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Topic: General Gaming / Why does everyone hate the games Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 and Shadow the Hedgehog?

I actually don’t hate these games.
Shadow the Hedgehog: i can explain the graphics because they were the same as Sonic Heroes idiots, it was made on the Renderware engine. as the first outing of Jason Griffith as Shadow (and by extension sonic) it’s OK but the moral route i always want to take is always too frickin difficult and i’m forced to go evil or neutra lor easy, because the other options are impossible. so i stopped playing that for a while and moved onto 06

Sonic 2006: this game is Underated-ness at it’s finest. sure the graphics sucked but it’s Sonic teams 1st game for the HD Consoles, and they weren’t that lucky. the camera never bothered me and when it did i didn’t complain. i noticed a few glitches either on purpose but one when playing Shadow crisis city i was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT FUCKING INVISIBLE WALL, I CAN’T HOMING ATTACK THERE? SONIC TEAM, Y U NO NOT SHIT ME?” and whe ni experienced the controls for the first time, i was suprised at how fluent they were, they weren’t perfect but they exceeded my sloppy expectations. the critics on IGN might have their heads up their dickholes but according to the User score of the game, it’s around 7.5-ish? and when playing as silver, you actually have to cheat to get past tropical jungle. but sadly, about as good games (Modern Warfare 3) much better games (Fable II) and even worse games (Castlevania Dracula X for the Super Nintendo) got my attention much more and i lost interest before completing Silver’s Story.

oh and BTW: why isn’t the music in 06 as awesome as it was in other games? ANSWER THAT!!!!! because my Revenge of the 5th is Complete! Revenge against all those idiots that agree with the critics and can’t think for themselves.