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Topic: Off-topic / >1 elephant sized ant or 1000 ant sized elephants

Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by yeasy:

How about 1000 ant-sized elephants with human-like level of intelligence?

They’d just be shitting their collective pants. “Oh shit oh shit that thing that’s fifty thousand times bigger than me is gonna crush us fuck FUCK FUCK!”

I was thinking to train them for truth…

1000 elephants eating juices or some other veggy things… they could find smelly things or hear interesting noises.

I am interested in the reason they would attack me… :)

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Topic: Off-topic / You have to move to a different country and live there for a year

Arctic or North Pole without Santa’s or reindeers ;) (or Antarctic if there is any active base nowadays).

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Topic: Off-topic / Next game you're buying?

Syberia 3

if not counting microtransactions.

My Singing Monsters, Boom Beach, Hay Day or PAC-MAN 256 are possible microtransactions coming.
Kingdom Rush tablet series are also possible in whatever part of this message should they be.

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Topic: Off-topic / >1 elephant sized ant or 1000 ant sized elephants

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Some ants are herbivores I think such as the leaf cutter ant.

even if they are eating mushrooms they do have warriors in the colony and strong jaws.

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Topic: Off-topic / >1 elephant sized ant or 1000 ant sized elephants

ants are predators

elephants are herbivore

in a real life and scientifically changed size of these animals… ;) it is an easy choice.
in a game it is a matter of who made it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Top five favourite chocolate bars?

I have only 2 depending I want to eat nuts and more calories or not:

Prince Polo



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Topic: Off-topic / I need a new genre of porn to watch.

nightvision, nudist, public, japanese, remote control

if you want to know how risky your life can be.

P.S. some state near 40% women goes into zoosex but I think they do count any single lick on a toe or a face to this statistic.

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Topic: Off-topic / What show did you watch as a kid?

Mikrobi (
Zoom the White Dolphin (
Once Upon a Time… (…)

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Topic: Off-topic / Where do you work

I’m an IT ;)

mostly a houseband at the moment.

I had some “works” in media, IT security, university supercomputer center earlier.

for some reason I do not seek anything but can work as an translator from english ;) if you want to pay me ;)

nah… I am an android, satan, antychrist, husband of three eves… ;) and so on in my sick mind ;)… nah.. it is your sick mind but I can live with it :-D

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Topic: Off-topic / why can't u wear a hat in school?

Originally posted by MoopsiePook:

New Yorkie schools are power-hungry when it comes to school reputation.
I see that they use the uniforms to make them have a good reputation, then have more people come to their school, then they attempt to teach the kids hardheadedly not trying to make it fun so the kids will get “high grades” on the standardized tests, the higher the score the more reputation the school gets, then the more children are enrolled, and all-in-all, money is just raked in.

Uniforms don’t make a person even look that much “sophisticated and sexy” most of the time anyways >_>

if you can cheat in a similar way to a bond movies…
in school… and in work… and in any other aspect of someone life…

you should think of defending against schools, corporations… and so on because why not to pass a dog just to get money from those bad bad bad system…

hmm… I think dogs are around me and I doubt there is more then a handfull of people in 100m of my place… ;)
any place is good to sleep and any dog has it owner… ;) nah… I’m not a serial murderer ’cause I do not have money to payback this “dogs processing system”….

uniforms without some way to motivate people for a team work are not doing much for the “system”.

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Topic: Off-topic / What phone do you have?

I have Samsung wave 533 and I love it (gps, wifi, keyboard, no tethering :-( and 3g ).

I have like 4 Motorola’s Accompli 008 but no way I would be able to get a good battery for them :-(
was using them as my cell and stationary phone before my bada phone (bought all 4 used one and 1 new battery).

soon will get a new phone but only to get “mobile router” on it (going to use wave until battery dead)

P.S. I think phone with bada and tablet with android are a good pair.
edit are blutooth keyboards usable with any phone? I was trying with my one but no way.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you watch television?

I do not have TV myself.

Being with my wife I have a satellite dish and decoder.
We have BBC HD, BBC Brit (Dr Who), FOX (Walking Dead) and many more but I like watching TV series from VOD much more.

They add sometimes things like Comedy Central or HBO to what we have but TBBT I was mostly watching on some streaming site.

On TV I have more channels and more recent movies then what I have on tablet (mostly AXN, Filmbox + VOD) most of the time

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Topic: Off-topic / You are now (locked) in whatever room you are in for 3 days, can you survive?

most rooms have air for up to a day if locked and sealed.

