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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Tabula Rasa [Ather City 3] Main Game

(and of course I didn’t see Connor’s post where he drags us out of the cell…. kinda makes my above post useless, but I like it anyways and we’ll say it happened just slightly before Connor appears)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Tabula Rasa [Ather City 3] Main Game

ANDERSON (yes, I’m still here!)

Anderson: “and you have quite the nerve causing another ruckus in the middle of t-”
Clayton: “you can cut the act, Gaylord, the guard’s gone”
Anderson: “perfect! let’s take our leave!”

<the Gaylord spins around to leave, only to behold the cast iron door was shut behind him>

Anderson: “er…. I don’t suppose you have a key do you?”
Clayton: “you think I’d be here if I did?”
Anderson: “wait a second….. DID I JUST GET ARRESTED?! UNACCEPTABLE! Clayton, looks like we’re going to perform a jailbreak!”

Clayton: “again, no keys, and I’m almost certain that guard will be more than happy to club you into the ground”

<a smirk escapes Anderson, he pulls out his temporal dowsing rods and positions to strike them together>

Anderson: “tell me Clayton, have you ever traveled through time?”
Clayton: “you can DO that? Holy shit man why am I just now finding this out?”
Anderson: “well I knew if I just told you you would repeatedly ask me to take you back in time and punch hitler in the jaw….. so I had my reasons”
Anderson: “yes yes but now it’s time for an escape, I’m going to rewind the room a bit to where the door was still open. ARE YOU READY FOR A JAILBREAK GOOD FRIEND?”


Clayton: “are you TRYING to get us killed? Of all things you never say, the second thing is ’let’s bust out of prison’!”

<Anderson blinks, giving Clayton a quizzical expression>

Anderson: “and what is the #1 thing you never say then?”
Clayton: “oh let me pick up this soap off of the ground!”
Anderson: “…….wonderful point, let’s continue and never speak of this moment”

<the clever Gaylord strikes the dowsing rods together in the air before him, they emit a spark, but nothing happens. Anderson cocks his head at the nothingness, he tries again and again to no avail. Clayton leans back and begins examining the ceiling>

Clayton: “so when again does this time travel thing work?”
Anderson: “i……it normally does! I don’t know what’s happening here! Temporal insulation wouldn’t have been invented for another 10 years there should be nothing stopping this!”
Clayton: “what was that part about temporal insul-?”
Anderson: “I think we both might be stuck here! This isn’t good at all!”

<Anderson, who is riddled with concern, quickly pulls out his cell phone and dials his house number>
Anderson: “Chiave, the dowsing rods aren’t working what’s going on?? NO THEY DON’T NEED NEW BATTERIES. Could you look at the calendar of 3076 and tell me if anything was updated?…… You found something? Can you send me a video of it? Thanks, and avoid the toaster”.

<they both sit in the silence of the room again, their thoughts echo through the emptiness they are trying to convey. Suddenly, the Gaylord’s phone rings back to life, it’s a video text. Anderson sits at the edge of the prison bed and nervously examines the video. Within the video, a large jet-black cannon is seen hovering over a city. It pours down walls of lava around the city to keep the remaining residents from fleeing. A large countdown starts as the camera reveals the cannon’s control room. Controlling the machine is the Gaylord himself accompanied by his robot companion. The countdown reaches 0 and Anderson presses a large button, sending ionic streams of light raining down on the condemned city. Amidst the destruction, the Gaylord steps on the roof of the cannon, he begins clanging his dowsing rods furiously to summon more of the punishing machines from different timelines, aiming each one at the ruins of the city.

The punishment continues for a mere two minutes before a crude version of a fighter jet wings out of the sky and begins raining bullets at the cannon. The machines are unfazed, the jet lands upon the machine the Gaylord commands and an elderly man sporting a trenchcoat emerges from the cock pit. A short dialogue is exchanged between the two before the trenchcoated man presses a button on a remote, one of the turbines on the fighter jet rotates to face the future Gaylord and fires a gust of wind at him. Knocking the dowsing rods out of his hands and sending them hurdling into the destructive rays of light below. At that point, the video goes fuzzy.>

<The Gaylord stares at his screen, horrified. Following the video is a text from Chiave saying that the explosion was probably a temporal echo from the canons when the dowsing rods were hurled into destruction. The Gaylord shoots straight up and faces Clayton>

Clayton: “well?”
Anderson: “we’re gonna be stuck here until Connor arrives…. on the bright side, I have some playing cards if you wanna pass the time”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Tabula Rasa [Ather City 3] Main Game


[Anderson kicks open the door to the local penitentiary, strolling in with his casual bravado]

Hello again everyone! I hear you have the local fool bound up again! If you excuse me I’m going to find him so I may wag his finger at him and say “tsk tsk”! Now lead me to him you peasants!

