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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Unmerge KG-4 from KG-1 Locally

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Updates for March 25, 2015!!

Originally posted by sicknote88:
Originally posted by kevinke6:

there will always be a stronger server no matter what merger is done. in the short run… you might quit because you were used to your easy top 8 and easy post season wins, but in the long run you will appreciate the increased speed in matching.

and be warned, STAR is some nasty stuff, big whales sitting there

Think you have that backwards, in the short-term people will enjoy more matching, in the long run it will be back to where its started as many people would have quit as it doesn’t actually solve any issues, at all

Nah. Short term all those originally top players who were enjoying easy and free wins on the newer server get hit hard, but in the long run those who stay can break through, whether through actual hard work or strategizing. I’ve noticed a tendency in that newer servers tend to have pathetically shitty decks, such as running cards like magic fist simon despite having godlike post season rewards. Oh and by the way, thats a large reason why other servers can’t compete with Stony-on Stony, we simply strategize and play very well.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Updates for March 25, 2015!!

there will always be a stronger server no matter what merger is done. in the short run… you might quit because you were used to your easy top 8 and easy post season wins, but in the long run you will appreciate the increased speed in matching.

and be warned, STAR is some nasty stuff, big whales sitting there

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Mission Complete]Looking for a Mod

Originally posted by 858isaac:
Originally posted by blindlight36:

guys ur getting a little off topic and this thread has some practical purpose. oh geez im being mod-like now … .

I didn’t want to be the one to say it XD

<3 sorry! done trolling here, its all I do now now that I don’t play much anymore lol. :D he replied even though he said that he ain’t gonna reply anymore #15minwellspent

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Mission Complete]Looking for a Mod

forum flame war ftw <3

no you don’t provide reasonable solutions. you never do.
couple of clarifications: rush =/ spike
complaining about 1v1 being full of rush is indirectly complaining about it being a mixture of OP and annoying
>self contradicting→“where did you see me complain about rush OP”→provides examples of where he did do that

Again, I understand you are probably on an underdeveloped server and hence have no idea what the game will eventually develop into, with power dominating the 1s and 2s ladders.

as for power, the game is honestly doing better. people getting high priestess, who the fuck cares? the ones getting them tend to be the top players who spend anyways. you know, the ones you can’t compete with regardless of whether or not newer cards are being released. on the other hand, opals in tower, some decent standard pack bonanzas, world boss for a chance to pick up new legendary elites…etc are all directly beneficial to f2p players. These 3 things listed above hardly help payers at all, as they will most likely not be able to improve their decks at all

you complain about people not being able to power, but you don’t recognize that the metagame takes time to reach. whatever server you are on will eventually get to the point where power is increasingly nasty

and if this “kid” is over 30, I can’t bear to consider what your kids are like.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Mission Complete]Looking for a Mod

if someone consistently whines about the same problem and fails to provide reasonable solutions and is constantly cynical, I think it would be fair to call him a troll. I don’t care about your opinion either, its about how you act. omg rush op omgomgomg power op omgomgomg suck it up kid and just quit

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Mission Complete]Looking for a Mod

Originally posted by karsot:

i don’t know a lot about the 4 guys from the vote.

i only know i don’t like cheese’s posts on this forum, he looks like a troll to me.
a troll as moderator don’t seems to be a good idea.

-1 for cheese, pick the 2 mods out of the 3 others as you want.

hahahaha karsot complaining about other people trolling? you know what I know? I know your posts tend to be whiny complaints without basis on fact or tend to be distorted

Cheese/ralk +1!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Anti P2W strike or don't release tarot priestess

haha and once again kkeellee proves his ignorance with stupidity.

i spent several hours watching pvp-not once did i see the tarot high priestess. yes, they were 90hp+ with full godlike-awakened decks. stalling is useless when u die anyways from the onslaught of cards

unfortunately no; i havent spiked 2s in over a month now and i run a SD deck in 1s

funny point to bring up-odin taurus and aug are rare sights as well. while the rangers certainly did run aggressive cards like awakened fen/darius/maia, they were running heavy hitters and slower cards as well – to me, it kind of looked like they had no strategy and simply just threw in all their best cards into one deck and added some godlike skills to it. ranger doesnt need to run aggressive cards in that meta-it only needs to get its premeds up and running and eventually will overwhelm and destroy the opponent. 2 awakened cards beat 1 awakened card overall.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Anti P2W strike or don't release tarot priestess


nothing has changed; kkeellee and karsot are still two faced idiots who complain about everything and then complain about the alternative to everything and consistently make flawed arguments

whether or not there are such complaints, nothing changes. people will ALWAYS find something to complain about, especially the two mentioned above. if you arent running purges as a power mage (@ the post stating being unable to stop chosen), then you are dumb and bad at strategizing.

