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Topic: Kongregate / Online saving

I-It would be nice if Kong P-Plus members had cloud storage just because of the cost… b-but if our lords and saviors (admins) think it costs too much t-then so do I!

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Topic: Kongregate / Changes to Kong?

Dude, I can hover over a picture and see their profile!?


Topic: Kongregate / Delete Acc

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Topic: Kongregate / The Kongregate Olympic Games - Round 2 (Athletics)

Edit, a bit better:

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Topic: Kongregate / The Kongregate Olympic Games - Round 1 (You can still sign up! Win a real gold medal!)

I’m done with this game. Done with it.

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Topic: Kongregate / The Kongregate Olympic Games - Qualifier (Sign up now!)

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate

Hmm tough one. Bullet Heaven I suppose. Just so fun watching all those bullets fly past me. Never get tired of it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate's "privacy" of its users

Originally posted by 123aaa789:
Originally posted by kmg90:

According to privacyscore, not only does it have a low rating but it found 33 trackers on Kongregate…

According to that, Kongregate has a rank of 25/100. Also according to that site, Facebook has 45/100, Youtube has 40/100, Google has 35/100, and Wolframalpha has 30/100, and all four are in the “concern” region. Therefore, no one should ever use Facebook, Youtube, Google, or Wolframalpha again, as this site of yours is concerned about them.

You can find sources anywhere to prove your points, that doesn’t mean that the sources are correct. Every commonly used website that I tried on that website you linked to gave a reading of “concern.” Even the website itself gave a score of only 50/100, what does that tell you about the kind of source it is?

I’ve never seen anything bad happen from third-party cookies on Kongregate, this site is considered to be safe by my standards. Besides, the only information that they can take from you is information that you willingly put out there to be seen and taken; They can’t take what you don’t give. If you’re not comfortable with anyone possibly getting something of yours, just don’t put it anywhere.

Not that I know anything about that site but your logic is just awful here. It sounds like you’re saying that the scores are unjustified (but they could be). Just because they are big sites doesn’t mean they have perfect privacy policies. Just because you visit those sites doesn’t mean they have good privacy policies. The scores could be in the correct range. The site scoring itself 50/100 could simply mean its truthful; many sites implement things like doubleclick and I’m sure that site does too because it’s a good service (assumption on my part) but it can be considered a violation of privacy. Tracking how much time is spent on web pages and what is clicked on web pages to gather information can help immensely in improving your site but it can be considered a violation of privacy. Just because it scores itself low doesn’t mean it becomes an unreliable source.

Furthermore your standards of what is safe don’t mean anything because as far as anyone knows you’re just some kid.

If privacy with third party websites is of the utmost concern it is always wise to enable NoScript and RequestPolicy and to carefully read over the privacy policy of the websites you allow. It probably isn’t worth it though, at least not for another decade or two when your future employer looks over the databases and finds what games you played on Kongregate when you were young and then continues to fire you. I highly doubt Kongregate would implement something that greatly deprives users of their privacy, why would they? As you stated, what much is there to track?

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Topic: Kongregate / V.O.K. - Qualifier (ends on 16/06)

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Topic: Off-topic / +1 to anyone who can name the anime character in my avatar

Originally posted by vegard20:

Tohru Adachi, Persona 4: The Animation.

Fucking weeaboos.

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Topic: Kongregate / So I guess the new profile is here to stay

Most people just correctly stated that the new profile is terrible.

As in the forum users who make up a small fraction of users on Kongregate and who get upset over any aspect of change. Before it was that the Kongregate header was too small and minimal and now it’s the profile is too cluttered and poorly designed. You can’t expect Kongregate to take a couple users like you seriously.

For me, it’s just a profile. I don’t spend much time on it and I don’t think many other people do either. People can get upset about the silliest of things; I remember the Beta tag being removed must have brought on at least a couple dozen forum posts.

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Topic: Kongregate / V.O.K. - Qualifier (ends on 16/06)

Originally posted by BadgeHuntersAnon:

Interesting idea, having the PP. I’m curious to see how this works out. :)

I plan on posting a sentence per post along the lines of, “I’m different.” “My tourney is special.” “I’m innovative.” “This is fun.” “This should matter because it’s not a tournament on who can do the best on games.”

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Topic: Off-topic / How do you feel about: Provis

I don’t understand.

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Topic: Kongregate / 2 glitches still exist in profiles...

Originally posted by sabercow:
Originally posted by Blizzard2000:

For the second one, it’s simple. Just remove the post that’s causing that from your feed.

It shouldn’t happen in the first place.


Originally posted by bobby71983:

There is a 3rd glitch, the existence of the profile.

You guys sure are tough nowadays. Kongregate forum users are weird.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggesting a "Mute IP" button for Kongchat

How about using cookies? Sure they can delete them but nonetheless it’s a bit more time consuming then just being able to re-log immediately, as is with banning an IP address. I don’t really know how cookies work, but I’m pretty sure this might work.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New Ways to Rate, Better Facebook Integration Coming Soon and Terminology Changes

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

I guess I’ll post my paragraphs in this thread.

