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Topic: Card Hunter / Multiplayer Broken

Waiting for a league game for other 20 minutes, no response. Tried Ranked and the timer hit 00:00:00 but no response either. Other players can confirm this.

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Topic: Card Hunter / The Millionth Complain About Elf Manoeuvres

Originally posted by rainingrecon:

Or, you could, well, you know, just focus down that warrior? As much fun as it is to play with Manoeuvers and as painful as it is to play against it, it’s definitely beatable. Also, if they draw 6 without seeing a move card or step attack, they just discarded 6 cards, which could have been a Defender’s Block, a 11+ damage attack, or armor.

Focusing down a warrior tends to difficult unless you have a hypercharged mage or some 13+ damage attacks. Otherwise, the more you attack them, the more Vicious Lunges they can throw back at you. Give them a frenzy and a bit of armour and they will win most trades easily. Not saying it’s impossible to beat. Just saying it’s not easy enough to beat.

Discarding does nothing since people cycle through their decks anyway and you’d get rid of good and bad cards in equal measure.

Originally posted by Killer74:

The problem, I think, is more-so that decks with a few bejewelled shortswords and their ilk thrown in, without having to focus much on movement at all. I think the card limit should be reduced from 6 cards down to 1 or 2 (I don’t think this is what OP meant by 1), if it is, sorry), if possible, and remain the same otherwise. That way you could still make good use of elven maneuvers but would have to build your deck around it.

@raininrecon, discarding cards doesn’t really make a difference, it drops bad and good cards in equal proportion to what you’ve got in your deck in the long run. Otherwise, I sort of agree. There are more problematic cards anyway, in my opinion.

No, not what I meant by 1. My first idea is that you can draw a lot of cards until you hit a movement card, but once you draw that movement card, you lose Elf. M. So you can only ever draw one card as a result of Elf. M.

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Topic: Card Hunter / The Millionth Complain About Elf Manoeuvres

The complaints I’ve heard boil down to it giving too much, for too low a cost.
In that regard, I agree:

1) The cost is low – yes, admittedly, tokenless 2-trait skills exist for other builds. Talented Healer for Vampires, etc. However, those traits only serve to augment the cards at hand. (i.e., 2 more damage per attack will only give 8 more damage if you have 4 attacks). Elf M. lets you draw continuously until you die and gives you synergy with frenzies, etc.
2) Counters are limited – You either muster up a huge AoA to floor them in one hit, or use snares and hope they don’t have purge. Maybe Nimbus, but again, no guarantees. The effectiveness of punishing attacks are limited. They won’t just stand there and build up before letting you hit them, and the more you hit them, the more they hit you.

So with balancing, I have heard several suggestions:

1) Make it a discarded trait – draw one/two without the 6 card limit, but no more. So yes, you can pull out an extra attack or so, but you can’t do it indefinitely.
2) Increase the token cost – make it so that players actually need to pay something to run that card.
3) Limit it to strictly movement cards
4) Nerf the duration – if the trait lasts 2 turns only or even just 1 turn, it will be easier for players to play around the window and hold off on attacks until then

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Topic: Card Hunter / Favourite Shield

Aegis of the Defender

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Topic: Card Hunter / Suggestions

Multisqaured melee attacks would be nice, like cone/linear ones.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Best weapons for you?

White Flame is pretty much a must-have if you want to run a fire mage, unless you’re running 2 Red Flames instead.

BJ Shortsword is one of the best general use items in campaign (for it’s persistent damage output), but I would only rate it was mediocre for PvP. Mathematically speaking, there are better weapons out there than BJ Shortsword, unless you intend to run Martyr or possibly Elven Manoeuvres.
The explanation is as follows: Bj Shortsword allows you to draw either 11 damage attacks, or 7 damage step attacks. However, you don’t fight straight away. You have time to discard cards and redraw. It is highly likely your hand will not improve beyond a certain point. You could then end up against someone with 2 P. Bludgeons, who didn’t draw as well initially, but had time to improve their hand. Another point is the power token consumption. You have no Gold Tokens after getting 2 BJ Swords, which pretty much pre
Starting players should definitely get it since it’ll be a while before they can get something better.

The Strongarm is one of the best tokenless weapons in the game. 5 Strong Hacks and one Weak Strike. Average 7 damage per card. Legendary though.

Nimbus blades are good for people starting out, since they give decent attack and 2 Nimbuses each.

For raw power (and it’s fun), I run Bludgeonater (2x P. Bludgeon) and Colossal Hamer (2x P. Bludgeon) which gives me 4 14dmg cards. I also run 3 All out Attacks, which doubles the damage of my melee cards. If you catch them without a block, they pretty much die. Not overly reliable, but heaps of fun.

