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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

48: Yes
Abzu: Sure, either of the versions is fine
12: Yes, this will make it much less of a problem
41: Sure, either of the versions would have been fine
Oblivion: I remember seeing this card in mibbit, as previously stated, the summon of a new structure that has augment, every turn, on a 0 wait card, looks pretty ridiculous
13: Looks like a buffed Command Center
6: I like this one, yes
7: Give it back it’s weaken 2 to put it on par with Mayumi
44: Generic and generally non-exiting skills
46: Yes
4: Yes
10: Heal 1 was fine, but sure
15: I believe that solves the issue with the card
34: That works
Holy Bull: -1 attack as was previously noted that berserk can get out of hand with flurry and RT Protect/Rally
16: Yes
35: Yes
19: Yes
Sloth: Still potentially dangerous, but okay the higher timer allows the opposition to have an extra chance to kill it, regardless of the higher health
14: If oblivion is going to be in this pack, then by what reasoning would you change this card to on play augment?
18: Could do with 1 or 2 more attack even as 0 wait
30: I like this idea, but the siege all 2 was a better idea (that was balanced) because the card has stun.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Balance

Haters gone hate

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Topic: Tyrant / one does not

Perseverance, nuff said

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / To all of those that complain about the Player's Pack (Apocalypse)

Originally posted by OOHnirav:

Enter, there are only so many ways that you can say the exact same thing to the exact same person before recognizing that you’re not having a conversation with someone who is interested in understanding a perspective outside of his/her box. Rets said something a few weeks ago that I fear wasn’t read by enough people:

Based on what I’ve read of yeasy’s posts, I’m fairly confident that yeasy is an unreasonable person who merely pretends to be reasonable. Alternatively, yeasy may not even recognized their own unreasonableness. Consequently, I would advise anyone who reads yeasy’s posts to keep that in mind.

I’m not saying that you have to stop responding to anyone, and I don’t mean to tell you how you should respond to anyone, but I urge you to not forget this when you get stuck in a loop like this. You are certainly not the first person to be in this semi-frustrating situation, and you probably won’t be the last.

I think I recall seeing the quote. Seeing what yeasy is doing, he seemingly rewords his same responses every time and I keep repeating myself. I do feel that I have emphasized the fact that the information at the beginning was made public on the forums. Nonetheless, with that said, it is probably best to ignore him because no matter what the facts of the matter are, in his mind, he can’t be wrong and he won’t cease to push his ideas, even if they are incorrect.

On a sides note: I like how yeasy says that many people think like him, yet no one on his side is here pushing his agenda with him.


Topic: Off-topic / Haters can't touch Tinashe

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Replacing Card13

Originally posted by noskk:

IMO: Just lower the hp to 6, or make it unique.


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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / To all of those that complain about the Player's Pack (Apocalypse)

If it is in public data that you are referring to, then I cannot emphasize more that the forums and chat have a lot of the information in there. Any minute details, you just need to ask around.

As a walk-on I’m pretty aware of both sides of the public spectrum (Yes, this includes the chat, not only the forums). There are no real issues with you, as you don’t really influence a big percentage of the community. Your information and methods of operation are still flawed. If you wanted to make an impact on the pack, you would have at least tried to instead of having whined about the process.

Guidelines on how to have been a part of the development process were layed out at the beginning of the development. Anyone who didn’t take his opportunity missed out. If they didn’t make the push to join the public room, then why should those that were interested have extra work in recruiting even more. Recruitment was public (forums), some people like yourself chose not to be a part of the development.

You aren’t really exposing anything here. If anything, you are trying to push your agenda and hope that some members of the community hop on your bandwagon. Sadly, there aren’t too many people that agree with you and your methods.

“Sticks to the optimizer”, well that’s original /sarcasm, if only you knew things before you made baseless claims. I haven’t seen you in tournaments either. What is point? Then again, the meta is too simple now and needs this pack to diversify the meta, for my interest to be revived in them again.