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Why are we catering to all these new users so much? How hard is it to learn the simple difference between friends and fans? Now all the difference is consists of 3 letters between the two words which at a glance is harder to read. Why must we be generic like every other social media site out there? I’d like for Kong to be unique and different. Not like Twitter and Facebook and Spotify. I want Kong to be itself. Why are we trying so hard to pull in people from Facebook? “This is like Facebook and that is like Facebook” I’m not on Facebook, am I? I’m not on those sites, I’m on Kong. If I wanted to be “connected to them” wouldn’t I be there? I don’t want all my sites connected to each other. Stop trying to ask me to do that. Why would anyone on Facebook care about my Kong badges? Would they even know what it is? Why don’t we all just put our real names as our user names for Kong then it’ll be simpler that way to connect everything? Your message says this will all bring my friends to Kong. Most of my friends are already here and on Kong, exactly where I met them.

I don’t see how all these super-major-changes aren’t affected by GameStop, at least a little, when almost everything seems to be changing about the site since after the purchase. You are definitely changing too much and I wish you’d at least put in a polling system to ask the general opinion of us users before going ahead and changing everything. If you are going to add something new add a poll! You say the majority of people don’t add anyone? Really? And why are you guys not working on the things that us users really want changed or fixed? Seems that everything is for the new people coming and nothing major has been done lately for the people that are actually here and on Kong.

Between the recent developer PMs system and now the Facebook sharing stuff doesn’t all that just seem like an easy way for people to spam the crap out of everyone else? And maybe I’m wrong but us users just don’t seem that into linking our Kong accounts with our Facebook ones. I see a lot of people that don’t even have a Facebook account, myself included.

I just don’t understand why we are heading down the path Kong seems to be. The Kong before I joined sounds much closer and user-friendly that what we will seem to be in a few years. I don’t want Kong to turn into another bland social media site that just is different because it has games. I think we are forgetting what Kong is all about. Games.

tl;dr :-D

Edit: I do like the new font in the search bar and when you go to sign in <3
Edit 2: The plus and minus buttons in the comments look weird, along with the new default avatars :-P

Facebook = huge social network.

The reason everything is for the new people and the reason there are so many changes is because regardless of how you think about it Kongregate is a business and it should strive to continue expansion in any way possible. Facebook integration is a huge part of that. “I see a lot of people that don’t even have a Facebook account, myself included.” You and maybe a select few but the majority (the ones Kongregate is looking to attract because they are, in fact, the majority) do have a Facebook they want to integrate. " I don’t want Kong to turn into another bland social media site that just is different because it has games. I think we are forgetting what Kong is all about. Games" If Kongregate stayed the way it was before and just embraced flash games it would be dead by now. There are flash game sites everywhere on the internet and the competition to stay new and fresh and stay the best of those sites is difficult. It’s not going to turn into another bland social media site but if it does then that is what is going to happen, if it eventually does then that means it’s the users who created it that way because that means maybe all these new changes have been working. Sites turn into social media sites because that is truly what works, it’s not a random tactic some choose and some don’t.

I think you’re looking at it too much from a single unique user and not from Kongregate’s perspective and what exactly they are trying to achieve with these new updates.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Team @ WhatPulse

Originally posted by Sellyme:

What is this I don’t even.

I wonder what job he has that requires that much typing.

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Topic: Kongregate / The Kompetition (Qualifier- ∞ spots left!) JOIN NOW!

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Topic: Kongregate / Speculations About the Future of Kongregate With Respect to the Community

Originally posted by velricreize:

…until you realize the actual ratio of stupid users:smart users has been the same for years and the current Kong UI is objectively better than every other Kong UI before it…

Nah man, I think it was much better when it was a small community and the UI was very blocky and clunked and it was cool because we would never have over 1,000 users at the same time. Whenever anything goes mainstream it just turns to shit, that’s like one of the laws of nature or something.

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Topic: Off-topic / Chrome hacked in 5 minutes at Pwn2Own

Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

They’ve probably used that contest as a means of getting more “aggressive” feedback on potential exploits so that they can get them fixed.
At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

No doubt, it benefits them of course, but it just goes to show how all those reports on how “Chrome is the most secure browser,” are all just pure bullshit.

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Topic: Off-topic / Chrome hacked in 5 minutes at Pwn2Own

As if we all didn’t already know how insecure that godawful botnet is already.

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Topic: Off-topic / The official TF2 skin thread.

Originally posted by xH34rTL3ss_S0uLx:

Waiting for some Brony to post the MLP skins…
inevitable is inevitable..
Anywhoo..Heres the one i used to use.

Lol you really don’t see many good skins but you’ve got to hand it to the bronies here, the hooves holding the gun look so cute too.

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Topic: Kongregate / The Quirky Capricious Kongregate Competition Round 2: Balloons to be Free

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Topic: Kongregate / The Quirky Capricious Kongregate Competition Round 1: Haunt the House

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Topic: Kongregate / The Quirky Capricious Kongregate Competition - Qualifier

Originally posted by videogames518:
Originally posted by racefan12:
Originally posted by hamuka:

52 competitors and counting…


52 isn’t all that many—in the past, the average number of competitors has been close to 100; one tournament even had 150.

Maybe people are losing their competitive spirit?

Or maybe these tournaments are getting old. Or maybe the qualifier was too hard.