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Topic: The Gate / Stuck at evolve tutorial

If even refresh browser doesnt help, you should write a bug report at

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Topic: The Gate / Fluttering Nybras - Special Evolving Card Guide [UPDATED 24-03-2015]

Apperently t3 spawn in 2nd island event or further. Now nybras could be a panic.

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Topic: The Gate / Share IGN (In game name) here!

Ign Nech
Befa30. Dark emp-charged 8, DS 4. HP 434k, dps 29k, def 8k.
FA30. Gale-squall-fear 10, boon 9.
Nybras27. Slay 9, assault 10, assail 8.
WWWB evo2, diao evo2.
Accepting only players 21+.

Ign tg81931998
FA30. Gale-squall 8, fear 10. HP 406k, dps 9k, def 8k.
Nybras evo3, lamia evo2, tefnut evo2.
Accepting all.

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Topic: The Gate / shards and augment

You cannot summon nothing from shards.
Other info:

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Topic: The Gate / Nice skill O_o

Crappy R1s, maybe some R2s.
Duration is short, few seconds.

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Topic: The Gate / Nice skill O_o

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Topic: The Gate / Evolution doubt

(Actually wasn’t best way neither before! There was a shortcut, pointless now)

Nvillian is true, I just want to add that you can evolve whenever you want in the route to 25.

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Topic: The Gate / Shards

Thank you wiki, but it isn’t necessary, since I’m gube.

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Topic: The Gate / Evolving


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Topic: The Gate / Evolving

You can upgrade main to 25 then fully evolve, or fully evolve at lvl 1 then upgrade at lvl 25.
The level of main and feeder doesn’t count anymore, you’ll get always max stat boost.

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Topic: The Gate / Shards

A arena shop
IM isla mare shop
R raid
HF hell forge boss
elza/art/sub/hh realm

So far the only discrepancy is glortor, but i found and heard about him in art more times and heard only once in sub.
It seems not to be difference between normal or hellforge for what concern raids, though I only did few HF elza/art.

Batibat = fan firl
Devil’s duwende = throw cry
Duke kelaineus = king devil
Moon mistress = moonmage (?)
Lord akhlut = (?)

Please help me to fill.

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Topic: The Gate / raid boss drop


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Topic: The Gate / Levels exp-SC / upgrade exp / event island EP-exp

Sure, no problem, didn’t care about SC since i just assumed weren’t a fix amount…

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Topic: The Gate / Levels exp-SC / upgrade exp / event island EP-exp

Levels exp and SC

Green: estrapolated values.
Upgrade exp

Not sure at all that I correctly computed the totals…
Event island EP and exp

EP calculator

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Topic: The Gate / Noob Guide for Full Argestes Team (UPDATED)

Don’t worry I didn’t take personally, why do you think that?
240 chance in 2 months is very optimistic, a more fairy thought may be that a card has a 1/41 chance (mare) to spawn every reset in a single slot, that would be more than 2 months in both slots with an ideal rotation. Nevermind, it is still lucky based.
>This is however a guide for utilizing FAs availability and versatility.<
Fair enough, I agree.
Although your biggest mistake IMHO is the title “noob guide for full argestes team”, because a noob would read “noob” in the title and would follow without even thinking about choice/freedom to follow or not.
A title like “guide for full argestes team” would be more appropriated and fairy to the users of this forum.
>This is however a guide for utilizing FAs availability and versatility. Sure, new players can follow … or they can take some part<
This is also a good way to introduce your guide.

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Topic: The Gate / Fluttering Nybras - Special Evolving Card Guide [UPDATED 24-03-2015]

Yes, it is like that.
It is true for every feeders.

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Topic: The Gate / Noob Guide for Full Argestes Team (UPDATED)

Just now it is more or less my second month-versary of gameplay, so i guess I’m less “veteran” than you.
I NMed arg 1 month ago and since then I can farm mare blindfolded.
Meanwhile I couldn’t get 8x of anything in the shops, since cards are elusive. If you think that everyone could get an UR in this time range, you might been extremely lucky in your personal experience or too much optimistic / naive. For this reason, every single player that replyed you so far have suggested to not waste resources on a second arg.
Avoiding to rush too fast exp through the levels allows you to easily farm raids with just 1 NM arg, but considering your level you may didn’t know.
You cannot experiment team build, since cards are expensive. So one decide the build, then buy.
Anyway, what is your average amount of damage on WB?

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Topic: The Gate / Fluttering Nybras - Special Evolving Card Guide [UPDATED 24-03-2015]

On feeders only the level matters. Feeders can have crap stats, but as long the level is max, the main card get max boost.
It is explained at the beginning.

