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Topic: Global Assault: General / Sorry.

We <3 Vo1dStr1ke

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Upcoming Features

Originally posted by IAmTheCandyman:

Let’s keep it on topic and at least polite, guys. Discuss the upcoming features, not your opinions of other users.

Psst, let’s talk about Candyman.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] New Campaign: Reformation

Originally posted by Provokes:

I hope this “Reformation” isn’t a play on words as your response to the forum’s current sentiment towards your guys’ direction (or lack thereof) with the game and you guys will actually address the pertinent issues bought up by Boda, AtariKid, and many other people here.

I also really hope that it’s not your intention to placate the player base with the releases of this new addendum to the main campaigns and the later Legendary Quest & Faction Wars.

I don’t think so. They’ve probably had this campaign in the works for awhile now – especially if they needed to get Apple approval.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] New Campaign: Reformation

((hopes the command pod equipment isn’t +5 health to command pod))

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Topic: Global Assault: General / My two cents on balance - an open letter

My random two cents on a couple improvement this game needs urgently. Before I begin, I’d like to say that I believe this is overall the best gameplay of any synapticon game.

**Throughout this letter I use the term ‘p2w’ when is a term I dislike. Perhaps, it would be better to use the term whale or casher.


One of the main issues that I’ve seen both p2w and f2p players mention is balance. There is right now absolutely no way for a f2p player to get a vanguard. When they first came out, vanguard units were promoted as a unit that we could get from boxes, raids, pvp events and guild wars. Well…f2p can get them from boxes. Yes, I know that f2p can theoretically get them from individual bounties, but even if a f2p could beat all the decks full of vanguards and place top 3, what are the chances of them getting it four times in order to quad?

Here is a great post from Bod that has lots of helpful information:

There was a recent post (that I don’t have the link to at the moment) from a player who pointed out that their guild has decided not to use the suppress all equip until after the bounty event since it isn’t fair to the f2p players. When you have players who buy something and don’t use it out of fairness, you have to realize you have a major balance problem going on.

Everyone seems to agree, both p2w and f2p, that the system is starting to get dire. If you look at f2p decks, they are still using Eagles which is what they are using. Eagles which were the best units they could use upon release of Beta.

Nobody is saying that a f2w player should be able to have the same strength as a p2w player, but right now the best a f2w player can hope for is to be on the high end of mediocre.

What I’ve seen in other MMOs is that the f2p players get driven off for a variety of reason, and then the p2w players leave due to lack of a community. Both types of players are needed for healthy longevity of an MMO in my opinion.

I’m not sure of the best way to solve this to be honest. Most game try to balance the players who pay for immediate gratification by allowing f2p units to have the chance at the same units/equipment albeit with a ton of grinding, etc.

So I don’t have a solution necessarily, but I hope something is done to help bring a little balance to the game.

Originally posted by synapticon:

T6s will not be fusions. They are likely to be high-end units available from boxes, raids, pvp events and guild wars. We anticipate T6s will be very high end, very rare, very difficult to achieve units – they do not represent a simple extension of T4 → T5.

Source quote

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Topic: Global Assault: General / To RedJoe

“Member Since

Jun. 27, 2015"

sigh Can’t you at least post under your real name instead of creating an alt? Or, you know, whisper RedJOe instead of trying to create forum drama?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / 1st time zealot++ encounter...

I assume you surrendered after the shield was played?

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Topic: Global Assault: Guild Recruitment / <RECRUITMENT> OVERLOAD and OVERLOADED

Originally posted by nitin1046:

Holla there guys!! I think i m ready to come home, on a vacation at the moment…be bck in the first week of july. I’ll pm u red cheers :)

Nitin! Drop by sometime. A few changes since you left (leagues and no health lose for pvp probably the biggest one).

Originally posted by MyMans:

Looking for a few extra 430+ SP members for Guild Bounty this weekend. We are making a charge on top ten for some mediocre rewards, but more importantly, the bragging rights!

Overloaded is doing amazing! #7 at the moment of me writing this.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / State of the game address (to devs)

Just my random thoughts:
1) Yep!
2) Yep!
3) Yep! (I still support the idea of T6 fusion made from units that f2p can make. Storm Shield + Crusher = Fortress or Eagle + Myrm = Avalanche. Even if the t5 units had to be quads it’d give some home).
4) Yep! (I love when they post something like, “Weekly updates – we promise!”
5) I have a dual shade. I’ll be one hatchet at the end of this event short of a quad. So if I was lucky and got a hatchet drop, I could quad it. This, of course, means I go every possible hatchet/shade reward so far.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev]Guild Bounty Hunter: Great Britain

Bounty rewards should maybe include the ‘league’ rewards that have expired (Xiphoes, etc). C’mon, give us more than vanilla units! :)

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Phoen8x's Global Assault guide for F2P

I like the guide phoen8x, but just a couple things that I’d like to add/point out (feel free to ignore me phoen8x :) ). Join a guild as soon as you can. You get bonuses to silver, etc, and when there is a guild bounty, you have a chance at getting some units.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again (I agree with you regarding making Eagles): As a newish f2p player, you will be very tempted to make Onis out of your Zeuses because strike all will have served you well, but you will overall be better served by making Eagles.

I always also like to point out be very careful with your ‘rare’ f2p units like Jackrabbit and Firefly. Both are 4 star units (so low drop rate in supply drops) and you have to decide how you want to use them. Do you make a quad Firefly or use them for Myrms (taking into account that you will need other units to fuse Myrms)? With the Jackrabbit, do you want to go the Ram route or the Hunter route?

