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Topic: The King of Towers / And the winners are:

Originally posted by JoseO47:

where to see the list of winners? :)

As nasajd said: The future.

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Topic: Technical Support / Orbs CCG

Thank you for your quick reply SugarMonkey.

I don’t want to delete this thread in case others have the same question, but now that it’s answered it could be locked.

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Topic: Technical Support / Orbs CCG

The links to the Orbs CCG now redirect to Kongregate main page without explanation.

As always with a beta game I have some expectation that it will not be fully developed or be discontinued as the warning; “This game is in Beta mode. Your progress might be lost.” states.

However this game was functional 12 hours ago with no notice that it was closing down, could someone clarify the status of the game please.

Thank you,

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Vapor Engine Not Received

Originally posted by delta9thc_:

PS.: News announces Card master, but of course there is none such.

aye, I noticed that too.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / July 17 Maintenance and Content Update

ON TOPIC: When announcing maintenance you have previously (very reasonably) let us know the downtime window. That lets players know if there is time to run restricted instances or attack humaroids and RBPs. Is this happening at 12:01 server time? 1:30am? 3:30am? middle of the day? Guess we will find out.

  • In case you were wondering “Guess we will find out” is a horrible way for a developer to treat it’s customers.



Originally posted by War_Mart:

Castle Clash is exactly the same (but worse) than the Android and Apple game Clash Of Clan

Seeing as how War_Mart already went off topic with complaints about Castle Clash, I am left to wonder how something can simultaneously be both exactly the same and worse.

Is that like how Skittles packages say “original” but they now contain nasty green apple flavor and not the original lime?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Drexler Ratchet Strategies

Just a thought:

Victory Roar’s power bypasses and does some structural damage when i do Huma 6 and 7.
This results in a few losses every time i run those humas.

A ratchet or 2 would mitigate those losses.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Cool Ideas

Originally posted by Entaroadun:

If they implement some way to increase star rank of common commanders so that free players can also benefit from larger effective stacks and stats that will be much appreciated, since all commons are random so make left side commander gets preserved while right side is consumed at merging.

Another way to achieve a similar result, but probably require less coding changes might be to create gems that increase effective stack size.

Assuming like the post above that we want this change to impact F2P players more, this is what I would suggest.

Gems would be limited to Common Commanders only. who wouldn’t want these on their 6 or 7* constellation tank, but that is not what the original author’s suggestion is so I’m continuing that thread.

Gems would be diamond to go in any gem slot. This allows you to also improve your comm with any other gems you may want with fewer restrictions.

The gems would each provide a set amount of effective stack boost. They would be limited at least on implementation to 4 per commander. They would not be able to be merged upon implementation of the new gems.
These are similar ideas so I am grouping them together
These conditions would allow IGG to moderate the system and let it progress the way they saw fit. For instance if they found a positive response and the system was not overpowered they could release the 4 per comm restriction or allow for merging up to level 2 or 3 only. for set amount of boost i was thinking of about 2% increase in effective stack size. 1 gem would give it a stack similar to a 1* skill and 4 gems would be less stack than a 3*skill but more than a 2*
I was also assuming this system the common coms would still have to be weaker than skills

The new gems would not drop randomly from raw gemstone merging. They would only be available at the honor shop (or for mp).
These new gems would not add much to a P2W player so I can imagine how frustrated that player would be to get one of these from a merging instead of a acc or dodge gem or something else more useful. It could be in the honor shop allowing players something else to do with that resource. I included mp because IGG would want an option to make money on this new system (fair enough) and there will probably be players who WOULD spend mp on this sort of thing 1

1. The other day I saw players spend 900mp on a set of the 4 Sagan shields when they could spend 500-600mp at the Auction House to buy JoL. So I’m assuming there might be an mp market for these since it seems people will buy anything.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Ship Refitting

This actually sounds like a intuitive system that many players would like. Unfortunately I assume something like this would never be implemented.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How not to do Restricted Instance 10

  • New question and answer posted above.

