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Topic: Off-topic / Artist/Band Name Game!

Originally posted by Gevock:

Well, since this is in OT now, I’m here to regretfully inform the regulars of the late Music forum that these sort of threads are locked. If you want, you can try to restart it in Forum Games, but if that doesn’t work, I’m sorry.

Seriously though, blame Zshadow on this one guys. Go yell at him, not me.

</3 I yell at both of you, and your mothers.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best Concert You've Been To?

Bad Religion last November. Their last show of their 30th year anniversary tour. Some dude hits Greg Graffin in the face with a joint, he picks it up, sticks it up his nose and then takes it out of his mouth. Then he yelled “MAGIC!” and yeah. Thought it was pretty funny at the time. Oh, and the music was crazy awesome.

Also I hung out with one of the opening bands afterwards. They were pretty chill dudes/chick. Gave me a free shirt and poster too, so that’s a plus. (They’re called The Action Design if anyone’s interested.)

edit: here’s a song from the show

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Topic: Off-topic / Rank your favorite artists' albums

1. Aim and Ignite.


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Topic: Off-topic / What band/artist are you currently addicted to?

Everclear, fun., and Andrew Jackson Jihad.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best band name, song title, and album title

Originally posted by pothead1969:

be serious idiots

seek and destroy
kill em all

We’ll be serious when you spell Metallica correctly.

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Topic: Off-topic / Music or the person of your dreams?

I’d choose love. Rudy Francisco once said “If I could, I would sample your smile. And then I would let my heartbeat do the base line, and we would create the greatest love song of all time.”

So basically our love would make awesome musicbabies and I could tell you all to suck it. Woo.

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Topic: Off-topic / 80's Music

Crass and Bad Religion, anyone?

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Topic: Kongregate / Secret Panda Tournament (Round 1)

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is your favorite rap artist?

Kid Cudi, Dustin Duddy Bushnell, or Eminem.

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Topic: Off-topic / Songs, bands or albums that made you cry the first time you heard them and ensuring that you will love them forever.

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Topic: Kongregate / Secret Panda Tournament! [QUALIFIER]

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Topic: Off-topic / Cover songs that are better than the original?

Coldplay’s Viva La Vida covered by The Dirty Heads.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could listen to only one instrument in all your music...

acoustic guitar. yum.

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Topic: Off-topic / The new Radiohead album's out now!

I’m more concerned that Dog the Bounty Hunter has a twitter account.

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Topic: Off-topic / Post the music T shirts you own.

Originally posted by sakiraque:

where could I buy these shirts?

Online or at concerts is the way to go.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your recently bought/downloaded Album(s)

Aight, thanks LJ. It’s gonna be fantastic, I can just tell.

Also, I just obtained this:

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Topic: Off-topic / Your recently bought/downloaded Album(s)

Yeah, it’s what Eilios said. I’d highly recommend it as well. Not sure if you’d like it though, LJ.

And when’s the Mastodon live album come out? Looks amazing-tastic.

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Topic: The Arts / Unnecessary etiquette you follow with your instruments or when you play music.

With every stringed instrument I get/have gotten I only learn songs and stuff after I’ve broken a string from playing improved pieces.

Let me just tell you that bass strings hurt like a bitch.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your recently bought/downloaded Album(s)

Picked these up yesterday. Twas a good day.

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Topic: Off-topic / Super Awesome Writing-Art-Music Forum


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Topic: Off-topic / If you could snap your fingers and completely remove a genre of music from existence...

Originally posted by Pokerhappy:



But uh i’d say “pop punk”. Or at least name it something else

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Topic: Off-topic / Super Awesome Writing-Art-Music Forum

Originally posted by xXPoeXx:

That’s why there needs to be a moderator that actually pays attention to the forum.

Well it looks like we have a new forum mod so I guess our pleas were heard?

PS: hi davey-poo

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could play any one song on any one instrument...

I Just Got This Symphony Goin’ by Fall Of Troy

on ukulele.

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Topic: Off-topic / Crystal Castles

So I was wondering if you guys have heard of/like Crystal Castles since I recently got into them and whatnot.
To those who don’t know who they are, they’re an electronic 2-piece group.

Here’s some of my favourite songs by them:

Vanished –
Alice Practice –
Untrust Us –

Tell me whatcha think.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your 5 Most Important Albums

5. Gorillaz – Demon Days

First album I ever bought. It’s what introduced me to better music than what I had been previously listening to. Plus I still like it to this day.

4. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Only God Can Judge Me

This is what introduced me to indie music. I’d never really payed attention to it until I listened to this, and now I love it.

3. Catch 22 – Keasby Nights

This. This so hard. I’ve probably listened to this album more than any other. It was what got me into my favourite genre of music too. (Ska). Plus it’s inspired me to write my own music, seeing as the frontman of the group wrote the entire album himself when he was 16-17 years old. And finally, it’s one of those albums that I can relate to, and I can listen to it with any emotion and it’s still relevant. (If that makes sense.)

2. Weezer – Pinkerton

Oh man, Pinkerton. So many memories with this. You see, for some reason listening to such a sad album made me feel better when I was depressed (and this used to be A LOT.). It really just helped me through hard times. Yeah that sounds pretty lame, but still. Too bad Weezer’s other albums don’t have the same effect.

1. HORSE The Band – Desperate Living (Deluxe Version)

Okay, so last year my best friend moved away. We’d always loved HORSE The Band and other silly metalcore-ish bands. We’d listen to this album almost every day and talk about it just as much. Hell, he even bought a copy signed by the band members. But as I was saying before, he moved away last year. Before he left, he gave me a copy of it as a gift. It reminds me of all the good times we had. (Also it’s a pretty dope album, tbh.)

Sorry if I got a little sappy there, guys. Haha