in the long run the high priestess tarot becomes useless. contrary to claims about her being used: sorry, she was not used at all the last time i watched chinese server pvp. the wheel and awakened cards were far more game breaking – they kill you before you use all 30 cards, hence why the high priestess is unused.

you know what destroys everybody over there? ranger power. i’ll leave that here for u’all to think about, because as we get close to the end game, ranger power will only get stronger. not the priests you are complaining about, or the mage stall+high priestess ultimate waste-of-time decks – ranger speed power, without pan too.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Kings pack

1996 is a well known bs rager.

to clarify jans point: if you are unable to complete simple math, then you are obviously unfit to complain. not only do you use faulty numbers, but because you are unable to do simple math, it shows lack of care of this entire issue, and simply results as a whiny attempt to grab attention.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / This game is bull

lol getting that champ pack and getting a god calista, wud that have made u happier? the 2 packs have same drop rates per card; just diff rarities, so thats a faulty argument. whats more, on stony, nonspikers won 2s playoffs because they happen to be smart enough to know when to run anti

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Community Discussion] Let's improve PvP

here, i present the single, best change that would make pvp active.

make it a no loss concept-rewarding to those who are active.

for every win u get, depending on enemy score, + x amount (can go with same scalings as current pvp point gains)* every loss gives -0. set tiered rewards (just like in FZ), for each individual player, upon reaching a threshold of points, gets x reward. something along the lines of:
850 points: 20k silver
900 points: 30k silver
950 points: 30 gold
1000 points: 1 random epic elite
1100 points: 2 purple stones
1200 points: 3 epic gems
1300 points: 40k silver
1400 points: 50 gold
…. etcetc

paired with the original top 32/64/128/200 cross as well as top 1/8/32/100 local, this would be an increasingly motivating factor. no longer do the nubs need to dodge-because they won’t lose points anyways. the whales/high scored people would not have to wait much at all due to the large amount of dodgers.

with the above implementation, those with better decks will on average win more than those with worse decks-thus gaining score at a faster rate. however, those with worse decks can make up for that by being more active. at the same level of activity though, the one with the better deck will still acquire a higher score.

with the current system, there are people who only pvp in the last 24 hours and still make top 32-this system balances that out-the 12 hours or so of grinding before the end of a season won’t be able to make up for the hour and hours that the lower tiered decks have put into pvping

  • maybe point gain could scale with deck size to balance out rushing and power; a 15 card rush deck would incur a 15/30=0.5 point gain multiplier, whereas a 30 card rush deck would retain the x1 multiplier
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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Forbidden Zone

well. you see… you guys on quiet servers get real easy pvp rewards, especially in terms of local rewards. on the other hand, us on stony have had a history of contesting with the largest and strongest whales of all eternity. not much to say, but I think we deserve the silver bonus.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Swift death decks for low VIPs and vip0s

tbh swift death pan meatrush decks suck pretty hard, but i’ll throw in a troll deck i built that is 100% luck reliant:

3 premeds
3 SDs
3 SRs
2 Pans
1 Mif
1 Maia
1 Astral
1 Alice

The idea goes in the direction of premed chaining into raids and bursting opponent on turn 3. If you get the perfect draw, you can go on turn 3 with premed into more premeds into sr sr sr along with rune proc to immediately burst the opponent. Noteable wins over tafkam :D ty for deck testing btw hehe

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Got an idea for making godlikes of ur choice by farming

slow. several people in LoA have already started working towards awakened legionnaires.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Is Revelation a joke?

brainless mages complaining lol

just wanted to say that all of monsters points are valid; this skill actually provides and encourages more deck variety in mages: do u want to play traditional mage stall power or build into speed pan draw card combo mage deck? the latter has actually seen some play in stony ruins, and utilizes a 24 card deck with conjure troops, pan, scorches…etc along with nuwa to chain a constant string of zeus, odin, khnum, world, and other baddies. this skill would definitely provide another bump to this new deck comp

go kaiba!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Things that should not be released

you know what wrecks stall as well as retains good winrates against raw power and rush? ranger pan decks, full, 24 card, 20 card, 16 card, all are effective in dealing with these cards.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 2v2 Queue Broken

haha its sort of funny how people outside of the stony cross believe their whales can compete with the ones on ours

as cheese said, the recent merge=original top whales from yahoo/GF2 get outright crushed by kroz/mac/aang/dgg/ray/blarbal

as of now, 2v2 is getting to the point where 95% of the time the instant i match i know if i will win or lose-the few times over the season where i accidentally match any of the above 6 in 2s, i generally just surrender because there is no point in stalling out a 20 minute game and lose regardless

to be honest i feel like one of the few fixes that might actually boost activity a lot is as 1996 proposed, an only positive point gain route→ +whatever amount you wudve won in the original ranking system per win, and +1/4 of that amount per loss. honestly, idk about the idea of throwing in so much silver, i feel like the amount of silver the game is giving/asking us to spend is at a very good balance and that there is no need to change that

