement. It’s masochism, really.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / BAN? BAN FOR THAT! I'm not done anything wrong!

Originally posted by Glock243:

Hit the road

That’s awesome.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / User feedback and opinions

So far I’m having fun. I just wish I wouldn’t glitch out so much with the loss of “big packets” whatever those are (Yeah I’m new to this, sue me). Still, that’s on my end, but it’s still damn frustrating that the game’s not working because of whatever is happening with my system to make it do the “Oh, wait wait wait wait…oh! You’re now teleported three steps back! Oh you died!” Fuck me! (Metaphorically speaking, of course).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should women and men bunk and shower together in the U.S. Military?

No. Such a situation would be an invitation for sexual harassment. If it were both genders using the same shower—but not at the same time—then it would be okay. But even mixed bathing in old Japan had limits.

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Topic: Off-topic / The next person who uses the word Swag or Yolo get's a bullet in the head!

Agreed! So many T-shirts will get peppered with my random collection of beebees that I love to pick up since they’re so small and round and colorful.. I don’t have a beebee gun but someone might need them! ..

What was I talking about again?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / islam- what is it about? (locked)

As a skeptic-even-in-childhood-Lutheran (confirmed, too), I never had a problem with Islam. But when you study a religion in order to find the root of the hatred directed towards it, you get to see reasons why.

Liberal Muslims claim that Mohammed said “respect your women, daughters, wives, etc., don’t treat them like shit. Don’t kill baby girls.” and all that jazz, people look at Islam and the Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, where women can’t drive (And I think their voting rights were revoked until 2015..I don’t know, I saw something on the Daily Show in passing) and say “What a load of hypocritical bullshit”.

The thing people don’t understand is this:

When people try to spread a religion, they will undoubtedly run into people with beliefs already in place. To me, atheism is a fairly new thing compared to ideologies like Judaism, Christianity, Paganism, Animism, etc. People are very unlikely to just give up everything they believe in just because some stranger says “Dude, you have it all wrong. Let me teach you the RIGHT way to worship things you can’t see.”

So, the logical (and the most unacknowledged by everyone who is devout in their faith, especially Christianity) thing is to incorporate original beliefs and motifs and pass it off as something that was part of the new religion all along, or basically to compromise.

For Islam, there were tribes and groups of people that the people who really, REALLY wanted Islam to spread encountered. What these groups of people had in common was a running history of misogyny. Well, women weren’t really being asked what they thought of being under the heel of men, so the converters just shrugged their shoulders and said “Eh, it’s just one rule” and let the “women < men” equation just go along like it always did.

My theory is that Christianity, and to some extent Judaism but their naturally conservative beliefs haven’t really garnered any hate other than “Y U NO ACCEPT JESUS AS SAVIOR?!”, has had so much time to grow, fester, reorganize, and prune itself. Europe was where Christianity was housed under Catholicism, and eventually where it split. So many different ways of looking at their one religion, so many different ways of interpreting, even rewriting the original text to mean this and this…

There are very few sects of Islam, as far as I know. There is Sunni and Shiite Muslims differ on the basis that the former was in favor of Mohammed’s father-in-law to be the “successor” in a sense (to me, it’s kind of like Jesus saying “Go my disciples. So-and-so I’m counting on you”), whereas the latter was like “No it has to be blood related”. So from the very start, the very very very start of Islam, there was already dissidence the second their leader died. I’m not going to be all “see?” but you can tell that these people were/are pretty stubborn when it comes to their beliefs, at least to me.

Also, a West vs East dichotomy has risen up ever since Europe first started digging into the Middle East, whether it be for spices, Holy Land, or simply colonies. I feel that nations that are predominantly Muslim have reacted and retaliated like any group that feels pressured to conform to something completely different than what they’re used to has. It hasn’t helped that European powers have carved up boundary lines in the Middle East just like they and the other powers did to Africa. It ALSO doesn’t help that we the American people have supported obviously evil people or instilled corrupt dictators/warmongers for our own benefits.