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Topic: The Gate / Noob Guide for Full Argestes Team (UPDATED)

Run 3x arg is good early on, then you finish articum and it is time to merge them and evolve to 25, since at 25 you unlock her most important skill.
Arg is not an end game card, she sucks. She is wonderfull for starters and midlevels and you use her a lot, since she has fear, double buffs, allows (just 1!) to easily farm mare, but you eventually park her so it is nonsense to buy another arg. There are better cards out there.
Since you don’t believe to anyone, check yourself stats
and skill
of cards already available: befafes, diao chan, cerberus lord, fluttering nybras (very cheap), whirlwind wraithbane, prince ekek… (I don’t suggest to buy all those cards, since currently mare is not yet the shop for wind, but they are still better than a second arg.)

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Topic: The Gate / Fluttering Nybras - Special Evolving Card Guide [UPDATED 24-03-2015]

Not yet wasted : )
You need 1 zephyr 10, 1 zephyr 15, 1 zephyr 20. Same for oray and ordog. So you can keep the 15 and second 10 eventually become 20, or the 15 go to 20 and the second 10 go to 15.
Next time don’t upgrade all to 10 before evolve, they are just feeders, stats aren’t important.

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Topic: The Gate / Fluttering Nybras - Special Evolving Card Guide [UPDATED 24-03-2015]

Yes, it is like any standard evolution, but it is not required same card as usual, you need these 3 R3 at the same evolution stage of your main.

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Topic: The Gate / Fluttering Nybras - Special Evolving Card Guide [UPDATED 24-03-2015]

You need 7 because you need evo0 (1 card, lvl 10) + evo1 (2 cards, to have 1 to lvl 15) + evo2 (4 cards, to have 1 lvl 20).

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Topic: The Gate / Beginner's guide (20mar15)


R#: 1-2-3-4 stars cards, 4 stars are both SR and UR.

SR: super rare, cards found in levels, missions, raids.

UR: ultra rare, cards found in shops, events.

FA, arg: full argestes.

Upgrade: to increase level of the card.

Evolve: to increase stats.

Evo0/1/2/3: your current evolution level, the red dot on top right of the card.

Devil blood, DB: to increase stats.

Augment: to increase stats. Augment bible:

Feeder: cards sacrificed to upgrade or evolve.

DPS: in this context damage dealer, usually damage per second.

Convert runes: dropped by bosses levels on normal mode, 50 would allow you to exchange 5x R3 to a random R4.

HF: hellforge, no cards, no convert runes, only equip and materials to upgrade equip.

NM: nightmare, a "quest" to increase your cards from 4 to 5 stars and from lvl 25 to 30.

IM: isla mare, where you NM and a shop for UR.

SC: soul coin.

HC honor coin: arena currency.

Virago: IM currency.

EP: event point.


Take your FA to 25 evo3.

This card is the best you have, your main dps and main tank. Taking her to max level as soon as possible since at 25 you will unlock her most important skill: fear. Take her to evo3 to have max stats asap. You get 8 FA during your level up, there are all needed to evo3.


* New evolving system.

Main and feeder level doesn't count anymore, you will always get a good evo. So upgrade your main card and when you have the chance, evolve with feeder lvl1. The level of the main when you evolve doesn't matter anymore.

Every card can reach lvl25 at evo0, stats would suck though, but at least you'll have full skill access. Evolve to get stats boost.

To NM you still need 25 evo3.

--outdated: A correct evolution will give you the max boost at the card stats. It is important not to fail.--

--outdated: Upgrade main and feeder to the maximum level before evolving.--

--outdated: So you will have 8 FA at level 1, let's call them A1, B1, ... , H1. Upgrade A1 to A10, B1 to B10 (to level 10), evolve A10+B10=AB10, upgrade to AB15. Take CD to 15, evolve AB15+CD15=ABCD15, upgrade to ABCD20. Take EFGH to 20, evolve ABCD20+EFGH20=A...H20, upgrade to A...H25. The second evolution gives you 60% instead of 66% of the first one, don't be scared it is normal.--

All skills, equipment and DB on the feeders cards will be lost in the process, so focus only on main.

Exp is bad.

* At least until lvl 15, I recommend to follow next tips.

Don't get addicted by hope refill during the level up. As your level go up, the challenge of the game will become really difficult, try to keep your level low.

Complete the levels of elzapop and articum. Follow the tutorial and move to HF and complete the levels of elzapop and articum to unlock IM. Forget HF for a while and come back to normal mode.

Carefully choose the mission to do. Avoid missions not on elzapop, especially the "capture" missions, since they give much exp and the card to capture has lower drop chance during mission. The best way is to have some captus to spend. R4 missions could seem tasty, but you don't really need a single R4, wait at least missions that could give you a card that allows you to reach next evo level, like 2nd, 4th or 8th.

The level-01 of elzapop (primo) is the best place to get cards for the upgrading, with less exp and hope cost.

Forget subtyranny and hoarhole for a while.

Capitalize the double days: check in-game "news - devilish double days" for the schedule.


