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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / Recovering kredded gems after save import

Is it possible to recover these? I assumed they would be on a separate “restore purchase” track, but it seems they were lost.

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Topic: Holyday City / Ideas / Suggestions (by Holyday Team)

The HolyBars idea is a reasonable one for monetizing the game but I don’t like the fact it just gives income bonuses because after all increasing income and resource production is the main driver of the game. If I am enjoying doing that there is no reason why I would pay just to not have to do it. Moreover if I choose not to buy those, now I will never know if there is a point in the game where they are secretly required, so I can no longer trust the progression. The “collect fee and carry on” option is a really neat idea, but perhaps you could have some more things like that for HolyBars instead of the production/money bonuses? Like, perhaps the automatic build option that has been suggested here, or new kinds of structure, or a market that can buy resources as well as selling?

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Topic: General Gaming / Punk-o-matic Tracks

First attempt. Probably all been done before but there we go.
Couldn't get the ending right, though.. so can ya just pretend that it ends on the slot where the two 10's are lined up? :) Seems you can't cut a loop short with silence..