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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] PvP Leagues Announcement

Looks interesting. Will this be replacing dominance as a stat?

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Topic: Lucadian Chronicles / Flash draft thoughts

Well, I played the flash draft and managed to get five games in.

The best part of this was actually not having to wait in a queue for three other people to show up!

The reward for first seemed to be an extra card (three cards instead of two) which was nice. There was some debate in chat whether or not the quality of the cards were better or not.

I seemed to face off against Wii U people more than Kong people which was fine. I did miss that I couldn’t chat with them like I could people over here.

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Topic: Lucadian Chronicles / Cross Platform Play and Steam

Gave you a yes vote. Do you know how many yeses you need?

Also, will you link Steam and Kongregate accounts or if I want to play over there, will I have to start from the start?

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Topic: Redshift / Just starting out? Referral Code for extra credits

Simple code for ya’ B1B3

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Siam Matchmaking

Effing hell, Rudgutter/Synapticon. You post this four hours ago when I’m not available to post on the forums and then after one hour after your original post after about a dozen posts you decide “the community has spoken, let’s change the algorithm!”

I was in the top 25 (whether or not I will remain is another question).

I am always against changing the rules mid-event unless it is to fix a game breaking bug. I’m fine changing algorithms, etc, for the next event but not during the event.

Side note: I’m probably more sensitive than normal due to the support ticket I put in a week ago that was not resolved in my favor (understandable why on that but doesn’t mean I’m happy about it).

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Fusion cores

What would really irritate me, if I was you, is that not all players have to use fusion cores.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

I love 5 minute games. Caesar’s Day Off is one of my favorite badged games of this type.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / (Retirement Thread) Enough is Enough

I’m not in Prex, but I concur that they are awesomely awesome people.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Thanks for the badges. And we like your random disjointed thoughts so keep’m coming (the thoughts and the badges)!

Speaking of frequency of badges – don’t forget about ‘best of 2015’ quest ;) Just thought I’d give you a gentle reminder as we are about done with first quarter of the year.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To DEVS]

The dev’s have said before that this would be too open to abuse so they won’t do it.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To community] forum clutter

Originally posted by Pats133:
Originally posted by Cazaan:

that’s a good idea but the search bar doesn’t work (for me at least).


Pats, I just wanted you to know that I was very tempted to create a thread called, “Forum Clutter.” I’ve been able to resist the dark side recently though.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Storm shield buff?

Someone (I forget who) in my guild suggested an upgrade that would make it somewhat useful. The upgrade: make it so that when a battle starts if it is in your squad it is already placed in the front row. That change alone would make it interesting to use. Still not a great unit since it does nothing but sit there, but at least there’d be a chance someone would use it.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Inofficial FAQ] Fusion Cores

Originally posted by Cazaan:

another bump (hope that’s ok after 2d?)

It isn’t! Ban him!!

“4) The new system is nonsense! I can’t make something new if I have to destroy the thing i want to do before! Twice!”

I’m trying to figure out the developer’s reason for his change. Was it because people are getting too strong? That seems odd since we already have a cap on our growth (by virtue of timers and scrap).

I know the easy answer is to say, “cash grab” but crates seem a much more effective way of getting cash. I’m guessing this is more of a horrible design decision. I’m trying to figure out WHY this change would be implemented. Especially after the game has been out for several months and in Beta for several months before that.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Ancile is not good enough for Tier 5

I got a freaking storm shield. At least my storm shield can’t be suppressed.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / improvement

Originally posted by Pats133:
Originally posted by Minime78:

Can you guys implement something so all people from a guild see theyr result from a raid/event? this will help us and the leader guild to know wich person are good for the guild, wich player need help to improve and wich person must be kicked out for not doing anything. thanks

I totally thought your profile pic was Legolas with a lightsaber at first glance

Goes to write a Fanfic

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Topic: Global Assault: General / KyotoSomo Appreciation Thread

“Member Since

Mar. 21, 2015"

C’mon, at least post under your regular name and not hide behind a newly created alt.

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Topic: Global Assault: Guild Recruitment / -=<RECRUITMENT>=- OVERLOAD!

Edit: Decided my snappy and witty remark regarding Kyoto always posting his guild’s name in our recruitment thread was a little too close to the truth and therefore I’ve removed it.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / How do you get T2 Fusion Core's?

I could swear the fusion cores were something they tried in the Beta but they removed it.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Unit Recommendations Feedback

Myrm and Crusher are both good units. Dirge is a good f2p unit when paired with eagles/Onis. Sandstorm is iffy – some people swear by them. I’ve never used one but kill them all the time.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Exposed

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:
Originally posted by Eonian:

Shh crazy might hear, you know he enjoys Glowing Ass

stfu eon and come to destroy GloAss forum already, it’s f boring down there lol

how’s your study btw, too easy huh!

There’s a GloAss forum!?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / 5000 dom yay me


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Topic: Global Assault: General / Crafting dilemma (f2p)

Originally posted by Trilobyte:

Barrier-all is necessary for the raid, so if you plan on ever attempting the raid, you’ll eventually need a crusher+. Hunter is a great unit, but jackrabbits are going to hold you back. Even if you can make a single hunter, your chance of dualing it are low. Crusher is fairly easy to dual or quad from drops/event rewards if you’re patient.

There are alternatives to mark for f2p (not mark all) but there really aren’t a lot of good f2p barrier units. Crusher gets my vote. And Tril said Crusher and I always agree with him.

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Originally posted by Pats133:
Originally posted by Provokes:


+1 but will never happen


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Topic: Global Assault: General / Please don't buy the Glory pack.

Crud, I thought the pack bought me a glory hole. That’s false advertising.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Watchtower Raid Notes

Originally posted by TyrantShiva:

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Watchtower! We’ve been combing through the forums all week, reading comments, concerns and critiques. We wanted to clarify some raid mechanics and give an update about what we plan on changing.

- Raid bosses are difficult! They are meant to be endgame content, and are not intended to be easy.
- Raids are NOT a limited time event in the same sense as the weekend events. Raids will be on all the time and reset weekly. If you have a small amount of Watchtower Coins don’t worry, you can keep earning them.
- We also want to clear up how rewards work after a boss has been defeated. Rewards are based on the top damage ranking player in the guild. In order to get the best rewards your damage needs to be close to the top ranking player. We’ll be working on surfacing that in the leaderboards so that you know if you have qualified for the top rewards.
- We added Scrap to wins on the raid bosses.
- We will be buffing the Ancile, Boulder and Beetle.

Let us know what you think!

Buff shield wall. Maybe give it barrier all as a dual and barrier all and rally all as a quad? Right now, the wall is completely useless.