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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Turrets be derping like...

@Arharr3 two passes means a lot of time capping, no suicide spam from the blaster.

Easy counter: fling orb at blaster, E-stun as they go across aegis. Mines nuke blaster, win. There are others but that one is the easiest. Once they’re stopped your teammates can kill them or you can damage a lot then run.
Or, just don’t stand on your aegis when they come back for their second pass. Q’s come back fast.

It’s really not hard to significantly impair a blaster with a shocker. If you’re soloing you’re screwed, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy win.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tank Tweaks

As of like two weeks ago (last time I got on) Tank’s shield is still very destructible. I get mine blown off all the time when clearing cap, especially vs 5+ opponents. If I have a fellow support with me I will triple-stack mines on one of theirs, 4 mines is nearly guaranteed to blow bubbles.

I still think it should be 3 second invulnerability every 25 seconds. That lets you clear minespam (ooh look they have 3 suicide shockers and a tech! Yay!) but a competent shocker can survive for the necessary time to get their stun in and scoot if the Tank wants to get the Aegis (primary target, as it will win caps for your team).

HMG is pretty decent IMO.

I liked the mauler more when it stunned a little more and damaged a bunch less… If I hit a scout they’re almost certainly dead, and if I want to throw a Conc I can guarantee a kill with 98% certainty…
I’d prefer if the Buckler actually worked, it only functions about half the time. Make it a little wider, make the windup work properly, and cut the duration in half. It’s all to easy to fly backwards with your buckler up, which gets nooby fast.

I’d honestly think the Conc bomb would be more balanced with a smaller AoE, slightly shorter stun, and higher damage. Or maybe a longer stun, but it gives the stun-immune effect for 1.5-2 seconds afterward to stop stunlock a bit.

Ice rush is cool, but I’ve literally never noticed the frozen debuff doing anything. Seriously, if I can hammer they die regardless of crit or not… I’d like it swapped to something, but I’m not sure what would be fair.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What is the strongest to weakest class?

^Is “winning” 1v1 your definition of strongest? I die a whole bunch sometimes playing shocker, but I win a ton of matches when I bother.

Are you measuring highest killcount, who can kill most other classes (played by pros), best KDR, best survivability, best capping ability, best K/A/D ratio (for supports), best team counter (how well you impede – not necessarily kill – they enemy team) or some combo?

However, with a Req boost I’d argue scout every time, you can keep mega on a ton and Mega DSD oneshots beat assassin two-shot or even oneshot+E (if you could perfectly time your counter to the DSD, in a theoretical world).

Otherwise, have you never killed an assassin with an SMG? Seriously, it’s not hard. SMG>Needlers, you can shoot cloaked enemies no problem, and you can saber for a finish if you want (Turbo+saber if they run well). It’s not hard to outmaneuver an assassin midair if you’re aware of them on a scout… Also once you SMG their shield off you can TK to counter air-rushes with the previously assumed perfect timing, after which it’s cake to win.
Not saying it’s perfect, but all you’ve been arguing about is who can melee kill faster…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What is the strongest to weakest class?

Good one Ax, but I’d probably bump Tank and Shocker – admittedly I’m biased, but both can counter the 100% headshots to some degree which brings them up according to your measurement IMO.

Also, how do you measure strength? Because I can hold cap with just like a Lft Blazer vs a few gen/maj/cpts while playing Shocker?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Farewell, forumers and freefallers.

Originally posted by Thenew13yrsold:

I am out, could be forever, today, week, month, or cause it’s summer. If enough people wish, I’ll permaban myself. So yea cya guys.
S/O: Anyone who I ever pissed of, or smile
Special s/o: Anyone on this bitc*

So this is your 3,11,12,13,14,17,19,28,69 old, or any age I claimed I was,
signing out.

Hey 13, TN13YO, take care. Been a good run, have fun in your actual life :) I vote not permaban, maybe you’ll return next week after summer or something.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / GoodBye


Originally posted by Thenew13yrsold:

You’ll play the game but not visit the forum?


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Most incredible game you have ever been in

Having trouble linking pictures inline… So links are provided…

Really showcased Tank v Tank and the amazing Tech support. Idk about the KDR (even if it is good for a quick laugh) it was just an amazing match.

One of the most brutal matches I’ve played. Actually decent teammates despite their low rank, and shocker support FTW.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / We are ruining this game.

Originally posted by rja12:
Originally posted by BcuzHuffyWuzMute:

I blame blade.

There are quite a few of you who post garbage on a daily basis other then Blade.

That. I try to make decent, useful comments (yeah they’re stupid long…) whenever someone has a relevant topic.

SS, that is rather true, gotta say.


