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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Massive bug on last stand

Pretty sure it’s a server disconnect. It’s happened to me 3-4 times as well.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Petition for Free Respec

+1, I’d love a free respec, or maybe the first one costs like 5k x your level, and after that it’s only Kreds.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Your Worst Encounter(s)

Originally posted by blue2282:

Apex bloater with regen chitinous hide and something else i forgot. We could kill any of these alone. even with two people shooting one its really hard

Use DoT

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Topic: Ballistic / Katana should be Melee

Just saying, 1) I’ve seen 2 or 3, and my highest level char is 15 (my shadow is lvl 8)
It has 2m base range, and with the 10% bonus you’re up to 2.2m of 110 damage/shot, instant killing if you have the Assassinate ability.
I’ve gotten multiple 5-streaks with knife only on my lvl 8 shadow; I’ve gotten to 8 kills on a life without using my gun at all.
A katana as a melee would only make it super OP, because I could then have awesome melee and still shoot.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What class should (I) Buy?

Originally posted by Kuramakyubi:

Thread closed. I bought tank because during pre FFT 2 I used up a lot of Z money. And I don’t have the time to farm money with how painfully slow FRG has made it.

Stfu noob lol.

I have all 9 currently available classes unlocked. Wow.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / How does the killing spree skill work?

I’ve gotten it a few times at low levels. The secret: 1) Multi-target attacks. 2) Many enemies. Gigavolt is one of the best low-level weapons for this, just find a pile and smash it.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips on how to not be noob at Tank

CW’s Big Book is not quite accurate anymore. 1) Defense upgrades = crap now 2) Concussion Bomb’s stun = crap now, 3) Buckler = crap now 4) Tank Movement = crap now.
Also, not mentioned in CWBBoT, NS got nerfed a bunch; it’s much easier to pop (used to be only 3x EMP mines could pop it, and you could Buckler steamroll those or slide across easily).

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / best skill upgrades

Originally posted by cariboulouKC:

A good medic build is to max out energy regen and medkits early.

Don’t bother with energy regen, get revitalizing gear and forget it. Max your medkits.

Buy one of a lot of things, there is large diminishing returns in this game…

Assaults get one level of melee, it’s amazing for clearing mobs.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Daily reward is available, but can't find it?

Not really, it means you spend more than 30 seconds logging on and getting your daily then logging off.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tank Needs a Nerf

Seriously guys. Just cut the Neutron Shield duration to 3-3.5 seconds and the cooldown to 20-25 seconds. Makes nearly everyone’s complaints here irrelevant. You can’t spam tanks effectively, it’s not uber-OP, it’s not solo-take-cap-capable like Blazer/Blaster, and it’s now a tactical ability instead of a “oh $#!7 I’m going to die, hit Q and hope I have a bubble.”

Does anyone have any problems with this solution?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tank Needs a Nerf

HMG isn’t bad when they stay put. If they move, it’s slow bullet speed makes it hard to hit all the time, and also hard to effectively unsighted even for pros (at longer ranges).
Blitz Mauler – dps is meh for melee (knifooni instakills, saber+DSD+Saber is nearly that+movement) and the Null Buckler has been largely nerfed. You can shoot over/under it, forget the sided. Shatter Bombs hit past it nearly every time.

Neutron Shell. I agree it needs a redesign, but not necessarily a nerf. IMO it should be changed to 3 seconds of invulnerability every 20 or 25 seconds; this makes it more a tactical decision used to block an immediate hit, but not enough to solo cap with. Also, you already cannot be healed by a tech/shocker (and they don’t get return-healed, which sucks when you play support) when it’s up. Shield regenerating is small concern. If there is enough to take the tank out anyway, it won’t matter. If there isn’t, again it won’t matter.
Oh, and you can blow the NS off fairly easily already if you have a decent group.

Concussion Bomb lost most of it’s stun, lol, stop complaining.

