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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tech Or Shocker!

If your team is pro or they actually go to point, Tech. It’s healing ability is better, the Suppressor is great, and the Aegis falls under a rush so it’s mostly pointless anyway.

If you’re mostly alone, Shocker – Orb-spam, Aegis+Mines+Stuns. Also your heal does a bit of damage.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Where are the stone powders?

Originally posted by sindario:

Got the same problem, stone powder is extremely rare. Jewels evolution almost impossible without gems.

Huh. Sounds like a business model…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / FFT is dying..

Biggest problem is that there’s only one free class every 7 days; new players don’t get to try out stuff. Even if it was only one free, it should rotate daily or at least every other day, so they get to see what they’re missing/what they should buy XD

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / CW's big book of Tanking.

Originally posted by SuperheroofTime:

Order: Update guide to talk about bomber and 2.0.1

Tank got nerfed a lot. Flight, sliding, Concussion Bombs, Neutron Bubble, Defense, and Null Buckler all suffered.

Things to know:
Neutron Bubble can be taken down with sufficient DPS – it used to only be 3 EMP mines that could do this, but now you can be taken down by 3-4 Gunners AR+Shattering you – watch out, you will die.
Null Buckler – This used to cover one whole side (almost, only the top gunners could slot shot you) but now it can be hit through by… Shatter Bombs, again. Also, steamrolling mines with it is about 60% effective, you still take damage and are often stunned.
Concussion Bombs – No longer high damage large radius long stuns – they are now a quick stun, a good chunk of damage, and a mediocre AOE – still great for Rushing and knocking enemies out of the sky, but no longer massively OP.
Flight – Sucks. Boost and slide, boost and slide. Use Mauler to correct, and Rush to redirect.

I’ll write more sometime, but for now I’m tired and will forget stuff…
Happy Hunting!
G1.7 SpartanKiller13 – I got called FFT’s top tank by MRZYQ the other day, lol. It was amazing, even if I’m not sure that I can claim that title :P But I’m not bad, at least XD

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Originally posted by janiye:
Originally posted by draxz3lan:

Lol , I don’t like this bloody skin for scout :’/ It looks bad And i want Assassin skin (2) Wings be yellow not green ._.

Do you know what i want? I want a nice big fat booty on my face but you know what, life is unfair and i can’t get that nice booty so deal with it. :3

C’mon, even I want some booty on Janiye’s face. Like seriously, my demands are the top! I’m a paying custom- wait, I’m not. I’ll just go now…

But really, when you (Draxz3lan) pay enough to cover the cost of the graphics mod, I’m sure they’d happily do one for you. Something on the order of: “Hey devs, here’s $50,000, would you make a new skin which has yellow wings instead of green ones for the Assassin?” (Idk how much, but I’m sure they’d at least consider it.)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Gunner's Guide

Originally posted by SuperheroofTime:

Thank you, I fixed up the guide to meet your criteria.


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Gunner's Guide

Rja12, lol.

CW doesn’t Gunner that much, he swaps all around XD

Copter kick is used more for mobility, at least by the pros. Yeah, I use it like every 10-12 seconds at the most unless I’m C-sniping a cap – otherwise I’m air-sniping and using E all the time to reduce falling.

AR is usually better sighted unless they’re immobile. Sure you put more bullets out, but if you miss it doesn’t really matter now, does it?

AR their shields off, hit them with a shatter, AR more. Don’t Shatter melee-ranged opponents if you can help it – kick them and you away first.

Use the Copter kick to maintain distance with short-range enemies (melee/Blazers).

If you’d be sliding, instead try hopping. Also, you can hop uphill.

Tactical Crouch (Q) does not guarantee auto-crits. It increases your precision – this means more crits, better crits, and wider lock-on area. Also it means that if you Copter kick you stay on the ground spinning, which is hilarious for your opponents unless they’re in melee, at which point it’s still hilarious because you stayed in easy melee range. However, it makes it slightly easier to Shatter Bomb people, if you’re after a suicide run… Seriously just hit Q before hitting E and get out of there. Dump your Shatter bomb like strait down and AR whatever’s left.

