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Topic: General Gaming / [Android/iOS] Anyone here can suggest me any nice Mobile Board Game?

lots of CCGs but true board games are in a minority.

mosly sth like chess, checkers, tryktrak or mahjong, rummi

you can find mobile Catan somewhat rpg in the style. I doubt there is a free version.

tinydicedungeon is not a board game but somewhat resambles it.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Mars finished after less than 24 hours

No advert bonus, no money, once clicked ufos….

Fisrt day apr. 2 hours before going sleep…
More or less active middle day…

Few hours in the last day resetting every x100 or x1000 angels
2 nights and about 20 hours of gameplay.

17 hours seems reasonnable for someone putting more effort then me.

With all possible free bonuses it can be shortened to 12 hours.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Moon launch?

Originally posted by DroopyDrawers:

So far I have launch to the moon three times in the last hour. The first time is right after I hit reset for angels. The additional times it starts counting down and when I leave the game and come back it has been reset. Is either of these been issues or is this normal?

I had the same problem.

Buying 1 megabuck solved the issue for me.
It looks like the game not able to save the progress when no megabucks bought

Btw i had to start all over after removing and installinh the app again… No idea how to save the progress. May be backing up sd card could help… No eager to try it out though

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Topic: General Gaming / Would you ditch your favorite game for 1 million?

I say it simple:

payment should give me something else to do…
I have some ideas for $10000-$50000

I think $1mln will frighten me more then force to not play any game… I am not able to think of any human paying such amount not earning it back somehow… so… $1 mln = most money spent to get know why… :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Saddest game?

Still Life

it was not sad that much but very depressing.

Syberia 1, 2 – simillar one

I was seeing ending in these games as a fairytale for a children to not think about the real end my imagination provided…

I know many depressing flash games but I am not able to call up theirs names.


The Longest Journey was probably the saddest adventure I was playing. I was not playing next games in the serie.

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Topic: General Gaming / Cheapest way to get old games?

Many consoles have a “flash” cartridge and many games are free to download and use with it.

Many consoles, games are not protected by any licenses because they are abandoned.

There are some “new” games too which you can freely use with such devices.

I know such products for Atari 2600, XEGS, 8-bit, Gameboy. I am sure NES and PS1-2 should have it too.

You can check ebay or console dedicated forums to check for such things.

P.S. most brand new flash cartridges I know cost less then $50. Some have built in flash, some needs sdcard or some other media.

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Topic: General Gaming / what are the best idle games?

Currently I am playing:
Tower of Hero (Android idle)

It seems like a best idle “dungeon” game ever :)…

I was into Idle Farmer but seems Tower of Hero is like a new path in the idle gaming… :)

I was not watching this thread too close, sorry if I missed something.

Pingu was nice but soon it was progressing like a snail…

Adventure Capitalist have no way of playing it… :) You have to do few things in it at exact times and most of the time you can only watch the numbers.

P.S. the worse thing in idle farmer is a need to restart the game to get daily gift :(, the reason I have turned it off.

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Topic: Off-topic / What languages do you want to be an expert on

I would like to be fluent in 1 international language…

1 local language…

assembler and some path to an object language like C, C++, C# and so on…

nah… I do feel good with my local and english as international…

I do not like idea of some crap iconic languages like chinese, japanese or any other egiptian wall crap like that as an international language as it is so expensive to find these pictures on any modern keyboard…

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Topic: Off-topic / Youtube/Video Links Masterthread

I am posting it from:

but do not comment it… :)
just for these who do like youtube links…

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Topic: Off-topic / semi 8-bit videoclip

Tell what do you think about it :).
Victorians – Run Boy Run (Atari Retro Video)

I am an Atari fan and it was done by someone from Atari demoscen.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kingdom rush Bug


I do not bother.

Was thinking to put it to Ironhide forum but not possible without registering…
if someone is able to c&p it to bugs in theirs forum… feel free to do this. :)

Will not investigate it further how to post this stuff to some e-mail support of theirs.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kingdom rush Bug

Sorry for putting following problems here…

I have few problems with tablet/android kingdom rush version… checked the flash to be sure it is not my bad memory…

1st long range/sniper shooting of archers seems not working. it shoots in a range of the tower (kong version is working ok).
2nd when heroes is on in 1st slot it will be on in 2nd freshly started one. was not checked it too much but happened to me (was not checking flash).
3rd… I am not sure if it is a bug or not… flash version can act the same way I was not checking it too much and my memory can be wrong about it… archers’ serpent upgrade sometimes is missing completly. fast moving creatures just pass through it… I was thinking it starts to act when enemy approaching but may be it is just working fine. Sometimes I have all wolfes hordes killed with serpents and once per few plays I can only watch as they pass my 4-6 conscripts without triggering serpents at all.

Android version looks a little harder then flash one… may be mouseing is faster then tapping :).

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Topic: General Gaming / Funny glitches

Donkey seems like an emulator only glitch reading movie description.

ELona Shooter – bosses shooting outside of 4:3 window = not possible to shoot them without helpers.
Ugi The Time Traveler – doing fast clicking dots is not using the paint.
Sorcery Quest – thieveing from a thief is multiplying gc. monsters with a Steal ability.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / I just want to know what the third level is...

