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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Originally posted by theaxman123:

After i click on Japan for 8/10 in the high impact event game buttons stop working and i have to refresh my game to get it to work. Cleared cache and tried both google chrome and mozilla firefox

Same here. Reached Japan 8/10 and if I focus Japan in any way – I loose control of game and have to refresh. If I click LAUNCH – it gets me to Japan with this bug right away. I can play only because I have another quest in other region so I can avoid focusing Japan

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Player Feedback

Originally posted by commonkey:
Originally posted by Melkor69:

After playing more after that 2nd patch
Armory: Having units require components isn’t too bad, but you’d have to make high components able to be disassembled into multiple smaller components.

Same issue. I am stuck since I need low level components to progress, and cannot obtain them.

+1 Also have a lot of Elite componens I am not able to use yet and not a single normal component

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Upcoming patch, ~July 8th

How can we farm low craft resources? I am 22lvl and fighting in start locations vs Low Threat targets still yeld Rare and Elite Havoc Tech resources only. How do I suppose to get simple Havoc Tech for T3 fusions?

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Also I discovered that some quest rewards were changes, i.e. quest Stormfront rewarded Thunderbird so neede for Zeus Fusion and now it rewards Halefire Humvee – which is not so much use. That was not mentioned in patch notes. Did you move Thunderbird earlie or removed completely?

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

After today’s patch I can see quest to update Sensors to lvl 4 as 0/4 i.e. not started, while I already have Sensors lvl 6, i.e. maxed…
Quest for Squad Bay also shows as 0/4 – is it ever possible to have Squad bay lvl 0???

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Originally posted by idkwhoiam1:

It seems(heard from others) that there are 5 different 4 star units that can be researched: Zeus, Trident, Galvanizer, Raider, and Spitfire
However, I can only research Zeus, Trident, and Galvanizer, which are already done…

Raider and Spitfire will appear after you fuse Phoenix in Armory. All 4-star researchable units require something to be fused before they appear for research

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

1) Once I gained lvl 20, a new quest appeared as completed for Squad Bay grade 3, but I updated Squad Bay to grade 3 on 18 lvl and there was no any quest at that moment, also reward 100 creditc for something costin 1500 credits looks like a joke.

2) At lvl 20 I am able to research Squad Bay grade 4, but it costs 3000 Credits and my currect Credit Cap with Generator grade 5 is just 2000 Credits. Aslo Generator grade 6 will only be available at my lvl35, so what is the point for this Squad Bay research if I am not able to do it till lvl35?

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Is Supression intended to be not cumulative? Even more: it looks like either only the last applyed Suppression is actualy in effect or it wears off right after Retaliation:
I noticed:
1) I had single enemy left with 5 attack, he had no Rally and Supression 1 and then Supression 2 were applied on him, but he still did 3 damage
2) I had Rhino Humvee lvl4 with 1HP (Armor 3) vs single Shrike lvl4 (att 3, Rally2). Supression 2 was applyed on Shrike and it was attacked by Rhino Humvee lvl4 and Retaliated for no damage. Then Supression 1 were applied on Shike and on his next move Shrike buffed Rally 2 and did 4 damage killing Rhino Humvee

Are both cases intended?

EDIT: additional suggestion is that Rally removes all Supressions previously applied – not sure about this, need additional research

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Player Feedback

1) In Shop section you need to add Credits indicator, so player can know how many left
2) You need to add “One More” button to “New Unit required screen” as users will often buy bunch of packs, also larger pack with 4-10 units at once would be nice

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Topic: Cry Havoc / [Dev] Player Feedback

Some things I would like fixed:
- in Armoury when you scroll and then click any fusion you will be scrolled to the beginning: this is annoying if I just want to check all combinations and misclick neede fusion
- in Armoury fusions components are gray if you do not have them and green if you have, though it is not clear if you have them maxed till you try to fusion: nice to see unmaxed components as yellow
- filtering in squad bay is strange: I would like to see similar units next to each other rather than scattered around. and from lesser lvl to higher lvl sorted
- It is not possible to see which unit in reserve is updating at a moment and if you have anything updating at all: need some indication for this
- there is no way to turn on Auto if it you turn to make move: Auto should be available during unit selection phase also
- there is no way to turn off Auto befor starting next attack, so you will have to accept first unit to be choosen poorly before you can deactivate if
- Then you update units it is not possible to see how long update will take untill you actually start it and there is no way to cancel once you start…
- There is no way to see salvage point in Squad Bay till you select specific unit
- Research/Fusion bug than you have to restart game to get it finished once timer reaches end

And thanks for good game! Looking forward to see it become even better…

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

320k city Ganza is looking for 1 active player lvl 50+ Rank C+.