Countering Shockers – 1) Snipe them when not in Aegis and you’re far away. 2) AR them when not in Aegis and you’re not far away. Also Shatter Bombs if you can. Don’t get too close or they will E-stun you and you will die. 3) If in Aegis get moderately close, crouch, and AR unsighted the Aegis down. Shatter when it’s low. If you’re careful you can get the shatter through the Aegis by timing when it will fall (Shocker’s gun will keep trying to maintain the Aegis, so you have to sneak your Shatter in when the Aegis is down, so you can nail the post) Then kill the Shocker. 4) If you need to clear quickly, slide really fast across the Aegis. Kick when you hit the post and hope you missed the mines. 1-2 passes will clear the post and hopefully you aren’t dead.
Also, if you see lots of brightly colored orbs flying at you in the opposite team’s colors, copter kick and keep AR-ing. This means that the Shocker isn’t repairing his Aegis, which is a golden opportunity to destroy it. This also means that if you stay put you will die.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Ranks and Classes advice, old player here.

Tank is the most OP one at a time (Yeah yeah DNL) but depending on the map other classes have the advantage – in KOTH a Tank needs teammates to be most effective, for instance.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Nerf blazer...

Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

As long as you don’t come to close to a Blazer, they won’t hurt you that much. Their beam is pretty useless imo.


Gunner; Sniping works at long range. Out-ranging them at mid-range is also effective, the tactical crouch will help you with that.

Scout; ONLY use the saber as an instant-death strike. Haze bomb and weaken them at mid-range, then use the DSD.

Tank; no.

Tech; The Tech is a great counter versus the Blazer as they can heal the burn effect. Still, you might want to team up with someone from your team since the Tech isn’t really that great of an offensive class.

Blazer; And there goes draw #6513

Assassin; Seeing how your waterguns are useless, imo, cloak, go full-out with your skills and you’ll probably insta-kill them. Then run as the little whimps that you are.

Blaster; no.

Shocker; Put up your force, eh, thingy, and spray your mines. Not needed to team up if you make good use of the stuns.

Haven’t played with the Bomber yet, so I wouldn’t know how to counter with that one.

This is how I would counter them, pretty much your basic tactics. Out-range them = win. I think the Blazer is just fine.


Gunner AR+Kick+Shatter if they’re close, AR+Crouch if they’re mid, Crouch+Snipe if they’re long (Air-ground snipe if they can Heat Ray you well) – Moderately Easy (if they ambush ouch).
Scout SMG their shield off, DSD+Kick+Slash for easy win. Alternatively, swapping to saber to trick them to swap to flamer, then shoot them more. Moderately Easy.
Tank Hit them with like anything – Mauler Slam+Comet Rush+Mauler or Bubble+HMG or HMG+Concussion bombs+Comet Rush if they get close – Super Easy.
Tech Stay way back and shoot them with your Pulser, stay off the ground so it’s a Pulser vs Heat Ray fight, Hit them with mines, S3 Hypercharged, use Nano Surge to stop the flamethrower while you run and Pulser more – Moderately Difficult.
Blazer Hit from behind, blow shields off, R-push them through Blaze Bombs – Easy. Or just Heat Ray them with your awesomely superior accuracy.
Assassin Your “waterguns” reduce their damage by 5% per stack – 10 stacks = 50% off. Confuse = great fun. Needlers then Knifooni-Catalyze, or just jump around “watergunning” them to death – Moderate with Blades, Moderately Easy with Needlers.
Blaster HRL spam, Micro Munitions from melee range, Minigun+Repulsor; use Meteor Rush to stun when their shields are off – Trivial.
Shocker Aegis with mines on post, or Orb-Spam+Stun – Moderately Difficult to hunt them.
Bomber Kill with Micro Launchers. Or add Flares, for easier win. Or rush and E-stomp them – Easy.

Originally posted by Fooby_Revenge:
being scout and taking on blazer isn’t mostly a suicide,

I said with a tech healing it. :C
Like, for the whole time while in shuttle bay, capturing the point.

Works better if you have lag. ;)

You probably haven’t played with scouts that could kill anyone without dying.

Oh I’ve met some people, like, a person named CrispyTuna, tho he isn’t active much. :C
He’s mostly a scout, or a gunner. Kills me more than 3 times before I could kill him, first time we met.