A tech+anything else can beat a tank. Same with a Shocker. Blazer can kill it fast, Blaze bomb goes under Buckler, and Flamer’s R-bility blows the Tank away. Gunner can snipe, Shatter Bombs go under Buckler, and they run really well because of their Copter Kick. Blasters can Q-shove it away, or just sneak up and HRL-spam+Aids bomb it.
DNL shows how to kill it with lights easy, but I’d add: on Scout, Haze and sit back with your SMG. Even the pro tanks won’t hit you near as much as you hit them, and finish them with your saber if they run (if they’re facing you they might Q+F and swat you).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Warning Warning:God of Troll is back

Idk, trolls die pretty easy to fire and acid, and he’s fairly good at running from my Blazer… But when I catch up he does die, so I suppose maybe he is a troll?


Topic: Freefall Tournament / Lock Plz

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Originally posted by dezzguy:

You need to Rebalance the Shocker class It is to OP in a game the shockers flooping orb thing of death drove my entire team to losing even though we had 3 tanks 1 tech and 2 gunners while the other team 1 shocker 1 tech 3 gunners 1 bomber

I’m quite decent at shocker. No need to toot my horn, plenty of people know this. But the contents of your team don’t matter near as much as what they do. If you’re playing KOTH and all 8 of your team rush cap, it doesn’t matter if there’s two G5’s there, you’ll take it and win.
Shocker is good if A) they don’t shoot you down as you orbspam B) they don’t have competent Tank/Blazers, and C) you have teammates.

A good support player (Tech/Shocker) will make any team exponentially more lethal.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How come people say tanks are a bad class?

Originally posted by Ax4m0k3razeProX:

Invincible neutron shield is just OP and annoying.

1) Not invincible – easy to pop, 3-4 gunners with Shatter Bombs, or a Blazer and some other guys, etc.
2) Annoying? Just move away. Tanks can’t chase people with comparable experience anymore (Support aside). Tank Flight sucks rather hard. Also, stay back. Or just shoot them and force them to bubble while at HMG range where their DPS is inferior and their Stuns are away.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How come people say tanks are a bad class?

Originally posted by SupersSonics:
Originally posted by Biozim98:

I’m mainly asking because not a lot of people recomend it when buying classes.

Possible options are:

- Those who “recomended” what class you should buy were/are/will be noobs.

- You are using your imagination to spam a thread in this lovely and cute forum full of dumbs.

- You are the alt of an idiot and you’re trying to get an answer covering your real identity. (Yeah, that already happened be4 :D).

My answer is:

Tank is extremely OP. When FRG ran out of ideas about what class should they add to this wonderfull game he said: (Retard’s voice: on) OHHHHHH WHAT IF WE PUT A FAT TANK FAST AS FUCK WITH OP ABILITIES & WEAPONS! IT ALSO HAZ THE HIGHEST DEFENCES & HP OF THE GAME + 3 SHIELDS :D! IT’S A WONDERFULL IDEA! (Retard’s voice: off)

My serious answer:

You should quit trying to ask for classes, you should buy what you like most and try your best with it. All you can do is ask for tips about “x” class if you want to know where are you wasting your money.

Tank is not really OP anymore. It used to be super OP – an invincible, high-speed, stun-chaining beast that could go 1v6 and win (I’ve killed all in a 1v6 slogfest).

It’s still decent, and if you can get to Mauler range it’s usually death for the opponent (barring Shockers, Tanks, and to a lesser degree, Blasters) but that’s no more OP than an Assassin; Assassin moves better, cloaks, and can instakill instead of stun-chain kills.

The “extra life” Neutron Shell has been nerfed massively; it pops at around 5k damage, as opposed to the previous 8k+ that was basically only doable with 3 EMP mines stacked.

The “Immunity from one side” Buckler blocks about 75% from the person you’re targeting, and maybe 50% from those next to them; it fails often vs Railguns, and almost always to Shatter Bombs (they hit the ground under you and nail you).

The “Ultra-bomb” Concussion grenades have a smaller blast radius, a much shorter stun, and greater knockback (throws them out of melee range).

Tank is still a viable class, and if played by a pro it’s lethal (like every class) but more noticeable for it’s durability.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tech Or Shocker!

If your team is pro or they actually go to point, Tech. It’s healing ability is better, the Suppressor is great, and the Aegis falls under a rush so it’s mostly pointless anyway.

If you’re mostly alone, Shocker – Orb-spam, Aegis+Mines+Stuns. Also your heal does a bit of damage.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Where are the stone powders?

