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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

YEEEESSSSSSS hes don 80% since 13 october it shouldent be to long only a cuple of months

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

(sorry for any bad spelling)i think there shouled be an alfabetical search option when searching games in the different categories sections because i for one was trying to look for a game i knew started with the letter t and knew it was a stratagy game but couldent think of the rest of the name if added instead of numbers for the pages it should be letters for the name this would help heaps if some one finds a game on a different site or hears of one that isent perticuly new or liked by heaps of people it would be hard to find it with the current search options

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Topic: Off-topic / If you can travel back in time

first as long as i can travil back when im ready i would first learn about what and how to build any inventions of the time that i travil to and then i would travil to any time that i woulde like so i can invent the invention that is supposed to be invented before the person who is suposed to invent it so i become famous instead

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 2012

parden any spelling errors

first scoopolard its not the 20th its the 23rd christmase eve
second most of the many different dates that suposidly the world was going to end were based on religius events such as the day gessus died and many others
but the mane resin the world will end if it does will be a natural disaster like a super volcaneo asteroed or a planet wich has sed to be a planet that was nocked from our soler that will retern which is part of a thiry of how life began