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Topic: Off-topic / IM CREEPED OUT...

Originally posted by L_ELOBSTERARM_Y:


I second this motion.

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Topic: Off-topic / My new gaming website I'm making to replace OT because it's gonna take an arrow to the knee soon and die and become a way bigger wreck then it is today (which will probs be in 2014)

Originally posted by CyanCyanide:
take an arrow to the knee

Please leave OT
leave the internet
kill yourself.

Quit life.

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Topic: Off-topic / Intelligence and wisdom

Who eats fruit salad.

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Topic: Off-topic / I think my insides are falling out my butt!!! (not joking)?

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

I personally recommend speaking to Gevock about this. Gevock knows a lot about this type of stuff due to his major. Any how I recommend you go to the ER the next time this happens in my own personal recommendation of what to do.

There is no serious answer to this question, because it was simply made as a joke on yahoo.

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Topic: Off-topic / You are now a black person

I have the sudden urge to rob a store right now.

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Topic: Off-topic / I think my insides are falling out my butt!!! (not joking)?


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Topic: Off-topic / School starts this morning for you kids

Mine starts spetmber 11th.

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Topic: Off-topic / 3DS SD card slot question

Make your QR code thread in general gaming.

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Topic: Off-topic / advices does not exist

advices plural of ad·vice (Noun)
Guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative.
Information; news

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Topic: Off-topic / republicans trying to repeal obamacare for the 37th time

Fuck obamacare.

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Topic: Off-topic / 1000 things to do on an 8 hour car ride

12.)Stop and get a hamburger at Jack in the box.

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Topic: Off-topic / What would you do

Continue to fap.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can anyone assist me with this...

I’ve looked everywhere online, but cannot find a solution. I uninstalled avast anti virus because it’s fucking annoying as hell, and it said I could only delete it in safe mode, which I did, and now I can’t reboot back into normal mode. I’ve tried the f8 settings and they didn’t work.

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Topic: Off-topic / How to be a liberal

In order to be a good liberal you have to believe…

that there were no charities before welfare,

that there was no art before federal funding,

that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high,

that the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of federal funding,

that taxing the use of gasoline or other energy will reduce the use of gasoline or other energy, but taxing work and investment will not reduce work and investment,

that the right to the pursuit of happiness is morally repugnant because it is selfish,

that bigotry and prejudice are evil unless they’re against selfish bastards, in which case they’re good,

that honest hard-working people who want to spend their money on their own damn families and businesses must be lumped-in with criminals so we can feel self-righteous about despising them as if they were the exact same kind of selfish bastards as criminals,

that private property rights are also morally repugnant because they too are based on selfishness,

that the best ideas are more government intervention in the economy, more aggressive confiscation of private property, more government funding of socially destructive behavior, and

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Your opinion on polygamy?

Marriage is between a man and a woman…… period.

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Topic: Off-topic / My Cat Cried

Scientifically, it is believed that cats are deprived of emotions such as grief and depression. It is believed the tears are a result of dust allergy, injury to the eyes and illness like Upper Respiratory Infections.

But, what do these scientists know!? I do not agree that cats can’t feel emotions. I believe that cats are very emotional beings, otherwise, they will not get upset with changes in the environment or lack of attention from their owners. But to see a cat cry a river, that I have not experienced personally. But some answers here proved otherwise.

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Topic: Off-topic / What Really Pisses You Off.

I’ve been hearing a lot of Americans saying “Erb” instead of “Herb”, it grinds my bones..

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Topic: Off-topic / I broke my phone again

Originally posted by louisfinger:

I was rushing to my office
my iphone dropt out of my pocket and fell into the flooor
I can’t restart the phone
it was not only broke the screen I think

I got a new one

for god’s sake,anywhere I can buy an UNBREAKABLE phone???

No, you cannot buy an unbreakable cell phone, only a Nokia home phone, but if you do want a cell phone that dosen’t break, maybe you should buy a pair of pants with bigger fucking pockets

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Topic: Off-topic / Communism

The meteorite was supposed to come December 21 (the Mayan calendar’s end of the world), but due to the incompetence of the Russian postal system it was delayed until last week.

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Topic: Off-topic / are you left or right handed

I am Right-handed but when I hold a hockey stick I am left handed.

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Topic: Off-topic / New room.

The parking lot.

Originally posted by MlleBunneh:
Originally posted by MadJedi:

As an unbiased source, I can say that Labyrinth is the best room in existence.

… Might venture in there if I can figure out the chat system. Must take note of this.

There is nothing to figure out…
You click chat and you type…

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could have any one extra body part, what would it be?

Originally posted by VictorGabriM:

I would have a second brain.

Your head would be crammed. Also, blood would take longer to circulate around the body. But why would you want two brains? You would then have two different thoughts. One brain might be thinking about food and another about “My Little Ponies”.

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Topic: Off-topic / kony 2013

Thank you for proving my point for me…^

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Topic: Off-topic / What Is Your Fav First Person Shooter?

Black Light: retribution

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Topic: Off-topic / Poor children

Eating poor people= less poverty in the world.