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Topic: General Gaming / Frantic Frigates And Its Secret "Features" (i.e glitches)

you can buy 2 level 4 flags one by one for 4000.

3 flags + 1 cannon = everything maxed

for 2nd trick…

after killing 1st part of last boss press P then space and game start 2nd part of last boss… moreover you can then start the game once more with screen dumped by pause screen.

and be reminded last medal is for pausing and going off screen.

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Topic: General Gaming / Any Other Games Like The Enchanted Cave?

I loved Nahlakh. Natuk is another game of the same person and simillar mood.

They are not very close to The Enchanted Cave but I think they have very novel concept and probably even today have some unseen anywhere else ideas.

But they are not a flash games and Nahlakh works probably only under dosbox.

P.S. Be warned… If you ever try them… Nahlakh can be hard to start (you should know there is an easy hidden dungeon in the 1st city) but with some experience to create the team it is very addictive.

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Topic: General Gaming / I have an idea for a new kongregate game!

btw. do you know a zombie game with a boss?

any I do recall seems to have only huge amount of zombies… no bosses like her friend from 1st part in Resident Evil.

have you seen any game boss who have to be convinced to your side?

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Topic: General Gaming / I have an idea for a new kongregate game!

He did more then most of bosses ;).

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Topic: General Gaming / Heroes Online some thoughs and t(r)ips

You are right and wrong…

I doubt any new player will check forum before trying the game and these are “hidden” features helpfull mostly for starters.

I’m not going to show here any overall strategy or other gameplay tips…
These one are more possible to be found here for someone who needs them then in any other place.

And the game is frequently advertised on Kongregate for some time. May be it will be possible to play it here someday.

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Topic: General Gaming / Heroes Online some thoughs and t(r)ips

I had mixed feelings… HoMM was one of longest played series by me…
Started with King’s Bounty EGA game and have been playing till HoMM IV…

I never tried V or VI because advertises showed it moving to an anime, 3d crazy camera moving game… have not much knowledge about these.

After playing a while I think my 1st view (somewhat MMORPG based storyline and HoMM battlesystem) was partly correct.
HoMM based battles are somewhere between III and IV in style. I was not sure what to think due to some “features” like splitting army by obstacles…

Now I can say it is pretty well balanced battling subsystem with some hidden nice suprises and it is not bad… i will say more… it is rather well done.

I do not like spells subsystem but after a while I can state it is bad because it have not much in common with HoMMs. It is working better then potions in HoMM IV ;).

Game is in beta so all these tips can change and get out of value but:

  • buying 1-2 additional heroes can save huge amount of time to wait for troops, problems with small inventory size and gives possibility of trying multiple paths…
  • every 24h you can rebuild 1 building in the city = you can remove for example loophouse and build it once more to get 120 archers pretty fast…
  • knights are harder to keep up with number of units to fill army space of the hero… it is better to start a magic hero and create a might one in additional hero slot or you should expect waiting for your army even with rebuilding trick and grinding for resources to build up fast (you have to complete chapters to upgrade the city to a higher levels).
  • there are many strategies possible when battling. but because of limited amount of soldier to recruit the only cheap way to play on a single account is connected with number of people lost in the battle :). you can get to bajlif, build up what possible with wood and reset having all possible army in the bajlif to have faster start but keep in mind you can reset char once per 3 days.
  • defending blocks enemy and learning how to block enemies is a key factor in this game… battling arenas are interesting…
  • if you have problems in the fight you can find someone to help… playing with a friend is a way in this game… pretty handy and other way of doing against low breeding ratio.
  • I personaly do not like nekropolis… but nekropolis gives you much easier start then haven. level 1 resurrect spell and “stun” = possibility of ending chapter 1 in a 1 day not being very experienced player.

P.S. I will expand this post… later.

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Topic: General Gaming / Easiest Impossible Badges

Elona Shooter is mostly long badge when you cheat and keep saves.

Not possible easilly to go in 1 pass so you need 1st grab some achievement and then cheat or just be happy you win with an impossible badge ;).

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Topic: General Gaming / Food in video games

Many RPG uses health potions.

Some uses health portals, springs or resting.

in arcade shooters it is for example letter H ;).

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Topic: General Gaming / regarding game recommendation

I do not like watching nasty porn but I need to know how safe is going somewhere by train…

can you do something so they will not get money from number of connections to theirs IPs from me or from any other related to me organisation?

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by ChickenDelight:
Originally posted by sashamaru:

There’s this top-down space shooter I played a while back I can’t remember the name of. I remember that you’d explore different sectors of an overall map and destroy alien ships but some of the sectors where red, and if you stayed in them for too long, a bunch of powerful alien ships would appear and wreck you. That’s about all I remember of it and it’s not on my list of played games.

Ugh.. I played that a few months ago.. Something chapter 1. I’ll PM you when I remember it.

Galaxies Invaded: Chapter 1

not played much but it is the only space shooter with chapter 1? :)

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Topic: General Gaming / What is your favorite gaming console?

Originally posted by nikolas10161:

I don’t like PC I guess I just prefer the nostalgia factor of sitting on my couch with a nice big tv and getting all excited about playing a new game.

Be informed some phones and all modern laptops, most tablets can be connected to a TV using HDMI.

You can also insert a USB gamepad to a PC.

I’m adding a question myself…

Which one is the most interesting remote controller and game for it when playing a console (for example: I have seen a shooter for a dance pad on some mogulus gaming channel)?

I was seeking something interesting for a PC but it seems most fun is in the console section.

even camera controlled games are in a minority for a PC (have anyone else seen camgoo? ).