Blazer+Tech isn’t near as bad as Blazer+Shocker, believe me. How to win? Kill the Tech, lol. Their self-healing is much lower than their ally healing. Avoid the Nano Surge knockover, as it spells death for non-tanks.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Originally posted by Darkninjalucian:

Blazer. Blazer and one shocker or tech, suddenly lights aren’t so bad, besides, the two extraordinarily deadly lights have to he in melee range to do signifigant damage, which takes a punch to their mobility having to focus on movement and attacking at the same time. Probably not hard for the pro but more often than not there will be a swarm of lower ranking lights, either way, I often use blazer or tank to deal with light spam, often to great effect because they have to be in melee range. Btw mines aren’t that big of a deal, slide past, tank or just snipe until they are done being supports. I don’t think people would approve of nerfing the mines, the only thing this suggestion would do to the mines is make it much harder to use the slide trick with heavy classes on them.

Blazers die against swarms, lol. Tank is great, but then you’re using one class…
If you have dedicated support, lucky you, and it’s amazing. However you can’t force people to depend on it.

Also, any Lft+ Scout is going to be flying/turboed while meleeing, so mauler slam is out, meaning it’s mostly luck and self-nades for the non-pro Tanks.
Speed makes melee easier, not harder.

Nah, mines aren’t a big deal. Personally I’d rather make them go off on sliders, but also make it so they can’t be placed within the blast radius of a friendly mine (perhaps they bounce until in a safe-zone, to a max of three bounces to prevent stacking against a wall?)
I worry more about nerfing frag mines than EMPs, the stun is ludicrous XD
I’ve Teched more than enough lol, I know the ways around mines.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Originally posted by Darkninjalucian:

What ratio would you suggest then? Tbh I think that seems fair, classes designed for high speed lose def and hp and classes built for hp and def lose mobility.

The problem with this is that FFT is based around mobility. The more mobile player will usually beat the less mobile one. Even Support classes have to move to be successful (Shockers get meleed and Techs get butchered).

The only reasonable way to deal with this would be large groups of heavies working together vs the swarm of lights, and I don’t see that happening – if it did it would be rather OP anyway (Imagine 3-4 Tanks/Blasters obliterating everything nearby – even confuse isn’t that bad because it’s lights vs heavies… Yeah it’s a team game but everyone agrees that Tech stacks are rather nooby, for instance (Imagine 8 Techs on cap with S3s and mines and hypercharge constantly – lol).

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / long respawn

I think the increment is too large. An 8-6 match gives one team ~10 seconds extra per respawn (10/2-30/2) which is a huge advantage, considering that there really isn’t much of a power difference (rarely do you see >5 of a team doing the same thing) whereas 20 seconds is an easy cap conversion… I’d like to see the gap reduced some, but that’s just my opinion.

Originally posted by SupersSonics:
Originally posted by lightsworns:

It forces us to be good

Good or not, you can not face a 1 vs 8 so easily.

True that. Pre-update I could consistently win 1v5 and often 1v6 on Tank (assuming no Gens) but now that Null and Concussions and flying got nerfed Gunner is the only class that I can win >1v4s consistently, because I can snipe fairly well – with like Blaster I can kill a lot 1 or 2 at a time, but not in a pile…
Vs Lft- Scout can do it if they don’t just spray everywhere (if they do Assassin Confuse).
Shocker can still do pretty well in KotH by Orbspamming, assuming nobody can knock you out of the air (Comet Rush+Concussion Bomb <3 )

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Tank is fairly balanced now. Admittedly with a good Tech – or 2 – a good Tank can hold KOTH to a ridiculous level.
Credit to Cpt. Silvermoon and Col. Speedshooter for Teching for me against G5 Robpro64. Blue never captured point; we lost it a few times, but recaptured swiftly. Yes, these were the classes we played for the match.

I would love the extra +250HP on Tech, would allow for more solo-ability, but would make them more OP…
Missed a Knifooni XD

Blaster needs to lose something for the sake of balance. My vote is to increase homing and cooldown for HRL (cuts down on stacking without making it useless) increase knockback of Minigun but cut the lockon range (unsighted I’m a lot more fine with) and get rid of the “damage reduced” of the Repulsor.