Topic: Freefall Tournament / My Dear Goodbye

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Crit patterns?

Originally posted by SpookX:

I freaking told you guys they would show up eventually with a wall of text <3

Ehehehe I love stats and numbers… And I love to talk XD.

Originally posted by Thenew13yrsold:

^^ And that my friend, is how to make simple things (look) complicated. :DD

We already knew that tho, UM. But thanks anyways <3

@Spartan, I’ve killed 9 people with Mega + Hyper :D

Hyper is attack speed :P Just sayin’.

I do want to see Hyper/Radiant haste a bit more, that could be hilarious.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Crit patterns?

Originally posted by SpookX:

Yeah Rail and saber. Just keep this thread alive until lucy/spartan can give a legit explanation, kek?

Aw I feel loved :D Thanks! But really I don’t do much number-crunching in this game (I save that for D&D or Star Wars, lol) Also I’m just starting to learn HTML

If you could tell me where you got that code I’d love it, Janiye; when I look I can’t find that.

Other than that, I have no evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) supporting any streak killing affecting crit chance. I’ve done my fair share of sabering, and I have gotten more than a few one-shots, but it’s fairly random.

On another note I don’t believe I’ve even gotten two consecutive oneshots with a saber in a short period. I would love to know if anyone else has (Scout dudez? I don’t Scout that often lol).

Another question, does anyone have any data as to whether the crit is the shot or the hit? Like, if I railgun two people, will it crit both/neither or sometimes one/another? That code snipped seems to indicate the first, but it’s cut a bit short…

I’d postulate that Anti-Crit is at least somewhat based on defense. It seems like I get critted a lot less on my Tank (max def upgrades lol) compared to everything else (nothing else has >2 def upgrades, and they have a lower base stat). Possibly they are just reduced by my defense enough that I don’t get as freaked out when it happens, but that would be my hypothesis.

As Janiye stated, ELO and rank have nothing to do with it. My vote is upgrades. I am curious as to how the gunner’s crouch factors into that.

FYI crits I notice most: Assassin, Scout, Gunner. Commando grenade crits (they kill tanks).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Basher/Fixer ideas

A suggestion for the Fixer gun – globe flinger – similar to the Bomber’s grenade launcher, but does less damage and heals in a small AoE burst.
An alternative is to shoot micro drones that home slightly and either heal allies or poison enemies (like needler, but lower RoF and slightly more damage/shot).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report Hackers

G3 SlimShady37 hacks. Just saw him today with his avatar in base while he racked up kills outside. Died a time or two as well and also took damage equatable to a tank (his current class) with no apparent source. Correlating to Crimson and Commando; Crimson should be posting video evidence shortly, I’m just throwing my voice behind it.

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Topic: Dragons and Titans / Dragon Stats

Difficulty is the developer’s idea on how hard a given dragon/weapon is to use. They are not always accurate contextually, but most are fairly easy to figure out. For instance Wardhammer has insane difficulty on it; solo versus an enemy dragon you often have difficulty defeating them, but it’s a team dragon. Or Sul’s Hammer, which can be a skillshot weapon but also has an AoE burst; it has medium difficulty. Something like the Scintallion, which gives mana regen and has homing attacks will have low difficulty because you can use it without even looking.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Players you enjoy the most playing with

Blade, Belisaurius, CombatWaffles, Um_A, Destroyer, DarkNinjaLucien, Abcdxz (spelling?) Vvanything Omeime. And a bunch of others I’m surely forgetting.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / huffyboys ASSASSIN TIPS

I mean I read it, but that’s more wall of text than even I usually do…

Protip needlers are great for shooting ppl you don’t want to melee (pro tank/blasters come immediately to mind) because of damage nerf and DoT stopping their shields from regenerating. Yes, knives do way more damage, but every class has a use for their secondary weapon (I just suck real hard at the bomber’s hail gun lol, I air-air better with the grenade launcher). Ignoring it will mean you miss on some of the class’s full potential.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Priorities in Koth or CPS

1) Maintain pressure on high priority targets (Skilled players, supports, gunners). Not necessary to kill, but to keep them from mopping your team.
2) Clear cap of enemy presence. Your team can cap (hopefully) but keeping cap clear means you win.
3) Keep your resources up (health/grenades). A dead player is worth nothing (screw those respawn for 3 grenade noobs).
4) Cap. This one changes places depending on how many of each team are capping.
5) Kill Snipers/Orbists etc. They will keep your team from effectively capping.
6) Preemptively kill those rushing cap. Great fun, and they end up wasting their resources trying to stay alive instead of clearing cap (bubble, Aegis, E-stun)
7) Mop up the noobs.

