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Topic: Serious Discussion / Zwarte Piet, and sinterklaas. Racism or tradition?

In dutch politics you either support wilders or you are very strongly against him. The majority is very strongly against him but he still has a support of a number of people. Interestingly enough the area he has most support in are villages with very few people of non Dutch decent.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / would a artificial human have rights?

Originally posted by powerpos:

Isn’t giving rights to an entity the way to make a human ?

We give rights to annimals but that doesn’t make them human. So no.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Christians and Atheists have one thing in common.

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

if God doesnt exist, then who wrote the Bible?

Real people – 1
Atheists – 0

sint Paul (that’s easy as it doesn’t even matter if god exists or not we can easily point to him). We can also point to the council of rome as another contender.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

The only way I can see myself interacting w/ a pedo is in a therapy situation for him/them if there were to somehow be some benefit for me being there.

So if one of your friends told you he is a pedophile then you would inmidetly seice all contact? I hope you can see this makes it less likely that any of them will ever tell you, what do you prefer if you know exactly who is a pedofile or having no idea? Somewhere between 5% and 0.5% of all males is a pedofile which means that you will almost certainly know a number of them. I know I would prefer to know who is and who isnt’ a pedofile and then judge who to trust and who not to trust as I get to better know them.

Kasic, would YOU allow a pedo friend to bounce your 3 y.o. on his lap or play “horsey” w/ your 5 y.o.? At what level of physical contact would ya begin to have concerns?

Stop at the level that it is harmfull to the child. Simple line as long as the kid doesn’t know anything and won’t realize anything later then no damage is done no matter intent (and if the intent is not there at all then no problem).
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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

This is an image of a 4 year old pussy, it is now inside your browser’s image cache and there is little you could have done to prevent it from getting there. Had this been the other kind of pussy then you would now be in possession of illegal material. In the darker parts of the internet such attacks have been launched at people and these people have faced criminal charges (you report someone while also supplying the image then they are arrested in some states that is an auto 10 year sentence). This means that you can be arrested solely because of the actions done by a third party which you could not have prevented.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Or on a more likely note, who are we paying to watch these cameras so they can call police/ mall cops/ whatever to intervene when something bad actually does happen? Unless you got people monitoring the cameras 24/7, all the footage provides is evidence in the courtroom rather than actual prevention of the assault. (Given many assaults are often unplanned ‘spur of the moment’ sort of events, the threat of being filmed is often the last thing on the mind of the assailant and does nothing to prevent the event. I doubt the cameras alone would be a sufficient deterrent.)

I know somebody(a student) who sometimes watches the surveillance camera’s in Amsterdam at night. Basically what normally happens is that over the course of 10 minutes a situation escalates. As these camera’s are mainly placed in high risk areas the police is usually less then 10 minutes away and the situation can be resolved by them (if not they also tend to dispatch an ambulance for any wounded that might result from the fighting).

But with all seriousness, people may display varying aggression within a wide variety of scenarios, and most of the time nobody throws a punch or pulls out a gun. Sure some people might gesture wildly (‘talking with their hands’ as some would say) and never actually punch or slap anybody. What happens if these cameras only partially see an argument and mistake a few gestures for the start of a fist fight or the unveiling of a concealed weapon?

For the camera’s you dispatch a police officer to the wrong place. The camera’s do not actually detect hand movement but only voice and they appear to work quite well. If you have the devices I proposed then you have a sound feed (probably the 15 seconds before anger and from that moment on a constant connection) from which to judge if action should be taken.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

By the way vikaTae I thought about how you could improve the wrist detection system: in the Nederlands they are currently running tests using camera’s that detect aggressiveness in voices, these camera’s turn on when someone is being aggressive close to these camera’s. One could therefor fit the audio unit of one of these devices to an inmate and dispatch a police officer whenever the device is triggered this will probably be less visible and can work a lot better at preventing disaster rather then tracking who is responsible afterwards, if you also combine this with something that detects the sound pattern of a gun being fired you can have at a lot cheaper and far less visible device with the same effect as your wrist detecter.

This also carries the advantage that if you want you can put two of these on someone making it a lot less easy to smash them should you want to avoid detection and it’s a lot harder to change the voice of all people involved in a fight rather then just the shock signature of the gun, all of this using technology that already exists and is being used.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

What delicate balance? Just report the problem, have it investigated by tech support, and receive the replacement.

The exact parameters such a system uses is quite complex, switching one of them could have unforeseen consequences to the rest of the system.

Your personal preference has no bearing on what degrees a person may choose for themselves. You don’t get to dictate what degrees people are allowed to pursue.

Yes but I do know there is currently a shortage of people with a degree in computer science (that actually makes me happy considering my study choice) and a surplus of people with psychology degrees. This means computer scientists are expensive. So if you are going to hire extra computer scientists to keep this system up to date you are going to fire psychologists who can actually help these people.

