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Topic: General Gaming / Can anyone recommend me a game?

:) Can someone give me a proposition of good semi-programming multiplayer?

Something like Critter Forge or Sorcery Quest without much of gameplay but more programmning oriented stuff.

Most games wants you to program a robot and do arena fights or not much more then lightbot series.

I would like something like Sorcery Quest in a gameplay but with a little more then 1-10 lines of semicode ;).

The Last Stand: Dead Zone or some other Syndicate/Ufo type game with possibility of some evolving auto-functions would be great.

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Topic: General Gaming / Heroes of Might and Magic 3... And a little about a mod.

I prefere HoMM IV and WoG is hardcore version of HoMM III which was just over my point of return… have not jumped.

I would be glad to see a remastered version of HoMM IV with more balanced gameplay. At the moment it is more or less hard start, easy end… or easy start, average later.

I have read that HoMM iV was very badly advertised for being a SF-Fantasy game… then they did a better but somewhat different HoMM and some people have not noticed the difference ;)…

Still I think IV is the best of the series. I have 2 versions bought and thinking about buying gog version to have no need for a CD by me.

Most dissapointing were extensions to IV without any storyline and moody but only paintings ;).

if you play heroes online you should know it is a FullHD game. 1920×1080 seems like the only res to enjoy this game. At least 1366×768 was not due to need of moving arena and small amount of visible map (HoMM IV needs 1280×1024 ;) ).

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Topic: General Gaming / William and Sly

I think this game is working better with older flash plugin.

I member it as a beautiful game and now I was seeing nice titled game with terrible scrolling smoothness problem.

But it was running pretty fast. just ugly. it can also be a reason with me having vsync turned off.

P.S. seems cinematic is the main reason to see jittering titles. in a default small window game behaves better.

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Topic: General Gaming / First Console You've Had?

I never had a true console.

My first computer was an Atari 130XE with 1 game Mutant Camels on tape.

For some reason I liked Ninja Commando the most. Probably music was the biggest factor.
At the moment I have few Ataris, C-64, TRS-80 clone but no consoles and not much chance to use any of these machines.

I’m more interested in smartphones due to long battery life and overall nice performance.

There was a similar topic a little earlier…

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Topic: General Gaming / Island Experiment

Anyone playing it?

It is a game more like Bush Whacker or West Wild Town in it mood… but if you do…

I am seeking friends for this game… or would be happy to see it on Kongregate…

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other

I think that 9254 viewers are not worth this promo action…

I think that all security agencies will be worth it… ;)

I am not sure if they should not be forced to add: be warned: they are watching you… before every of theirs games ;).

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other

the line after =/last char.
all small letters. I was thinking it is a clue to decipher earlier chars but it can be a password alone coded is some way.


I would check if earlier bin is a bitmap without a header or sth like that… and check if this one is not a simple cipher like a swap code or so…

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other


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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips & Tricks sharing

strategy 2 is great for a police/security and so on in a place with “windows”. You can stay gunman on 1 side and scav till they appear.
Then lure them before a “window” and kill with a gunmen without harming scav.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / is this supposed to happen?

I can say:
IE on Windows – overall slow but pretty stable on my computer
Linux chrome – pretty nice responsiveness but still on my computer break from time to time
Linux chromium – best overall speed but more or less stability of chrome

I was playing on Windows only a little my feeling can be wrong. Windows is not a very good multitasker and it seems this game is more stable in such situation.

