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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Go to Yavin station 3 times: after you have 1 star map, after you have 3, and after you have 5. The third time you go, there’s a fight…but then you can purchase two incredibly powerful lightsaber crystals.

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Topic: General Gaming / Champions of chaos Boss Walktrought!

Paladin’s Purify seems to negate the death circle debuff in the end fight! Intentional?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Beta Testers Needed for Remnants of Skystone

Sure, count me in please.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mastermind:World Conquerer strategies!

Start off by hiring your full complement of minions.

Keep your financial room staffed as full as possible subject to the following:
Having 30 minions on base defense when defending.
Having 15 minions in the control room while executing a mission.

Slowly work at stealing cash and science. The first goal is to get to the skyscraper (boost to income). You’ll be there for a while. So get the science that unlocks the skyscraper, buy businesses, and steal cash until you can afford it.

At this point, you can almost turtle: buy 6 repeater turrets and a rifle upgrade that is either +infantry, or just more damage without -infantry. Steal science, then buy the businesses that it unlocks. Your goal is to get the moonbase, flamethrowers, and repeater turrets.

As soon as tech level 5 is unlocked, plot and execute the A.I. branch of science (to free your minions from the control room and finance room). Do this even if there are still level 4 techs to steal. You can get them later. Steal tech and max all your businesses out. Buy the other bases and weapons if you like. Buy powers if you like.

Once you are ready, steal the level 6 tech, and then plot to blow up the earth. You’ll have two and a half minutes of unending attack, but it’s easy to deal with.

Patsies are very nice. “Increase Success” and “Steal Cash” are the bonuses you want to see. Hire someone random to execute if you want to.

Henchmen are irrelevant. You have enough minions (and enough cash to replace minions) that you never need the help.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I would like to see a better text filter in the chat window. Currently, a number of enterprising souls are using codes to put letters in to actually swear.