As for my reasoning on why you believe in a single meta-breaker. You seem to feel that just because one card is very tough in today’s meta by itself, that it shouldn’t be aloud into the pack. What you seem to fail to acknowledge is that there are many cards in the pack that perform checks-and-balances on each other (As mentioned, there are still things to fix, but that is to be expected, the pack is under development and hasn’t been made release-ready yet.

My reply, “people that took the time to be a part of it in both PUBLIC chat and PUBLIC forums shall see the results.” addresses those that chose to be involved. Even a new-low level guy like caino666 had the chance to participate, if he got in, the chance was open to all, it was all about who took the initiative (when it was presented in PUBLIC) and wanted to be a part of the process.

How creative… but no, not fear (Keep in mind, I did say it depends on what faction you are surging against)

That is your choice, but being that way, your crusade just because it shows that you opted out of the pack’s development and the knowledge that could have been attained there.

It is not my job to do all the homework that you didn’t do yourself.

I think you missed the point, or maybe your meaning for testing was different from what I interpreted. I cannot respond to such a post because it has nothing to do with what I responded with.

With that type of mindset, then I wouldn’t have decided to go in and make some suggestions.

No one put alternative options that they thought were better. (Perhaps if people thought that the one presented was better, maybe someone in the committee could have presented it as viable). Unfortunately, no one proposed any variants, so it was safe to assume that one of those two were acceptable to the community of the forums.

People on the original testing team were chosen by devs, the 3 new members of the testing team were chosen by the current testing team.

As I said, everyone had/has the chance to be a part of it. The question is: “Will they make the effort?”

“not exactly being a representative of the official process” is not admittance to not having had a say in altering some of the cards, making reasonable suggestions, etc. It is just a way to say that I made my own way to the discussion without having been part of the original group. Taking someone out of context on purpose and bending their words to fit your agenda isn’t exactly the best mode of argument. My whole point was that originally, I hadn’t even been asked to be in the group, but I found my way to make an impact and some constructive suggestions in the pack. As for your way of thinking, those that got no “ball” were the ones that didn’t reach for the opportunity.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / To all of those that complain about the Player's Pack (Apocalypse)

10%, you say? Then you surely must know much more than I do if this is the case. Also, you seem to be set in stone about what goes on in the chat, yet, I don’t ever see you in there. As for your Utopian view of “it has to involve everyone”, it just can’t happen for the reason that people were too lazy to just ask about how to learn more.
-One example of someone who is too lazy to keep up with the pack progress is you, and that is the main reason why you are the one that complains the most and tries to rally everyone else who was equally lazy to revolt. Just remember, not everything should fall at your feet, some things, if you really want them, you must work at them.

So you suggest beefing cards up? Are you out of your mind? What is this? TU? This has to be the worst suggestion that I have ever heard.

Even if it is an opinion, I’m sure most people are like you in the sense that they don’t want to work or put in the time to develop a deck for themselves, but WMT does not need a single deck that dominates all decks in the meta, it would get boring after a while. The pack add’s some dimension to the game.

You say that I need to go check replies in other threads? Remember, I’m just a walk-on, it is not my job to go and listen to your rants that you will pursue for days on end because you believe that you are the only logical being here. There is no data to support it, but it is simple inference backed up by your actions. Whining in the way you do, makes it seem like you want the meta to be obvious. Put in the work, make your own ideas and test them when the pack comes out, quit whining and you shall see, it isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is (Sure, the pack isn’t done yet, some cards need to be adjusted, but when it comes out, all of the responses from people that took the time to be a part of it in both PUBLIC chat and PUBLIC forums shall see the results.

Perhaps, I misread your response and made the wrong counter-argument (At least I can admit it), but now that I do understand it. If you check the cards in the PP, there are better surge decks than IMP in there. There are many additions that make IMPs cower in fear. Again, I invite you to analyze the combinations, develop some ideas, and think about what the next meta is. As for the current meta, there are also some surge decks that do perform better in some instances (Results vary with factions, but nonetheless, that doesn’t invalidate my statement.)

