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Topic: Kongregate / Recent Kongregate Updates

Hey Joel -

I think we’ve figured out the problem – we should have a fix in later tonight or tomorrow. Sorry about that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Investment Opportunity?

Due to regulations from the Securities and Exchange Comissision, we can’t sell shares of Kongregate to people other than “qualified investors”. Basically a qualified investor is someone rich enough to afford losing their money – or a family member.

The reason for this is the amount of stock fraud that used to go on – now in order to sell stock to the public, a company must do a lot of very detailed and expensive reporting of their earnings, etc. This is only viable for large companies, which is why only large companies “go public”.

We’ve already raised the money that we need from qualified investors – hopefully one day Kongregate will be big and successful enough to go public and you can all invest.

Seriously, we would love to have our players and developers invest, but it just isn’t feasible. We appreciate the show of confidence, though.