@Xervoxx, balancing Railgun is hard because Gunner is the first free class, but Pros use it a lot. I can air-air snipe on a rotating reference frame and get consistent hits if I’m not lagging. Buffing non-crouch damage would make flying Gunners beasts…
My vote is that it should have a friendlier hitbox but do less damage and apply some short debuff (Pinned, cuts speed – or damage – by 20% for 2 seconds?) Also the “damage increases with range” needs to be nerfed. Sniping long-distance is easier and safer… I’d rather reward melee snipers…

If you take damage (more than a stray shot) as a crouching gunner hit Q-E and if they’re next to you Shatter them and AR them to death… It’s far too easy… I would like to see a short cooldown between exiting Q and shooting (0.7 seconds even) because of the Q-E-F-AR which gibs lights like no tomorrow.

As for E taking you out of Q – it’s incredibly useful for kicking lights away while your AR is up; also if you land next to a sniper it’s a great stun+damage effect.
I think that using E in Q should roll you sideways – to your left, for instance – like an escape roll for enemy snipers – and not allow you to snipe for a moment (1s?)

As for the 8s Neutron Shield, just stay away and force the Tank to pop their bubble, then run for a few seconds. Or just do the ~5k damage to pop it, lol. I’ve been popped many times by Frag Mines and/or Scouts since the update, and it’s great – much more balanced. Tank really needs it to fulfill it’s role, though, but TBH I’d rather have a 3s Shield every 20 seconds.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Originally posted by Darkninjalucian:

I play all game modes, blasters aren’t hard to kill at all.

Dude, nothing’s hard to kill. Even tanks got their Null Buckler nerfed, along with the duration of stuns, so they’re easy now also. However I’ve killed a lot of assassins with a Blaster over the last few days; Repulsor stops Knifooni, Micro Munitions obliterate melee-ists otherwise, and Needlers lose to Minigun or HRL.
Blaster is just OP compared to other classes, not necessarily all of them; for instance Gunners are also OP in PL, because the long range and open field is tailored to sniping/HRL/Orbstacking.

Originally posted by Belisaurius11:
Originally posted by Darkninjalucian:

I play all game modes, blasters aren’t hard to kill at all.

You must’ve played some noobs then. :D
Sliding makes all heavy classes unbalanced….a heavy class going over 150 mph? Takes out most of the heavy classes weaknesses. That is why I was hoping they would take out sliding in the update…

Sliding is an essential/defining part of FFT, lol. Also, Tanks – the major source of super-fast heavies – got their flight nerfed so hard it’s not funny. As for Blasters, I’m right there with you.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Originally posted by GLaDOSCake:

The effectiveness of the blaster seems to be highly dependent on the map (and gamemode).

The class is incredible powerful in shuttle bay and moon base, since the map is small, and contains plenty of hard cover. This makes the low range of the mini-gun far less exploitable – longer ranged classes will not be able to “kite” the blaster very effectively. In addition, the repulsion field can clear the cap very easily – forces enemies onto the walls, and opens things up for a micro munition barrage.

However, the blaster seems less effective in space station and moon base. The wide open areas surrounding the CP allows players to run as soon as they notice a blaster, often leaving before the class enters optimal range.

This is especially noticeable on space station – players will run as soon as they see a blaster, and then kite at long range – the heavy rocket launcher is kind of useless when the is variable gravity.

Balancing the blaster seems to be difficult – while a nerf to the minigun may balance the class regards to shuttle by KOTH, it will also likely make the class unviable on SS,

The Minigun does not have “low” range. I can accurately hit (unsighted even) out to medium range with it, with little difficulty. To out-range it effectively you have to be using: Railgun, HRL, Bomber, AR supposedly (but if you’re stationary you’re HRL meat) or Pulser (Heat Ray lacks DPS).

You referenced Moon Base twice, so I am not sure which you meant was Training Arena.

In Moon Base, slidespam is ridiculous, and stacking HRL is trivial. Also, rebound+Minigun+Micro along with Repulsor makes clearing cap and keeping it clear trivial.

In Training Arena, hit from above – I used to HRL, but post-update Minigun works almost as well, and with far less self-damage potential. HRL for the super-long range encounters.

In Shuttle, rush+Minigun+Repulsor+Micros and cap’s clear. HRL spam flying perpendicular. Easy.

In PL all you have to do is get them off cap, lol. Easy. Even if they run, you’re still winning. Also, fly from a different angle, spamming HRL, hit with 3-4 and then swap to Minigun+Micros. Try it, it’s not that hard. I’ve seen you fly, you know how to fly and slide. Their health is large enough to survive to grab HP and repeat. Slidespam+Minigun will win 1v1 against most things, forgetting the micros.