[one of the policemen sighs and leads the Gaylord to Clayton’s cell]

Ah yes! you’re in for a scolding now you ruffian! [Anderson announces as he shakes his fist at Clayton]

Clayton: dude what the hell are y-
[Anderson turns back to the cop, who for some reason or another has unsheathed his baton] if you excuse me, I don’t think this scolding will be suitable for the ears of the innocent, please leave.

[another growl escapes the prison guard as he locks the two in the room]
okay, I’m here to get you out buddy! Where’s Conner??

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Tabula Rasa [Ather City 3] Main Game

Gaylord Anderson

The clever Gaylord is still dashing through the streets, anxiously trying to propel himself to the police station. Suddenly a car horn pierces the chatter around him as a prius screeches to a halt mere inches from Anderson’s legs. Anderson jumps back slightly, in his haste he was disregarding his surroundings. “Who the hell puts a car here?” Anderson shouted at the miniscule vehicle as he began kicking the front bumper in. “Seriously man watch where you’re going? Don’t you know who I am?!”. The driver emerges from his car and lurches over to the relatively small frame of the Gaylord. “you shut the hell up before I cave your FACE in, punk” he blasted in Anderson’s face.

Anderson tried to maintain his sangfroid, he shakily reached for his phone and called his house. “Chiave, I’m requesting an air strike on my position, I expect it to be here within 5 minutes or less, also, I’m going to request you send my dowsing rods to me”. Anderson then hung up and quickly retreated into the distance, there was no way he’d want to be here in a few minutes.

once again he dialed Connor, “Connor? ugh, another message? Please don’t tell me you’re in trouble too! Anyways, I’m bringing some reinforcement in case the warden refuses to cooperate……say, you wouldn’t happen to have a haz-mat suit would you? If we’re busting him out we’ll need to disguise him. Anyways I can see the penitentiary just ahead, I’ll be there in a m- THAT WAS NOT FIVE MINUTES CHIAVE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU D-?!” the phone cut off before the rest of the sentence could register. Lo and behold, Anderson’s helper-bot Chiave was rolling right next to him on motor-skates. “Mr. Anderson! Here’s the item you requested!” the robot chirped as he handed the metal pipes to his master.

Er…..that’s just lovely, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you didn’t do the air-strike y- (BOOM)

“sir, we may have two issues………that wasn’t our strike” Chiave stated. “OH GOD WHAT?” Anderson skidded to a halt to look for any carnage behind him. To the surprise of both of them, there was no damage of any kind. The Gaylord scratched his head as he tried to make sense of the situation….. Suddenly all sense of responsibility returned to him and he began dashing to the prison house. “Chiave you go back home and watch over things, we’ll sort that out later!” He shouted as he zipped into the distance.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Tabula Rasa [Ather City 3] Main Game

Early Morning, 9:20 am

The young Gaylord has barely awoken, staggering around in a housecoat as he sends a bot to retrieve his newspaper from the lawn and read it to him. He hears his phone buzzing in the other room, but whoever, or whatever, it is can’t possibly be more important than the great Gaylord Anderson. He heads over to the a titanium heat pad on the table and sets a kettle on it, as the water boils he listens to the robot’s whirring and chirping as processes the news for everything important.

Anderson begins to listen to his metal minion broadcast the news as he pours his beverage into a ceramic cup. His phone rings again. Yet once more he pays no heed to it, “Today I am DETERMINED to relax”. Nearly two minutes of constant buzzing pass in the back ground before a loud CLANK is heard. Anderson stumbles backwards as the floor opens up before him and launches toast into the air just 2 feet away from his face. A bright led laser then began directing a grid of flames to the piece of bread as the hasty Gaylord and his robot companion quickly ducked in cover to the ground. The fire grid stopped and the searing breakfast item fell to the floor with a serenade of crunching as burnt pieces hit the floor.

The fire carved a message into the bread. “Clayton’s been arrested. Check your damn phone”. “Oh yeah….” Anderson sighed as he propped his creation back into a standing position. He had forgotten that if he receives an important message, he programmed the house to write the text in a piece of toast and present it to him. “Why the bloody hell did I ever think that was a good idea?” Anderson pondered under his breath as he took a bite from the toast. He then darted into his room and gazed into his closet. The whole thing was filled with the same wardrobe….. Anderson haphazardly grabbed an outfit and dressed himself. He then grabbed his phone and departed. “Chiave, you’re in charge of the house until I’m back. Take care of it!” he instructed his robot companion as he dashed out through the front door.

Anderson dialed Connor’s number, the answering machine almost immediately picked up. “Tch” Anderson thought furiously to himself “and here I was hoping to get some answers!”. The monotonous “beep” gave way to Anderson’s introduction. “Hello Connor! I just received your text and I’m on my way! I have no clue where you are but worry not! For no problem is too big for the great Gaylord Anderson! Also I’m going in unarmed so this better be a civil problem.” he announced into the phone speaker as he ran through the streets.