I’m not an apologist. The idea that women should be shrouded lest a man’s dick pops out of his pants and causes him to rape every female he sees is bullshit. “Sexy eyes”, my ass. Your womens’ eyes are naturally dark! Of course they’d look “smoky” and “suggestive”. LOL

Islam, like all other religions, looks good aesthetically and “well, supposedly we believe this”. They are not savages, they’re just going through growing pains and unfortunately it’s not on time when the world has already kind of met up with the West’s standards of treating people nicely and being “tolerant” towards others.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Feminism and Sexual Equality

I wish for equality of the sexes, but since men and women can’t naturally understand each other, it will never happen 100%.

Men and women ARE different mentally, emotionally, and physically. Trying to say we’re not is completely delusional.

If a woman WANTS to be a scientist, let her. If a man wants to be a nurse, let him.

I do say that women should be charged equally under the extent of the law. If there is a divorce, then the children shouldn’t automatically go to the mothers. Women teachers should be judged by society much more harshly and charged for sexual misconduct in professional settings either against other coworkers or students (none of this “well the boy sure got a good education, nudge nudge wink wink” bullshit); not to mention any other job like office work or whatever. Also, cases against women for rape should be taken seriously as well as battery against their husbands. Bitches be crazy.

-I’m a girl. And I know for a fact my gender is insane.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The rise of incest

There is surprisingly LOTS of pro-incest or “eh, I don’t really care if they do it” people on DeviantArt.. I’m really shocked.

I’m just … I don’t understand why one could be in love with one of their family members. I mean, it’s basic psychology that if you spend enough time with a person you’ll eventually love them like family and have NO “eros” love directed towards them. Which explains why someone could possibly have a crush on their cousin if they rarely see them or this one episode in Law and Order SVU where the girl got pregnant by her father like, twice (and got rid of the babies after she had them) because she was in love with him because I THINK (if I remember) she was either adopted or he left the picture and she never knew who her father was. Well, she found him and fell in love while going to college in NYC and… yeah.

I think it’s fine to marry a cousin that’s like, once or twice removed since that is technical shit no one likes to explain or understand, LOL. Second cousins is pushing it since to me they’re basically first cousins with just a little nudge here or there on the family tree. Third cousins and on are perfectly fine.

I think if there HAD to be incest, it should only be between cousins since you have enough chemical variation that it would be a longshot if something crazy were to happen to their genes.

The whole “anti-incest” thing was propagated post Civil War in America because these scientists proposed that some “variation” was necessary in order to birth stronger children. And since this is the 1800s, strong babies are important. I’m still iffy about incest, but pushing my own beliefs aside, if the family hasn’t committed incest for a few generations, then I would assume genetically it’s “safe”. If the family’s been doing it for a few generations then they should get a few people outside of the family to have kids with so they can “refresh” their gene pool. Otherwise you’ll have everyone bleeding all over the place from hemophilia and whatnot.

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Topic: Off-topic / Liberal or Conservative?

I’m liberal, but flexible.


Pro-death penalty

I’m liberal when it comes to things like wanting people to fund things like education and helping people with mental illnesses or disabilities, but I get sick of people whining about shit like technology and phones and politics and foreign people. Suck it up. Or I’ll make you.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT:We act our stereotype.

“How about dem Packers, yeah? Aww crayyap! Someone pulled the ruts (roots) of my flowers up! Jaeger bombs! Jaeger bombs! Jaeger bombs!!!!!”

-I’m a white girl from Wisconsin, and I think I have a tiny bit of the accent, since I drag out “ah” sounds like the ones in map, mad, dad, etc. .. but other than that I say my words clearly and concisely, no “Muh-wau-kee” but “MIL-wau-kee” and no “rut” for root but flipping ROOT. I hate it when people pronounce it as “rut” just makes me cringe.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your favorite book?