Feel free to ask advice and suggestion here or in kongchat if you have any doubt or trouble!

Your deck

1) FA25

2) Healer

3) Princess octopain (daily reward)

4) Random card. By the time you complete articum, you should get prince orocas, king zagam, nero glint flesh, cimeies cyclone. Not the best R4 available, but so early do their job.

R2s and R3s (different from healer and octopain) aren't worth to upgrade, skill or equip.

R2s and R3s aren't worth to DB, so store that until you exactly know how will be your endgame deck.


Based on IM.

FA: gale-squall and fear, then perhaps invincible if you mess IM.

Healer: Heal all, heal (restore % of hp in 10 sec, R2s doesn't have this one).

Princess octopain: assault.

Other skills are less important.

DB - augment

Store it. Don't randomly DB your deck, it will mess IM, especially DEF would screw it. Try to not use until you known exactly what will be your endgame deck.

Augment path:

* Personally opinion and not yet verified. I wouldn't augment all my deck, just FA only, since augment increases HP-ATT-DEF and increase DEF in team is strongly not advised for mare.

R3 worth keeping

1) Princess octopain

2) Lili scorch healer

3) Zephyr wraith, oray gore gale, ordog blizzard maw. Why:

The others are good for collection purpose, exchange function, feed and sell, in this order.


Be carefull! The sell feature is bugged! Don't sort the cards or just check the name on the left, since the image after the sort may be wrong and you may sell something wrong!


Do you need SC? Go to HF and sell R1-R2 shards.

Gold coins: store it.


New-player summon: worth.

Premium summon: not worth (?).

Event summon: to buy the shards for the event special equip, consider that you will need an average of 4.5k-5k gold to get that.

Drop list

Bosses drop list is not a complete drop list. To clarify: you can drop oray, zephyr, craggy, mephisto in every bosses levels of elzapop.


You can store more hope than your maximum, so collect every "gift - hope bonus" that you can. Also keep your hope bottles for your endgame.

Elemental circle

Fire > wind > earth > liquid > fire.

The ">" stands for advantage, it gives +30% damage. Of course the reverse side is a damage drawback.

Elemental amulet

That stuff in top center of your battle screen... Earth: increase def. Liquid: restore health. Fire: meteor attack. Wind: increase damage.


Arena and mare.

Some UR are craps, ask suggestion before buy.

Shards have an icon smaller than cards and have a big S in the corner. They doesn't give you the disciple card. They are needed for augment feature.


Do it daily, at least first match, to gain currency for its specific shop, to buy UR.

Every month there is a monthly UR, the one top-center at 20k, see "news" to know when it goes away, you don't want to buy less than 8 copies of that card, so be sure to can afford all 8 before it goes away.


Unlock it asap.

Do it daily, to collect stones for NM and to gain currency for its specific shop to buy UR.

Matches are based on your 4 top cards. For this reason try to have FA evo3 and everyone else evo2, until you have some practice or enough stones to NM something.

Usually the first card NMed is FA, to keep IM easy, but you can NM any others DPS (ask suggestion though). Surely don't NM an healer or a tank as first.

The very easy strategy early on is FA, octo, healers x2. Any healers are fine, also the R2s, you just need heal all and heal skills high. The dps of an healer (also SR) is negligible compared to those skills.

Play manual. At the beginning could be difficult, but it become pretty handly after some practice, since with auto your healers will use their skills at the same time, wasting them. If one important disciple die or is going to die, pause, quit and retry, so you don't lose that card.

Kongchat is also usefull for lastminute advice, since usually a difficult match become easy with the correct killing order.

Some extra advice is to check the enemies stats and skills, to try to figure out by yourself a good killing order. Usually healer first works, but sometimes it is better to kill nuker first. Energy flux or 2-3 "attacks in certain range" on a single card may be first target.

Avoid DB your cards, just maybe some ATT on FA, but you shouldn't need it, keep DB for real endgame cards.


The completed pages of the collection give you rewards. The collection includes also the evolution of cards, so make sure to evolve once all the R2 that you find. Keep the R3 as well and forget for a while the exchange function.

Invite friends

At the very beginning, after elza15 and arena tutorial, you can submit an invitation code to get 600 crystals. After that you can do it in "more" section, before lvl 5. You can get this code in the sticky thread above or ask it in chat.

Your personal code is in "social - invite friends". Giving this code to beginners will grants you rewards.

The long way. You can daily refresh your friendlist, by deleting 5 friends a day and accept friendship from players below level 5. Mail them your code and instructions as soon as possible. It is a long process since most of them probably wouldn't see that mail in time, but you will eventually get your rewards.

The second way is to create alternative accounts and invite yourself.

Please don't come in chat spamming your code, it is quite annoying and you will probably get muted.


