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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Candyland

Of course it’s a scam…who in their right mind needs “help” getting to 20, yet can afford a candyland key..unless they’re a really stupid newbie buyer.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / soul bounds

Originally posted by MrLaw98:
Originally posted by NekoEro:

Why are uts soul bound now?

UT’s are most likely soul-bound so that characters can die with duped UT’s, thus increasing the rarity of them. Also to combat RWT sites.

Originally posted by NekoEro:

it’ll make the game a lot more fun again.

Really? Wouldn’t it be more fun getting a UT that you wanted in a white bag, feeling proud that you earned it?

Bring another point of view into this. I’ve been farming abyss for about 2 or 3 weeks now. Solo almost every single time, and yet still not a single dblade. Sure it’d be fun to “earn” one, but wouldn’t it be the same earning pots or items of equal value to trade for it? Eitherway you’re still earning the item, it’s just another method. and then comes the problem with drop this point I’d much rather buy dblade then keep farming abyss for another week that drops nothing but def and vit (which if dblade was unSB’d, I could use to trade for dblade.)
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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Originally posted by cosmos5000:

granted but he kills you
i wish for a unlimited supply of iron skin potions thats increanses my def by 100 for 1 hour

Granted but you have 1 hp.

I wish I was immortal.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your worst ROTMG regrets

Trading cross-games for a Colo, not selling it for 6 life, not maxing before I equipped it, and dying to an ent ancient after chatting…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes Of The Sword] Beginners Strategies

Like Astros said before, get sledge hammer first. And try to get 1 hp and 1 def per every other level, except for the initial 2 strength for hammer. AKA level 2 get 1 strength, level 3 get another strength, then hp, then a point in spell (you’re definitely going to want spells), then a point in hp, and so on.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes Of The Sword] Bug tracker

Hello, I found a bug a while ago where I somehow got negative crystals:

When the bug first happened, I had -4. Then I earned 2 more crystals so it bumped up to -2, which was when the screenshot was taken. Now I’m at 8 crystals, but I counted each one I earned, and if the glitch hadn’t happened I would have 12 by now.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Originally posted by bubb33:

granted but you always die
I wish I always got average base lvl 20 stats

Granted, but the game always crashes upon loading.

I wish for a non-corruptable wish.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Corrupt-A-Wish

Originally posted by ajbarr:

Granted, but it is restored and the admin who deleted it is fired on the spot.
I wish for a mouse.(Animal kind, not computer kind)

Granted, but the mouse is in a heated bucket strapped to you and starts digging through your abdomen.
I wish this gun was in tdp4:

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Concerning a Wipe

Originally posted by AmazingAlexx:

davidpchiu – Not true, a lot of K+ games do beta wipes to make there be an even playing ground when launching the game to public Kong users. Most games also compensate for money spent on the game or disable the purchase of premium currency.

Those are mainly non multiplayer/mmo games, if a game has the option to pay pre-release, AND is multiplayer, the usually do not wipe any data at all.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] New Guild, New Management: Vendetta

Originally posted by loshia:

Im interested in joining lvl 45 Officer, kong name loshia. Im relatively new to the game the warrior i made officer quest was guildless too.

Originally posted by GaetanoO:

hi guys can i join? i’m a 52 officer (Dajinn) kong name GaetanoO

Sure, just make sure to pm me or one of the people listed when online. We’ll be glad to invite.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Fire mage lvl 50 weapons

Originally posted by Egzarh:

I’ve been playing Esgrima for a week now and I started to wonder which rod should I craft after the Lion King rod. There are two possibilities: Dragon Rod and Flame Rod. The problem is that I don’t know any stats of those weapons, also I don’t know if any of them (or both) are upgradeable later with other recipes. I tried to find them but there’s just no info about them.

My question is: does anyone knows stats of those rods, or maybe even has a screenshot of them?

Also any information about flame suit would come in handy.