Anatomy of Evil by Michael H. Stone
I Am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert
Outbreak! Plagues that Changed History by Bryn Barnard (a very short book. One I read in middle school over and over because I loved the paintings depicting the various illnesses like the black slaves suffering from yellow fever the white captors all dead on the deck, the masses of soldiers in a pile who died from various tropical diseases, and of course the Dark Ages doctors with their famous bird beak masks)
The Art of Medicine: Over 2,000 Years of Images and Imagination by Julie Anderson
A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness by Nassir Ghaemi


The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm by Nancy Farmer
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
Aries Rising (Star Crossed, #1) by Bonnie Hearn Hill
Next by Michael Crichton
Rising Sun by Michael Crichton
Disclosure by Michael Crichton
Punkzilla by Adam Rapp
The Bartimeaus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud
Gemma by Meg Tilly (one of the books that led me to really dig into the topic of child abuse)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombie Pandemic] Cannot access Lt. Wilson's missions?

I’m level 42 and have just realized I haven’t done a single mission that Lt. Wilson can give out.

Before I’ve tried to enter the College Campus but I would click on the arrow that would transfer me into the building and all it would do was do the loading, loading, loading thing and nothing would happen at all; I’d still remain outside.

Well, today I was finally “allowed” into the Campus and when I clicked on the Missions button it looks like this:

Lieutenant Wilson

[Mission Title]
[Mission Description]
Then a white strip where the Mission text would be
[Continue Mission] button

I’ve entered and re-entered but it seems like it hasn’t registered that I should be getting missions, damnit. And no, there aren’t any missions I’m on currently. I’m .. missionless.

It doesn’t show the “You’ve henceforth completed all the assignments that could possibly be assigned by this chap. Go find someone else to hassle” message if you WERE to finish everything they could give you.

What can I do? Is it a glitch, is anyone else having any trouble with this?

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Topic: The Arts / 2 Weeks Into Tablet Drawings

Pretty good! With even more practice you can soar. You may need to work on hands. Not that they’re bad, but just a little small. The skin looks really good, but you may want to try blending the skin and shadows together, especially on the blue-haired girl. The skin on the pink-haired girl looks good.

Another thing to watch out for is to make sure your “models” don’t look stiff or leaning this way or that. Don’t worry, I have the same problem all the time.

But this looks really good overall :3

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Topic: The Arts / Some pen drawings I did lately and pencil

I hate you so much! These are really good XD

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / What would you do?

Cry and write down all my thoughts and beliefs down in a journal or blog so that they wouldn’t die with me.

You are stuck in a windowless room with the Joker. He’s grinning and holding a butterfly knife while standing in front of the door. What do you do?

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / This or That?


The Joker or Hannibal Lecter?

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The Never Ending Sentence [Continuous]

a tasty churro

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gene Patents

Michael Crichton tackled this issue in his book “Next”. It was absurd how people think they can patent something like a gene. I wouldn’t touch genes. They’re so complex and interwoven with each other that just separating one gene that needs everything else around it to function is pretty … arrogant. I may sound like one of those people who say ‘God and Jesus say no!" but there are some things that people shouldn’t claim they can control or “own”, and genes are one of them. I believe that people are predisposed to certain illnesses or whatever due to genes, but I don’t believe that genes are the whole reason behind what a person does or how they think or what they believe. A gene isn’t a THING to be tossed around in an office and written down on a piece of paper to be transferred to Apple or Goldman Sachs or whatever. It’s what makes up living things, all that is and was and will be. It’s just another means by people to monopolize existence as we know it.

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Topic: Wartune / 5 free kreds to everyone

Wow it really works! Yay! .. How rude of them to throw trash out their window. Sure it’s his job to clean up trash, but seriously! Manners!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Kill everything.

Because it’s fun, that’s why. We have the ability to be violent and choose to. Animals do it when they’re pissed off, protecting family or territory, trying to find food or mates, or are hurt. But people do it because we can…

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Topic: The Arts / Pete's art dump

Jesus Pete, that’s a lot.. Well the thread did say “art dump” lol.. I just didn’t know it would be THIS much.. This is awesome! You ever upload any of this to ? If you did I’d watch you :D

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Topic: Serious Discussion / YOUR religion?

I don’t try to conform to any one religion or method of thought, because I find that if you conscribe to just one ration of thinking, you’ll miss a lot of things and will ignore hypocrisy or contradictions to your own way of thinking.

