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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / Finally Beat All 20 Contenders.

It was a long, frustrating, and altogether not worth it but I was determined. By the final round your enemies will have 4 or 5 times the stats as you. The dual wielders get the jump on my 379 speed netter…

My final team and the only thing I came up with that could beat them:

1. Net guy. Net can only be active on one enemy at any time or it will miss. Plain and simple. Dump all attributes into speed. Use net on the biggest immediate threat, usually a dual wielding in the front or a intimidate all guy in the back. Since their guys will always be so much stronger than your guys, the ability to disable one of their guys is an epic advantage. If you are brave, drop a little bit of speed (keep 240+) and pump some points into dex and str for throw power. As is there is really no reason to attack with this guy.
Ret: 5:15:10:9:1:5, Dimac: 5:10
Final Stats: 145:32:19:55:379:45

2. Protector. Get the biggest and best shield and body armor you ever find and put it on this guy. Use protect first turn on your net guy. Shield bash away at your biggest threats.
Murm: 10:10:10
Dimach 5:15:10
Stats: 185:125:129:74:245:47

3. Dual wielder. Another shielder, or thrower. Flex spot kinda. I ended up using another shield guy. If you choose dual wielder or thrower, you might have to have your protector on this guy instead.
Thraex: 5:15
Murm: 5
Dimachaerus: 6:15:14
Stats: 158:128:84:79:234:21

Even with a perfect build there is a lot of luck involved. In the later rounds you just cannot kill the guys with shields. You would have to run close to 300 dex to hit them and then you have no chance against anything else. Fighting a shield guy? Just quit and spare yourself a slow and painful death.

Used the gold bar, got some crappy arm piece. Epic disappointment.