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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for Actionscript Tutor!

Instead of looking for a tutor why dont you download a few games with their source codes aswell, like the shootorials, In my opinion its so much easier just looking through the whole games code and trying it out yourself than reading a bunch of writing

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Topic: Collaborations / Name my Game

perhaps you should add a screenshot so we can help out more

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Topic: Game Programming / Facts about Flashgame developing.

The flash games industry makes 1 billion a year (even though its a high number its still terribly low money)

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Topic: General Gaming / line game problem... agen

last post was about the e bug….. this got nuthink to do with dat

i was trying to get 1st place in hiscores for line game

atm im 6th… and it took me ages to get there

then i look… my times are deleted in game but not on hiscore list… so im wondering.. does that mean once i pass a stage in keyboard mode my hiscore would erase??

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Topic: Kongregate / Line Game - Impossible badge

same thing happened to me to.. and i passed it twice just to make sure lol .

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Topic: General Gaming / Line game needs fixing

i was playing on keyboard mode to get the badge

i passed every level exept e since thats hardest

i passed b at 12 seconds and my total time was 1104 – when i didnt pass e yet

then once i passed e at 52 seconds i was so relieved… but then i looked at my total time and it showed 1140 – something

so i looked at e – still shows 999 seconds…which means i didnt pas it at all, but then i looked at stage b and it was 52 seconds….

SO i tried it again… and it done the same glitch or whatever it is

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Topic: General Gaming / Games not working...

that happens with me 2, but only with a few games