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Topic: Technical Support / Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, Can't play it?

I played Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy a lot, started like 3 years ago or so. There was a multiplayer but because of many, many hackers, destroying the accounts and hacking a lot, the multiplayer sectors in the game (it was mainly SP but with some MP support) were disabled. I loved it and played it fine even this fall, such a shame it has been removed! It was a good game, removed from his site long ago but still available here…

However, he is currently working on StarFighter: Infinity, some info here I believe the game will be great!

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Topic: General Gaming / what starfighter:disputed galaxy 2 should contain

I like X: Universe game very much, mainly X2: The Threat. It’s a great game and it is VERY complex and the economy is pretty advanced.

For example, there are space sectors connected by gates (somehow like DarkOrbit). In each sector, there are space stations. You can dock to them, trade with them, upgrade your ships in space docks etc. There are space stations which produce resources and need some resources. For ex. Solar power plant produces energy cells and needs crystals to work. Crystal producing station needs energy cells and some other stuff i think. There are NPC travel ships which buy and sell the resources to the stations which need them. And at last, there are stations which produce weapons, defence systems, etc. Which means, the prize of everything on every station keeps changing as storages of that stations are getting filled up or empty. You can also destroy stations or build your own (for a lot of money), buy more ships and assign them to your stations and keep getting some income.

Think about it, please. I know, it’s a little bit complex, but that would make the prizes acceptable, add more interactive NPCs, player’s actions would affect the world a lot more. Also, add more missions for stations which needs more resources so player could ‘work’ for them for some time, or just transport resources once.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] What's the deal with "Reason 2"?

I really enjoyed the map editor, it was so great and so much fun. Making maps bigger and saving them to our PCs would also be cool. Battalion is a great game but this REALLY RUINS IT!! Just upgrade the servers, i think you have enought money for that from the premiums and elites… please…..

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / READ THIS.

Cheat engine works for this game? I guess it wont be so easy to cheat it through that…

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Topic: Kongregate / Beta testers needed for Battalion: Arena (edit: first 77 pages given access)

Pleeease i want to try it