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Topic: Off-topic / What are you gonna be for Halloween?

I’m going to be a dad ;)

I hope they will give me some sweets so I see no need to steal them from my dear child… ;) (coffee or alcohol one were for me but now she is old enough :-( )

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Topic: Off-topic / Since when is SD leaking into OT?

Originally posted by DarkAssassin783:
Originally posted by aguspal:

Trollmedic is the best out of all of those, James is a bit of a jerk sometimes but otherwise is okay, mysticvortex is just sort of there.

Whos aginco??

ure mum XDD XDDDD

I was painting on your egg when you were inside ;)

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Topic: Off-topic / 10 reasons you should switch from Windows 10 to Linux

Originally posted by Uberfarben:
Originally posted by aginco:

I do not like any of current OSs.

I am waiting for people to get up with modern technology without being some imaginary humans.

It would be a long talk and you would do only bad things in a result having not much of economy, IT and so on education/knowledge.

I absolutely agree with you. We should stop being imaginary and start getting real. There’s too much economy, IT and knowledge nowadays. That’s the root of most of our problems. Thank you for your insightful post.

you are partly reading in my mind…

no… you are reading my texts before me… ;)

;) anyway


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Topic: Off-topic / 10 reasons you should switch from Windows 10 to Linux

I do not like any of current OSs.

I am waiting for people to get up with modern technology without being some imaginary humans.

It would be a long talk and you would do only bad things in a result having not much of economy, IT and so on education/knowledge.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your wife gives birth to this baby - will you ever have kids with her again?

forgot to add it was in vitro with possible child having not much in common with it mother or father (and had a healthy twin).

any multiple child pregnancy can be dangerous.
about 60% (or even more) of multiple pregnancies are ending with only 1 child.
some of these can end with some deformations (probably less then 1%%)

I have seen some documentary about a guy from far east having his twin “planted” on his head for like 30 years.

P.S. in vitro is somewhat safer because of selecting eggs/sperm cell but most of the time it uses multiple zygotes and can result in some amount of “problems” because of that.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anyone here uses windows 10?

Originally posted by le_trollol:

Is it better than win8?

I’d ask a question myself.

Do you think Win 10 will fluently work on a PC working fine under win 7?

Or in other words… how much worse/less responsive will it be?

P.S. B950 on my lap so I’ll not be able to say you are under VM ;).

Edit: P.S.2 I have XP on my old P IV 2.8GHz desktop and it have better response time then Win 7… ;-) just games are runing slower.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you met any Famous People?????

I met once in an electronic shop a guy having TV show about strategy games.

He was somewhat well known actor in my country except of that… ;)

I think it is the only guy I would want to talk about here.

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Topic: Off-topic / ()(*)(*&)(*&^)(*&^%)(*&^%$)(*&^%$#)(*&^%$#@)(*&^%$#@!)


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Topic: Off-topic / What is the worst pain imaginable?

Originally posted by ilneutrino:
Originally posted by Staggering:

My teacher once told me privately giving birth to a child is like having a gigantic dick shoved in your vagina without lubricant
Is that close?

Inappropriate and lewd.

Originally posted by Mikkmar:

Is this a joke?

Don’t you have anything better to do hun?

Originally posted by Pokerpo:

look who made the post
of course it’s a joke

lol that was funny, thanks for the laugh darling XD

I have seen some women birthing a child in a minute standing with some small sth few year old watching over her legs…

but I know some womens are giving births for half a day…

I think you do never had a true headache in your life laughing in this matter.

P.S. any pain lasting forever… ;) some destructible pains are more a matter of thinking about how to live later… tell what you want to do ;). Some guys are telling giving a birth to a stone pissing is a terrible pain for a men.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you like to go by?

Originally posted by burntfires22:
Originally posted by Ruudiluca:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:


If you’re Buttercup, then I’m Bubbles.

Who is Blossom?


The Powerpuff Stuff?

The Powerpuff Trans?

I know

The Powerpuff Genders

I was in the middle of translating what names I know these girls but… ;) do not have CN for like 5 years.

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Topic: Off-topic / My pee-pee maker smells like fish.

go on and be a Jew… ;)

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Topic: Off-topic / You are in a car accident.

I am remotely controlled with mind used as a watchdog … ;-)

but I would prefer to be dead…