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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] SUGGESTIONS

FACTS : people that host a legion ARE :
1. always on front line – they always lose troops, have to use crops
2. they can not get out to fortify or train heroes while they wait for more people to join
PLEASE – enable us to open multiple windows on SLo, even if we are in Legion Screen, and allow us to Fortify / Train heroes while we wait for people to join our battles
why dont you give the chance to people that host a legion to change their possition too ?
Who hosts a legion battle to be able to move themselves around where they want, front, back, any gate, any row, any column .
These changes would be very good too. Please consider them.
We need to be able to open more windows – at least for fortify and hero training and legion battle.
We need to be able to change legion battle leader position – when we are the leader.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] SUGGESTIONS

When a legion battle starts, make a pop-up web page open up with the battle.
Keep main SLo web page sepparate in main window. Open legion battles in new window.
REASON : Why to do this ?
You will hit two birds with one stone – you will help players watch battles AND you will also allow players to see to their cities, to improve their cities.
Players will be able to see legion battles PLUS click in their main SLo game page what they want to do.
PLEASE CHANGE THIS – IT is a very good idea !!! And I dont think it is so hard to do !!!
Pleaase talk to Kongregate and make this happen . Or if you need me, I can talk to Kongregate to ALLOW YOU – to allow zgame to have a pop-up window for SLo game FOR Legion Battles ….
Please … !!!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] SUGGESTIONS

Suggestions :

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Suggestions to Antic

Regarding Sarge and the way he nags us with his pop-ups.
Well, in the case we’d have limitless BBs or a considerable high enough source of BBs, maybe that would not bother us so much, which I think is easy to be noticed. Or maybe it would still annoy, since popping in unexpected is … annoying .

Maybe you could restrict that to a pop-up from 30 to 30 minutes. Though that would not solve this entirely.

A few suggestions, if I may :
- have a special building or several special buildings in Sarge’s base where you could check out and buy premium gear, weapons, etc …
- make the area of a regular base bigger ( subsequently for everyone ) & just include one or two buildings with special items only – like we now have Surplus Store / Big n’ Tall.

That would be it. Although, while you are at it, firstly decrease the rate at which Sarge ‘decides’ to pop-in unexpected – it’s just like you are having some acquaintance ring your doorbell without a notice first.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Suggestions to Antic

Please, in a respectful considerable fashion, make any suggestions you might have.
( this topic is made since I’ve tried to find one and could not)

Not a topic for debate or polls, just to write down your own idea and suggestion that you might have. Leave it to Antic to judge, please.
( dont think an open debate of any idea could prove useful for anyone – the debate would be for Antic to do, not for us )

Hope this helps.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Battle Bucks for Missions

No one is holding their breath.
Though, awarding BBs for passing each mission from one star to the other, from one mastery to the other, seems like the right thing to do. Plus, passing those missions, especially with Mastery, isn’t a piece of cake. It takes time.
( in case players have completed missions … easy as pie, if PlaToonZ decides to introduce this awarding system, they could just reset mission’s progress for everyone, so everyone would get some BBs out of it and have fun while doing it )

Oh, Jernau, not wanting to ‘burst your bubble’ – but you dont actually get any BB rewards for passing levels. You only get to pick Gold / Energy / Stamina and some other thing I never used so far – ah, yes – full health .

Anyways, daily bonuses? You mean a few BBs for each 5 days of consecutive login to platoonz? …
Or a random chance that from 6 to 6 days you will get some BBs …

If you give people more, they will give you more. It’s a natural law that applies everywhere. If you give them more BBs, they will spend more BBs, be appeased by it, be drawn more to the BB items & buildings.

Frankly, all I’ve noticed, including from the Wiki Poll, is that people right not hate BB items, hate the way the Sarge spams announcing any special offer … and so on. Not to mention that stuff is expensive – whch everyone agrees.

Pardon me, Jernau, but every game out there that respects itself has ways of earning decent ‘premium’ to balance between the big spenders and regular gamers. If you want to have a lively community and a fun game, a more interactive and changing flexible game, then giving BBs to people as they progress will encourage them to spend more or less recklessly, instead of holding to every buck like their life depended on it or something .

It’s simple marketing and psychology.