As stated earlier, there was a PUBLIC chat room announced in PUBLIC forums, yet you keep using the same excuse that there was no discussion about it. The numbers are only low because people are too lazy to go to the chat. Honestly now, how hard is it to go to a chat and sit there, read some ideas, maybe go afk, catch up, and make suggestions? Your way and this way all have one thing that will always leave people out no matter what. Remember that we only get 53 cards to execute this pack with, so the fact that people will be overlooked is inevitable. Testing was limited, I know what is going on, but that was because I simply asked. (Yes Yeasy, knowing things requires you to ask people, not complain).

As for nominations, you had to pay attention (which I can’t seem to emphasize enough). Testing, spots were limited, that is all that I know (or at least, want to tell you, I could have told you if you would have simply asked).

Simulators, those people are in the chat room (again, that requires someone taking up the responsibility to go in the chat and ask :P). As I said earlier, I’m just a walk-on, it isn’t my duty to reveal what I find for the next meta. This is the work that I am doing instead of complaining about the pack.

Pack design: I didn’t see you make any models of what you believed the pack should look like. Once again, an example of complaining without putting in the work.

Must I state the same response that I keep having to repeat?

The name, look at TU, it’s the Devs that chose.

Testing: The devs offered the test team some spots that people on the test team awarded to some players (I must repeat, I am not a part of the test team).

I already answered the ones that you presented here. Remember, it is not my duty to have my “Yeasy alarm” on all day and go answer your questions no matter what thread they fall in. For I am just a walk-on that offered some suggestions to the group, but I’m not exactly a representative of the official process.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / To all of those that complain about the Player's Pack (Apocalypse)

@ Yeasy,
To answer your first statement:
Ralk had announced that there was a PUBLIC Mibbit chat room, on PUBLIC forums, where people could be represented. Despite not having been originally invited, even I had the opportunity (because I inquired upon being a part of it (And yes, that requires you to stop expecting that you are a god and everyone should invite you to everything)) to go in there. Your argument that states “It was not public” is rather, pathetic. As for testing, the devs only allotted very few spots for new testers (apart from the original few that were in there already), so testing, is limited to a select few (Personally, I’m not even a part of the beta testing team myself, I’m in the same boat as you on that one).

Statement 2 response:
Check cards that are too UP, most of these have relatively useless abilities, those types of ideas, just can’t be built upon, my statement stands as validated.

Statement 3 response:
You seem to fall into that category of players that want a clear cut meta-breaker. I apologize, but that cannot happen. Also, those cards that you mentioned, they can be used in multiple scenarios, but I’m sure that you have been to busy whining about the cards in the pack and haven’t even started breaking down each card for what it is worth, making reasonable suggestions, looking for counters to each card, and making some plausible deck ideas for the next meta.

Statement 4 response:
I was assuming that you were at least smart enough to do the things listed in statement 3, but now I realize, that I was giving you too much credit, IMP is not as unbeatable as you seem to think (it can be beaten in many ways, creative and meta-worthy, give or take, but I now understand that you lack the ability to make such decks.) Also, RT, got a HUGE boost in this pack, I hope you aren’t serious about saying that RT is still useless after the pack’s release.

Response to statement 5:
People always address them, but you are always so caught up in the mindset that you are supreme to all and that your logic is absolutely flawless, and this, results in you overlooking their responses.

Response to statement 6:
Access was not limited, it was available via that mibbit channel that ralkk posted a while ago on PUBLIC forums.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / To all of those that complain about the Player's Pack (Apocalypse)

I think the thing that we (as a community) seem to forget here is that we are in the card development process, which is a tough one. Yes, we may run into some cards that may be too OP or controversial, but that is part of development, after all nobody is perfect, but many members of the community expected this project to:

1. Come out as a perfect creation before any formal revisions are made.
-For example, the spoiler, people whined about it, when that was mainly for everyone to see and comment on what progress had been occurring within the pack.
-(Yes, there is a huge difference between whining and useful criticism, so those of you who had valid suggestions, you aren’t being called out in this wall of text)

2. People expected their personal cards to come in the pack by default (which in essence, is rather self-centered).
-Sadly, not everyone can have their ideas expressed through the pack for reasons that address how OP or UP (and couldn’t have been built upon), it may have been, a one-dimensional card as opposed to a card that could be more flexible and used in more scenarios without being an OP mess, or just maybe, it could have actually been a good idea, just that there may have been something that was needed/wanted more in the pack/future meta, which left that idea out of the pack mix.