So your plan is to completely ignore the reoffenders. Let them do as they please, we can’t be bothered to chase after them. Wow. Good call. Do you give them a free gun for completing the councilling course too

I think that a very expensive system that has questionable succes ratio’s should be scrapped. That does not mean that all reoffender programs should be scrapped. I just have my doubts about this one as you are both visible marking them as offenders (making reintegration harder) and doing fairly little to actually adres the issues.

So what you’re saying is you support the murder of members of the public, as it saves the system money on having to care for them.

I support not spending money on someone if more lives can be saved with the same money.

True. You’re the one who argued that healthcare is free.

Maybe not clear but only free to the end user not to the government. In general I tend not to make argument that are completely insane we might disagree but I really hope I don’t normally make statements this insane, maybe you could ask for explanation if you don’t think my statements make sense I think half our arguments come down to these things.

you look at the budget and decide on a case by case basiswhich can be treated, aqnd which have to be delayed treatment until the next financial year. the goal is to minimise back-end costs as much as possible. Ultimately techhnological solutions must play a big part in that, as you constantly re-evaluate methods to do the same task with lower errors and less expenditures.

Yes but seeing as these other programs are not yet in affect to me it seems they would take priority.

One of my own referrals cost £6,000 to the NHS just for the referral. I’m sure a lot of minor ear infections could have been treated for that, but I stand by the decision to do it as it made a world of difference to the individual, and vastly increased their quality of life. If I have to, and its worth it, I’ll pull from my own money for the referral cost, or ‘redistribute’ it from somewhere else.

Yes but the money is there to treat the ear infections and your work is likely improve patient life over a number of years to be worthwhile. The problem with this sensor is that it’s not as directly increasing anyone’s life and instead working rather indirectly with a large number of if’s. So I would prefer to instead provide better mental care rather then invest into this.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Yea, that was my thought too. I did apologise for doing so, but since he’s going to make a mountain out of a molehill about it, I’m going to do so too. “I’m against technology!” “It interferes with my high-tech scripts!”.

The reason I pointed it out was that you made the exact same type 4 times on the same page so I pointed out and described how to pronounce my name which I know can be rather complex to people who don’t speak dutch.

“I’m against technology!” “It interferes with my high-tech scripts!”.

I have nothing against technology however I do have something against using tech where it will be more costly then the old solution without as much gain as available for less or when it interferes with other ethics. And my scrips help me easier scan trough long posts, gather data on how people react to my posts and to each other and thus improve my posting standard and counter the problems associated with dyslexia while speaking a second language.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

By calling against the usage of the name you are not going to change much. Negroid was the attempt at calling black people by a scientific name and this turned out to not help at all. Currently this has become African-American and African people but that is a very thin line that does not quite work and is not descriptive either. I think it’s much better to just let whatever name people use be used and attack those who attach negative and incorrect stereotypes (basically anything not physical because our brains are far more varied between individuals and slower to evolve) to them rather then to attack the names themselves.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Hardly. Just reprogram the memory of each device as it comes in to be reset for the next user. Half of such a system is reminding the crimjinal that their activity is being monitored, and if they are likely to use any device they have concerns about a false positive on, report it to their case worker.

So the case workers have to be able to reprogram these devices? Without screwing up the delicate balance these systems carry? That’s going to require quite a bit of extra education, I would prefer that if they are going to have to get an extra degree that that degree is in something like psychology rather then in computer science.

no, your arghument was that healch care is completely free and plentiful, and no matter what procedures are done, it never costs anyone a cent. It’s like the perpetual motion machine of modern industry.

By free I meant for the end user not for the government. I think that making psychological care available for free for the most needy is going to much further reduce the number of criminals that have to go to jail in the first place then such a lock is going to reduce the number of reoffernders.

So when you’re spending all your money on prevention, what do you do when someone slips through the cracks in the system? Write them off as a lost cause, and imprison fthem forever as you have no treatment opttions; only prevention.

Any method that cuts down on the reoffend rate is worth considering. Ultimately, the goal would be to use such devices to cut down on the prison time for the individual, and cut down on the reoffend rate.

We are talking about a limited resource: money. If you can prevent 2 people from ever entering into jail isn’t that preferable towards having 1 reoffender? Under ideal conditions you would do both but the total resources are limited. And to be fair the number of good lives per dollar is simply quite bad for this particular method.

Wrong scale. In this case the one you are looking at is safety of the populace at large versus reoffending rates. If the method reduces the reoffend rate of a gun criminal, and saves lives then you have to wreigh up whether it is worth spending money to save lives.

If a member of the populace is killed then that reduces the number of years, if a criminal is incarcerated it reduced the number of free years. Both are accounted for in this method.

