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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Biggest Accomplishment of the Day in Anti-Idle

Originally posted by Draconi:
Originally posted by Aurian:

Not to mention the fact that as soon as you tell us what you did, Tukkun is going to nerf it.

I’d expect that since it’s just directions to use the game stats the best way possible, it would be exempt from nerfs. But after seeing damage resist getting capped to 999,999,999 recently, I dunno.

If my damage calculator results in nerfs with no good reason, I’ll just take that as a really good reason to stop playing the game. I really could use the extra time anyway.

Tukkun has to use some forumla to calculate damage, and it’ll have to have critical points when evaluated on a compact domain. Can’t nerf math suckas :P

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by Johnurz:

am i missing something? Isn’t my pyrabow/chuck set STILL better than my expensive as hell HG set? O_o Thanks in advance for any clarifications, and apologies if this is already answered here, I tried searching but didn’t find any answers similar to my situation.

I would suggest you find the forum thread where the exact damage formula is posted and use that to answer your question. If you don’t have a maths background feel free to PM and I’ll look at it for you :D

I would suggest though that you plan on getting Chaos Armor asap rather than worry too much.

CN/CN and HG/CN are both equipment sets that should be strong enough… and it’ll save you time.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Ultimate Armor

Originally posted by Krazycat2:

So I decided to see how good ultimate armor is so i went to SSF ( Lol yeah, I cheat) and I wasnt able to get the armor in the special shop even after meeting all of the requirements. Do you also have to wait until the next day for the armor?

Also, is having it say 1/1 Owned a good thing when you didnt purchase it yet?

What are the requirements and variable names needed?

I’m just opening up SSF trying to do the same thing and the help would be greatly appreciated :D

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by andkamen:

Thanks for the swift reply
yeah dragon cave casual is the hardest place that I can survive while still killing stuff in 2-3hits.
As for my gear… it was mostly +%pixel gain for green and %crit chance/damage/attack speed for the orange bonus. I will try to change it to +exp for the green bonus. I currently have golden armor as it is affordable. Should I try to enchant it to +10 or should I go for a berserker’s set that is barely upgraded? (golden armor is easy to replace when enchanting goes against you but has lower stats, while I wont be able to replace berserker’s sets that easily so will probably stick with barely enchanted armor if i get it).

On the not of enchanting. Is it better to enchant to pieces to +10 and then fuse them or to enchant each separately and then fuse them?

Primary piece to +10, secondary piece to +9.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

I have a suggestion for Apoclypse mode.

The lightening is pretty cool… but it basically becomes a matter of weather or not you can out regen it. It’s not particularly interesting.

Why not make it much much harder…

… make it so that even someone at level 9001 with an optimal chaos set can only idle the first couple zones.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by seththebest:

So I am sorta new(havent ascended) and my current gear progression has been:
berserker → glaive → evil/pyra → elite alien armor → cn armor…Should i just save up for a g5? or is there some type of dungeon or boss that would give me easier/better weapon such as the cn did.

I am currently idling in pc. lvl 7500, hardcapped att/def, softcap everything else

Also, best way to get CM idle? I seem to get the most from the adventure, mining didnt work that well….

The elemental weapons or the light glaive seem to be a good option… though I don’t know the exact details of when they drop. The G5 would be an option as well… but probably sub-optimal.

One path to Chaos Armor (which should probably be at the end of the list) is a set of CN enhanced with as many attack rocks as you can… and then the rest with armor mystery rocks and/or chaotic growth rocks.

Are you doing the secret dungeon? It is very good for crafting materials.

One thing you can do is go to the secret lab and change your enhances to a combination of spawn, drop and pixel.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / BA damage optimization

ok… so now the big question…

How do the new trinkets affect optimal enhancement of chaos armor… and which is the best to stick with?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / BA damage optimization

Originally posted by Draconi:

No, I’m not here to ask how to do it. Instead, I’d like to ask what people would like to know about the subject. I’m hoping to be able to find situations I didn’t think about to investigate. Just please don’t ask anything like “what is the best”, if I knew that there would be no need for this topic (“is X better than Y” is ok to ask).

If this topic gets me anywhere I’ll come back to post what I find.

Awesome thread!