Due to the scarceness of mages, I don’t think anyone’s ever crafted flame or dragon rods or flame suits. The general rule though, for all classes, is to go with dragon over flame, and if you do decide dragon it can be used in level 60 t2 recipes, the shogun recipes. Same goes with flame clothes to shogun clothes. If you decided to stick with 50 for a while longer, you can go to 55 and 60 rod recs, but those give strength rather than bonus attack, which is useless for a mage, so I’d recommend you craft 60 tier 1 suit and 60 tier 2 rod.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Corrupt-A-Wish

Originally posted by Pokefan9001:

Granted, but you get hacked and reset. I wish that somebody would lock this thread, as it is hard to keep track of.

Granted, but the thread was only locked to you.
I wish for a wish with no corruptions.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] How do you set up a stall

What exactly do you mean by stall? If you’re referring to shop, simply open up your shop tab and your inventory, then drag the item you want to display for sale to your shop. Then just put the amount/price you want.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] TRADING POST

Seems like a good idea, so here are my sales:



-Level 20 coat Cheval Clothes recipe---50k

-Level 20 heavy armor Elite Conquistador Armor recipe---25k

-Level 20 suit Apoderado Clothes recipe---30k

-Level 20 rod Vasto Rod recipe---40k

-Level 20 male hat Gray Cap recipe---30k

-Level 20 female hat Woman Top Hat recipe---20k

-Level 20 book Elevado Libro recipe*2---20k

-Level 30 Lance Angel's Faith recipe---50k

-Level 30 Greater Healing ring recipe---50k

-Level 30 male hat Green lefo recipe---50k

-Level 30 Army Bow recipe*2---25k

-Level 30 suit Jefe Clothes recipe---40k

-Level 30 female hat Throstle Hat recipe---45k

-Level 40 book Hielo Caliente recipe---50k

-Level 40 rod Mystic Lantern recipe---50k

-Level 40 Master Necklace recipe---60k

-Level 40 Marquise dress recipe---75k

-Level 40 pistol Pistola Bayonet recipe---100k

-Level 50 Heavy Boots War boots recipe---75k

-Level 50 T3 Flaming Rapier recipe---100k

-Level 50 T2 Fire Helmet recipe---125k

-Level 50 T2 Dragon Sabre recipe*2---100k

-Level 50 T2 Dragon lance recipe---75k

-Level 50 T2 Dragon shield recipe*2---75k

-Level 50 T2 Pistol Dragon's breath recipe---125k

-Level 50 T2 Book of dragon recipe*2---80k

-Level 50 T1 Lion King rod recipe---70k

-Level 50 T1 coat Grendelux recipe---100k

-Level 50 T1 Phoenix Dres recipe---90k

-Level 50 T1 pistol Swamp Striker recipe---100k

-Level 50 Light Boots Winged boots recipe---70k

-Level 55 Yellow Lantern rod recipe---60k

-Level 55 sabre Short Daishi recipe---300k

-Level 60 T1 Chained Titan Bow recipe---80k


-Level 50 elite heavy boots war boots with +10 gem enchant*1---10m

-Level 20 elite light armor Hunter's armor---1m


Level 10 rare boots runner shoes

level 10 rare rapier pure iron rapier


-Level 20 rapier recipe

-level 20 pistol recipe*2

PM me if you are interested in any of these sales, quantities and sold out items will be updated asap.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Stuck at the login page, and my character list doesn't load

Well first, that only usually happens if you try to log in on the same account on two different tabs, other than that I don’t think it should happen. Try rebooting your computer or using another browser.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Corrupt-A-Wish

Granted, but zeus wished to be blind and couldn’t read cobra’s previous wishes.
I wish all things in shop costed nothing.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] New Guild, New Management: Vendetta

Originally posted by 4rm1m17y13:

I’m not exactly level 40 yet, but do you think you could reserve a slot for me?

Yeah sure, just make sure to pm me or one of the people listed when you reach 40.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Where do you find Orge Stone?

Greater healing ring.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Need a good guardian skills build

So far I’m only 50, and I’m sure Fred would do a hell of a job better at explaining Guardians, but here’s what I’ve numbed it down to at level 50, with the discretionary points from 50 and beyond I’m still not quite sure what to do with.
Lv1: Max defend, maximum health (mining optional)
Lv10: Max the whole bracket.
Lv20: Like level 10, max the whole bracket.
Lv30: Max warshout, ignore the other two skills.
Lv40: Max hook.
Lv50: Max Beast Attack (uses one skill point only.)
Do whatever you want with discretionary points, but for the moment guardian blow and last hope aren’t functioning properly, so not many skills to choose from at this point.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Where do you find Orge Stone?

