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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [suggestion] library, museum, bank & gasometers

I like the idea. For science storage, increasing the amount produced per trimp as bonus, could really be a new way of making scientists relevant for higher levels. At this point, you’d only hire them for blasting past the lower levels and only a few thousand at most.

Map fragment storage… That could reduce the cost of gateways and maps, rather than to boost production. Maybe 1%-2% compounding or so.

Helium… I would keep that as a premium currency. No need to cut a run short as to prevent overflow, or to have to spend helium to store more. Alternatively, a good bonus for it would be to increase your own production modifier (which is only used for quick building and science at higher levels). If that is the case, I’d have it limited to food, wood and metal since science is already overproduced by yourself.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Suggestion] auto upgrade purchase

An auto-purchase, no. A research all available upgrades button, yes, that would be great.

edit and with the possibility of excluding research such as gigastation.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Shield upgrade suggestion

I really like the idea. I would like to add the condition that you have to survive the hit in order for the reflect to take effect, Otherwise you’d simply leave your computer on overnight and it would keep progressing.

I can see how prestiging the shield could add an extra % each time, but how would you see regular upgrades? Maybe a base damage added on top of the percentage reflected from the enemy.

Tying it in with other formations, this would be halved by Heap and Dominance, and maybe only the base damage reflect X4 from barrier rather than the percentage.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Funny things that just occur

You stole 94 fragments from that Flutimp! It really didn’t look like she needed them though, don’t feel bad.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Devs, would you please...

Actually, that might be confusing if it works that way, most people would think they are seeing the cost of multiple upgrades (such as upgrading from II to V).

Which would be a nice thing :)

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Suggestion: More things for Trimps to do.

Scientists could be used to create map improvements under buildings. How about researching ‘Refining’, each time it is ‘built’ giving a 1% compounding bonus to map loot. Maybe ‘prospecting’ gives a 1% chance to find resources on an empty map square (not compounding, up to 100%).

Of course, all those techs would have some minor secondary costs as well.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / I'd like to like this game...

Packrat has a different effect than you might think. 10 levels in it, enable you to build 3 storages rather than 2 with a full stock. At level 30, that would be 4 storages. So unless you blow past the levels (in which case you’d get the resources to buy storages), you should have more than enough room to store everything. You don’t have to buy every piece of equipment the second you have resources for it. It’s possible to save up for storage ;)

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Suggestion add more exotic Imp-orts

Seeing as all premium content is relatively easy to obtain ingame, why not add some more?

StoreImp: Adds (Zonelevel ^ 4) to all 3 storages. Scales well enough to be usefull and not enough to be overpowered. Combines with packrat perk.
Meatimp: Adds (Zonelevel ^ 4) To health. Overpowered in the first 15 levels, but by the time people have this, they’ll blow through early levels anyway.
Quillimp: Same for attack.
Artifimp: Spawns in maps. Loot drop for science.

Gladly see more suggestions or improvements. Balance is a real hard thing to achieve. Greensatellite has done a wonderfull job so far and I’d like to see the game improve over and over again :)

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / I have an idea for a challenge, and the perk that it'd give.

Sounds like a good idea. But maybe a bit overpowered as block really is the most important stat. The base block is a great idea though. Maybe add base block to every trainer you buy as in 1 block per trainer for each trainer you own. Example Level 5 perk and you have 200 trainers would then add 200K base block per trimp.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Changes: AutoFight and Explorers

Fragment production could be increased by research found in maps. That would be a logical discovery. Maybe halfway in between the housing improvements a doubling of production for explorers (compounding) and also doubling the amount of fragments found in the world at the same time. Fragments have few purposes so their production shouldn’t be as high as others.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Suggestion] stats

Might be a good idea to ask another developer how he managed. I know clicker heroes is a 30 kb string. Length is not really an issue.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [Visual improvement] Trapstorm with many Foremen

Perhaps the simplest way would be to multiply the amount of traps made. For example all traps taking 15 seconds to build but you receive traps equal to your total foremen.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Gym at higher lvls

Perhaps the gym can be improved not only with additional upgrades, but it would make sense that it contributes to attack and health as well (perhaps through research). A steady increase (like 20% compounding per map level) would make it an interesting addition. Especially since it doesn’t go away when upgrading.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / So annoying!

As many people before. DON’T CLEAR YOUR CACHE !!! 99,99% of every save loss complaint ends up in this department. Make sure your browser doesn’t auto-clear it every time you log off and don’t use programs like CCleaner (or set the up properly).

If only people had the sense of actually reading Terms of Use and all of the stuff you see when you sign up on kongregate…

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Anchient Ideas*

Poopyman and Lloyd are right. The spawn chance is 1 in 10.000 frames now. 1 in 5000 is twice as likely to occur. Also, the chance is in frames. Which means that an egg now spawns roughly every 4 minutes (rounded down). This ancient would double the chance to spawn (at max level) so once every 2 minutes on average.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Anchient Ideas*

ONe of your ideas already exists. taking gold to the next ascension is Khrysos, god of inheritance. Facultas is a bad idea. Simply because you half your income.

One that I can think of is a Ebisu, ancient of luck and merchants. 10 levels. each level making items like eggs and the bird 10% likely to spawn. (so 1 in 5.000 frames instead of 1 in 10.000 at max level.)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Auto "Buy Max" for Idle players

What you really are looking for is another game. If you want a fully automated game, try progress quest. It’s the first idle game ever made and involves no input from you. (except the start and saving/loading)

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: Recruitment (Expand Your House) / Add friend

Tyrell. Don’t care about anything. I’m just playing to get into the sweepstakes and bugger pay-to-win whale games like this one. Friends get me there faster.

ID: 1227031

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Stuck at my second ascension

A simple trick. Don’t pay much attention to hero levels. Look at hero costs. If you can’t level your last hero by 25 Hold ctrl and if you can level a low-level hero that way, the increase will generally be effective.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Quality rainbow ore deficit

I find it a lot easier to get quality rainbow ore than fairy wood for example. Sure, the drop rate is less, but you can save them up since it can’t be stolen from you through prison.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / TFCG Balancing Tweaks and Such, Etc.

The one thing that is missing in comparison to games like MTG is the ability to destroy enemy energy generators. It could be a single generator loss at 2 mana cost (or 0 upgraded version). It would be nice to have it work cross-colours. ex: red destroying green, green destroying blue, etc…

Perhaps add a yellow card that removes 1 of every generator from both players (going no lower than 1). An upgraded version of that spell could be to remove an extra 2 energy of each type as well from the enemy.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / how many HS should i spent/keep each ascension?

You are ascending way to fast if you only make 20-30 hs each time. At 270 souls keep all of them. Also, never spend more hs than you earned with your last run. My advice is to keep going untill you have 100 – 200 hs at your current level. Get Siyalatas if you can and slowly level solomon and atman a bit.

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Topic: The King of Towers / asking about differences

With facebook, you need to bother your friends to send you stuff, or make multiple accounts.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Technology and witch

They upgrade as well. You need to check the numbers in a level, not in the upgrade screen.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Suggestion: Tavern scaling

With the new daily rewards including higher tier resources, how about changing the tavern as well. My spells and towers are all over level 30. I would like to have a chance of getting air or water essence instead of earth and the same for tower resources.

I would plead for a replacement only though. Getting 6 chances to get a resource would be terrible since you can only cross off 2.