3. The last thing that some people in this community may have wanted was an obvious future meta, something that is a clear-cut meta-breaking deck/card. Unfortunately, this cannot happen for obvious reasons.

With these reasons addressed, some of us (in the community), need to relax a bit, trust those that are working hard to provide the best experience for us (as a community), put our personal desires for our own card ideas aside, give constructive criticism for the proposed cards, figure out what to do with the new cards, adapt, and be appreciative for all the work that has been done on this project and how it is still progressing at a steady rate.

Note: If you truly do have an issue with something, please explain it in full detail, rather than moan about the same thing over and over and over.

Tl;dr: Don’t whine about the Player’s Pack

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player Pack] Poll: Pack Design


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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack] Create-A-Reward-Card!

Originally posted by Rapster27:
Originally posted by mihawkdulacre:

You can’t have a summon ability on a commander at all. Sorry.

If you had looked at the spoiler… The thing you said couldn’t be done, has been done, maybe you should know what’s going on before you make such a bold statement, thank you.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

Originally posted by warranty_void:
Originally posted by ralkkdillon:

You have one. The Mimic/Chaos commander.

Oh, how embarassing, you’re right. I didn’t recognize it due to the changed name, image and hp. This was the original proposal:

No wonder I felt it should have 9 hp ;). Still this was one of the cards I’ve put the least effort into lol.

THIS, is a good idea, don’t be mad, you deserve a thank you :). Now now there, no need to get bent out of shape, some of us didnt get anything put in :P.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

Originally posted by hektikbeatz:

Don’t worry, I didn’t get any of my cards put in either, no need to whine though, just check the current ideas (which actually aren’t bad at all), make suggestions, maybe even go to the committee for a change and offer up some ideas if you feel the need to (Make sure that they are serious suggestions that aren’t OP).

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:


card 3 – it is pretty much unanimous that this card needs to be nerfed. we want to test it a little more. but then we will need to decide how best to nerf it.

card35 this card simulats and performs really shitty in real practice. it simply dies before it can get going. as it is we would need to probably buff it. but as you state, it may be better suited as a unique.

card37 is definitely useable. perhaps too useable? preliminary testing as a non-unique is not game ruining. that being said, it could potentially be boring. thanks for your input

For the 3 concept: We don’t need an OP card with PSN3, but we could do with more cards that have PSN 2-3, for instance mess with the PB theory (being some BT cards that have nice poison), just don’t boost up the stats too much.
For the 34 concept: Unique it, give a slight (VERY slight boost)
For the 37 concept: I only state that given righteous will be boosted a lot in this next update, given all the extra quick heal/protect and such that is in the spoiler, I would recommend it to be unique based on that alone (With the current cards, it is fine, but taking into account some of the new additions that righteous is getting, there’s a good chance it is “too usable”. Add in the tribute and you could make some cards boost the one with the skill it offers up even more, especially with multiple copies (this is my only doubt. but it is an easy fix imo)
As for the pack as a whole, it is pretty solid and there aren’t too many cards that are OP/Will be too common in the meta, but still in the usable/niche area, so, kudos to that!

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

From a quick glance over (not too much thought put into this):
Card 47: Yes
Card 48: Yes
Card 49: Yes
Card 50: Yes
Card 1: Yes
Card 8: Yes
Card 12: Yes
Card 17: Yes
Card 22: Yes
Card 39: Yes
Card 40: Yes
Card 41: Yes
Card 42: Yes
Card 2: Yes
Card 6: Yes
Card 7: Yes
Card 13: Yes
Card 23: Yes
Card 43: Yes
Card 44: Yes
Card 45: Yes
Card 46: Yes
Card 3: Yes, but may be too much health IMO
Card 9: Yes
Card 14: Yes
Card 18: Yes
Card 19: Yes
Card 24: Yes
Card 27: Yes
Card 28: Yes
Card 29: Yes
Card 30: Yes
Card 4: Yes
Card 10: Yes
Card 15: Yes
Card 20: Yes
Card 25: Sure, why not? Bring on the fun!
Card 31: Yes
Card 32: Yes
Card 33: Yes
Card 34: Not as it is, why is this card not unique?
Card 5: Yes
Card 11: Yes
Card 16: Yes
Card 21: Yes
Card 26: Yes
Card 35: Yes
Card 36: Yes
Card 37: Not as it is, where is the unique label?
Card 38: Yes, Righteous need this sort of card