Originally posted by sindario:

Got the same problem, stone powder is extremely rare. Jewels evolution almost impossible without gems.

Huh. Sounds like a business model…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / FFT is dying..

Biggest problem is that there’s only one free class every 7 days; new players don’t get to try out stuff. Even if it was only one free, it should rotate daily or at least every other day, so they get to see what they’re missing/what they should buy XD

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / CW's big book of Tanking.

Originally posted by SuperheroofTime:

Order: Update guide to talk about bomber and 2.0.1

Tank got nerfed a lot. Flight, sliding, Concussion Bombs, Neutron Bubble, Defense, and Null Buckler all suffered.

Things to know:
Neutron Bubble can be taken down with sufficient DPS – it used to only be 3 EMP mines that could do this, but now you can be taken down by 3-4 Gunners AR+Shattering you – watch out, you will die.
Null Buckler – This used to cover one whole side (almost, only the top gunners could slot shot you) but now it can be hit through by… Shatter Bombs, again. Also, steamrolling mines with it is about 60% effective, you still take damage and are often stunned.
Concussion Bombs – No longer high damage large radius long stuns – they are now a quick stun, a good chunk of damage, and a mediocre AOE – still great for Rushing and knocking enemies out of the sky, but no longer massively OP.
Flight – Sucks. Boost and slide, boost and slide. Use Mauler to correct, and Rush to redirect.

I’ll write more sometime, but for now I’m tired and will forget stuff…
Happy Hunting!
G1.7 SpartanKiller13 – I got called FFT’s top tank by MRZYQ the other day, lol. It was amazing, even if I’m not sure that I can claim that title :P But I’m not bad, at least XD

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Originally posted by janiye:
Originally posted by draxz3lan:

Lol , I don’t like this bloody skin for scout :’/ It looks bad And i want Assassin skin (2) Wings be yellow not green ._.

Do you know what i want? I want a nice big fat booty on my face but you know what, life is unfair and i can’t get that nice booty so deal with it. :3

C’mon, even I want some booty on Janiye’s face. Like seriously, my demands are the top! I’m a paying custom- wait, I’m not. I’ll just go now…

But really, when you (Draxz3lan) pay enough to cover the cost of the graphics mod, I’m sure they’d happily do one for you. Something on the order of: “Hey devs, here’s $50,000, would you make a new skin which has yellow wings instead of green ones for the Assassin?” (Idk how much, but I’m sure they’d at least consider it.)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Gunner's Guide

Originally posted by SuperheroofTime:

Thank you, I fixed up the guide to meet your criteria.


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Gunner's Guide

Rja12, lol.

CW doesn’t Gunner that much, he swaps all around XD

Copter kick is used more for mobility, at least by the pros. Yeah, I use it like every 10-12 seconds at the most unless I’m C-sniping a cap – otherwise I’m air-sniping and using E all the time to reduce falling.

AR is usually better sighted unless they’re immobile. Sure you put more bullets out, but if you miss it doesn’t really matter now, does it?

AR their shields off, hit them with a shatter, AR more. Don’t Shatter melee-ranged opponents if you can help it – kick them and you away first.

Use the Copter kick to maintain distance with short-range enemies (melee/Blazers).

If you’d be sliding, instead try hopping. Also, you can hop uphill.

Tactical Crouch (Q) does not guarantee auto-crits. It increases your precision – this means more crits, better crits, and wider lock-on area. Also it means that if you Copter kick you stay on the ground spinning, which is hilarious for your opponents unless they’re in melee, at which point it’s still hilarious because you stayed in easy melee range. However, it makes it slightly easier to Shatter Bomb people, if you’re after a suicide run… Seriously just hit Q before hitting E and get out of there. Dump your Shatter bomb like strait down and AR whatever’s left.