Daily bonuses from 5 to 5 days? Well, that could be just some bread crumbs or even be replaced with awarding BBs for missions, for PvP wins even, for any achievement; awarding on effort makes people satisfied and more eager to play it. Giving a bit of bread crumbs for visiting a game each and each day … not interesting, no challenge plus tedious – no one wants to be stuck and obliged to come in daily – that’s why some people chose to work from home instead of having to come each day to an office … for example .

Having a rewarding system keeps anyone hooked in, wired and hyper anxious to participate.
In the future, PlaToonZ could have more missions, higher levels, more diverse soldiers, other premium special buildings to unlock …. zounds more premium items.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Battle Bucks for Missions

Let’s see.
We’ve got missions, right? From 1 to 5, including Bonus. Oh, and the two Boot Camp missions.
Adding to that, beating each mission on a 3 star level lets you unlock your first Mastery, which carries on up to Platinum.

Once you you beat a mission on a 2 star, would it not be worth awarding some BBs? How about throwing that in when you’ve upped that mission to 3 stars and unlocked your first mastery – Bronze Mastery?
And adding BBs for each following Mastery could not hurt either.

It could go like this :
Boot Camp
Mission 1 : 2 stars – 1 BB ; 3 stars – 2 BB ; Bronze – 3 BB; and so on, adding 1 BB for each passing mastery .
Mission 2 : 2 stars – 2 BB ; 3 stars – 3 BB ; Bronze – 4 BB; same as the above.
Thus, base BB awarded would be 1. Progressive BB added, 1.

Help Wanted
Base BBs awarded – 2. Progressive BBs given 2 + M (where M is the Mastery no. you unlock). As it follows :
Mission 1 : 2 stars – 2 + 2 BB ; 3 stars – 4 + 2 BB ; Bronze – 6 + (2 + 1) : Silver 9 + (2 + 2) ; Gold 13 + (2 + 3) ; Platinum 18 + (2 + 4)

Same for Mission 2 and so forth, just increasing the base BBs awarded on start for a 2 star mission by 2.
Thus, Mission 2 would have 6 BBs on 2 star, 8 BBs on 3 star, 11 BBs on Bronze, 15 BBs on Silver, etc.
Mission 3 : 8 BBs on 2 star, 10 BBs on 3 star, 13 BBs on Bronzte, etc.

Winter Warland
Base BBs awarded – 3. Progressive BBs given 3 + M.

Hop to It
Base BBs awarded – 4. Progressive BBs given 4 + M.

Where Bronze Mastery stands for M=1, Silver Mastery M=2, Gold Mastery M=3 and Platinum Mastery M=4.

Maybe this will be overlooked, but just take into consideration giving away decent Battle Bucks rewards to really congratulate players for beating a mission from 1 star to 2 stars, following 3 stars and each Mastery along the way, would encourage play, increase satisfaction and pleasure, draw more attention to the Sarge and his items.

Drawing the line, it shall most definitely boost PlaToonZ economy, so to speak, making players more interested in things that can be bought with BB.
It has been proven in many cases that by giving away ‘premium’ you are actually making people adjust more to items sale system and lean towards buying premium.

Giving constant rewards and teasers to appetize gamer’s wants and needs will subsequently oil the BBs system making it run smoother.

Well, you might hate it, but this could solve some of the PlaToonZ economy issues. Just give it some thought.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] [ANTIC] Bug Reporting

Description of Bug
Boot Camp,Help Wanted & Winter Warland Issue (would not hurt to look into Hop to It set of missions too) :
After beating any of BC, HW missions,WW too, on 3 stars you will get to unlock Bronze Mastery; everything fine and well so far. BUT, when you do fill up Bronze Mastery, instead of getting a message saying ‘You have unlocked Silver Mastery’ ,it says that you’ve unlocked Platinum.
And it carries on each step of the way. Upon next Mastery completion, instead of saying Gold, it says Silver, although it does look like gold. Finally, last mastery, your are prompted as if you’ve unlocked Silver ….

Recap : 3 star mission says it unlocks Bronze. Bronze filled up says it unlocks Platinum; after filling that up, it says you have unlocked Silver; and after filling this last one, it says Silver unlocked, again.

Note : colors representing each Mastery look OK – no problem there. Bronze looks like Bronze, Silver like Silver, Gold as Gold and Platinum as Platinum. The only issue are the prompting messages that let you know which mastery you’ve unlocked.

