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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / Bug Reports and Suggestions

i have the same problem as Halibut1980 with chrome

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Topic: Squirrels / TRANSFORMAMICE

Originally posted by ChewChew:

It is just like Transformice.
Except different in the following issues:
>No wall jump, can’t beat levels without waiting on the shaman.
>Energy. It doesn’t work on these type of games, Squirrels should remove it immediately.
>No options to buy items with “nuts”. (Cheese on Transformice.)
>Less Shaman Tools.
>Annoying Pop-Ups.

The Squirrels administration has some work to do.

and here are less players… most are noobs

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Topic: Squirrels / How to put snapshots into an album?

make the snapshots and save them on pc, after that you have done the quest. then you can delete the snapshots if you want!

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Topic: Squirrels / Yes ENERGY BAR SUCKS serously

yes, if the developers delete energy bar it will be a better game, energy bar is so stupid.