Hopefully he’ll find them….

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Tabula Rasa [Ather City 3] Sign-ups Thread

Name: Gaylord Anderson
Age: 19
Appearance: slightly under average height, short blonde hair, purple eyes, purple silk vest with a pocketwatch and gold-chain design spread across. Long-sleeve white button up shirt underneath said vest. Formal black trousers and black house-shoes.
Magic School: Augmentative
Spell of Choice:Charge
Bio:A devious and dazzling mechanic, he uses his magic to distort machinery and was therefore pinned to the Augmentative school. Among his friends, he is infamous for his ingenious creations, creating immense weapons from scrap materials and such. His two most frequently used items are his temporal dowsing rods, other than using them for collecting precious metals, but he can use them to visit different time periods as well as to extract other characters or objects (which he has often taken advantage of, taking machines from the future and taking credit for them). His biggest weakness is that he’s pompous, outperforming him (and bragging heavily) will easily provoke anger.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Homestuck RPG Rebooted(Main Game)

as soon as his pesterchum closed, Derrick’s download rocketed into completion. His eyes widened as a countdown initiated from his once dull screen. In addition, nearly all light outside seemed to have disappeared as the clouds opened up to reveal a glint in the distance….
==>well crap…
….nothing works…..
…..the wifi seems to have disappeared
==>await the impending doom overhead

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Homestuck RPG Rebooted(Main Game)

(sorry I haven’t been on, family issues and such…)

A young man sits alone in his room examining a hand of playing cards using the light of his computer screen. What is his name?
Background Character
annoyed, he seems to shoo it away
it’s about time he showed up hm?
…he seems even more annoyed with this remark of a name, he takes a marker and crosses it out, scribbling a name over it.
Derrick Davis
ah, he seems content with this name. Derrick looks back up at his computer screen, a progress bar slowly moves ahead. He is downloading SBURB Beta, he looks around his room to find something more to occupy his time. A roulette wheel, a poker visor, several programming scripts and drawing books litter the floor along with a pile of white jackets that seem to at one point or another accompany his wardrobe.
He scans the room one more time, but to no avail to ease his boredom….
==>Pester Connor
as a last-ditch effort to cure his boredom, he opens up a new program and starts to pester his friend from school.
AmazingDerrick[AD] started pestering AnarchistApparition[AA]
[AD]: |7|7|7| THERE’S NOTHING TO DO!!!
[AA]: well look who FINALLY showed up, you downloadin9 SBURB?
[AD]: |7|7|7| yes and the wait is boring, this better be worth the wait
[AA]: oh it is, just 9ive it time, what’s the pro9ress?
[AD]: |7|7|7| I started 40 minutes ago and it’s at 12%
[AA]: ouch, you 9ot a while then huh?
[AD]: |7|7|7| nup, it’s done
[AA]: ….wat
[AD]: |7|7|7| well I’77 start it up soon
AmazingDerrick[AD] stopped Pestering AnarchistApparition[AA]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Homestuck RP (Main Game)

a young man sits with his feet apathetically propped up on his bed, examining his poker cards in the dim computer light. Periodically he looks over at the screen to check the downloading progress of SBURB Beta, then goes back to his cards. What is this guy’s name?
==> Dimwitted Idiot
He shows obvious discontent at this name and shoos it off by flicking poker chips at it.
==> Derrick Davis
showing more satisfaction with this name, he kicks against a wall and propels his wheeled computer chair across his room. (which is littered with drawing materials, poker chips and cards, a transparent green visor, metal scraps, and amazingly enough a roulette table). He logs into Pesterchum in an effort to pass the time while he awaits his download.

== AmazingDerrick [AD] began pestering anarchistApparition [AA] at 12:14 ==
[AD]: hey man, how’s it going?
[AA]: it sure took you long enough to get on…
[AD]: gimme a break, this computer’s not what it used to be, ya know?
[AA]: yeah yeah, but you could’ve even TRIED to get on
[AD]: just be gratefu7 I got on now, hm?
[AA]: perhaps I’d be more grateful if you showed up more often, so you got SBURB right?
[AD]: yeah, it’s still down7oading tho.
[AA]: well hurry up, I’m starting to get complaints
[AD]: chi77 out buddy, I’77 be there soon
[AA]: yeah well I’ll go get everything started, you better join us soon or I’m continuing without you
[AD]: right, soon.
== AmazingDerrick [AD] ceased pestering anarchistApparition [AA] at 12:20 ==

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Homestuck RPG Signups

Name: Derrick Davis
Age: 17
Description: 6’4", curly brown hair, slender, green eyes
Strife Specibus: gamblekind
Color: Blue
Chumhandle: AmazingDerrick
Interests: art, drawing, archery, video game programing, computer design, acting, movies, building
Guardian: Baron Reginald Von Sprockets
Hometown: Union, KY