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Topic: General Gaming / Three games you're playing RIGHT NOW

Heroes online (HoMM IV in addition) – it is not as money greedy as you can think of but buying 1-2 additional characters can be handy not only for newcomers.

Island Experiment (event only, I have completed till update)

Kongregate BoTD and in a long term (Edgebee games, West Town, Bush Whacker, The Last Stand, Elements)

I do not like games in which I can not reset and start over without creating a new account…

P.S. I understood the question but I jump from game to a game and these are my current area of interest.

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“I am darkness and fire incarnate!” Vez’nan, Kingdom Rush

jokes of a robot in Bush Whacker Classic.
A neutron walks into a bar and asks the bartender, “How much for a drink?” To which the bartender replies, “For you, no charge!”

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Topic: General Gaming / [List] Removed games


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Topic: General Gaming / Warrior, Mage, or Rogue?

I do not like close combat chars.

prefer ranger/archer…

mage/wizard over ranged thief

Most of the time I try few/most/all chars for some time… I seldom play till end of the game with only 1 char.

P.S. I will add example…
I changed a little my mind after playing HoMM IV Might/Barbarian campaign and Beowolf scenario. It showed incredible strength of might heroe.. but I like complex chars and brute force in RTS is most of the time dexterity dependent char.

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Topic: General Gaming / DevFriend's easy way to find a game.


the place you can find a developer playing someone else game…

nice job btw

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Topic: General Gaming / bloodiest flash or console games?

Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade

It is not the bloodest one… but I think it is the most disgusting game I ever played.

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Topic: General Gaming / ANY rpg games with NO LEVEL CAP?

no level cap games can be handy in PvP…

tank vs strategy

Sorcery Quest have hard to reach level cap.
currently it is 600 after 2 recycles = lots of frustration
best monsters are level 700 = hard to kill bosses even when level cap reached

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Topic: General Gaming / What's your favorite genre(s) of games? Least favorite?

sport games are good to learn rules of the game…

I like curling for some unknown reason… ;)

hard to tell exact type of the game … but I prefere these I can give “commands” over these I am playing as a 1 or few characters.

for example Elona Shooter was on a far side of my prefered game type.

I like watching people playing “space/air” hard shooters and sometimes I am playing an easy one to give my mind a break.

P.S. and puzzles with a relaxed time limit… so I can play doing something else.

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Topic: General Gaming / Roblox VS Club Penguin

I would surely pick a game with an interface in my local language…

and for myself… ;) I’m too old for such stuff.. Pingu the Ping was good enough.

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Topic: General Gaming / Any new games i should play?

I think Kingdom Rush is the only series interestring not only for TD fans.

I am preparing mentaly for a gemcraft for last few years…

I hope will play it to the end before my death… ;)

P.S. the only thing I really dislike in cursed treasure (even more for the protector series) is the exp gaining method. no way to play it once not knowing how much effort should be used to exp towers in the back (invincible critts can kill any general strategy).

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Topic: General Gaming / Any new games i should play?

Genre/Kong top:

Kingdom Rush series – tower defense
Paladog – side battle scroller (simillar to Epic War series but a little more straightforward)
Epic Battle Fantasy 3/4 – must for an anime/RPG fans.
Sky Quest – a somewhat different shooter ;), there are better but may be they will add true mutiplayer battles in the future (Notebook Wars series is probably good alternative or Starwish).
Knightfall – a small old and in my opinion a little forgotten hybrid of puzzle and RPG (Dangerouse Adventurer or The Legend of the Golden Robot are simillar)
The Last Stand Deadzone – probably best zombie multiplayer on Kong.
Bush Whacker Classic and 2 – probably easiest social multiplayer with lots of holiday events (a little old but nice).
Royal Warfare – very promising strategy approach with area select and pretty balanced gameplay

there are few really nice (f.e. Mighty Knight) games in recantly badged so you can check periodically this page too.

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Topic: General Gaming / Island Experiment

The game is not complete…

On level 19 I have met a deadend… “wait for an update” message.

Seems it is very close to farm kingdom… most of the gameplay will force you to patiantly wait for an update… and think if someone will not put it to an end as an unfinished project… ;)


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Topic: General Gaming / Can anyone recommend me a game?

:) Can someone give me a proposition of good semi-programming multiplayer?

Something like Critter Forge or Sorcery Quest without much of gameplay but more programmning oriented stuff.

Most games wants you to program a robot and do arena fights or not much more then lightbot series.

I would like something like Sorcery Quest in a gameplay but with a little more then 1-10 lines of semicode ;).

The Last Stand: Dead Zone or some other Syndicate/Ufo type game with possibility of some evolving auto-functions would be great.

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Topic: General Gaming / Heroes of Might and Magic 3... And a little about a mod.

I prefere HoMM IV and WoG is hardcore version of HoMM III which was just over my point of return… have not jumped.

I would be glad to see a remastered version of HoMM IV with more balanced gameplay. At the moment it is more or less hard start, easy end… or easy start, average later.

I have read that HoMM iV was very badly advertised for being a SF-Fantasy game… then they did a better but somewhat different HoMM and some people have not noticed the difference ;)…

Still I think IV is the best of the series. I have 2 versions bought and thinking about buying gog version to have no need for a CD by me.

Most dissapointing were extensions to IV without any storyline and moody but only paintings ;).

if you play heroes online you should know it is a FullHD game. 1920×1080 seems like the only res to enjoy this game. At least 1366×768 was not due to need of moving arena and small amount of visible map (HoMM IV needs 1280×1024 ;) ).