Originally posted by jack800:

The rocket launcher’s knock back should be nerfed.
The duration of repulsion should be slightly lowered.
Minigun’s damage should be reduced, because it is the closest thing to a flamethrower.
Blaster’s sliding speed should be reduced. It should be as slow as a tank.

Knockover is the main thing going for the HRL. If anything, the blast radius should go up, the Knockover chance also, but the damage down/recharge down – would reduce stacking too.
Minigun is not the closest thing to a flamethrower, lol. AR unsighted is a far better approximation, especially with crouch+Shatter.
Sliding is an essential part of Blaster. If anything is getting nerfed, it shouldn’t be the sliding. Movement already got shot enough, I’d rather see buffs everywhere else. This is comparable to reducing health on a Tech – it would destroy the class’s usefulness without making the game more fun.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Nerf blazer...

Originally posted by Darkninjalucian:

To be fair, this subject has been talked to death, each side with unwavering opinions, no one can provide solid evidence that either side is right or wrong. For example, a record of each match played with blazer and a variety of other classes, statistics of how often blazer dies to X or kills X or how many kills does it get on average compared to other classes in certain rooms, ping rates, damage, mega, runs for hp, respawn blah blah blah blah. There are so many variables to the game, yet people always trust first, second or even third death to be hacks, cheating, or some form of delusion or false reality where they have found a conspiracy in the game, after all, there is no way that “I” could die, not to the same class over and over, nor to some other player who has played longer and killed me plenty of times to show his worth; no, it must be the latter, a diabolic plot made by the game developers to make so and so look bad. And that is how we come back to the nerf blah topics. Let’s just skip to the dev or forum mod locking, we all know this never ends until one side can rub it in the others face; so let’s just drop it.

Well, to be fair I’ve had plenty of TDMs with 20+ kills and 0 deaths on a Tech and I’ve never seen someone complaining that Tech is OP when soloing (plenty about the noobs who heal-pile their S3’s next to each other) but I get plenty of complaints of hacking. When I Blazer and get 40-0 everyone complains about how OP it is, and when I got a 501 killstreak (then had to go so I suicided) on Tank I thought it was more than a little OP.
Just sayin.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

I complain more about the DR from the Repulsor…

Minigun lockon is ridiculous XD It’s actually a great weapon unsighted even, assuming you can lead a little.

DNL, saying that you have to hit with Micros is like saying you have to hit with Knifooni. Both kill you if they hit, but require short range to be effective.
Reaching high speeds is easy, you’re bouncing/sliding all the time; if you stop use your E to start again.

I only use the HRL for ambushing now, because you can stack 3-4 rockets and with a Micro you can obliterate anything. Otherwise the Minigun is superior; it delivers constant dps at a great rate in any non-long range encounter.

Personally I’d raise the max range and reduce the lockon range for the Minigun – reward skill a bit while still nerfing somewhat. Also cut the DR from the Repulsor lol – it’s already great enough.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Upgrades gone too far(SOLVED)

Originally posted by wenzz:

Thanks janiye, but jlewis lied to me :(

BREAKING NEWS someone on the internet LIED!!!

What IS this?

How could this be? How could we let this happen??

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Upgrades gone too far(SOLVED)

Yeah, happens all the time; it’s a visual glitch.
Upgrades are now small benefits, in the 5% range… Gone are the days of +19.5% of pure awesomeness… or just +19.5 to a stat…

I’m not sure if I’ve heard conclusively, but do upgrades stack or overlap or add? (IE 1.01*1.02*1.03*1.04*1.05 = 15.9% vs just 5% (largest) vs 1+2+3+4+5 = 15%?)
It seems like they overlap, but I’d like to imagine the small bonuses stacking up…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class perks

I love this idea, lol.

For tech, might consider a few more: Nano surge does damage/has longer stun, tether damages opponents a bit, mines detonate immediately on direct hit, suppressed stacks can go to 15 (hehehe) Suppressors to lvl 4.

I’d take Survivalist (immortality lol), Rapid reinforcements, and Combat medic – swap Survivalist for Suppressive Fire if my teammates suck.

I use Nano Surge offensively so often that the extra heal doesn’t matter near as much as the knockover :P

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips for earning money.

