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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / the weapons

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Topic: Off-topic / Choose your weapon

Originally posted by stupidheader:
Originally posted by Corando:

Your being chased by zombies/ninjas/pirates etc and find yourself surrounded.
You only have time to pick 2 meelee weapons and fight back
Which one do you choose? (magic and such wont work)

he said meele. I.E. swords, axes, crowbars, swordchucks yo, katanas.
read before you post



Edit: You dont have to choose beetween glaive/katana those are the weapons i would pick

Insert the sound of me laughing at you I choose an 18 inch 12 gauge shotgun, with lots of ammo. ANd my Russian service rifle, with lots of ammo, and my bow, with lots of arrows. If you dont like my choices, attack me with your goofy looking toys, and get shot. Now if you dont consider guns or bows melee weapons, then I would choose my Ka-Bar, and my bowie knife, and possibly my brass knuckles, oh, and a crowbar(I love those things), although the laser guided chainsaw sounds retarded.

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Topic: Off-topic / Choose your weapon

two words: dualwielding chainsaw-chucks.

I win. end of discussion