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Topic: Peacefree Tactical Warfare / Uh-oh's! Bug, Tweaks and More...

First of all: Thank you for both Peacefree games, and your hard work in the recent updates :).

There is a lot of details missing from ILA that i want to discuss. I will post the most relevant to me here and if posible i will try to update this post if they get “sorted out” or if i find anything else to add… Now, without further ado:

1) Different Keybinding: in ILA; 1,2,3… were used for skills, that was pretty neat and pretty fast. In TWF they are used for “common” missions, that should be neat but you cant use them if you dont press “G” first… that takes out the point of a shortcut (IMO)… also the skills are now: Q,F,E,R,? thats not exactly intuitive… i do prefer Z,X,C,Tab for speed, and the space for “confirm/skip” (like ILA). As for the zoom feature, how about “+” and “-”?. Now… i understand that everyone has his/her own preferences for keybinding so why don’t allow players to set their own keybindings? as a bonus the same feature will work as a shortcut sheet to old and new players :)

2) Upgrades: i undestand that you just added the upgrade system but… compared to ILA is kinda lame… please take no offense, TWF upgrade menu is neat and well spaced its also very clear what everything does at a glance, and is easy to calculate what will you get at any upgrade level but… where are the fun upgrades? “faster skills” “more weapons” “new buildings” stuff that completly change the way you play… [+ 1 soldier] or [+ 20 food] does not sound that amazing, much less if you note that each soldier eats up 4 food instead of 2 per day and you will get more soldiers in the battlefield that you will ever need.

3) Troop managment: a very good part of the fun came from tweaking each soldier depending on the situation. they had portraits weapons and stats of their own. Sometimes you had to defend the base with the researchers or when food was going low even the soldiers can build a farm or scrap some metal. Granted, when you have 50+ soldiers it was hard to keep up with that managment but a “sort by X” feature should quickly fix it. As in TWF each soldier gives a fixed +4 of each “power”, but consumes 4 food per day and they dont seem to get stronger as you use them. There is also some inconsistencies, for example i was doing 13 missions at the same time with only 4 soldiers (and i didnt use any of my “Techpower”)…

I will update if i find more.

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Topic: Peacefree Tactical Warfare / Poll: Longer or Shorter Acts?

So, i like my maps long and challeging. For a experienced player most of them should be beated in around 30-40 minutes someone who is playing for the first time, or has poor RTS skills may last 80-120 minutes instead.

For the boss maps an experienced player should have at least 1 hour of fun with multiple objectives. But 3 hours is just as good :).

By the way, i dont know if you addressed this allready since ILA but, having clear objectives and a timer telling you how much before the mission fails (if there is a time condition) will be great.

Lastly. As long as the player is able to recover from any disasterous management and eventually win the map any lenght should be viable. just make it clearly visible when (if) the player is facing certain defeat. And maybe make the characters suggest tactical retreats.

So… regarding your poll:
- Normal maps #1-2 (about 1 hour)
- Boss maps #2-3 (less than 4 hours)
[+1 to ppl wanting the story back XD]


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Topic: Game Design / 2030 story, correct my english please

I was about to give a hand but i guess i got here late. +1 to “clasher235” version. Very clean and polished :).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Starpires] Tournament Server "Orion"

Hello Everyone! Enjoying the game so far, but i want to bring to your attention something that seems odd:

I been playing on the tournament for 28 turns and after i got to the 1st place i was hoping to spy a little while i wait for global protection to wear off, but to my surprise the Spec ops list is complety empty. I know i am a bit ahead of everyone but just about 5%, not begin able to attack or spy at all will be a bit disapointing. i can see in the leaderboard that there are plenty of players with almost the same stats as me so i wonder why my list suddenly got empty. (btw un-filtering the list only shows 1 guy, but i think thats only becoz he pm me)

Anyway is not that much of a big deal since i can just wait for players to attack me and then retaliate, but still i hope the list gets updated with ppl around me soon enough.


PD: i was unable to find a better thread to post this issue so feel free to delete it if its in the wrong one :)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Progress Wipe

I may be wrong but… forcing an user to make a new profile just because that feature is not implemented in the game does not sound like a good business decision.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Urban Rivals] Confused

@numean: the Guild powers only activate if you draw at least 2 cards of the same guild.
Does that explain your issue?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Redshift] Official: Feature Requests and Suggestions

I dont see why everyone is complaining:
1) If you dont like it or you are plain bored, go play another game (there are plenty out there)
2) If you paid for it and “feel” you didnt get what you paid for. Make a proper thread for it.

This is one of the few game i have seen on flash with a nice 3D feeling.
It also have some interesting mechanics besides the generic MMRPG

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monstermind] The Game

i am glad there are other games to play