Sometimes, after a completed level, a boss will appear. The boss has a difficulty (colour of the name) according to your level, this is a good reason to keep your level low, since when you hit 30 you won't get anymore drops or chance from white-green.

There is a chart in the spicy forum but apparently is outdated, the spawning rules should be:

04-15 white ..... 16-20 green ..... 21-28 yellow ..... 29-36 orange ..... and so on

* News.

* You have a chance to spawn an UR, that will not drop the card, but would drop the shard. Shard dropped for most damage. Dropping the shard will reset your chance. Last hit will increase chance for SR and will not drop the shard.

* Raids from realms are only (until countercheck) SR and UR. UR shard (100%) only, SR shard (not 100%) or card.

* 1st event island doesn't spawn raids. From 2nd to beyond you can spawn fire R3 or SR, but you have to exit event island to see.

--outdated: The realm seems to condition the kind of boss you will spawn and should be:

--outdated: elzapop, R3 // articum, R3 + maybe R4 // subtyranny, R4 + maybe R3 // hoarhole, R4

The rewards are given only if the boss is beaten and there are:

1) spawn

2) engage / most damage

3) last hit

A chance to get the card of the boss is given to those who deals the most damage. Apparently also to those who do the last hit (but I'm not sure at all). If you don't get the card your chance increases by 0.5% for most damage and 0.5% for last hit. If you get the card your chance will be reset to 1%.

Your first boss you should engage with 3 roods and you should beat it. Keep tracks of which boss you killed in how many time, since maybe the next time you can engage with less roods. Different bosses of same tier may requires different amount of roods.

The raid always appears after 6 levels, so keep tracks of how many levels you have done since last boss. A good way is to do 5 level on elzapop and the 6th on subtyranny.

You cannot have more than 2 boss spawned.

When you spawn a boss you have 5 minutes before it is shown to your friends, so take it easy and carefully setup your deck.

Two players may engage the boss at the same time, the fastest to kill get last hit and (depending on hp% when engaged) most damage, the other get only the engage reward even if he kill the boss too. The boss hp (if not killed) is updated when the clock go to zero, so you could get last hit even if you don't consume all his life assuming that someone else has already done enough damage while you were fighting.

World Boss

A huge beast of 50 billions hp, 300 during specific events.

Engage it with 1 rood, even dealing only 1 damage, just to get partecipation reward.

Personal raid

You recognize them because they have an insane amount of hp, then you see a time limit of 30 minutes and a drop chance of 100%, they are SR only. These cannot be shared with friends and you will probably need 9 roods to beat them if you don't have strong friends to summon. Your current chance will be resetted to 1% if you win.


Every week there is an event, refresh on thursday.

* News: event island to collect stones (aug3+) and shards as EP reward.

--outdated?: Events are for endgame players, don't think you can compete.--

--outdated?: The events can be island or boss.--

--outdated?: Event boss. You cannot drop his card from him, since his card reward is based on a ranking system, but you may drop a random SR card or equipment shard.--

--outdated?: Event island. I would rather avoid at beginning. You get exp and few rewards, too much less compared to normal levels imho.--

SR UR chart

Advanced guide

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Topic: The Gate / Isla Mare for Lvl~25

I’m not a pro in mare…
My highest cards are arg25 purson25 nero20 psucc20 zagam20 lili20 octo20. I don’t know which are choosen as best cards.
I run with arg25 octo20 lili20 rimmon15. Most of the fight you can win without caring too much about enemies, healer first works good.
In case of trouble (pause and quit), try to understand who is the biggest thread, check your arg dps and find the enemy with more dps, that would be your first target after the healer (or before in case of multiple failing). Check also their skills, usually an energy flux carrier (cresil, …) or dangerous aoe (qsucc, …) is my first target even before the healer.
Other suggestion that I’ve been told are to kill any nuker before healer and to kill those that have high passive element buffs, but so far aren’t necessary.
With my cards (two 25s and many 20s), if i find 4x 25s i relax since they should be crap. If i find 4x 20s i tend to check them because someone could be super strong.
Sometimes i found an enemy team where his higher dps is way more than mine, so i use octo meteorite to take away aggro from my dying arg before it is too late. If timed correctly, healers heal arg enough and she get back hate before octo dies.
I move my arg to 2/3, because i see that in the middle sometimes doesnt fear the healer, so in that position she target healer by herself without target button. I dont move octo and she is usually out of range from 1st enemies aoe, but i will eventually try to drag her in the middle and use trap!
Move arg, fear, healer dies (attacked only by arg), target the next, good in most fight.
Or move arg, target high thread (attacked by both), octo automatically approach, fear, good for difficult battles. It may be necessary to target again. Target too soon will stop arg movement and healer may miss fear.

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Topic: The Gate / Updated invite list

I think i muted him in the chat like 3 times, different names beginning with “bubba2k”, because of this code spamming.