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Topic: Sonny 2 / Help with enemies! :D

Okay, i’m a genius for coming up with this ;) Here is some tips anyway!

1. If you’re fighting against healing enemies, use ’’Subversion’’ on them 2. Find out the weaknesses of it like the baron the ’’distrupt’’ spell and tick tock are the weaknesses of him! :D
3. The zpci ones are easy, just kill the medic, sniper, then the captain hunt. or if it’s the dog ones then just take the dogs out then the zpci!
4. If you’re stuck on any of the zones / enemies just tell me. :D
5. Use crystallize if that certain enemy with high attack and high def is bothering you, 1/3 is 2 stuns, 3/3 is 4 stuns! the only thing is, you can’t attack him! But the npc’s will attack the others until the spell wears off on him. :)

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Topic: Sonny 2 / walkthrough for some tough opponents

Can you help ME? I’m at that cockroach. Lvl 19 bio I Can’t kill the cockroach, he keeps healing. What do i do?