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Topic: The Gate / Isla Mare for Lvl~25

I’m not a pro in mare…
My highest cards are arg25 purson25 nero20 psucc20 zagam20 lili20 octo20. I don’t know which are choosen as best cards.
I run with arg25 octo20 lili20 rimmon15. Most of the fight you can win without caring too much about enemies, healer first works good.
In case of trouble (pause and quit), try to understand who is the biggest thread, check your arg dps and find the enemy with more dps, that would be your first target after the healer (or before in case of multiple failing). Check also their skills, usually an energy flux carrier (cresil, …) or dangerous aoe (qsucc, …) is my first target even before the healer.
Other suggestion that I’ve been told are to kill any nuker before healer and to kill those that have high passive element buffs, but so far aren’t necessary.
With my cards (two 25s and many 20s), if i find 4x 25s i relax since they should be crap. If i find 4x 20s i tend to check them because someone could be super strong.
Sometimes i found an enemy team where his higher dps is way more than mine, so i use octo meteorite to take away aggro from my dying arg before it is too late. If timed correctly, healers heal arg enough and she get back hate before octo dies.
I move my arg to 2/3, because i see that in the middle sometimes doesnt fear the healer, so in that position she target healer by herself without target button. I dont move octo and she is usually out of range from 1st enemies aoe, but i will eventually try to drag her in the middle and use trap!
Move arg, fear, healer dies (attacked only by arg), target the next, good in most fight.
Or move arg, target high thread (attacked by both), octo automatically approach, fear, good for difficult battles. It may be necessary to target again. Target too soon will stop arg movement and healer may miss fear.

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Topic: The Gate / Beginner's guide

Not sure at all, you cannot confirm when chance is in the equation, i heard in chat but to me has worked so far, i didnt get the “maybe” yet.

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Topic: The Gate / Beginner's guide

The first week is crucial in this game. I only play since 2 weeks, but I build a second character following these tips that has a easier life compared to the first one. There are already some guides but I think it miss something for the beginners.

Primary tips

Take your full argestes (FA or arg) to 25.
This card is the best you have, your main dps (damage dealer) and main tank. Taking her to maximum level as soon as possible will make the game easier, follow her level by your healer, forget the others 2 cards. You get 8 FA during your level up, there are all needed to reach 25, evolve correctly.

Evolve correctly.
A correct evolution will give you the best boost at the card stats. It is important not to fail. Upgrade: you increase current level of the card. Evolve: you increase maximum level that can be reached by the card. Upgrade main and feeder to the maximum level before evolving.
So you will have 8 FA at level 1, let’s call them A1, B1, … , H1.
Upgrade A1 to A10, B1 to B10 (to level 10), evolve A10+B10=AB10, upgrade to AB15.
Take CD to 15, evolve AB15+CD15=ABCD15, upgrade to ABCD20.
Take EFGH to 20, evolve ABCD20+EFGH20=A…H20, upgrade to A…H25.
The second evolution gives you 60% instead of 66% of the first one, don’t be scared it is normal.
All skills and equipment on the cards from B to H will be lost in the process, so focus only on A. Shortcut:

Exp is bad.
Don’t get addicted by hope refill during the level up. As your level go up, the challenge of the game will become really difficult, try to keep your level as low as possible. The next tips are suggested at least until level 16 (see raid, below).
Complete the levels of elzapop and once and only once those of articum. Follow the tutorial and move to hellforge (no cards, only equipments and materials) and complete once and only once the levels of elzapop and articum to unlock islamare (a place to evolve 25→30 and an usefull shop). Forget hellforge for a while and come back to normal mode.
Carefully choose the mission to do. Avoid mission not on elzapop, especially the “capture” missions, since they give too much exp. R4 (4-stars cards) missions could seem tasty, but you don’t really need a single R4, wait at least missions that could give you your 2nd or 4th card (allowing you to reach 15 or 20 with the cards that you already own).
The level-01 of elzapop (primo) is the best place to get cards for the upgrading.
Forget subtyranny and hoarhole.

Feel free to ask advice and suggestion here or in kongchat if you have any doubt or trouble!

Secondary info

Your deck
1) FA 15-20-25
2) Healer 15
3) Princess octopain 15-20 (daily reward)
4) Random card. By the time you complete articum, you should get prince orocas, king zagam, nero glint flesh, cimeies cyclone. Not the best R4 available, but at 15 they do their job. With the exception of FA, keep all of them at 15, until you practice few days in islamare.

R3 worth keeping
1) Princess octopain
2) Lili scorch healer
3) Zephyr wraith, oray gore gale, ordog blizzard maw. Why:
The others are good for collection purpose or exchange function.

Arena / islamare
It is not a big deal to lose few early days without doing it, but keep in mind that you shall do it daily. These are the places where you eventually buy your endgame cards with the specific currency that you will gain. At the beginning could be a mess, especially mare, but it become pretty handly after some practice and kongchat is usefull for lastminute advice.

The completed pages of the collection give you rewards. The collection includes also the evolution of cards, so make sure to evolve once all the R2 that you find. In this case you can evolve the R2 without upgrading them, since you won’t keep anymore. Keep the R3 as well and forget for a while the exchange function.

Invite friends strategy
Coming soon as soon as I finish my rewards : )

Sometimes, after a completed level, a boss will appear. The boss has a difficulty (colour of the name) according to your level, this is a good reason to keep your level low. When you hit 30 you won’t get anymore drops or chance from low tiers, this must be avoided as much as you can.
There is a chart in the spicy forum but apparently is outdated, the spawning rules should be:
04-15 white
16-20 green
21-28 yellow
29-36 orange
The realm conditions which boss you spawn:
elzapop, R3
articum, R3 + maybe R4
subtyranny, R4 + maybe R3
hoarhole, R4
The rewards are given only if the boss is beaten and there are:
1) spawn
2) engage / most damage
3) last hit
A chance to get the card of the boss is given to those who deals the most damage and the last hit. If you don’t get the card your chance increases by 0.5% for most damage and same for last hit. If you get the card your chance will be reset to 1%.
Your first boss you should engage with 3 roods and you should beat it. Keep tracks of which boss you killed in how many time, since maybe the next time you can engage with less roods. Different bosses of same tier may requires different amount of roods.
The raid always appears after 6 levels, so keep tracks of how many levels you have done since last boss. A good way is to do 5 level on elzapop and the 6th on subtyranny.
When you spawn a boss you have 5 minutes before it is shown to your friends, so take it easy and carefully setup your deck.
Two players may engage the boss at the same time, the fastest to kill get last hit and (depending on hp% when engaged) most damage, the other get only the engage reward even if he kill the boss too. The boss hp (if not killed) is updated when the clock go to zero, so you could get last hit even if you don’t consume all his life assuming that someone else has already done enough damage while you were fighting.
Personal raid You recognize them because they have an insane amount of hp, then you see a time limit of 30 minutes and a drop chance of 100%. These cannot be shared with friends and you will probably need 6-9 roods to beat them if you don’t have strong friends to summon. Your current chance will be resetted if you win.

Advanced guide

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Topic: The Gate / Updated invite list

I think i muted him in the chat like 3 times, different names beginning with “bubba2k”, because of this code spamming.

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Topic: The Gate / Share your invite codes!

Thank you.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

My fine token lockbox spawned behind the bounty board, i was not able to pick it up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Suggestions and bugs

Since last update, the game erase my attack skill selection (ie thermobolt, shockwave and pickpocket) and starts with default skill for adventurer, archer and wizard.

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Topic: Cloudstone / "Add me" topic

MNK 28, no ruby, add me : )