I tend to swap roles to fit as needed. If we have cappers then I’m not going to cap unless I’m playing support. I’m fairly proficient in every class, with some shining far above (Tank/Shocker). The above is a generic catch-all.
It also depends on what class I’m playing.
As a Gunner, it’s more of 1) kill/suppress enemy gunners, 2) kill supports, 3) clear cap.
If playing Shocker I’m rushing cap, dropping Aegis and a mine, and capping as much as I can, then getting out to orbspam and support until my abilities recharge.
Blazer/Assassin focus is on killing high-priorities and mopping noobs, while pissing pros off.
Commando = hunt pros, then mop noobs.
Tech = stick to teammates, drop suppressor, fling mines everywhere.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Shuttle Bay Lighting Poll

Prefer the middle ground one. Thanks as always!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / 2nd generation Taken Away (Blasers and Blasters)

Originally posted by Belisaurius11:

@original post
I skimmed through it and it looks like an interesting idea but I don’t think it should be implemented. The only reason there are tons of newbie blazers is because that’s everyones first free class.

Did it change? I’ve always seen it as Gunners…

Blazers work great as a noob: Fly in, Burn things. Die. Repeat. Trivial, and one can often break 1:1 KDR with that simple algorithm.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / scout vs blazer

If you can hit them from behind (while they’re wrecking a teammate, for instance) DSD+Kick, drop Haze and flee while SMGing. Finish with Saber optional, but SMG kills just fine.

If not, stay away; try to stay fairly close so you can keep them Hazed, but out of flamer range. If you can, dip in close so they swap then get out of flamer range; weapon changeover kills Blazers. Haze+strafing= less incoming damage.

Not bad if you don’t get caught somewhere.

If you are being flamed, Q and run strait to health, because you’re probably dead.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / 1 Blazer Fact

1 Blazer fact: Flamethrower reload blows hot air which knockbacks those it hits. You can push bubbled tanks around with this :D

Tell us something useful.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Scariest person to go against?

Rja12. Hands down. Every time he’s on the other team I have to go Shocker or Tank to even compete. He’s scary accurate and has great situational awareness.

CombatWaffles. He understands strategy. I’m a good enough Tank that I can survive more than a few scraps with him (I’m better @HMG he’s better @Mauler) but he’s just as likely to Tech if it will make his team work.

DarkNinjaLucien. He also understands strategy, and is a quite excellent Shocker. I’m not really afraid of his Assassin, if you move a ton you’ll be ok (mostly) and you can melee and/or grenade yourself to stop knifoons. His instantkill is basically perfect, but if you avoid him you can win around him reasonably; you just can’t stop or you die.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips against noob Blatser

Originally posted by Blemispho:
Originally posted by Thenew13yrsold:

When Spartan posts, it’s guaranteed to have atleast 12-13 sentence(minimum) xD. :P

but none of his sentences is crap

Lol so true, Thenew13yrsold… I try to give a meaningful answer, and in a game with 10 classes that usually means at least 9 responses…

Aw thanks Blemispho, I feel so loved :D

Personally I tend to Shocker if they’re running with a smaller active team, Tank if it’s a larger active team, Blazer if my team is largely active (and we have supports) and Gunner if they’re overwhelming anyway (or I’m in TDM).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips against noob Blatser

Shocker is easy counter, just Aegis on cap with a mine and stand back. Stun if you can.

Tank works great, your Null Buckler stops most of their Micros and you can HMG+Concussion midrange to beat their minigun even without bubbling.

Blazer use Spectral to get the drop, Q-flamer+stun them into a Blaze Bomb, run away and finish with Heat Ray.

Gunner snipe from long range, AR midrange and don’t get close; if you do Shatter and Kick them.

Scout SMG and Haze from a ways away; strafe to avoid HRL, stay out of Minigun range unless they’re Hazed. If they get distracted (teammate etc) DSD+Kick and run away SMGing.

Assassin/Bomber covered by others.

Tech is hardest solo IMO. Snipe with Pulser, tractor-fly around your Suppressor to get out of their line of movement. Ideally find teammates and bounce around like a spastic monkey while healing them. Use your Nano wave to knockover for an instant advantage. Get Jump Req if you can at all.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tech: HYPERCHARGE

Originally posted by CombatWaffles:

It does not give a megadamage boost, it gives a boost to attack speed.

Was replying then saw ^

Use it with something like another Tech, watch how fast they fire next to yourself (Pulser obv) No way you’re going to tell with a Blazer, for instance. I can’t recall off the top of my head but ingame instinct makes me think +20-25% or thereabouts. Maybe I’ll try for a test, depending on if I can run into someone.