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Chinese Cards] Upcoming Cards

mistranslations/missing info:
Undead King Bael awakened: small zombies gain ability: curse (same as cain)
Varkus: gains impale (the new skill referred to by the OP)
Mifzuna: gains +3 attack when one enemy hero is under 50% hp, not when its on their side of the field
Ofeigur: i think its nirvana, not 100% reanimate, thus shudnt be stopped by holy
Tarot Strength: On the turn it is played, all enemy creatures are stunned for 1 turn and all allied creatures gain x amount of attack for 1 turn

Beasts (In order)
Cerberus Hegemon: 6cd 3/22 vigilance cone of fire
Chief Ironhide: 6cd 5/21 lumbering armor 5 beasts attack 2
Virulent Bat King: 4cd 3/15 Flying, bleeding attack, decay 7, whenever an enemy unit dies, +2hp (similar to varkus’ ability but +2hp instead of +1/
Storm lizard King: 5cd 2/22, cone of lightning 50% stun, lumbering, armor 5, accursed 2
50 rep bat card: 4cd 2/15, flying, vampiric attack, whenever it takes physical damage 2atk/2life

2nd row:
Crowned Nid: 6cd 4/16 for each beast: 1/3, shield ward, exploding nut thing (1 range 33% chance to deal aoe damage)
Spellfire CHimera: 3cd 6/15 no change in abilities
Big Shuck: 2cd 4/12 sprint, double attack, domination
Winged Emperor: 5cd 5/20 Flying Consume, upon kill +2/
Brimstone Unicorn: 5cd 1/18, sprint, inspire beasts 3, fright (50% to fear one unit per turn)

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Research Details

ehh i have a phoenix but spitfire isnt showing up in my research

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Memorizing Crate Purchases?! WTF DEVS

i dont understand what the rage is about. it would be the same thing as making it a one time only deal; its only returning to give newer players/players who missed the last event the chance to get it. don’t be a whiner just because you pulled it quick and easy on your first run around

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Topic: Global Assault: Guild Recruitment / PwnersaurusRex: TOP 10 (#9 in Overkill!) guild seeking interesting, active, articulate players

what about current rise of mythos player! not ralks favorite but can pass?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Help] If your pvp win rate is less than 50%, present your case with details here for devs/community to help you out.

bump for help/advice?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [crazy Help] If your pvp win rate is less than 50%, present your case with details here for devs/community to help you out.

progress check: been playing for 2 days and 7 hours at the moment, Level 23, 2294 Dominance

sitting on:
3 Aurochs, Max;L3;L2
2 Tomahawks, L4;L2
1 Fury, L4
1 Hyperion Darius, Max
1 Mule, L3
All equipped with steelpoint ammo; have not researched any other equips yet

Just started researching zeus, is this good progress so far for setting up in time for grinder?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by Mardoek:
Originally posted by kkeellee:

damn can this kevinke really be this stupid. 240 diamonds god? who taught you math? mr bean? one sheep, two sheeps, lmfao…

16 to make an epic. 25 legs with all buildings maxed, guild lvl9.. 16×25=400. i would really like to see how did you calculate 240. i know youre dumb, but to cant calculate two simple numbers, thats too much…

now as far as its worth. of course it isnt. 320k leg elite. 16/2=8×100k = 800k silver for non elite leg. now, what idiot would do this? 320k elite, and he gives 800k for non-elite? 25×800k=20mil of silver for non elite godlike this way.

this given all sacrifices in place. 400×12 sacrifice = 4800 rare cards to sacrifice, or spend a ton more of silver.

lmfao. some people just dont have brain cells.

dude he said 240 diamonds approx, so that means he needs 240 more, don’t call people stupid when u read their post wrong

haha my brain turned off i was thinking in terms of 10 epics to a leg, not sure why. his 2nd paragraph is captain obvious statement, whereas i dont understand what point he is trying to make in his 3rd paragraph at all. 4800 rare cards is not much as well, especially if you do the 9 rare 9 green sac method

its saddening that your entire post is full of derogatory as well as personal attacks. when i refute your posts i call u a dumb twat in line 1, and then prove it without calling you names again

the butthurt is real lmfao