Before my “dedicated core fix” the game was breaking frequently most of the time at the mission time.
At the moment having it on 1 core it breaks from time to time most of the time before or just after the mission.
I think I have lost less then 10 missions due to hang of the game. Most of the time I have seen 1-2 mission earlier game is starting to choke.

btw. I’m using laptop and no way I will change anything soon… If it is not working… zombies’ hell with it… ;)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips & Tricks sharing


properly selected team can be composed using 2 chars…

Describe you team strength:
medic or leader is good for a close-combat, small places. it is hard to survive without good armour or healer in them.
if you are going to a store/small residence… you can use medic/fighter or leader/engineer or so…

recon is best for a place like street, park and so on… you can easilly use a single recon for a killing mission on a street much, much over his level. if you kill for bounty… just use single recon and streets at 1st place ;).

some weapons attack area/many targets. bats, shotguns can attack a group of zombies with some luck…
it is easy to kill huge rush with a single scav using bat… just watch what zombies do and be faster then they are…

for a close combat use melee/attacked ranged char will never reload… it can be pain in the ass sometimes. fast zombies/dogs can force you to flee from a mission.

if you want to survive and kill lots of high level zombies… send someone else ;)… just a joke… for this thread

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / What did you name your survivors?

Originally posted by Normus77:

The game gave my first survivor the name Steve Rogers. I kept it since if captain America couldn’t beat a few zombies, I didn’t need to play this game.

It was so hard to see this: in a google results….

I was using sth like: Scav I II, Med II II and so on once.
Function Team small, Team large

Now I have teams description in a notepad with 2 chars, levels, target(small, large, open space…) and single char auto levels + single char manual level for a melee mostly as melee is best for a single char. My L 20 Scav can easily go for a 16 raid with a bat.

The only exception is recon with > 14 range weapon running from one side of the street to the other side and killing all zombies ;).

So currently I am using names as they are.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / A lot of lag issues because of my mouse?

check chrome://plugins

turn off pepper flash and use adobe flash.

It works both ways… Sometimes pepper works better and sometimes it is not.

;) happened for me when playing some Rus-Ger farming game ;).
(if you need chrome you can try chromium it is somewhat faster thanks to being less big monkeys like NSA friendly)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Storage's

It looks more like storage being full but then they eat/drink 1 unit and you are unable to fill it up using production for 1 unit.

Seems more like not able to fill food/water storage for 1 unit with production glitch…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Challenge Book Achievements


How to speed up healing process?

“I need recovery, stat!”

Sorry for interuption.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / We need level migitation on equipment in pvp

migitation – nullification of a % of incomeing damage

basing on:


btw. they can get down 1 man but have no time for other ;)… are you sure it is not a hack in this game issue?

I am not sure which things are client based and which one is serverd by dz server but expect that hacked dz client can just enter your compund kill everyone and go out with only some hack triggers for strange reports being activated.
I would hope my sentence is understandable enough.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Why Does Kongregate not have the DMU

upgrade to vehicle for 5 minutes return times.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / FIX THE RANDOM CRASHES

I am checking deadzone on an isolated cpu core (cpuset on Linux) with only browser working on it…

Looks very promising.

This means a problem is appearing probably for a people with 2 cores or on a busy systems.

I think it is a deadlock or threads communication problem in this game. Situation with software OpenGL and this game adds to my guess… If you know what I am talking about and can try it yourself tell the results here…

from yesterday I have 1 crash after the mission.
If you are able to force process working only on 1 core you can try it. I do not know if bare Windows allows assigning processes to cores but there should be a helper app somewhere for this task (for Windows 7 built-in solution:

On a Linux it is possible to use cpuset (man cpuset) with something similar to:
mkdir deadzone ; cd deadzone ; echo 1 > cpuset.cpus ; echo 0 > cpuset.mems ; echo 1 > cpuset.cpu_exclusive ; echo starterpid > tasks

starterpid – pid starting chrome or pid of chrome deadzone task. starting from isolated shell gives plenty (about 20) of tasks on the selected core.

