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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Drops For Noobs

Once you hit level 15-20, I recommend trying to kill Medusa and Beholder. Both of them can give nice drops, and aren’t hard to kill with teammates. My first pot was dropped from a Beholder. My first T8 drop was from Medusa. So I recommend newbies hunt these down. Beware Medusa’s shotgun, and Beholder’s blind, however. :)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your'e most lucky moment :D

Originally posted by Fudgecoldlol:
Originally posted by TheDragonDavid:
Originally posted by Kridem:

Lvl 6 wis with an energy staff at Oryx.
Big fight with about 12 people left in the end.
When Oryx went down i was surprised to see a elder in the bag plus a def and a vit.
Best day of my 6/8 wis.

huh wtf lvl 6 but you have a 6/8 wis? wtf man

he means another wiz

No, he meant his 6/8 wizard when it started as a level 6. It grew eventually into a 6/8, but at that moment, it was a level 6. Yeah, and about the other posts. We’re talking about the LUCKIEST moments of ROTMG, half the posts I see here are about getting killed spectacularly. My luckiest moment was when me and a friend warrior took out the Stone Guardians alone. I got a def potion, and, truthfully, me being a newbie, that was my second or third time getting a def pot. Ever. I was so happy!!! Not that the loot mattered, but two people fighting two elite guardians is just epic, atleast for me. <3

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] Outclassed Allies

Originally posted by daexion:

The two cards are different and serve different purposes.

Bodhi does give an extra blocker to stop another source of damage, but he’s slower for a deck that runs through focus than Luna who allows that ally slot to be open for another ally to be placed immediately and gives the 15f right then instead of waiting another turn for the Sun Lotus to die. It’s the difference between Mental Acquity and Concentrate.

There is basically no difference between Amp and Frost, and both serve the same purpose and fill that purpose equally well. Could 1 HP make a difference? Maybe, but in my experience Amp would have died just as fast as Frost based on the amount of damage Frost takes in the games I play.

Yes, it sort of does make a difference. If an opponent ally only does one damage, then AMP gets one extra attack in. <3

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New Ideas for New Monsters

Originally posted by tyruss1123:

a God
same stats as the person it first sees including the equipment he or she has.
drops what the first person it see’s items (not that the person would lose the items).
it would be a great challenge to even the strongest players.

I can imagine this…

One day…

Level 20 awesome person: OMG A CLONE!!!

fights clone and kills clone while dieing, then a level one comes

Level 1: OMG… this is heaven grabs the 3 crystal swords, 4 doom bow and one amulet of resurrection the dude was about to put on…

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New Ideas for New Monsters

Desert Hopper:


Attack: Shoots 3 red bolts that spread, if hit, does 50 damage and confuse. Shoots every second. Can also switches to throwing 75 damaging bombs that armor pierce. When on low hp, runs away at 30 speed. When dead, shoot a surround of fast white balls, 10 damage armor pierce

Loot: 10% tier 5-6 armor, 0.1 chance of opening snake pit

Found in: Inland deserts, in groups of 2-10

Earth brittle:


Shoots a brown ball that does 10 damage.

Loot: 1% pirate cave. 20% tier 3 gear. 40% tier 2 gear. 25% tier 2 spell.

Found in: Out-land forests, in groups of around 25-100

Like my posts??? I hope you do :D

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New Classes Ideas

Here is an idea that nobody thought of. :D. Sadly, it requires a new weapon. Spellbook.

Magician: High dexterity and wis. Low vit and high max mana. Spellbook shoots 5 weak balls going in one direction, and at high enough level, shoots piercing balls. Special: Shoots beam of power for one second, does X damage. Wears robe.

Sorry that it has to use a new weapon, making it harder to add. However, many more classes could use Spellbook

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Lol moments

Some moments…

1: I summoned a half track, some soldier come and grenades the half track, instant death. Half track lased 2 seconds on the battle field :D

2: A tip told me not to give trainees grenades, I didn’t care, so I have my trainee a grenade. He tossed one at his teammate and blew him up.

3: I have my new frenchie a grenade, he took it, threw it within one second of having it and blew a enemy apart. Totally contradicting 2.

4: My elite pwning half track took care of every enemy wave in 5 seconds, so I got cocky and sent my troops behind it, and made them advance. The half track decides to shoot itself, killing ALL but one trooper. the last trooper was abandoned in the front lines, and killed.

5: The ultimate, the one and only, the one who destroyed 50 people, SARGE, and his opponent, the one who works miracles on infantry, the airplane destroyer, AA GUN. The first round, DING DING, AA gun gibs sarge, the match is over, AA gun is victorious, it took 1 second, new record :D