If I am interested a long term weapon now upon which to use weapon unique enhancers… should I stick with the dark ruler? Or would it be worthwhile to start enhancing a fairy god mother wand?

Also is there a rule of thumb for correct attack/critical ratio for chaos armor?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by Alterburner:

Hi there all… Question regarding my personal position in-game: I’m trying to figure out, in terms or armor, what’s the “most decent” way to create a fused set: ATM I can only “purchase” Berserker, as finding C.M. battling is getting harder, so I would like to know one thing:

Is it better to buya and fuse Bers. Helmets (and/or other Bers. pieces) then lvl them up; lvl one at a time then fuse; or fuse them with elite helmet then apply Elite enhancers?
What would give the most decent stat??
My apologies if the question sounds foolish, per se, but I don’t the necessary materials to try that myself.

Many thanks in advance.

Enhance first piece to +10, second to +9. Level both all the way.

A standard fusion people use is Zerker/Emperor’s Clothes.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by AcedWhenGrim:

Have armor exp/epic stopped dropping? I don’t think I’ve seen one since 1500 came along.

I have still been getting a couple, though not many.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by emdude:

I noticed that I can no longer craft items immediately in Battle Arena… Why is that? I don’t mean to complain, Tukkun, but having to wait to craft something that I desperately need (in order to prevent my character from dying) is kinda inconvenient, don’t you think?

I believe this just happens when you have recently open Anti-Idle to make save scumming a bit more difficult.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / V.1444 to V.1500 Review

Cool post! Fun to read.

As for progression…

The standard is one of two choices:
-Grind for a temp holy glory set in the Casual SD. Enhance it with as many possible armor attack and critical rocks as you can. Equip with a Glaive of Smiting.

-Craft a set of Chuck Norris armor. Enhance it with a couple armor attack rocks and then fill out the rest with level 8/9 mystery enhancers. Equip with any decent weapon.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by fistoz:

Hi there.
I’m not much following all the new stuff in BA and there are so many modifications, new content etc..
Back in the days G5 was the best weapon it was really obvious : gather enough pixels and get it.

But now.. I just wonder.. What should I get at a very last objective ? Since there are so many situational items I just don’t see TEH ultimate weapon/armors to get :$
Well for armor I guess it’s still Chaos to enhanced, but it doesn’t cost much (and I’m still with HG atm x)).
So where do I/will I throw all my CM/pixels ?

Chaos Armor and a Fiend Glaive is still pretty far and ahead the best armor set (non withstanding some issues with an inability to use weapon unique enhancers.

All of my CM is currently going towards adding UnOb enhancment to my armor and throwing weapon unique enhancers on my dark ruler.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by StarScream69:

I’m a Maiden fan and I want to fight as Eddie. We don’t always get what we want.

… but if we try sometimes….

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by davidfranses:

‘kay, here’s the deal, I’m close to lvl 9000 now, and I’m still unable to beat ToD, let alone CN or CHAOS. I’ve got a tiny stockpile of resources, (that would be 6 bil pixels, 200 mil CM , and random amounts of other stuff ) . I’ve managed to grab 4 pieces of a HG set by running SD while only hitting treasure chest rooms if i don’t have to do boss rooms (eithe ron my path or as the treausre room itself) . However, even if i’d eventually be able to craft a glaive of smithing, I fail to see why it’s supposed to be that powerfull.

Could anyone give me some advise on what armor I could craft and enhance with my little resources so I would at least have a fighting chance at what seems to be unreachable goals ? (Currently using a Defense/EC set) maybe downgradeto zerk+zerk until i can craft a zerk+EC ?

Here is what I think you should do.

Finish your HG set… getting the last piece on casual is fine, and then craft a set of Chuck Norris armor. Enhance both sets of armor… use as many weapon attack and/or level 9/10 critical rocks as you have (or can easily afford). Then fuse with the HG armor as the primary.

The resulting set of armor will only last a month, but you’ll be able to score high enough for Chaos pieces.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

It would be cool if there was cascading sequence of achievements that you got for completing all the achievements.

So say add 20 achivements…

Achievement 631: 630 achievements get
Achievement 632: 631 achievements get

Achievement 650: 649 achievement get

It would be really cool to watch a sequence of windows when you finally hit 630, and it would give more of a motivation to grind out achievements.