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Topic: Spiral Knights / LOADING FOREVER

I fond a solution hopefully it will help.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Stuck on 70% DL FIX!!!

so I noticed that myself and a lot of others are stuck with this problem. I was stuck on 70% for about 2 days until I found a fix that MAY work for everyone, but definitely worked for me. First of all you will need Spiral Knights on Steam and download the update there, for some reason the update downloads perfectly on Steam. Next you will need to go to the following folders in your computer.

Spiral Knights Kongregate Folder:
Spiral Knights Steam Folder:
Program Files>Steam>steamapps>common>spiral knights>rsrc

Now that you’ve DOWNLOADED the update on Steam and opened both folders copy the JAVA contents of the STEAM rsrc folder to the >LocalLow>spiral>rsrc folder.

The JAVA contents should include 9 files.

Then make sure you refresh your browser and the update should load MUCH faster or be already done.

If you have any troubles finding folders or feedback if this worked please reply or pm me any time.

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Topic: Spiral Knights / stuck at 70% on DL

Hey guys I’m going to make a thread with a possible solution, check it out.