Ogre stones are dropped by Orc Chieftains, though their drop rate can be extremely low, so you may be farming Top Tree Village for a while…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Sexist much?

Originally posted by Aceeri:

There is no “standard” for games, it is only as you players make it seem. They don’t have to add selectable gender options, infact, I’ve seen plenty without that option. Would you rather have gender options over faster programming? It would take twice as long to program everything basically.

Not to mention not playing a game due to some gender differences seems more sexist to me than having just one female class. And at the current game’s structure, where there is gear based on class, it just can’t be re-implemented. We can’t have Officers with fem hats just because they added a new gender option, it’d start to distinguish stats between both genders, and eventually make only one gender used due to better stat difference, which would imply (by your logic) MORE sexism (one gender widely used/better over the other). Leave the game if you’re too prideful of your gender, I wouldn’t care nonetheless, I didn’t bitch at Metroid with Samus being a female, not gonna bitch now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Improved Boss Guide

Originally posted by Aetheraenn:

A lot of thanks to CJ, getting screenshots is the hardest part of the whole thing and I appreciate the images.

Thanks, and no problem. Also forgot the levels/nodes for the bosses, Guardian beast is found at Warrior Road, levels 55-58, and Bulbdorados at Zhenmurshou Forest (quite a mouthful) levels 57-60.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Sexist much?

It’s not sexism, it’s the thought that the Kongegate community would be mature enough to not get butthurt at the lack of a gender-swapping option, which would result in much more designing/programming for the devs, halting even more future updates.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Unlockable Classes

Originally posted by Vanguard205:

So Berserker does not worth getting at all?

the whole berserker vs. warrior debate has been around for a while, with warriors with steady, reliable damage and berserkers with unlikely, but a chance at really high damage (both paling in comparison to officer of course), so all in all it’s whether you like reliability with warrior or like to take a chance and test your luck with zerker. One problem, though, with the berserker class is it’s first AoE becomes useless at later levels, and its skills use more mana than warriors’ skills which are sometimes nearly identical, or better. All in all though, I enjoy both, so berserker isn’t a waste, but not the best either.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Esgrima 2] Official Unofficial FAQ

Well I decided to have a forum post for some frequently-asked questions, and if I missed any you have you may ask here as well.

Protip: To find a certain question/subject, try CTRL+F

Q: Is this game fun/any good?

A: Short and simple, it's subjective and depends on your taste in games.

Q: What's the best class?

A: Well fire mages are great farmers with their AoEs but bad for bosses, so not recommended. Clerics are highly in need, but usually require a full party or a meatshield to accomplish anything. Warriors are great all-rounders, and in my opinion the best starter class. Decent dps, great tank capabilities, skills, and buffs. Musket has a really fast initial beginning, but later on becomes really difficult and almost useless to play until level 50, when it gets a cooldown reset buff that is vital in certain boss battles. However, it uses nearly identical gear (other than rapier) to the best class in the game, officer, which you need to unlock. So if you plan on having an officer, creating a musket to get the coat/pistols/hats would be a wise choice as a swap.

Q: How do I get to the new island?

A: Well first you need to have unlocked empire espada outpost by completing all of valeria's nefcok and guard quests, as well as all the frostreach soldier's quests. Then to unlock the foreign soldier's quests, you need to have completed Montero's chateau quest and any of his quests before it. Once you have all these quests done, accept the quest from the foreign soldier and complete them. This will unlock Narumachi, the new town in the new continent. To actually unlock the levels, you need to accept Elder Fukomoto's quest for the Narumachi map, which you can get from Maki for 2.5m denars. Once you complete his quest, the land is officially open to you.

Q: How do I unlock officer?

A: Well first you need to unlock empire espada outpost as I said before, by completing all the nefcok/guard/soldier quests, then reach level 50 to accept the Empire Officer's quests, and complete them in order.

Q: How do I unlock samurai (A.K.A archer)?

