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Topic: Redshift / I was raided 356 times in a matter of seconds?

Are you getting a bunch of nanos?

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Topic: Redshift / kongragate badge challenges

I’d say lets get to V3.0 before we get badges.

Edit: Also, while badges bring in a whole host of new people, it also brings in a bunch of people who complain about another MMO getting badges. I’d probably not make one luck based (immortal ship). Probably a couple badges like clear Sector 10 for an easy and 50k fleet power for a medium.

Also, Kong staff have special requirements for badging games and even stricter requirements for MMOs.

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Topic: Redshift / Crew taking inventory space?

Pfft, my spare crew can hang out with the toxic chemicals. That’ll teach them to not have good abilities.

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Topic: The Gate / Does different skill with similar effects stack

C’mon, there is a post three topics under this that answers your question. Here is Spicy’s answer:

1 day ago

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Identically named skills do not stack.
Different named skills that do the same thing do stack.

It says this in the wiki ;)

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Topic: The Gate / raid kill with no loot

Are you level 29+ and was the raid Green colored?

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Topic: The Gate / Ye Olde Redemption Codes

Updated redemption codes with: Some-Small-Gift

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Topic: The Gate / (Dev) Achievement reward stealth nerf today?

Originally posted by aj2000:

K confirmed on a New account. Summary as follows.

On the old achievement table, the possible rewards add up to:
8x Nero
8x Zagam
16 total

On the new achievement table, the possible rewards add up to (from a clean table):
3x Zagam
3x Cyclone
3x Nero
3x that Fire archer 4R
3x Orocas
3x Purson
18 total

The new achievement table gives 2 more 4Rs, but in the short to medium term represent a nerf since it’ll take new player a lot longer to get 8x fusions and their final 5R form. a 8x fusion is of course a Lot more powerful then the 4x fusion.

And yes if you’ve already collected some Zagam and Nero your guaranteed R4 from achievement may be scrambled. For me personally assuming if I get all achievement will have 2 extra Zagam, 2 less Cyclone, 1 extra Nero, 1 less Orocas. I would say that the farther you got on the old achievement table the better off you are as you’re closer to a 8x fusion, if you’re starting on the new achievement table fresh it’s statistically going to take you longer to fill up your deck with 8x fusion then the… old new players heh.

I presume the intent was that they had cold feet giving players a fast track to get 8x fusions. We were guaranteed 3 of them before: Argestes, Nero, Zagam. Now only Argestes is guaranteed. Maybe a little blow back from the old timer veterans? =3

It’s a reasonable consideration to be fair, but stealth nerfing 3 days (or is it 4) after opening on Kong and Armor games is in poor taste, they could’ve done it much classier.

I was just praising spicy yesterday for doing it right welcoming new comers into an old server via fast tracking us, unlike many other games with old single server opening up on Kong and throwing us to the sharks.

Anywho, let this be an informative thread for those who didn’t notice.

I do feel sorry from the new players joining us after this nerf heh, since those who started on day 1 or 2 got a disproportional headstart on shooting for 8x version Nero and Zagam. I bet the earliest of us already have 8 Zagam even =3

The rewards in the Beta were all crystals (no cards at all)… Myself and a few others didn’t get the good cards.

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Topic: Kongregate / offensive word as part of username

Originally posted by SicMirx:

It’s a norm across the internet. Most sites make you check a little box saying you read the Terms and Conditions. There’s not really much they can do to force you to actually read it. Now I have awkward images in my head of people being forced to read. Is it in chains? Straps? Is it like that silly little scene from Battlefield Earth? Man…

More like Clockwork Orange is my thought.

**I haven’t seen Battlefield Earth

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Topic: Cry Havoc / lvl 35 and then ?

That’s normal. Level 35 is the level cap.

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Topic: The Gate / Ye Olde Redemption Codes

You can input redemption codes by going to Social and then Redeem.

Special redemption code (limited time – get it before it expires): Hell-loves-armor


Good until Sept. 30: Hell-loves-Kong

I’ll update as we get more codes.

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Topic: Cry Havoc / State of the game

Welcome to the guild! I guess we can sit back and chat in guild chat.