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Yearly FFB Season 3

It’s getting to be that time of year again! After two years of fun seasons, we look forward to starting a new one this year. Those who are interested, you have two weeks to sign up, by contacting either zgamer200 or myself. We look forward to the 3rd Annual Fantasy Football Tyrant League. May the 16 weeks commence!

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Status update

Originally posted by synapticon:
Originally posted by crazyeye2011:
Originally posted by synapticon:
Originally posted by crazyeye2011:
Originally posted by synapticon:

-We will be giving sandbox access to some of the community card developers

I know it’s a long shot but why not sandbox the game instead closing it entirely next year?

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

I thought there were going to be 2 raids

Correct, two raids.

Don’t know why you quote my post without answer my question, or your reply “Correct” was to my question? (another long shot… I know)

Sorry that quote was just a mistake.

The issue is server costs (which would be just as much an issue if we sandboxed the game) but we’ll see. Note that the August 15th shutdown date is an earliest date. It’s possible (but with no guarantee) that it will continue afterwards. We’ll see what it looks like when we get closer.

To keep the game running longer, what kind of money deal are we looking at, how much do you want to make off of WMT to keep it running?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Tinashe vs. Pats

all day, every day

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / A quick update on the lies that are being told against me as a result of my participation of Fight Club

I have heard of lies that have been told about many people including myself, yet I cannot think of someone taking their whining to the forums, which is quite childish in my honest opinion. You wonder why people think what they think about you, this thread is a clear illustration of how Sigha said that most of your posts have little to no relevance or entertainment value(in essence, this just adds one more to the long list of those posts). I would suggest that you delete your first post in order to lock this thread and prevent trolls from taking this juicy piece of bait.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Official] (gossip) Crazy Tyrant Leaders

jose919: “Glory Boyz”
jose919: “BRICKSQUAD
jose919: “viva mexico”
jose919: “thug lyfe”
jose919: “Glory Holez”
jose919: “Taquito”

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Let's make sure it goes full circle... Need some help

Originally posted by Chief_Keef_:

Get noob factions like Tyrants club, Warmongers, pulsing death, FuriousAtrocity (and any faction that losses to them), and legion of doom to merge and maybe you will have a shot at it

You dont check your alt carlos that is in shini much, do you… Oh wait… i almost forgot, you somehow managed to get him banned as well as jose, good job (claps)

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / RIP tyrant

I guess this means we get our refunds of anything that we purchased in the last 30 days… I WANT MY MONEY BACK! REBELLION!

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Just how strong is Raptor*? Surge testing.

Just going to put this here:

Not only can it bust through 2 layers of protect and raptor, it mimics, which we need something that has mimic and is usable.

Unlike the Raptor Killer 0/9/4 refresh and counter 4 version, this card does not directly powercreep the Legend Jagatai* 3/8/3 Intercept, Refresh, Counter 4

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack] General Information and Discussion - PLEASE READ

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Entername_______:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Entername_______:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

FuriousAtrocity was one of the few for which I couldn’t pin down the name of the leader. Instead I PM’d Samikki, an officer.

See, yeasy, this organizer states that he clearly didn’t even care to invite me, for I am an officer as well :P. Sam is on vacation, just for your information.

Oh. Fansite said he’s active and stuff. Must be playing via canvas then :/
I simply chose the highest levelled officer available.

Seems reasonable, yes, he is getting on from time to time to dump, but not as often as usual. He should be back in a couple of weeks. Although, the highest leveled officer also happens to be the guy with same name as the faction :P

Not on the Fansite :/

Link to profile:
Confirmed: On fansite