A: Well first you need to have completed Omurai's challenge in Narumachi, by fighting him and surviving 6 turns. Then, you need to continue leveling up to get more quests from the Samurai himself, and complete them in order. Grimzar is the daily boss you can fight for 3m denars from the Conquistador in Valeria.

Q: How do I unlock berserker?

A: Well you need to acquire 1.3k reputation, which you can get by doing certain quests and leveling up.

Q: How do I unlock Guardian?

A: Fight your way through each level to port ville, then accept and finish each of the guardian's quests. The guardian master talisman drops at dark deep sea ocean.

Q: What is mining?

A: For starters, mining spots (or known as M#) are usually unlocked by defeating an optional boss that branches off from the main route (with the exception of suelo congelado). For mining itself, in a nutshell it's when you get your character in a mine, press the "mine" button, and wait for a rare rock. Some mines require mining levels, a passive which is a must to get, though it's common to have one main character then another for mining. Mining normal blue rocks will give you common materials, mining rare red rocks will give you a CHANCE of getting rare mine materials, both commons and rares are needed to craft items through recipes, which drop at bosses. And sometimes players like to call out which mine and which channel has a rare, someone calling "M3C2" in chat is stating there is a rare rock in Snowfield mines, channel 2. Jungle Mines are known as M1, Underwater Cave mines as M2, and Snowfield mines as M3. You can switch channels by clicking settings, channel, and click "join" by the channel you want to enter.

Q: What are recs/recipes, and where do they drop?

A:Recipes are items that require certain boss drops and mining commons/rares, different bosses drop different items/recipes, for a full list go here.

Q: What's enchanting?*

A: Enchanting is a process where you get an item, a proper gem that can can enchant it, and sometimes a booster to increase your chances of a successful enchant. Gems drop from certain bosses (refer to the boss guide), and boosters can be bought in the gold mall, drop from the Khaz'ar Dungeon, or are obtainable through quests.

Q: What are skill manuals and what do they do?

A: Skill manuals increase a skill’s level by 1, so a level 5 skill would go from 5 to 6. Usually by skillpoints, you can only increase a skill one level (for elements and certain passives/actives), but for most it’s 5. Skill manuals let you go beyond 5 and raise it to 6. basically it just makes the skill more powerful, i.e. with skill manual a level 5 findero goes from 25% to a level 6 with 40%. 15% more.

Q: Can you sell items?

A: There are various types of ways to get/give items in the economy within this game, the least common way is you can sell items in the gold mall or to NPC's, and the amount you'll get off the item is half of its listed sell price. For player interaction, you can right click and trade, where there is a denar, gold, and items slot. Those are for direct trading, and prices, value, and worth depend between each player, so rather than have a set price both players will have to come to a consensus on the item(')s(') value. Though there are some staples for prices that most players agree upon, so try finding those.

Q: How do I join a guild?/What are guilds for?

A: First off, guilds are invite only, and only the Leader, Officers, or members can invite others to a guild. You can probably ask around and find an officer/member/leader and ask them if they'd take you, but some guilds have standards, so finding one that'll accept you at level 1 as soon as you start playing is unlikely, so improve a bit before entering a guild, level 40 with full elites is recommended. Guilds are sort of just meant to group players together, rather than be scattered throughout the game. Guilds tend to "run" certain Strongholds such as War Factory or Shogun Castle. Also, by warring, guilds gain guild exp, and with enough guild exp guild's can level up, giving each member a permanent buff in battle. The higher the guild level, the better the buff.

Q: How/where do I get warrior ring?

A: For the quest "Ring of Romance," you need to craft the warrior ring, a level 10 elite ring. You can get the recipe from one of the blacksmith's quests, and get the materials from mining/selva temple. Be warned though, when turning in the quest the ring will be taken, so it's advised immediately before you turn in the quest to equip it so it isn't taken, the quest isn't even worth the effort if it's taken anyways.

Q: What's a warrior stone for?

A: Warrior stones are a rare (initially) drop from certain humanoid enemies, or any enemies bearing a warrior/human-like resemblance (including monkies). You can trade them to the collector in port ville for certain materials needed to craft certain recipes, such as metal for pistols and books, hilts for sabers/lances/rapiers, etc.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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