Edit: No guild chat. I guess we can stare blankly at each others usernames

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Topic: Cry Havoc / State of the game

I’ve been slacking a bit playing the game too. My dominance had been stagnant for awhile now.

I’d love ‘salvage all’ … Right now it is: salvage, 5 second lag, get two scrap, salvage, 5 second lag, get two scrap.

My upgrade for my unit costs 300 scrap. That’s a lot of waiting!

Edit: Unity has never crashed for me. I’m on Firefox for what it is worth.

Edit: Guilds..whee! Joined yours Melkor since that is where all the cool kids seem to be.

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Topic: Kongregate / Are highler levels older accounts more likley to not be banned forever ?

Originally posted by spookyskeleton:

If a level 65 user on this website post a picture of his moms privates and a level 16 user did it would the ban be different?? Or a level 1 user?

Why does this user have pictures of his mom’s privates?

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Topic: Kongregate / Would would you do if a big tall huge guy came up to you in Gamestop and demanded your account?

Originally posted by i_like_stuf:

Assuming that the mugger in question is a professional lie detector, I would just give him one of my alts. He never said which account he wanted, did he?

I’d give one of stuf’s alts as well.

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Topic: Cry Havoc / Last time I checked, my username is not Player5260096

Probably an error. In order to avoid confusion, I suggest changing your Kong name to Player5260096.

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Topic: Cry Havoc / Platinum crate

That’s very odd. I don’t have that (and my gold box costs 100 premium currency and not 80 like yours).

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Topic: Cry Havoc / Platinum crate

I don’t believe there is a platinum crate – or it hasn’t been released yet.

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Topic: Cry Havoc / I feel scammed by this game

On the bright side, the Jackhammer is probably the best unit to pull out of that pack. It is a premium unit that you cannot make – it only comes out of the premium packs. The Jackhammer can also be made into Trident which is a pretty good unit.

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] T6s and T7s are go!

The new missions are a blast. Looking forward to grabbing a couple T6/T7 units.

Also, out of all the features you may add, I think there are a bunch of us that would love a salvage all 1* units. I’ve got so many units now that when I salvage one, I get a big chunk o’ lag.

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Originally posted by SuperheroofTime:

I hope someone sees this,

I saw it! … Too bad the only textile I know is a type of cloth.

Anyway, let’s hope someone helpful sees your post.

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Next (Big) Patch

Originally posted by idkwhoiam1:

Follow up of my other post
un-upgraded T2 and fusing/upgrading up to one T5 takes 12d 1h 40m

one T6 takes 2(12d 1h 40m)X(fuse)10d 22h(time to fully upgrade; based on the current pattern)=35d 1h 20m plus X the time to fuse T5 to T6

one T7 takes 2(35d 1h 20m+X)Y(fuse)22d 16h 20m(time to fully upgrade; based on the current pattern)=92d 19h plus 2X and Y

I’ll trust your math. That means in only about 2 years you could have a fully upgraded team of T7s!

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Next (Big) Patch

T6 & T7!? Any sneak previews? Will the Gold Supply Drop stay the same (T3 or higher unit) or any chance of a Platinum Supply Drop that drops the higher tier units (Or something like that)?

Any chance of some new missions to try our new units out? There are a few of us that have finished the missions.

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Balance Changes

Originally posted by Fonzoland:
Originally posted by Rudgutter:

Hey, some more changes are coming, specifically when it comes to evade.

Galvanizer is losing it’s Evade 3 and it’s health spread over it’s last two levels are coming together to replace the lost Evade.

What’s this evade you are talking about? My units both have camouflage! That evade stuff is your fancy Tyrant game :)

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Balance Changes

Agree mostly with MG. Oni needs something and that’d be a great improvement- I have no reason to use it right now (In chat we actually though Zeus would be better to use than Oni).

I thought Hyperion Darius was a good unit back in the day (for a two star unit). I’d rather see a way to upgrade him into a 3 star unit (Super Ultra Hyperion Darius Mark 2.1 Mega Version).

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] WMT Update [Tyrant ending on August 15th 2015]

I spent a good time playing Tyrant back in the day. Sad to see it go. Best of luck to the old Prex, Elctromagnetic Ponys and other guilds I bummed my way into.

I’ve been playing Cry Havoc (Beta right now). Pretty fun game.