Kong chat is probably helping crashes appear too but the problem is in the game software thread races conditions … :(.

btw. I was probably lucky trying to return just before a crash when speaking about keeping someone on a green zone. That was an alone situation…

Today (2nd day) I have got a crash due to a bug with OpenGL rendering on my card (semafor deadlock) ;) but seems this game is now playable not only in auto missions.
After few days: seems assigning only deadzone chrome subtasks to 1 core gives best results.
Here what I have got in logs:
[drm] GPU HANG: ecode -1:0×00000000, reason: Kicking stuck semaphore on render ring, action: continue
[drm] GPU hangs can indicate a bug anywhere in the entire gfx stack, including userspace.
looks like a badly synchronised tasks forgetting about 3d stuff they are creating. May be it is the same problem as with invisible zombies (or disappearing shadows). I have seen sometimes only head of the zombie visible.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / healing injuries

but how can I speed healing injuries?

there is an achievement for speeding it up… it is not a healing achievement… and I’ve no clue how to get it…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / FIX THE RANDOM CRASHES

Can you try if staying 1 person all the time in the green exit site and waiting few minutes after the crash to end the mission without loging back will give you junk you earned till crash from the mission?

I’m not sure but I have crashed once having everyone ready to exit and it works like ending the mission correctly.

Clue was to wait few minutes before logging back. May be I am wrong, am I not?

Now I am playing on yahoo from the start and game hangs frequently before starting the mission but crashes seldom.

In a new chrome stable and beta I have some flash crashes from time to time not only in this game so I will not take it on it account.

P.S. I was probably wrong. But it happens somehow for me. May be a matter of checking position (green place) when waiting for 1 min timer.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / possible additions to the game

I would like centering corrected for a situation my man is in the corner and there is no visible reason to see mostly nothing and a little of the building I am in.

It is terrible irritating when accidently selecting the same person twice and getting rid of sight of zombies for preciouse emptiness…

For truth I would like to be able to select if I want to get my people selected by mouse or only by shortcats… ;)
and I would like to be able to select them when in my base with a shortcat when out of the battle. but it is usefull only at start when some trash is to be cleaned.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Things you've learned from DZ

keep in mind you are given calendar what happend earlier before every mission.

Military (HERC) was occupying the city and lots stuff in the game is connected to these information.

invisible scientists are as far as I know the best.
Seems no scientist at the moment or may be I am wrong, am I?

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Things you've learned from DZ

You can use only 1 type of weapon…

You do not need to check who is on the line to shoot.

You can have lots of injures and still be a survivor not a zombie (btw. have you seen a movie about a girl who is running from her zombie boyfriend to a friend of her and at the end you are told she was 1st zombie victim… you see a world from her friends perspective not how she sees situation).

good place to seek for clothes is in the hospital but I hope recycling gives some antyseptic to all this stuff too ;).

bandaged guy is as good as new even with broken bone.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Does the game work on Ubuntu?

Linux solution for Dead Zone and simillar games to play on Linux:

1st you need pepper flash (chrome or external flash package for chromium). I’m using google chrome repository for Debian, probably the same for Ubuntu is possible.

2nd you should check chrome://gpu and chrome://flash for acceleration.
I was using intel and it was blacklisted and marked as unknown intel chipset in chrome.

if you have software acceleration you should use chrome://flags and force blacklist deactivation or use —ignore-gpu-blacklist starting switch.

For intel I checked usage of gpu with intel_gpu_top (intel-gpu-tools package) and with acceleration forced it showed no intel usage.
The only easy way for me was to use chromium with pepper flash package. In chrome there was information about using OpenGL 1.3 and some error messages with problems to activate OpenGL.
Chromium showed OpenGL 3.0 as in mesa package description and is running fine.

Seems game is very nicely working in Linux if acceleration is working correctly.

Btw in chrome://flags you can check FPS (turn showing them on) too but you should not bother with flags too much if not needed.

You can check chromium starting switches too. For example these concerning vsync.

Without hardware acceleration I can suggest only trying 16bpp, lower screen resolution, setting low graphic details and I had still clogging. I think game is improparly setting some internal delays and it looks like a problem with both software rendering and the game running on the same core. Rising priority of the browser helped a little.

I have found some information about using pepper with firefox but I was not trying it.

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Topic: The Arts / pivot stick animations

btw it is a latest one… about 2 weeks of progressing…
earlier one was without changing “angle” of “camera”.