Our players are lvl 54-76 all with ranks from, B to A+

City development:
*T4 and Oil – at lvl 9
*all other resources are maxed
*all re-castle NPC building are maxed
*Castle lvl1
*Mage tower – building to lvl2 at a moment (finished in 2 days)

Message me or leave ingame mail if interested

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Topic: General / Considering to change guild...

Hi, at a moment I am considering options to change guild. About me:

Name: Andrudis
BP: 35’190 (up from about 27k in last 7 days)
Stars: 462
GP in the last guild war: 11’338(before optimizing deck with sims)
Crystals provided for last guild war: 520

*Use money to buy only Chance Packs (Epic+25SP+50WB) only if I really going to use that specific Epic to boost my current deck. Never spend money on anything else.
*Login often if internet is available: at least once per 3-4 hours except when sleep.
*Able to use Line, Skype etc – any required chat/voice communication app for coordination with guild.
*Use sims and wiki to plan deck setup and future path of development
*TimeZone: GMT+2

Active Deck 9/10:
Alaric 4/6

Defiance 5/6
Omega 6/6
Omega 6/6
Havoc 6/6
Havoc 6/6
Masterwork Aegis 6/6
Dutiful Veteran 4/4
Absorbtion Barrier 4/6
Iron Maiden 5/6

Barracus 4/6(primary target to max and replace Alaric)
Havoc 1/6
Smog Tank 5/6 +1/6
Tiamat 4/6 + 1/6
Bulldozer 1/6 + 1/6
Daemon 4/6
Xillafang 1/6 + 1/6
Reaver 5/6 + 2/6
Malgoth 2/6
Gallant Knight 1/6
Xeno Mothership 1/6 + 1/6
+ some trash epics and rares

My requirements for guild:
*Top 100 guild
*Rank 100 or better in the last Guild War
*Guild forum is not a must, but is a strong plus
*Willing to work together to aim for the top ranks
*Guild Leader or at least 1/4 of members have higher than mine BR or GP in the last guild war
*Not Russian guild, sorry (no offence, but I am Ukrainian and do not want politics to be involved in relations with other guild members)

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Topic: General / [To Devs] Some propositions

As a former player of desktop Tyrant I would like to ask for some improvements to “Tyrant Unleashed”:

1) Please add Guild Raids – we also would like to have some story line for guilds to raid togather when we do not have wars (which are to rare). This would raise interest to log into game more often and will give highlight who are active players not only during war events.

2) Please add NPC Factions and Reputation you can grind by completing missions in specific zones to be able to receive specific cards are reward by reaching certain level of Reputation with that Faction

3) Please add “Promo Cards” option in Store alike it is implemented for Desktop version – a lot of people will be willing to save War Bonds to spend them on specific cards rather than waste them on random change to get something in Packs.

4) Please add more Packs for Gold – At least add pack that can yeld newer rare cards for more gold. For example: pack that cost 1000 gold but include no common cards, all rare+ cards from basic pack and some new rare cards from old events.

5) Add ability to buy specific cards for Gold after reaching certain condition: PvP rank, Faction reputation, Number of gained stars, etc… let it be just basic common and rare cards, but if you managed to meet requirements, you will be able to buy 1 Blitz for 1000 gold for example.

6) Please allow unlimited PvP with guild members without rewards so we can work togather to get the best result in guild wars.

7) A Limited Chance Packs that allow to buy specific Lenendary cards – the same like you have for basic Epic, but include weak Legendaries or new Rares and Epics, may be with much increased costs. Problem with current random packs is that chaces to get Rares are too high and the are not worth it for end-game anyway.

8) Remember page position in “Battle” section – Most of the time you want to face equal oponents, which will in mostly on page 3, or grind gold by fighting weaker oponents on page 3, but after each battle you start on page 1 and have to scroll – this is frustrating

9) option to switch “Auto” on and off before starting battle – offten if you have “Auto” on and want to do next battle in Manual mode, you will miss first card selection – and first card is the most important for whole battle, so wrong auto may riun change for victory.

10) Add Speed Mode “Instant” after “x4” – I want to select each card manually and I care only about result, but I do not want to hit “Skip” after each card selection to save time – this is also frustrating. Especially for cases of poor mobile connection this makes huge difference.

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Topic: General / [To Devs] [Petition] Please make common card salvage worth 2 SP


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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Recruitment "Kitezh". Русскоязычные игроки)

  • If you are not able to read post below – you do not meet requirements to join, sorry! *

Всем привет!

Набираем игроков в наш русскоязычный город – Китеж. Динамичное развитие, помощь новичкам!

Староста: Skif

В городе работают [10\12] мастерских.