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Topic: Card Hunter / over-powered enimes

Originally posted by Shire:

if it’s too strong, try another strategy! Some melee monsters are imposible to win face-to-face, you have to ranged. Some mages are a pain in the ass and you just have to go melee and beat the crap out of them. Some have low movement so they are ideal for terrain cards.

Actually, any melee monster can be reliably beaten with brute force for experienced players. (Duck, parry, life-saving block, toughness, etc) But you are correct in that ranged tactics are easier to use against them.

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Topic: Card Hunter / New to Quick Draw?

Also, a tip all of them should know: Travelling Curse is the best handicap to take, always.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Suggestions

Change the Close Quarters Combat map so that both middle people are on diagonally above and below the vp, and the second player has both their guys closer to the passages while the player who goes first has both their guys further away. Currently, first player gets a significant advantage on this map, especially with team movement. This, at least, will let the player who goes second change up and reinforce as they see fit.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Reject Help

How do you stop people from helping you? I don’t have any allies, but randoms keep finding me and helping me and I want it to stop.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / how much gold do u have right now?

Less than 100k gold is the answer.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / How did we do?

It’s OP as all hell, but if we’re throwing strategic game planning out the window and canning the game after a year, why the hell not?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] WMT Update [Tyrant ending on August 15th 2015]

A salute from a player who was around when the game was first released.
A salute from a player who remembers Bronze Packs.
A salute from a player who will miss this game, twisted and time-consuming as it was.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] new content finally :O

Originally posted by clchan:

bt lacks support in form of protect(i doubt bt will get any at all), no amount of op units will make mono bt good as long as cw remains the mainstream def of choice.

Have you considered the possibility that you’re not utilizing the BT cards properly?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / At least offer veterans something to switch to Unleashed

Originally posted by JMCrooks:
Originally posted by Shieru

It’s still a perfectly legit argument, to say you do not care is being ignorant.
Whale all you want but don’t try to take the f2pness away from free players, that’s just rude and selfish.

No, it’s NOT a legit argument. It’s nonsense based on your jealousy of others’ resources. When a phone company offers sales to prospective clients for switching over, why do you think they do that? I havent’ spent more than 20 bucks in total since I started playing Tyrant, so I’m not going to be gaining much from this. But I might as well suggest that I gain something. Other people will gain more than me, does that make me jealous? No, because I could care less.

Freelpers will always be bottom-tier in every game in every part of the internet. There will never be a free game in which free players can challenge the people who pay to win. Even now on Unleashed, I bet there are strong leagues of pay players who only really compete with each other.

Actually, Tyrant is better than most online games in that aspect. There are a number of Free2Play players who can go toe-to-toe with Paying players in PvP. Of course, paying shortens the grind significantly.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / At least offer veterans something to switch to Unleashed

Originally posted by warranty_void:


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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / All time RNG low scores

Enclaved Sealed Tourny. I win on turn 44 because the other guy and I both had a Glaive left and were going at it hammer and tongs until I won.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Armored Commanders

Well, maybe not in PvP, but why not Armoured Raid/NPC commanders?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Make Some Cards Un-unique

Seriously, cards like Tiamat etc can be spammed all day long and I’d have no trouble surging them. Make them un-unique already.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Tournament S8] WINNER: Enclave Warp Gate

Originally posted by estereth:
Originally posted by miggy1212:
Originally posted by DRC28783:

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Make Some Legendaries Spammable and some cards non-unique?

Not all legendaries, of course, since that would be OP as hell, but I think it’d be quite okay to make stuff like Omega spammable… and cards like Predator, Tiamat, etc could probably become non-unique, since it’s no longer a problem if they’re spammed.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [To Devs] Release 10 Small Buffs With Each Upgrade Release To Make Cardpool Demand Distribution More Even

Originally posted by Asklar:
Originally posted by macromonarch:
Originally posted by lol46:


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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Terraformer Thules

Is that going to be a thing now? Thules counter CW, and Terraformers counter Grimclaws…

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Yurich: Tales of a raider.

Originally posted by PrometheusFlame:

Christmas Special. (Episode 1 here ) This one is a little big so you might want to click here Remember you have to click on the link and then click on the picture to zoom. Also read from left to right. Sorry about that that is just how it turned out
[giant image removed by admin or moderator]
Happy Holidays Everyone

I lol’d. Hard

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Nostalgia thread. Remember when...

Remember when Draco was the be-all-end-all Commander for ALL occasion?

Remember when people WB’d for EMPs?

Remember when Dalia and a Sundering Ogre Spam was meta?