Originally posted by Kernal42:

Because his ability allows him to do lots of damage and the ships in ri10 have reflective plating.

Yeah the reflect actually makes too much damage a drawback, just like when doing Humas.

Originally posted by Babayaga:

I sent HoL to RI10 once…. bad idea.

Nice name. Also, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s done this…. though QoB and Suicidal Sirens seem worse.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How not to do Restricted Instance 10

My answer to you is now in the post above Kernal. I will try to answer relevant questions as they come up for a while.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How not to do Restricted Instance 10


1. Why did you waste your time writing about losing less than 10,000 ships? -wife

  • Analyzing the battle was important to me because I missed alot of the fighting so I had to piece together what had happened. I was surprised I lost more than a dozen ships because I really underestimated the reflect. Hopefully it also helps someone else avoid the same mistakes when they try it for the first time.

2. Would the loss of GR-X flags increase the required time too much? -Kernal42

  • I believe it would, at 3+ hours it already took much longer than R8 does. It would also mean I would have to build all the fleets from scratch and build/buy more Nexus. The point of this attempt was to do it with the stock R8 army I already had. I still believe that is possible seeing the outcome, it just requires more common commanders than I had and a GR-X build with Hertz on them. Not counting the QoB+SS losses there were only 43 GR-X lost which I think would have been mitigated by more regen.

3. How much damage comes through the shields (both indy and non-indy)? -a3lex33

  • Independence hulls have the Light armor type with reduces any damage taken to 1/10th of normal. This protection extends to the shields, thus allowing the EOS to absorb far far more damage than they would normally be able to. Indy hulls have low structure and because of this are susceptible to shield penetrating attacks, but luckily the normal and restricted instances don’t have any technology researched so they cannot penetrate shields unless the commander’s proc allows them to.
  • Most of the enemy fleets did no damage to mine but I did happen to see one stack take ~200k damage from a SBW stack, we can use this to estimate damage. 200k to the indies means that the attack had to do over 8,006,000 damage (8006k * 1/10 from indy hull = 801k – 601k absorbed by seven EOS = 200k). This much damage would likely overwhelm the shield absorption on many other tank builds.
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Topic: Galaxy Online / How not to do Restricted Instance 10


I believe the losses in this attack were all due to reflect damage.

  • Zero Nexus fleets suffered any losses as the Nexus power repaired the shields every turn.
  • 9 of the Grim Reaper fleets suffered no losses. 4 of these had common Commanders, the rest had Skill and 1* Divines.
  • 8 of the Grim Reaper fleets suffered minor losses (between 1-38 ships). All of these fleet losses were flagships (1-15 lost each) except for one fleet that lost a few indies from one stack. One of these had the older GR.RI8 design so this performed about as well as the new design. Again Commanders in this group were a mix (though the one fleet that took indy damage was a 1* VR).
  • 4 Grim Reaper fleets took significant damage. These were:

1400 ships lost – (1400 indies, one whole stack) – 1*Winter Knight. Lost the front right stack of indies. No clue why he lost them.

1403 ships lost – (3 GR-X, 1400 indies, one whole stack) – 1*HOL. This commander had one of the highest dodges of any commander used in the attack and good ship ratings and negator and deadalus chips. My guess is that his skill allowed him to kill more stacks thereby exposing his fleets to extra Reflective Plating hits. The stack lost was the front middle stack.

1998 ships lost – (400 GR-X, 1598 indies) – 1*QoB. The indies lost were from the front middle (whole stack) and the rear middle (198 ships) stacks. I realize now that the QoB skill that boosts attack power may have generated extra reflect damage from reflective plating that killed all the Grim Reapers.

4676 ships lost – (400 Gr-X, 4276 indies) – This was a boneheaded move that i regret now, even a level 1 common commander would have been better than Suicidal Sirens here. The indies lost were the front left and right, and rear left stacks, and 76 from the front middle stack. I assume the stack wipes were from procs of her power.

