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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Crit Shot or Antidote

One point into crit shot then rest into antidote. Many skills are worth a single point dip, with diminishing returns thereafter.
Just my opinion.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Why Bomber is OP Official Discussion

Meh, bomber is like my afk farm champion (backup for shocker). Q-tap, keep cap clear, profit. Quite good burst DPS if you can hit your flares from long-range, esp with mega. Scouts (yes, even pros) die super easily if you can shoot unsighted. The micro grenaders do a ton of damage and have a huge hitbox, flares = win, and your E is trivial to land on someone rushing you. They can’t haze you, and your Q stops most of SMG spam’s effectiveness.

Seriously, shockers are basically all that stop you (and you can Q their mines fairly well). Pro gunners and ambush blasters might kill you sometimes, but they don’t really mitigate your effectiveness, and you can kill/lockdown them easily if they ever are on the ground (lead your flare, dumb@$$).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Generals are PATHETIC

I haven’t played FFT in a few months, but I might be getting back into it.

Have to say, skill ceilings are a lot higher than most people seem to think they are. Just because some noob cpt can rush cap with a tank doesn’t mean that he’s as good as a Tank spec gen. Like, I can air-hammer a flying gunner, and then unsighted conc-bomb them down to the ground to follow up with a mauler slam. Or countersnipe with a HMG.

Or on a tech, the difference between pocket Teching some blaster, camping cap, and tether-flying to keep your whole team up while chasing your kills down.

Just because most people see the lowest glass ceiling doesn’t mean you can’t break it and move up to a higher skill level. There’s more to this game than simple button mashing, even on the “EZ/OP” classes.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Blazer discussion: Set burn damage

I’d be fine with both poison and burn working through shell as long as catalyze doesn’t work through it (like, you’re still poisoned but the signal can’t get through shielding)
But I already hate Neutron as it is. Still promoting 3 seconds every 25 seconds for it :P or 2 every 15, let’s see some tactical usage.

I like how poison is weapon-based (diff poisons) but burn is always equal (it’s fire…)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / What is your highest streak?

I got 501 on tank once in an afternoon, then suicided to make it line up with Star Wars. Didn’t have time to keep going or I would have gone for 1k or something.

Had a couple of G’s show up, but a defensive tank is practically immortal if you are careful.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Recover Augments

maybe lvl^3 * 10?

Level 20 for 80k, 30 for 270k, 50 for 1.25m, 80 for 5.12m, 100 for 10m?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / WORST MOMENT FOR YOU IN ROTMG

When UT’s went from being UnTiered to UnTradeable, and Ammys stopped working.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / WORST MOMENT FOR YOU IN ROTMG

6/8 Warrior with Jugg, Dblade, and A.S.S. died to O2 because some knight used Ogmur instead of stunning. Full shotgun, RIP.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Best stat farming class(es)?

Hella thread necro.

With pets being what they are, I’d go for warrior. Maxed warrior with a high-heal pet can rampage through gods, especially with Jugg Helm.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / ★♛ⒻⒻⓣOT♛★™

Name: Hugh
Age: 19 – Apparently there’s a lot of high-rollers who are 19. Who would have thought?
Hobbies: Computer games (Firefall, FFT, Tribes, DDO, LoL) Fanfic (HP/Naruto mostly) D&D, Eating out (every sh!tty food place under the sun) Traveling (been to ~20 countries. not bad for a Brazilian/American) Shopping for clothes, hanging out with friends.
Appearance: 5’6" 140lb skinny boy. Whitest Brazilian you’ll meet… Brown hair, glasses… I make a great crossdresser apparently, but let’s not speak of my personal fashion habits. I can critique it just fine, but wearing it? Nah.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Kills+assists

Gunner: 4067
Scout: 1816
Tank: 8123
Tech: 2272
Blazer: 3123
Assassin: 2284
Blaster: 2883
Shocker: 6756
Commando: 3657
Bomber: 2614

Eh Beli I’m a lot more even than you are… Just Shocker/Tank bias.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / is bomber's Q op?

Speaking as a Shocker, AS is really annoying for blowing mines, and for the fact that they can Flare themselves without getting stunned. If they still stunned themselves through the Q, I’d be much happier. Nading yourself is pretty OP already…

I can trivially kill Scouts as a Bomber, just saying. Air-Air with the grenade launcher (forgot the name >_<) is super easy, and if they get close you can E-stun guaranteeing your win.

Assassins don’t really threaten me much. Even the few who can Air-knifooni you can avoid with a little care. Needler doesn’t kill fast enough to matter. If they do catch you (say capping) F the ground and watch your teammates avenge you.

Also, there’s a 4th use for it, the movements speed buff.

IMO the damage reduction is a bit high. I tend to double-tap Q a lot while using bomber for infinite air, and that lets me Q-tap to block shots from below… I’m not a great bomber, but it’s rather powerful.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Elo, XP, Z cash & Kill rankings

Whoo! 20th, not bad for a Support main (I used to tank a lot, but now I’m support. 7k kills on Shocker, 2k 8k on Tank XD. I can kill really fast on a tank, Tech is slower…)

So anyone who discredits my opinion might want to revisit their stance XD I at least know a few things.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / 'Never Gonna Blast You Up' VS. 'Tank Me Later'

I can Tank or Support near-equally well. I don’t really play much with you guys, but those of you who know me know that I’m at least near the top (at which point it doesn’t matter. I cap more he kills more he dies less who’s best? ETC.)