Countering Shockers – 1) Snipe them when not in Aegis and you’re far away. 2) AR them when not in Aegis and you’re not far away. Also Shatter Bombs if you can. Don’t get too close or they will E-stun you and you will die. 3) If in Aegis get moderately close, crouch, and AR unsighted the Aegis down. Shatter when it’s low. If you’re careful you can get the shatter through the Aegis by timing when it will fall (Shocker’s gun will keep trying to maintain the Aegis, so you have to sneak your Shatter in when the Aegis is down, so you can nail the post) Then kill the Shocker. 4) If you need to clear quickly, slide really fast across the Aegis. Kick when you hit the post and hope you missed the mines. 1-2 passes will clear the post and hopefully you aren’t dead.
Also, if you see lots of brightly colored orbs flying at you in the opposite team’s colors, copter kick and keep AR-ing. This means that the Shocker isn’t repairing his Aegis, which is a golden opportunity to destroy it. This also means that if you stay put you will die.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Ranks and Classes advice, old player here.

Tank is the most OP one at a time (Yeah yeah DNL) but depending on the map other classes have the advantage – in KOTH a Tank needs teammates to be most effective, for instance.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Nerf blazer...

Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

As long as you don’t come to close to a Blazer, they won’t hurt you that much. Their beam is pretty useless imo.


Gunner; Sniping works at long range. Out-ranging them at mid-range is also effective, the tactical crouch will help you with that.

Scout; ONLY use the saber as an instant-death strike. Haze bomb and weaken them at mid-range, then use the DSD.

Tank; no.

Tech; The Tech is a great counter versus the Blazer as they can heal the burn effect. Still, you might want to team up with someone from your team since the Tech isn’t really that great of an offensive class.

Blazer; And there goes draw #6513

Assassin; Seeing how your waterguns are useless, imo, cloak, go full-out with your skills and you’ll probably insta-kill them. Then run as the little whimps that you are.

Blaster; no.

Shocker; Put up your force, eh, thingy, and spray your mines. Not needed to team up if you make good use of the stuns.

Haven’t played with the Bomber yet, so I wouldn’t know how to counter with that one.

This is how I would counter them, pretty much your basic tactics. Out-range them = win. I think the Blazer is just fine.


Gunner AR+Kick+Shatter if they’re close, AR+Crouch if they’re mid, Crouch+Snipe if they’re long (Air-ground snipe if they can Heat Ray you well) – Moderately Easy (if they ambush ouch).
Scout SMG their shield off, DSD+Kick+Slash for easy win. Alternatively, swapping to saber to trick them to swap to flamer, then shoot them more. Moderately Easy.
Tank Hit them with like anything – Mauler Slam+Comet Rush+Mauler or Bubble+HMG or HMG+Concussion bombs+Comet Rush if they get close – Super Easy.
Tech Stay way back and shoot them with your Pulser, stay off the ground so it’s a Pulser vs Heat Ray fight, Hit them with mines, S3 Hypercharged, use Nano Surge to stop the flamethrower while you run and Pulser more – Moderately Difficult.
Blazer Hit from behind, blow shields off, R-push them through Blaze Bombs – Easy. Or just Heat Ray them with your awesomely superior accuracy.
Assassin Your “waterguns” reduce their damage by 5% per stack – 10 stacks = 50% off. Confuse = great fun. Needlers then Knifooni-Catalyze, or just jump around “watergunning” them to death – Moderate with Blades, Moderately Easy with Needlers.
Blaster HRL spam, Micro Munitions from melee range, Minigun+Repulsor; use Meteor Rush to stun when their shields are off – Trivial.
Shocker Aegis with mines on post, or Orb-Spam+Stun – Moderately Difficult to hunt them.
Bomber Kill with Micro Launchers. Or add Flares, for easier win. Or rush and E-stomp them – Easy.

Originally posted by Fooby_Revenge:
being scout and taking on blazer isn’t mostly a suicide,

I said with a tech healing it. :C
Like, for the whole time while in shuttle bay, capturing the point.

Works better if you have lag. ;)

You probably haven’t played with scouts that could kill anyone without dying.

Oh I’ve met some people, like, a person named CrispyTuna, tho he isn’t active much. :C
He’s mostly a scout, or a gunner. Kills me more than 3 times before I could kill him, first time we met.

Blazer+Tech isn’t near as bad as Blazer+Shocker, believe me. How to win? Kill the Tech, lol. Their self-healing is much lower than their ally healing. Avoid the Nano Surge knockover, as it spells death for non-tanks.