In R8 the Grim Reaper flags usually allow each stack of indies to take out a stack of enemy units. R10 did not allow this to happen making the battle take much longer and caused more reflect damage because more hits were needed. Here are the three Causes:

  • The superior ships had higher stability so they were less susceptible to the Grim Reaper’s powers.
  • most R10 ships had four Energy Armors (R8 ships only have two) which results in less hull damage getting through.
  • R10 ship have Quick Reaction Armor, which reduces the damage done by the first attack.

Most enemy fleets could not even overcome the negation of the Indy’s EoS shields a few Ship-Based stacks did do some damage (22-100k) but most of the damage done to the shields was self-inflicted.

The Indy stacks would take ~395,000 damage per round from attacking a stack of enemy ships which should be covered by the Hertz but there was much less regen for Grim Reaper shields so as the battle dragged on longer their shields were overwhelmed.

However the instance ships were also fitted with Reflective Plating which cause reflection damage to jump to to 600-900k during the first attack on a stack. When the Grim Reapers would hit a fresh stack and trigger the Plating damage would be in 2-3 million range.

The 4 fleets that lost more than 50 ships all had divine commanders proving that comm stats and gems/chips had nothing to do with the losses. In fact the losses are related (or in one case directly caused by) procs from their abilities.

Learning Experience:

If the Grim Reapers had more shield regen from Hertz-III and charger chips they would not have gotten overwhelmed. Larger stack sizes for them might not have helped because they would take more damage from Reflective Plating. The vast majority of indy losses came from using divines procs, so no more using anything but commons.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / How not to do Restricted Instance 10


I was bored with doing R8 and decided to use the same fleets, just with bigger stack sizes and a few more fleets. I suffered more losses than I expected, including a number of my Grim Reaper Flagships (GR-X) so this is an attempt to dissect the problems with the attack and warn others not to make a similar mistake.

Ship Design1:

  • Ri.8 (Indy-III): 7x EoS-III, 2x Hertz-III, 3x Judgement-III
  • Indy.Judge (Indy-III): 6x EoS-III, 2xEoS-II, 1x EA-III, 3x Judgement-III
  • Nexus-Blood (Nexus-X): sagan+eos shield (7780 total strength), Bloodspur weapons
  • DasReaper-R8 (GR-X): Mag+Kin Sagans (6355 total strength), 4 Shield regenerator-III, Bloodspur and Shooting Star
  • GR-RI8 (GR-X): Mag+Kin Sagans (6360 total strength), Armstrong Core-III, Azreal and Judgement

1 The flagships are also stocked with the usual engines and electronic
modules. The list is just to highlight important aspects.

Fleet Composition:

Max allowable: 25 fleets
19 Fleets: 1400 Ri.8 indy stacks and 400 DasReaper in the center
2 Fleets: 1400 Ri.8 indy stacks and 400 GR-RI8 in the center
4 Fleets: 1600 Indy.Judge stacks and Nexus-Blood in the center

The Nexus fleets were used because the Indy.Judge build was an older product line before I had Hertz researched. Because I used larger stack sizes and more fleets than I do for R8 I needed to use some of the older units and compensated for the lack of Hertz on them by changing to Nexus flags on those fleets.

Fleet Layout:

In R10 all fleets are clustered together at the bottom of the map. I put the Nexus fleets at either end of the top row in the positions 16, 17, 24, and 25.

Fleet Commanders:

Because I only usually use 15 or 16 out of the 21 allowable fleets on R8 I didn’t have enough normal Commanders to lead all the ships so I used a few spare skills and 1* divines I had laying around to command the extra fleets, with four exceptions the divine fleets performed similarly to the basic Commander. In those 4 exceptions the divines performed significantly worse (see below).