I was confirmed Christian → Lutheran, but I don’t like going to church.

I hope reincarnation is real, and I don’t really think Heaven is real, or if it is, I think you would stay there for awhile and then your soul would be sent back to Earth to be reborn again, like in this book called Elsewhere by… I don’t remember who _;

I think that the Bible was written by men and it was written with the ideals and mindsets of people who were living in the desert… I don’t know why you wouldn’t eat, say, pork or animals with split hooves … and to be gay back then was detrimental to the tribe’s survival, because you need to be breeding and giving birth to more men (girlies, you’ll have to be sitting on the sidelines for this one) in order to protect the tribes. There was no TIME for “spilling your seed upon the ground” (sorry if that seems too graphic).

I think Islam, while it gets a bad rap, actually has some pretty good points that many overlook. I do NOT believe that it is a bloodthirsty religion, because that’s a very hypocritical thing to say. Need I remind you of the Crusades? Yes, Muslims fought with Christians, but didn’t the Christians invade on Muslim territory?

Besides, why the hell are you spilling blood on “holy land”? You’re tainting it, you know.. Counter-productive!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: Every person in the world believes in {Insert Religion here}

If everyone believed in the same religion, I don’t think it would really be a better place. There will be difference in opinions in interpretation even if it was the same religion. Look at Christianity, and all the different denominations it has. That’s because people saw the exact same words, the exact same punctuation and message , but interpreted it differently, believing that God was saying something other than what the religious leaders were telling them it meant.

Also, being the same religion would mean that unique thought would be non-existent. Hindus believe in Karma, the idea that you should do unto others good things in order for good things to happen to you (the universe in charge)… Christians believe that in order to achieve salvation you must believe that Jesuse WUVS you and died for your sins (since he WUVED YOU THIIIIIS MUCH..ahem)… Muslims think eating pork is blasphemy (beef for Hindus) , and Wiccans believe that the creator of the world is the Great Goddess, who is like Mother Earth and is a nurturing care taker of all her children, plant, animal, and human.

Where was I? Oh yes… In conclusion, just because people are the same religion doesn’t mean they’ll get along. And if it’s all the same religion, there will be no push for changing of the policies of that religion since no one will have the balls to say “hey, maybe this thing we all believe in since the dawn of time has some flaws we need to iron out”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why are these Muslims so angry and hateful?

I would be hateful too if all these countries came into my homeland which my ancestors have lived on for centuries, decided “hey we’re just gonna take all this and make dividers.. you can go on this side with this tribe you hate, and these people can go on this side.. we’re gonna tax you, and make you follow OUR God and OUR rules, because we’re white and we know what we’re doing.”

Plus, all the wars having to do with religion and having the enemy kill your children, rape your women, and not spare anyone even if you have (happened during the Crusades w/ Christianity and Jews) also makes you reconsider ever showing them mercy again when you cross paths.

Also, having other countries butt in and take away land and give it to your enemy (Jews and Israel) and not promise a land of your own that you’ve been pining for for God knows how long (Palestine) and having to put up with that favored ethnic group tiptoeing into your land and taking bits and pieces and having the world back them up (Israel and all their wars w/ the Arabs) will make you crazy as well.

It’s not their fault. Islam is at its root a very peaceful religion. Mohammed said in one part of the Quran “The death of one innocent is the fall of humanity” (something along those lines). It’s like how Jesus said “love thy neighbor” yet many white Christians commit hate crimes against minorities and gays and anyone who is different.

Their resentment of everyone else pushing them around and telling them what to do and just being a-holes has driven them to form an extremist and right-wing or left-wing view of what their religion is really telling them; they are acting out in a way that makes their original beliefs and goals look bad. It’s kind of sad, because initially, Islam is a very wonderful religion. It has rights for women (do not kill your daughters, said Mohammed. Polygamy is pretty much a no-no, but if you HAVE to, then make sure you can afford them), laws against killing others, and in theory Muslims are supposed to respect Christians and Jews for following “The Good Book”, sort of like cousins or brothers in religion.

-Just me in my views. I am agnostic but come on, you need to give the facts and the props..