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Topic: Cloudstone / [TO DEVS] Please fix pvp exploit

Stripping is clearly exploiting a gap in the system to damage other players in PvP by lowering their own points, giving strippers an advantage over non-strippers.
Some people say “I like strippers because it is easy to beat them”, well, what they are saying is “I approve it, because it is good for ME” without concerns for the global functioning of the game.
People can be very creative when it comes to finding ways to flourish and many times these ways aren’t rightful.
For those players who resist the pityful strategy of stripping, the game may become a source of rage instead of pleasure.
Devs, I suspect that if you don’t fix this problem, you may be losing the affection of some of the most dedicated players.
As I wrote elsewhere, my suggestion would be separating PvP and PvE character configuration. In this way, the AI would keep whatever gear the player used in the last fight, despite of what s/he may be wearing in PvE or what s/he left when going offline. Some people suggested other solutions. I’m not sure how these changes affect the overall work of the devs but I’m positive that there must be an optimal solution if they are willing to provide one.