**On a side note, you might consider putting how to make some of those units in the ‘For beginners’ section. I know you can find how to make Myrm and Hunter in about 888 other threads, but it might be nice so someone doesn’t have to go looking.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To devs] - Calm the F down with the T6's plz

I assume the devs thought, “We gave f2p players Ram and Shade that they might be able to make quads in a couple months if they are lucky. Time to make it so they can’t win against a unit now.”

But really if the devs do run off the f2p players they p2w players end up leaving as well.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev Update] Guild Wars and Squad Power Recalc

Interesting. Will this be a 1 v 1 battle? Like Decepticons vs. Allspark? Will the battles be chosen randomly or based off of some other factor?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [to devs] are you planing to make exsistable crates cards fused into venguard one day?

What I’d like to see: Fortress = storm shield + Crusher

….Or something. Please give me a reason for my storm shields.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Squad help

My thoughts: Turn Zeus in Eagle, put in Hunter, turn Eagle into Dual eagle with another eagle.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Limit Duration of Incendiary effect Or make Cleanse to stop it

Originally posted by Chaosticket:
Originally posted by Chaosticket:

Discussing whether or not something needs to be changed is one issue.

The other issues are that:
1 The fact that there is no way to stop Incendiary once it curses a unit.
2 People are avoiding, dodging, or deflecting #1

No at this point I want people to accept facts and logic. I can keep pointing out that the desire of altering any ability in this game is based on opinion.

However while Im pointing out facts most of this thread is based around trolling and opinion. Look at how many comments dont have the word “incendiary” in them and you can see how bad it is.

Fact: something that actually exists; reality; truth:
example: “2+2=4”

Opinion: a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
example: “I dont like the President”

Actually, the Opinion you mention would be a fact. An Opinion would be, “I believe that the 9th President of the USA was a poor President.” or “The President is doing a poor job.”

To put it another way, “I don’t like Calamari” is a fact. I do NOT like Calamari (maybe it is because I live 2000 miles from an Ocean and they are all rubbery when I try them.) “Calamari tastes horrible.” is more of an opinion. Not sure if that makes sense.


Originally posted by Izerinatorized:
Originally posted by Provokes:
Originally posted by Provokes:
Originally posted by savior31:
Originally posted by Pats133:
Originally posted by The_Atari_Kid:

When a unit gets hit with Incendiary damage, they continue to take incendiary damage each round afterwards (even if the unit that hit them dies).

This. If you played WMT its like a combination disease + poison

Actually its just poison. Disease if for countering heal and we don’t have one in ga

inb4 firetruck (crate exclusive for $200)

fire extinguisher, mobile command equip, only for $40.

Just posting as I cannot see where else I posted in this thread, and now I’m confused. I have no problems with how incendiary works, and in my opinion :) it works as intended. I think what should be argued is if a particular unit has an incendiary too high. Maybe nerf a unit from XX incendiary to XX incendiary. (Nerfs cause riots though.)

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To devs] Are you fixing map saving for leagues?

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:
Originally posted by Bodaciouz:

The map will never reset with leagues. That’s a ridiculous idea. It will take scans away from players. Think that through. Also, anyone can save scans. You may have to drop a league one week to do so effectively but then the next week you will be on even footing with everyone else and easily climb back up. Quit complaining and figure it out.


I really love your comment more and more, day by day…

I’m not disagreeing, but I’ll just point out that devs could make it so scans don’t expire at league reset but don’t count towards league points. Of course if league points would reset, people who can log in at league reset time would be an advantage (since they could use all their scans while someone in another country who is sleeping would not). Not sure if that all made sense or not…

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Topic: Global Assault: General / League Reward System

I suggested, and was pretty much ignored, is that the units that expire in league should be given out as rewards in bounty. How awesome would it have been to have Xiphos for top 25, etc? They could still mix in the ‘vanilla’ units in the other rewards for those wanting to complete their sets…

**I agree of course. I just pulled a diamond crate and got a 4 star unit that’ll I’ll probably never bother dusting off.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / *\o/* [To Devs] Endless loop of retaliate *\o/*

I think what he is saying is that on the AI turn, their Ladon attacks his scav, and then his scav retaliates, and then the Ladon retaliates. All on the same turn.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy] Shelled 7 & 8

I’m almost scared to see how tough the fourth event will be as these are getting a wee bit rough.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [PETITION]Multiple Squads/Decks

They had this in the beta and you could upgrade and have up to five squads. This was removed for some reason (probably because there was no reason to have multiple squads in the beta).

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Crazy Pat's Volt Coin Tele-thon Madness!

Originally posted by Pats133:

This is now a WMT thread lol

Permabans for everyone!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Hellfire Myrmidon and Motivating Banner

Originally posted by Sylerious:

pretty sure his point is that it’s not supposed to be able to use a banner, since it’s not one of the three traits

Myrms can equip Motivating Banner. M. Banner provides +1 Rally All and Myrms have the Rally All skill.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Egypt Bounty Hunter

C’mon, why not a guild bounty hunter?

Also, can the rewards be better? Throw in a freaking Xiphos or something. Last top I worked my rear off to get top 25 and all I got was a freaking Crusher.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Crazy Pat's Volt Coin Tele-thon Madness!

Bring back 25 wbs in crates!