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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] Prices Between Now and Past

That’s just the way of the economy,gem prices are only gonna be going up,just be happy that you can actually buy gems,cause in most,if not all MMORPGs,you have to pay real money to buy exclusive/uber items.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] Official: FO Help and Support

I’am loging in and everything is loading fine,but after getting in the game,I’am immediately being logged-out again with a 5 second delay.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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Topic: Game Programming / Help with sitelock

You can add this AS3 site lock code directly on your timeline maybe right after the kong API code (Much easier according to me):

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Topic: General Gaming / Suggest a hero for Nano Kingdoms 2!

Name : Kamikaze
Story : Watched his own parents being slaughtered by the joker,got a twisted sense of logic because of this and decided to join the joker’s army.After being defeated by the player,he could regain his senses.
Age : 15
Magic Spells
Crazy Tempo : Ridiculously increases the speed of the game.
Twisted Logic : Makes friendly units attack the player’s castle and after the spell wears off, all the units affected either die or explode or get poison which spreads to all units nearby I leave that up to you.
Last Man Standing : Kamikaze himself goes on to battle with a poison aura around himself which affects all units but if critically injured, retreats back to the castle.

Feel free to make any changes to him except for the name.

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Topic: General Gaming / Outpost Haven Lvl 6

Anyone else having problems getting the hard badge?

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Topic: Technical Support / PLZ help! i can't get onto kongregate!

Count me too!And the link isn’t working either… :(