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Topic: Spellstone: Guild Recruitment / THE ŊЄϾƦʘӍΔŊϾЄƦȘ. BR 15+, Active members only. Upgrade your clan.

I’m a quite active person whose battle rating currently is at 14 and about ½ way to 15 (I think :D ).
If you haven’t given away you final spot I would like to join.

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Topic: Crush Crush / <BUGS> Post your bugs here!

Originally posted by AntonK62:
Originally posted by Magmardooom:

I bought an x8 and an x2. This last update (v0.21) is supposed to add an indicator of my multiplier purchases in the store screen but it only shows the x8.

Does this means that I lost my x2 without a refund? Or that only one of your highest multiplier counts and everything else is wasted diamonds? Or is it just a display error. In any case, I’ve bought an x2 and an x8 so it needs to say that I have x16.

Same here.

The same has happened to me

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / Hard Reset?

I haven’t found a reset button, but if you go into a private browser (CTRL + shift + p, if you are playing it on Firefox) you’ll be able to start from the beginning and play through the tutorial.
1. The private browser won’t affect your game safe on the original browser
2. When you close the private browser all data will be lost (all the time you have put into the game on the private browser)

You might be able to do a hard reset if you open Midas Gold Plus or Midas Gold in a browser where you haven’t played the game (I think you have to log onto you kongregate acc) and then save the “fresh/new” game onto the cloud save. After that you should be able to load the cloud save in you original browser and in that way do a hard reset.
Haven’t tried it out and I’m not going to (since I don’t want to f**k up my save file and do a compleat reset :p), but i hope it helps.