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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

Also, were adding more to your christmas, we’ll ALSO give you the abbiltiy to string your holiday lights on your house to make it JOLLY! AND HOLLY!

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Ideas

New Year 2013 Package

A package packed with New Years cheer! This pack will give you exclusive blocks and decorations of many types! Decorations such as fireworks, firecrackers, and you will recieve the 2013 New Years smiley for free with your paid order!

Valentines 2013 Package

Bring valentine to all of Everybody Edits with this special edition package! You’ll be given heart blocks and many shades of red to pink to orange to purple! Let this be your valentine to Mr. Shoe!

Easter 2013 Package

Make your Easter as enjoyable as ever with this fun pack! You’ll be recieving many hand dyed easter eggs along with the Easter Egg Smiley and the Bunny Smiley!

Mothers Day Package 2013

Thank your beloved mother (if you do have one.) for doing all she’s done, and to feel more special you should buy this package! It includes a block that says “I <3 Mom!” and a few other loving messages to your mom.

Fathers Day Package 2013

The same thing as Mothers Day Package, but this time you’re thanking your father!

4th of July 2013

Just like the New Year Package, this will give you tons, more fireworks to add to your collection!

Halloween 2013

Spook all of your visitors out with creating a Frankenstien!

ThanksGiving 2013

Be thankful for what you’ve been given with this special pack! You will recieve a block that looks much like a turkey, a new skin, and a dark colored grass and orange leaves.

ChristMas 2013

Be jolly for this season because you’ll be getting some gifts! This pack includes present blocks, an Elf Skin, and all new Snow leaves, and snow grass! But wait! That’s not all! You can get STOCKINGS!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

New Weapon Class : BattleAxes
Description : A prehistoric weapon that was designed for the mastery of berserk. This weapon is known for dealing huge amounts of damage, but shoots rather very slowly. Has a little more range than most swords wielded by the so-called Warrior and knight.
T1 : Rusty Axe – A rusty old prehistoric battleaxe. 73-78 DMG
T2 : Iron Axe – An iron artifact by the gaurdians of the Hobbit Mage. 81-94 DMG
T3 : Itai Axe – Used by the evil and unholy gaurdian of the deathmage’s castle, Itai. 95-104 DMG
T4 : KanSteel Axe – Forged by the gaurdians of our land with fine kansteel. 106-123 DMG
T5 : OceSteel Axe – Forged by the gaurdians of our land with fine ocesteel. 125-143 DMG
T6 : TykSteel Axe – Forged by the gaurdians of our land with fine tyksteel. 163-182 DMG
T7 : BlackSteel Axe – An artifact that was once used by the demon rebellion long ago, crafted with the finest BlackSteel. 186-214 DMG
T8 : Mithril Axe – An axe forged by the beloved gods in the finest mithril, it’s said to protect from evil creatures. 226-278 DMG
T9 : Makitan – The Makitan was wielded by the prehistoric hero that saved our land from the evil gods that seek souls in this realm. 301-339 DMG
T10 : Bronzesellium Axe – An axe that was forged by the masters, and used the strongest metal to forge it, bronzesellium. 341-364 DMG
T11 : Dekai – The Dekai’s handle is made out of dragon skin, while the blade is made out of pure sunstone, the dragons treasure, it isn’t any more dense than bronzellium, but it is more durable. 342-379
T12 : Lei – An axe forged by the might god known as zeus, this weapon is more than enough to take evil down! 381-406

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

Post all of you’re ideas here!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New class idea

Max HP 665
Max MP 235
Max ATK 35
Max DEF 12
Max SPD 40
Max DEX 50
Ability BrainWash: Any enemies within range become allied to you for a short time.

T0 BrainWash: Enemies help you for 3 seconds.
T1 BrainWash: Enemies help you for 5 seconds.
T2 BrainWash: Enemies help you for 7 seconds.
T3 BrainWash: Enemies help you for 10 seconds
T4 BrainWash: Enemies help you for 15 seconds.
T5 BrainWash: Enemies help you for 20 seconds.
T6 BrainWash: Enemies help you for 30 seconds.
T7 BrainWash: Enemies help you for a minute.
T8 BrainWash: Enemies stay on your side for as long as they live.

Armour: Robe
Weapon: Wand
Requirements: Lv 20 Sorc, Lv 20 Wizard, Lv 20 Necro, Lev 20 Priest, Lev 20 Paladin, Lev 20 Trickster
Desc: It’s lack of DEF will be covered by the brain washing ability that it has.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New class idea

i’ve gone into this, go to, and load “gravestonesideas” those are my ideas for the gravestones look.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

I wish grave robbing was back.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Survival Tips

tip 1: Do not try to teleport to godlands at level 1, its a stupid idea, because you’ll die in a matter of seconds.

tip 2: Don’t wear SUPER good items on a low level player, just wear the one that fits you most. If you unbalance your items, you’ll DIE depending on what enemies you are fighting.

tip 3: Don’t scream “OGMMAMGAMMAA IMA SELLIN DA BRONZE HELM GET IT QEEK” or how the fantsy man does it: “Fleskies shop! Come buy stuff blah blah blah”, don’t SPAM that. It’s annoying.

tip 4: Do not try to step ahead. If you are level one, stay at the beach, don’t go to any higher till you are about lvl 5.


tip 6: Don’t BEG for stuff. You can simply ask a few times “Can anyone give me a spare bow” instead of “PLEASE PLEASE PLEEAASE CAN I HAV DAT BOW?” begging dosen’t get the bow it only makes the owner of the bow irritated.

tip 7: Don’t SOLO dueongens at a low level, the only dueongen solo for low levels is “Pirate Cave” which is SO easy. While the second hardest is Forbidden jungle I believe.