Перечень уровней построек нашего поселения:
[City Hall] – 3

Ресурсная база:
[Garden] – 4
[Iron mine] – 4
[Sawmill] – 5
[Tannery] – 4 (улучшается)
[Elfwood Grove] – 4
[Glass Plant] – 3 (улучшается)
[Fissure] – 3 (улучшается)
[Fabric Mill] – 4
[Traders] – 3 (улучшается)
[Ironwood Factory] – 1 (улучшается)
[Steel Foundry] – 1 (улучшается)
[Refinery] – 1 (улучшается)

Залы героев:
[Inn] – 1 (улучшается)
[Barbarian hideout] – 2
[Temple] – 1 (улучшается)
[Barracks] – 1
[Training Grounds] – 1 (улучшается)
[Library] – 1
[Archery Range] – 2
[University] – 0 (улучшается)

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Topic: Elemental Power / [BUG] Display issue with Gold and Runes


When game is loaded for the first time, you can see that Gold and Runes are Zero:
But ones you click Campaign, everything is back to normal:
And if you get back to Menu, you can see Gold and Runes as they are:

Note: if you click F5 to Refresh page, Menu will be normal.
Browser: Chrome

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Topic: Elemental Power / [BUG] Inventory cannot be accessed

Issue is now fixed, thank you for efforts!

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Topic: Elemental Power / [BUG] Inventory cannot be accessed

Issue is still not fixed. All remains the same. Game is not playable.

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Topic: Elemental Power / [BUG] Inventory cannot be accessed

After Premium pack was bought, I have got 50 runes and 24 cards, but game hanged and after reloading I am not able to access inventory any more.

Here is a screenshot:

I am unable to continue playing game

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Topic: General / World Raid

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Topic: Outernauts / Leveled enemies


I noticed that some enemies grow in level:
1) Boss of Sector 1
2) Moonheads cult
3) mobs in The Construct

Anyone figured what their level takes in calculation?
Max lvl of hero?
Max lvl of any of my critters?
Total Beasts Value?

At a moment I have to face lvl 20-22 critters with my lvl 15-17, so I am wondering how to make enemy’s handicap lower…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] GOBLINS

Originally posted by EROSENNIN1994:

how can i get more goblins for my dungeons??? well,i am sure this uestion has already been made by others but since the thread is no more i would like to make a new one for us bigginers to get an edge on our resourse gathering!!!

Check this wiki:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Warlocks and research

Originally posted by Sylvan:

there’s a dungeon overlord wiki, stating that level of warlocks doesn’t matter for research. But it also says that library has room for one researcher every four tiles, and this doesn’t seem to be true (on kong version at least) Is this outdated info or just for another version of this game?

I do not know what wiki you use, but official wiki states otherwise:
“Research accumulates at 6 research, per level 1 Warlock, per hour (+20% per Warlock level past 1). Then, it is multiplied by any Research modifiers. You can see the items and upgrades that provide Research modifiers in the Library article.”©

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Some Necropolis-related questions

Hi NightOwl,
I have already sent these questions to support, but there forwarded me to ask you directly on forum. As these questions are general for kong and I do not have time to register at official forum at a moment, I will leave them here:

I have several questions about game:

1) There are several topics on official forum regarding future game updates:
I have some general questions about all these topics:
a) Is decition to implement this already made or just considered for
possible future?
b) If this IS going to be implemented, will these changes be available on
Necropolis till the end of this year?

2) Stone Binding and Greater Stone Binding techs are marked as :“NOT YET
IMPLEMENTED” for Necropolis, althrough as I could understand from official
forum they are implemented on Classic and Infernal servers. As I and some
other top members of our alliance will be able to research them soon, we
are very concerned on not getting any benefits from these techs as it looks
like a waste of time just to get to hight grade techs. Can we expect any
benefits from this tech anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Dear Nightowl

Originally posted by Sharkhunter:

After this game has been released from beta, swarms of new players have joined up (yay!)

A couple comments.

Today alone, several quetsions get asked over and over by new players. This tells me the tutorial quests dont explain it well enough, and need to be updated.

1. How do i add friends? The quest comes too early. It needs to come after access to the overworld, and should walk a player through how to add another player.

2 Goblins. When i occupy a dungeon, what happens to the goblins? (they respwan immediately in the dungeon that sent the occupying force) add this to the tutorial.

Nightowl, I would recomend to add link to wiki to the description if the game. Knowledge base is not usefull for new players to get started and a lot of players quit game early because it is not clear how to play it.
As I remember, when I’ve started for the first time, I was resetting my account 4-5 times to go over tutorial again and again to get everithing from it and still I have got most questions answered on Wiki.
I know it is outdated, but when new players will know about it and use a lot there will be point in updating it instead of answering the same questions in kong chat every 15 minutes.