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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / If you coud Nerf one Unit

Which unit would you nerf? Why? What should be changed?
Try not to flame/be vulgar/insult each other/etc. Civil discussion is fine but ultimately these are /opinions/ and everyone is entitled to theirs.

If I had to pick one unit only, I would probably say Enchantress because it is incredibly hard to deal with a buffed Dragon/Ninja/Etc until after they attack, And when they do usually it’s your king.
In general, it just messes with your action economy greatly with fairly little counterplay.

I would suggest raising the morale cost for it.

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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / MINIONS: Which is your favourite and which is your bane

(1) Which is your favourite minion/which do you use the most?
Samurai, I form cubes of them so that my opponent has to leave them alive till lategame or trade a champion.
I take 2 Phantasms and the rest of them are Samurai.

(2) Which is your Bane/which minion gives you the most trouble?
Samurai, Theres no safe way to approach them in most cases and even if they do move forward, trading only gets them a free attack and a second unit usually.

(3) Which is the most useless/which is the most overrated?
Samurai, Its too overplayed, Yes it gives you map control but its also quite expensive and relatively easily pinned in place or played around by champions. Really its biggest fault is that it simply means you spend 2*X (X = Samurais) less points on your champions, Minions may be the foundation of your army but you won’t win off of them very often. And god forbid your opponent fields 2 queens instead of spending that many points on their minions.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Raid URLs

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Topic: Kongregate / The Van High Score Competition (Current Game: Pixel Purge)

Agreed Painkilla. What is your guise problems? Were just trying to hold a nice fun competition not start a flame war that we will win in the end if there is any sort of “God” or “Justice” in this universe. You should be ashamed! You made poor eleven year old Alexio cry!