1) TDM is 10 minutes, not 3-7, unless you get 100 kills for your team – I’ve only done this twice, lol, and I’m a G1.5 who loves TDM.

2) PL can be done in about 1 min if you have 4+ on cap; smaller room just gives you easier capping. If you’re good at clearing cap (shocker/tank/blaster/bomber) and have a few cappers, you might consider joining a larger room.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

To the rewarding capping ideas – give everyone who caps at least once who wins like 5z per cap (max 25).
Also, I think assists should count for some fraction of killstreaking, to allow techs/shockers to at least get a bit higher (sure, I’ve done 50-60 ks on a tech in TDM, but getting them from assists would be nice).

Nerf damage of mini bomb thingy, but up the blast radius a bit – I’d also love it if they blew up 2 seconds after they hit (it’d be riskier, but could justify the higher damage a bit) and would make cap-stuff really funny.
Reduce cooldown on Pocket Nuke, or just up the damage to a respectable amount.
Buff hail raiser.

Increase heal from Tech repair wave; as of now it’s basically an offense-only move… Maybe have it cure conditions/reduce stacks?

Make it so mines can’t be too close to each other, but up damage on frag mines.

Buff the range/tractor effect on techs, for more swingy fun – would also love to be able to tractor mines, would enable all sorts of tricky solo tactics and fun :D

Allow the tank bubble to be blown in some way other than 3 EMP mines – shouldn’t be easy, but shouldn’t be that specific.

Reduce the damage reduction the blaster push-back has.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / (Discussion) What's the Most Fun Class?

Tech is most fun if people don’t hunt your suppressor while you’re hunting their teammates…
I wish they didn’t nerf the E so much, it’s practically useless defensively (still great for offense, but anyway).
I wish the mines did more damage, and that they couldn’t be stacked. Currently the best option is to stack three mines on a hp or the cap, and insta-gib some poor sucker. This lacks strategy/elegance. I also wish you could move mines with your repair beam – lock onto mines and have them move to like max range of your repair beam, and follow where you point (with a bit of a delay, sort of like a whip) because that would be awesome and fun, and give more options to techs :P

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / (Preliminary Stats) Class Suggestion: Projector

I’m looking at that and seeing 1) it completely neutralizes precision-based classes (goodby gunner) and allows one person to solo their way through 6 people on cap in a way that no other class can (possible exception blazer if they’re noobs).

Blinded is quite nasty, and adding confuse and target disabled means that their “spraying blindly” will destroy their teammates. Basically the bomb gives you “X” seconds of win where they can’t do ANYTHING offensive without hurting teammates and probably not hurting you, and they can only act defensively if they have 1) good enough memory and 2) good enough skills to go somewhere.

The Q is worthless against pros, and a bit OP vs noobs – basically it’s a bubble for a light class.

The E Blinds AND SHOCKS = major OP – fling a bomb, hit E, slash slash, R, slash slash, F, slash slash, E, slash slash, ETC and they can’t do ANYTHING – Perma-blind+high DPS coming in (even bad melee is high dps) Shock, confuse = auto-clear cap solo vs any non-supports, and supports can only kamikaze with mines if they’re lucky.
Saying that it only goes strait isn’t a drawback, lol, look at like the Comet/Asteroid rush. This ability allows you to make up for your lack of flight speed, and the high footwork allows you to slide fast with it – basically it makes you into the old tank.

Gauss pistols – you get to insta-hit enemies while they can’t even see you? They won’t be able to dodge. Might be balanced if it’s unsighted, but not really. Possible if unsighted and also decreases damage with increasing range? No Sniping capabilites allowed, or this is a Super-mobile light who can snipe, stun, blind, confuse, and get out of there instantly. Seriously?

Kamas – All the good stuff of a saber+ overhead attack of the ambush blades. ALSO BLINDS MORE – the only melee attack that has an effect is the mauler, and that’s balanced by it’s awkwardness to use against non-stunned stuff and the low dps.
Kamas would apply confuse, which means that if you hit someone and they fling grenades at you, they’ll hit their teammates too. Seriously?

Overall, the class might be a good idea, but it’s crazy OP currently.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Payload can be used for farming please fix this

If you grab all three caps and hold them it’s ~1 minute…
I get more pissed off by how easy it is for 4 rushing newbs who stay on cap to beat 8 ok players who don’t….