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Topic: Collaborations / [AS3] Looking For A Partner

For Evan, dont make a skill tree, make the character or player choose their own skills, so they can find that one combination of skills that make them feel comfortable of using for a short whie, and if they think they need to change their combo of skills, then they can do it. On the design, make the rooms random, completely, you cant have a rougelike without random rooms, think of Dungeons of Dredmor, where one room could have treasure and traps, and then you open the door and BOOM, you find a Monster Zoo, hope this kida helps, even if its just a little

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Topic: Kongregate / Tag Suggestions

I think Kongregate should make a tag under Rpg which is called Rougelikes
Rougelikes are basically Rpg which have everything set on random, character, skills, enemies, bosses, weapons, and armor are completely random, not even 2 rooms could be the same.
I like my idea because I think these games are ultra fun, but there are not even alot of people who create these games, and I know for hell that I cant make a decent game, so Im giving people Ideas on what games they should make.