It’s just a small glitch, but it could be disturbing and bothersome for demanding gamers to overlook.

How Many Times Has It Happened?
14 times so far; and I bet you that the count wont stop if I carry on filling up mastery missions.

When and Where Did It Happen?
Boot Camp – Missions 1 and 2.
Help Wanted – Missions 1 to 5 & Bonus as well.
Winter Warland – Mission 1

What Did You Expect To Happen?
After filling Bronze, did expect to get a pop up message saying ‘You have unlocked Silver Mastery!’. Then, filling Silver, expected it to say ‘You have unlocked Gold Mastery!’.Last but not least, on filling Gold, it should have said ‘You have unlocked Platinum Mastery!’. That would be it.

Can You Make It Happen Consistently?
Well, it did happen for 14 times now. And like I was saying, I bet same thing will happen if I fill up the mastery for any other mission, including Hop to It missions. As a matter of fact, I just past one Mastery on a missions today and same thing – this one was Mission 4 on Help Wanted.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] [ANTIC] Bug Reporting

Description of Bug:
Tank bug – my tank has Sure Footed skill maxed out; even so, when facing the HW boss on both Mission 5 and Bonus, if the Boss has a chance to rocket-fire his arms at the tank, he knocks him back.
Is this supposed to happen? Note : my tank does not get knocked back nor flown into air while in plain missions, on missiles for example.

How Many Times Has It Happened?
Countless times. The thing is, when I first got the skills Sure Footed on my tank, he used to resist the knockback of the HW boss.

When and Where Did It Happen?
At least 3-4 days in a row until now. HW mission 5 and HW bonus mission.

What Did You Expect To Happen?
I did expect the tank to resist being knocked back, as it says in the description of the Sure Footed skill – which, again, is maxed out.

Can You Make It Happen Consistently?
Yes, I can. As long as I let the boss use his attack on my tank, not killing him before that, definitely ‘Yes’!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Soldier Class Balancing

Sounds interesting.
If it could be answered, please – where will we be able to read and compare units caps, rates and so on?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Missions on PlaToonZ

In the attention of Antic Staff, please note that at this point, after beating a mission on 3xS. – getting it to Bronze Mastery, when you fill it up you are prompted that you have unlocked Platinum Mastery.

Also, after filling that up, you get a message saying you’ve unlocked Silver Mastery though the graphic for it looks gold-like. And, finally, after filling that up … you are asked to pick your reward while it says you’ve reached the Silver Mastery … again (will have to double check this last stage).

Well, just saying, after beating a mission on 3 stars, getting it to Bronze Mastery, when you fill it’s meter up, it should go to Silver Mastery, then to Gold Mastery and finally … the Platinum Mastery. Unfortunately that’s not the case right now in PlaToonZ … and it is a bit confusing seeing you’ve unlocked Platinum right after Bronze, then following Silver – which looks like gold … to get back to silver on the last Mastery stage …

Would love a reply on this, as well as the suggestions above.
Much appreciate it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Missions on PlaToonZ

Here are a few ideas to implement in the future, maybe sooner than later.
When you first have to do a mission, that mission is a one star mission – you may beat it to either 2stars or 3stars .
Let’s consider S. as being the symbol to describe the word ‘star’.

Now, what if, by completing the same mission with 3xS. will award more XP and coins than doing it on 2xS. ? While completing it at 2xS. stage, would give you more XP and coins than having it beaten on S.

Effort should be awarded and encouraged. You would have more users and gamers interested in PvP – usually people playing online are more interested in interacting with each other some way or the other; and PvP is a great way to do that.

Why saying giving more XP and coins ‘upgrading’ a quest, gradually, from a one star quest, to a 2xS. quest, finally getting it to 3xS., will encourage people to PvP? It is obvious, that by making it possible to level up your army-men faster, having more coins to spend, people will get their attention towards PvP eventually.

On the same note, please consider giving more XP and more Gold-Coins per each mission following the example below :
1xS. Mission 1 < 2xS. Mission 1 < 3xS. Mission 1 = Bronze Mission 1 < Silver Mission 1 < Gold Mission 1 < Platinum Mission 1

Where the Platinum Mission will give the most Xp & gold-coins and One Star Mission 1 will give the least. Just add more Experience & gold-coins before applying the Morale Bonus Multiplier .

