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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] The Official Eggsecutioners

I’m MWC responding from his sister’s account. I want to officially say that this clan is pretty much dead. The rights to the “Eggsecutioners” all belong, to me, but you can make a daughter clan with a similar name or something. But from a formal leader, I repeat a solemn “Semper Fi”.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Reaper Crew Revival

I am a new member of the EE world. I do not have very many packages, but I will soon.

1 I have Mineral, and all the standards. I will have them soon.
2 200. I will improve on it.
3 Minis, and gravity levels.
4 Standard smileys. I don’t find them neccessary in an application, though.
5 Nope.
6 No.
7 …Yes. Why meanly kick me out?
8 I dunno. I need a crew.
9 No worlds, will get some soon.
10 Sure…once I get them, you know.
11 No. What are bots?