Restricted Instance 10 won
Time Elapsed: ~2 hours 40 minutes (I forgot to record exact start time)
Rounds Elapsed: at least 10 (I did not see the end of the instance)
Total Ships Used: 298,800
Total Ships Lost: 9,554
Total Indies Lost: 8708
Total GR-X Flagships Lost: 846

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Simple Petition

At least Shreds could be put on the market in the form of Flagship Blueprints. Can Uni-Sparks and Primus Cubes even be disposed of this way?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / And Sagans are obsolete already Welcome the JoL ERA

Good analysis Windancer, I just have one suggestion:

I had tried some calculations using a Mixed Layer using 5-6 JOL + 2 Sagans of the 150% vulnerable type and either 0-1 Sagan of the 100% vulnerable type. Unfortunately I have lost my notes on that but i remember one way I tried the mix gave a small bonus (5-10%) to the most vulnerable types while not losing absorption of the resistant damage types. If something like that could by included in the next round of calculations it may lead to a better shielding method.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Looking for a possible alliance merge

Keep in mind the new alliance max size will soon be 100 capped at people.

That being said we would still have room to merge an alliance of that size into ALL IN_

With the announced server merge we would rather have our group filled with experienced Kong players rather than just people who are new to the game.

Any alliance representative is free to contact me here on Kong or in-game (same username). Depending on when we cut off people for being inactive we would have room for 30-40 active members even considering the new membership limit.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Recycling Bug

I estimate the loss due to this bug to be:

Weikes Metal scrap ships:
5.7% loss of the promised Metal
0% No loss of He3
6.7% loss of the promised Gold
Overall 4.3% of resources lost

Estrella He3 scrap ships:
4% loss of the promised Metal
3.3% loss of the promised He3
2.9% loss of the promised Gold
Overall 3.4% of resources lost.

I don’t believe any transaction would lose a greater percentage than those 2 ships due to their low value. However, the bug is disturbing because these are the ships that people recycle by the hundreds of thousands.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Recycling Bug

This is a copy of the Bug report that was submitted to the Developer:

Recycling Plant not giving correct amount of resources.

When recycling the display shows an amount of resources to be returned to you. This is however not the actual amount you receive from recycling the ships.

Level 8 Recycling Plant (40% return)
Recycling 1 Estrella-I with just a Super Transmission Engine for equipment [He3 scrap].
The build cost:
26 Metal
62 He3
18 Gold

40% recycling value:
10.4 Metal
24.8 He3
7.2 Gold

If just one unit is recycled the display shows just the whole number value. However if multiple are recycled it multiplies the above percent by the number recycled.
1000 He3 scrap recycled:
10,400 Metal
24,800 He3
7200 Gold

The above numbers are what is shown in the recycling display window. It is not, however the amount of resources the player actually receives.
Actual resources from 1000 He3 scrap ships:
10000 Metal
24000 He3
7000 Gold

Although the display promises the correct percentage of resources the game seems to drop that decimal and never recover it.
This can lead to pretty sizable losses for players who recycle thousands of ships at a time.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

edited to remove superfluous spacing

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: Guild Recruitment / Tetryne is Recruiting (All Levels)

might help your recruitment to edit your first post to add a link to the guild application. It makes joining one step easier.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Al Husam Epic Drops

Did you read the patch notes confirming those drops and explaining the reasoning behind them?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Biggest Accomplishment of the Day in Anti-Idle

Got achievement, came back to Anti-idle after months and months (and more months where I just idled).

Next achievement will need to be doing speed run mode before it is removed.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Easy Badge - Purchase Battle Arena

Originally posted by Aurian:

Not to mention that the badge is a joke. Unlock Battle Arena? Why not go with “open the game” while you are at it.

Hey I did it on a new save file (new computer) and it took a good 4-5 minutes. Not that much different than many of the easy apocalypse badges come to think of it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Speedrun - Formal protest against removal

I seemed to have missed the whole speedrun thing.

I can’t formal protest against it’s removal since it didn’t exist when I last played, but it’s sad I might not get to do it before it’s removed.

EDIT: I know the correct term is formally protest but “formal protest” seemed funnier.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / December WORLD RAID!!!!!

timely posting SkylerFlight

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Where....

They are usually stickied on our forums every week too.

They usually don’t have them up for a few hours after the 5th Planet forums are updated, and I think they did miss a week last month; but gratefully they have been posting it here pretty regularly since the summer.