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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

Originally posted by zakkaz1:

Does this game need a plug-in or download, or is it a browser game?

The game is built using Unity, so it runs in the Unity Webplayer.

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

Will this game end up being on Kongregate at all?

Yes! We plan on releasing the game on Kongregate as well as our independent website!

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

Excellent questions.

First, the “social aspects” refer to the multitude of multi-player content (3man dungeons, guilds, team pvp). “Depth” refers to the idea that instead of simply grinding out the same content with new skins and bigger numbers, each quest and boss fight will present a unique gimmick that the player will have to counter act. This means that instead of each new stage just being more grind, you will actually have to think and be strategic in order to move forward in the game.

Second, the goal of SideQuest is to keep the game as friendly to non-paying users as possible. The best gear will always be found in the dungeons or as pvp rewards, there is no energy system (though, arenas, daily quests and dungeons are limited per day). Any item purchasable from the shop (other than vanity items) will be tradable, meaning that you can buy any given item mall item using gold.

We are committed to providing an enjoyable experience for ALL our users.. not just the ones with deep pockets.

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

Thanks for all the support and feedback!

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

Thanks for your support!
We have plans for releasing a preview of the game in a few weeks!

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

I apologize for the confusion! This is only a notice for the Kickstarter.

The game itself is scheduled to be released early next year.

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

My bad, I shall delete it now!

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

Hello Indie Game fans! This is Connor Brennan of Fractal Entertainment here to tell you about the release of our first ever Kickstarter !

SideQuest combines the accessibility of a flash game, with the social aspects and depth of an MMORPG and adds in a dash of our own unique style!

Check it out!


The actual game will be released early next year.

EDIT2: We do plan on releasing the game on Kongregate at the time of release.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Raid URLs

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Topic: Collaborations / [PAID] Animator for Unity based browser MORPG

Project information:

Team name:
Fractal Entertainment

Project name:

Brief description:
SideQuest is a next generation browser MORPG.
The original concept came out of a variety of flash games (Mostly from, the most heavy influence being Monster Slayers by Nerdook.
You don’t play as an entity of the game world, but instead manage a party of adventures.
The basic game play is fully automatic, allowing for very simple and relaxing play, but allowing the opportunity to think up various strategies.

The game uses Unity ( This allows us to use heavier, and prettier graphics than are available to a flash game.
SideQuest is fully 2D, but the variety of shaders, particle effects and layers would be deadly to a flash engine.

See the design document.
(Not that this document is a little out of date, so not all information is accurate)

Also a video showing an arena battle
(Note that the design is in the very early stages and subject to change)

Here are a few screen shots of the more polished art direction.

Harvest Fields:

You can play the development version of the game at:

Note that this is a dev enviroment and is not maintained.

Target aim:
SideQuest will be a stand free to play model.

The majority of the profit will come from micro-transactions (we see this as a necessary evil).

Our original release will be on Kongregate only. The alpha and beta stages are going to be a little bit touch and go as we balance our server loads.
Releasing first on Kongregate will allow us to work out our bugs, and also take advantage of Kongregate’s relatively high ARPU.

Once the Kongregate version stabilizes (around 2 or 3 months) we’ll move to creating an independent web-site, and use Facebook as an advertising source.
Currently, there are no plans to release an actual “Facebook version” as the game doesn’t really lend itself to the typical Facebook integration methods.

A contract will be signed.
Artist will be paid a upon completion of works.

The Scope of Work will be discussed on an individual level, as well as compensation.

I would estimate the value of this position to be around 5k to 15k USD.

SideQuest is expected to have a 6month development cycle, at which point we will release the first 3 areas of the game world.
The next area will be released 1 or 2 months after that, with the final area being released sometime before September.

SideQuest has a solid amount of capital. If you are interested in the actual figures please contact me privately.

The game uses Unity, making it releasable on Browser and Smart Phone.

Team structure:
Currently the team consists of 1 programmer and 2 artists and 1 writer, all with professional experience.

I (the programmer) am American, but the artists are Japanese, and as such don’t speak much English.
Obviously this makes your job harder, as you will have to go through me in order to communicate with the other two artists.

Position details:

Talent needed:
We are currently looking for an artist with the following skills:

Animation is set up like 3D animation, but we use 2D models instead of 3D ones.
At the moment we are simply doing the animations in Unity, however the environment is less than ideal, so you are free to use whatever method you like (As long as we are able to export it relatively easily)

Effects well be a combination between particle effects and animated sprites. Being able to work with both is ideal, but a good sense of particle effects is the higher priority.

This position can be full-time or part time, as we will discuss on a case by case basis.
In the part time version you will be given a list of animations, and effects to produce, and paid as you produce them.
In the full time version you will be considered part of the team, and be paid by a schedule that we negotiate.

How to apply:
DEADLINE: January 31th
First, send an e-mail to [email][/email] answering the following questions:
1) What is your favorite (online) game, and why?
2) How much experience have you had in the online gaming world? Both MMORPGs and browser games.
3) What is your professional experience? (If not in the game industry, then with writing/design work)
4) What are your short term goals?
5) What are your long term goals?
6) What kind of work do you WANT to do?
7) What do you feel you will bring to this project?

Second, I want you to try your hand at animating our characters.
Download the unity editor (free version) at
Then download this package.
There are 3 sample animations in the scene called Main.

I want you to pick one or all of the animations there and reanimate.
If you have trouble figuring out how the animations work, feel free to contact me and I will help you as needed.

Some people are having issues getting the Unity project to work.
Moreover, Unity’s animation tools feel roughly like wiping with sandpaper, so to allievate that stress, we’ve decided to allow the animator to use whichever tool they want, provided the final format is Unity readable FBX files.

As such, here’s an older model set up in FBX format.

The feel of the animations should be personalized for the character as much as possible.
We’re looking less for realism, and more for fun, possibly even over the top animations.

Finally, I’d like some samples of the particle effects you’ve worked on in the past.

The type of effects we’re thinking of is best captured in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
Here is an example of it’s gameplay.

None currently.

Skype: Sharsnik

Previous Work by Team:

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?

14BS/16Tailor LFG

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Topic: Game Programming / Loading from ZIP files

Are there any alternative libraries to load from zip files other than FZip?

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Topic: Game Programming / Reducing tearing

Interesting, now that you mention it, there does seem to be almost no tearing on my laptop.

I am using the Instrumentation drivers that come with NVidia Pref HUD, but they’re disabled.

Using Flash Player 10,0,22,87 with windows 7.

It’s not a huge deal, I’m just a bit of a perfectionist. If it’s just my computer’s set up, then even better. Though, I haven’t noticed much tearing on any other flash games.

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Topic: Game Programming / Reducing tearing

Hmm, it is a bit better at 60, but it still occurs.

My understanding is that tearing occurs whenever the software refresh rate is out of sync with the monitor refresh rate, as the monitor may refresh during flash’s draw time.

Would it be at all helpful to draw to a bitmap, and then push that onto the stage – effectively creating a swap buffer chain?

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Topic: Game Programming / Reducing tearing

At the moment I’m leaving it uncapped (120), but for release I assume 60 is standard?

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Topic: Game Programming / Reducing tearing

The biggest issue I’ve noticed with flash is that the lack of vsync leads to some pretty massive tearing issues.

Is there a good way to minimize tearing even without vsync?