Again, saying effort should be awarded accordingly. Also, consider throwing in an extra reward for ‘upgrading’ a mission on each step of the way, such as useful equipment.

If the people playing PlaToonZ and Antic, who made PlaToonZ possible, like the idea, I could throw in other suggestions regarding missions, while at the same time keeping an open mind to any suggestions that would better this poorly made scetch .

Thank you.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] POLLS!!

Voted on Polls, Jamie !
By the way, great stuff and nicely done !

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] [ANTIC] Bug Reporting

Description of Bug :
Have beaten Bootcamp and although I’ve done so, the special award building for it is still shaded -in grey, locked as if I haven’t completed Bootcamp at all.
Two missions appear to me for the Bootcamp section; both are completed and I’ve even unlocked mastery for both of them.

As a side note, the Help Wanted missions are also completed, on mastery as well – as a result, I am able to aquire the building ‘Help Wanted Reward’ NEW.

How Many Times Has it Happened?
Indefinite – it’s like this since yesterday.

When and Where Did It Happen?
Two days in a row – 9th and 10th Nov. 2011 . Bootcamp missions section, Buildings – Decorative – Boot Camp Reward (NEW).

What Did You Expect To Happen : Be able to aquire the Boot Camp Reward NEW special building from the Decorative list of buildings in the Buildings Menu.

Can You Make It Happen Consistently?
Yes, I can.

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Topic: Technical Support / Downside to Kongregate

LoL, to top that, after loosing all my game data and progress on my major games, just tried out a game that does not even save using cookies :

Which is cool, actually .
Why ? Because, you at least know what you get and what to expect, while you can very well delete your cookies, etc etc .

So, is it too much asking for an alternative to ’ cookie ’ game saving data and such ?

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Topic: Technical Support / Downside to Kongregate

I see .
Well, could Kongregate conjure up some plan and discuss, negociate or simply raise this isue with those that develop and publish games on Kongregate ? Or should we start using one browser specifically for Kongregate, so we wont have to delete cookies or avoid that ?

You ( Kongregate ) do realise we do have to clean our cookies from now and then, do you ?
There should be at least one alternative to saving game data and game progress, except browser cookies, which we delete, there for … ( well, this is the n-st time clearing my browser, loosing all saved game data and progress – and put quite some time into those games )

Well … just saying …

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Topic: Technical Support / Downside to Kongregate

The huge downside of Kongregate is … that, when, obviously, you delete your cache – private data, etc etc … well, all game progress is lost . That is uncool and … not at all lucrative .

Do like, love and enjoy the games. But it is also predictable you will lose lots of gamers because you haven’t found a way of storing game data elsewhere and some other way than on our local machines – such as a server or something like it.

Well, what can I say, since all data on games is lost when cleaning one’s browser, for the time being, Kongregate games remain games for a season, a few hours tops or just a few minutes occassionaly, from time to time .

Not to add that, it is clearly people wont come back to a game they have played with this issue – game data storage. Or there wasn’t no intention for that in the first place ?
Is Kongregate just a place to ‘test’ – trial out, develop games – design – art and such, probe the market and such ?

Well, there is no point in making secure the game progress and data of simple gamers such as I ? There is no way in which Kongregate could work something out with the designers and developers of these games?
Also, I have to add that I admire greatly these people, as well as hold respect and consideration to Kongregate Staff for making this possible – a fresh change and a new horizon in the gaming industry .

( not to mention, I would love to participate in creation of new games, though I have no team and no means of doing it on my own, but that is subject for another topic on another thread, maybe – so excuse the Off-topic )

Well, last but not least, I am addressing this with concern about game data and game progress – we do need to clean our cache and browsers from time to time AND , there are some Kongregate games I have favourited, that I enjoyed very much, such as ‘Swords and Potions’ , ‘Civilizations Wars’ , ‘Hands of War 2 – Expanded Edition’ and others .

Well, all my game data is lost, the progress was fair and would be great if we could continue our games where we left them, even if we clean our browsers .

So, please, do give this some thougt and consideration .
With deepest respect,
Shoim – member of Kongregate community.