You missed the thing probably :)…

3. question is… what new colonies should we expect…

I think it will be something like Mars, Syrius, Alfa Centauri :)… because you can move moon to the left/right with your finger so I do expect more then 1 level after the Moon. :)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: Developer / No angel investor gains

Check if you do have some net problems.

I have turned off background net transfers in AC as in many other games with a resulting game data corruption after resets.

If you use GSM, multiple AP or any other reason to have no net during reset be expecting problems.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: Developer / ** Suggestions **

Can I ask developers so the game should not rotate the screen if I had the screen rotate lock turned on?

For an android system I can lock rotation in the settings but adventure capitalist is completely ignoring this option.

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Topic: General Gaming / Frantic Frigates And Its Secret "Features" (i.e glitches)

you can buy 2 level 4 flags one by one for 4000.

3 flags + 1 cannon = everything maxed

for 2nd trick…

after killing 1st part of last boss press P then space and game start 2nd part of last boss… moreover you can then start the game once more with screen dumped by pause screen.

and be reminded last medal is for pausing and going off screen.

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Topic: General Gaming / Any Other Games Like The Enchanted Cave?

I loved Nahlakh. Natuk is another game of the same person and simillar mood.

They are not very close to The Enchanted Cave but I think they have very novel concept and probably even today have some unseen anywhere else ideas.

But they are not a flash games and Nahlakh works probably only under dosbox.

P.S. Be warned… If you ever try them… Nahlakh can be hard to start (you should know there is an easy hidden dungeon in the 1st city) but with some experience to create the team it is very addictive.

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Topic: General Gaming / I have an idea for a new kongregate game!

btw. do you know a zombie game with a boss?

any I do recall seems to have only huge amount of zombies… no bosses like her friend from 1st part in Resident Evil.

have you seen any game boss who have to be convinced to your side?

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Topic: General Gaming / I have an idea for a new kongregate game!

He did more then most of bosses ;).

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Topic: Might & Magic Heroes Online: Players Helping Others / Heroes Online some thoughs and t(r)ips

You are right and wrong…

I doubt any new player will check forum before trying the game and these are “hidden” features helpfull mostly for starters.

I’m not going to show here any overall strategy or other gameplay tips…
These one are more possible to be found here for someone who needs them then in any other place.

And the game is frequently advertised on Kongregate for some time. May be it will be possible to play it here someday.

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Topic: Might & Magic Heroes Online: Players Helping Others / Heroes Online some thoughs and t(r)ips

I had mixed feelings… HoMM was one of the longest played series by me…
Started with King’s Bounty EGA game and have been playing till HoMM IV…

I never tried V or VI because advertises showed it moving to an anime, 3d crazy camera moving game… have not much knowledge about these.

After playing for a while I think my 1st thought (somewhat MMORPG based storyline and HoMM battlesystem) was partly correct.
HoMM based battles are somewhere between III and IV in style. I was not sure what to think due to some “features” like splitting army by obstacles…

Now I can say it is pretty well balanced battling subsystem with some hidden nice suprises and it is not bad… i will say more… it is rather well done.

I do not like spells subsystem but after a while I can state it is bad because it have not much in common with HoMMs but some principles are based on King’s Bounty. It is working better then potions in HoMM IV ;).

Game is in beta so all these tips can change and get out of value but:

  • buying 1-2 additional heroes can save huge amount of time to wait for troops, problems with small inventory size and gives possibility of trying multiple paths…
  • every 24h you can rebuild 1 building in the city = you can remove for example loophouse and build it once more to get 120 archers pretty fast…
  • knights are harder to keep up with number of units to fill army space of the hero… it is better to start a magic hero and create a might one in additional hero slot or you should expect waiting for your army even with rebuilding trick and grinding for resources to build up fast (you have to complete chapters to upgrade the city to a higher levels).
  • there are many strategies possible when battling. but because of limited amount of soldier to recruit the only cheap way to play on a single account is connected with number of people lost in the battle :). you can get to bajlif, build up what possible with wood and reset having all possible army in the bajlif to have faster start but keep in mind you can reset char once per 3 days.
  • defending blocks enemy and learning how to block enemies is a key factor in this game… battling arenas are interesting…
  • if you have problems in the fight you can find someone to help… playing with a friend is a way in this game… pretty handy and other way of doing against low breeding ratio.
  • I personaly do not like nekropolis… but nekropolis gives you much easier start then haven. level 1 resurrect spell and “stun” = possibility of ending chapter 1 in a 1 day not being very experienced player.

P.S. If you can the best gameplay experience you will get playing in 1920×1080 screen resolution. I was trying 4k but it was not working too well/may be I did something wrong as I was rescaling the screen with Linux “xrandr —scale-to” command. Playing with a touchpad and low res can be very frustrating.

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Topic: General Gaming / Easiest Impossible Badges

Elona Shooter is mostly long badge when you cheat and keep saves.

Not possible easilly to go in 1 pass so you need 1st grab some achievement and then cheat or just be happy you win with an impossible badge ;).

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Topic: General Gaming / Food in video games

Many RPG uses health potions.

Some uses health portals, springs or resting.

in arcade shooters it is for example letter H ;).

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Topic: General Gaming / regarding game recommendation

I do not like watching nasty porn but I need to know how safe is going somewhere by train…

can you do something so they will not get money from number of connections to theirs IPs from me or from any other related to me organisation?