I was a Tank main for a long time, now I’m a Shocker/Tech main who plays everything else a lot.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Best Combinations.

Duo: Tech & Commando. Lot of shutdown and a lot of sustain.

5-man capping team – Tech, Shocker, Tank, and 2 Blazers. Shocker to keep DPS off, Tank to counter, Blazers for DPS/AoE, and Tech to keep them alive. I suck at blaster and this said to base on personal skill, soooo…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips for Assassin?

Try to only use knives for DPS. Needlers do paltry damage, use them to 1) keep people poisoned so they don’t get their shield back. 2) keep poison on them so you can find and knife them. 3) reduce their damage output (-5% damage/stack, so nail that blaster 10x for -50%) and 4) to extend knife poison duration.

Note that Poison damage is a FIFO (First In First Out) and damage is based on the hit’s damage. If you have mega, crit or a knife hit, that particular stack will be more damaging than a normal needler stack. So if you hit with a knife 4x, wait a bit then needler them once or twice so they still have the 4 knife stacks; duration is based on the last hit.

Catalyze makes the poison’s damage happen all at once (I personally think it does a little extra but I’m not quite sure). Knife a bit then hit E.

Cloak has two major uses – getting in (with bonus damage) and getting out (no target lock). It is far from immortality, but it will reduce your chances of getting hit. Most pros will still notice you if you are not moving fast, so don’t expect it to be perfect. I personally use it exclusively to get away from sticky situations. Even if they know I’m there, avoiding the lockon helps a LOT.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Story mode+interactive objects

This would be pretty cool, but I feel like it would be a different game entirely. FFT is based around PvP, without a huge expansion it wouldn’t be able to have balanced fun PvE.
Just my opinion. If FFT 2 came out I’d love it and would love to see some PvE, but as it stands I’m actually sort of against it.

(FYI I’d totally spend $$ on FFT2 just to help a bit. In FFT I have everything I want already XD).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / fookin heavies

Heavies cap too well, especially with support. That’s why I like playing TDM so much, even if it gets boring and ppl afk kill. KOTH loses to heavy spam. You need a coordinated team of pros to be able to beat a LFT team full of heavy rushers.

Speaking as a Tank, it’s trivial to cap/win versus any class 1v1. I have the most trouble with the few pros who can headshot repeatedly. Even pro assassins (DNL looking at you) can be countered even AFTER the fact with quick reflexes. Hit Q, look down, hit F, profit. Invisi isn’t that great if you know that you need to look around.
A solo tank can be countered, but when I’m opening/clearing for my team it’s near-always a win.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tank Sheild

You can blow it with 3 EMP mines on crits, or 4 mines without. Frags seem to take 4-5. Sometimes it breaks to Gunner (AR/Shatter/Snipe) if there’s other DPS going on, but I’ve never lost mine to most classes (blazer/lights/commando/tank) and I rush piles a lot. Strait micros doesn’t break it, but multiple might. But usually multiple comes with mines, so it can be hard to tell.

Best hypothesis I’ve seen is that it takes 5-8k within 1 second to break. Seems to hold true, as two Blazers flamering you doesn’t knock it – which deals far more than 8k over 8 seconds, while 4 mines can break it instantly.

Also it glitches rarely, and just blows on any hit.

Just my 2 cents from a Shocker main Tank secondary G2, who loves observing this stuff.


Topic: Freefall Tournament / No posting holiday.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Review/Describe the person above you

Originally posted by Thenew13yrsold:

Pretty good at what lmao

Nice hair.

Pretty decent player, nice to chat with, nicer to team with. Decent forum presence if a little too willing to get into flame wars.
Not thirteen :D

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Requesting Scout partner.

Originally posted by AndreaC200:
Originally posted by SupersSonics:
Originally posted by AndreaC200:

U can all buff, Ill be ur scout partner, scout my best class yesyes, 2356523178181 kills ;3


I have a proof! Ha, take this Satanics!The best kdr yea, me op, me immortal! SPARTA!!!!

Your KDR is 3.0 in that match. Nway has 3.4, among the generals. Dawod has 2-0 = infinite. Just sayin’

TN13YO lel Sparta.

I’ll scout with you if I see you :D My ping is usually 80-130. I forget to haze a lot. I was a lot better pre-thrust IIIx6 upgrade nerf, but I’m still decent with Scout.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / help! how unlock class fast

Originally posted by rja12:

Play a few hours a day and the money will come in fast.

Quite true. I have like 25k sitting there and I just finished +2 on every classes’ every stat… After splurging for Tank Def 5 and making my Tech a striker XD

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / omeime come home

I taught Omeime FFT and he taught me KingsRoad :P

It’s been a good run. Hope I’ll see him around again.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Turrets be derping like...

@Arharr3 two passes means a lot of time capping, no suicide spam from the blaster.

Easy counter: fling orb at blaster, E-stun as they go across aegis. Mines nuke blaster, win. There are others but that one is the easiest. Once they’re stopped your teammates can kill them or you can damage a lot then run.
Or, just don’t stand on your aegis when they come back for their second pass. Q’s come back fast.

It’s really not hard to significantly impair a blaster with a shocker. If you’re soloing you’re screwed, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy win.