If you’re going to save lives in thijser [insert real name here]‘s country then it had better be done completely free of charge. Otherwise, well, sorry mate. Your life ain’t worth shit.

False however it should definitely not be more expensive then another method to save an equal or larger number of lives (at least if you want government funding). Imagine that you have 10 000 euro to spend on a hospital, you have 1 guy with an infection, cost to safe: 1000 you also have 2 people with a form of cancer: cost to save each 4500 and you have 1 person with auto immune : cost to save 10 000. How do you spend your money? Do you safe the infection and cancer or do you spent on auto immune.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Soooooo… Asians come from Asia, except for Russians and Indians, AND Americans come from America, except for Mexicans and Canadians. So where do Black people come from? Blacklandia?

That would primarily be Africa. There is a certain value in just describing people in the broadest senses available. If you have to describe someone you saw in the dark for a few seconds would you be able to tell exactly what native-american tribe he was from? Can you tell a Cherokee from a Apache while you are intoxicated in a smoky room? If you can I will be impressed but most people cannot.

And if you wish to limit the available races how would you describe the fact that I can tell whose ancestors actually came from the dutch fishing villages and whose ancestors can from the eastern part of Holland (that is they live 50 km to the east)? I know that people from these few fishing villages for example have above average sized hands and feet and when shaking their hands they almost always feel somewhat rougher then what people whose ancestors aren’t from here feel like, these are really insignificant details but you can tell the difference (you only notice these things after a family gathering where a these traits show up a lot then you pay attention and notice these traits in almost every “old family”).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

So can we then agree that there is race(genetics) and ethnicity (culture)?

Can we then agree that there is such a thing as black race which can be subdivided and in many cases mixed with other races?
Can we also agree that there is a kind of black culture in America? A group of people that shares many similar cultural signs and even has a bit of a dialect?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Ah yes I see you are right:

Ethnicity refers to shared cultural practices, perspectives, and distinctions that set apart one group of people from another. That is, ethnicity is a shared cultural heritage. The most common characteristics distinguishing various ethnic groups are ancestry, a sense of history, language, religion, and forms of dress. Ethnic differences are not inherited; they are learned.

Still one could use definitions as broad as black and white to describe huge sways of cultural groups.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Missing one model of gun doesn’t make it useless. It just makes it a better solution than doing nothing at all. That’s the whole problem with your insistence on dealing with absolutes – it is either absolutely perfect or you won’t give the idea any consideration at all.

It does however mean that any gun that is missed can be used with relative impunity, it’s part of human nature to trust systems like these a lot so if someone kills someone while wearing one of these devices using a gun that does not trigger the system then he will likely use this as an argument for his innocence and especially in America where this seems the most relevant a jury of peers will likely believe him.

Then over time those signatures are isolated and encoded so they can be discarded.

Yes but over time more and more guns also need to be added, and new innocent signatures are also born. This makes maintaining this system a rather costly business.

In other words, the sensor has just recorded data that exactly matches with them driving. Something the law was explicit that thewy were nto to do.

I’m not looking for cases where someone purposly does an activity that will set off these sensors but I’m looking at situations where someone does an activity he does every day and that sets of the sensor or looking for cases where firing a gun looks like you are not firing a gun, both are problematic.

Psychological care isn’t free. It’s funded by the government, but they still pay wages, tran new staff, pay to rent, light and heat the building, and administration staff. I’m not sure where you live that you think mental health care grows on trees.

Yes that’s exactly my argument. For the cost of one of these devices + monitoring (and keeping it up to date) you can probably also treat several people for various psychological conditions, prevent them from going wrong in the first place.

Any method that cuts down on the reoffend rate is worth considering. Ultimately, the goal would be to use such devices to cut down on the prison time for the individual, and cut down on the reoffend rate.

They are worth considering but ultimately the simple sum is: [number of free,health and happy living years gained]
/[year] and I think this device will score lower then a number of other methods (for example providing large scale psychological care for the homeless). Of course this method heavily favors helping third world nations especially vaccinations campaigns and such (which I heavily favor as well).

I’m glad you’re not running a country.

If I was running a country a lot less money would go towards criminal cases and the army and instead into healthcare, education and foreign aid, I would also try to automate most bureaucratic positions while trying to avoid investing heavily in high tech solutions that are simply to costly to deploy right now.

I don’t know your normal name. I use Thijser because that’s the name you use on the forum.

I was mainly addressing the fact that you were using Thisjer several times in a row, so I pointed out that to me that is a rather weird sounding way of breaking my name. A bit like me calling you vaikTae. Perhaps an accident but it is a bit distracting to me(and it messes with my scripts).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Black and White are not ethnicities.

I think you should look at ethnicity as a tree. At the highest branches we have white(or caussian or whatever you want to call it), black , asian,native american and Aboriginal, these then branch into multiple, let’s look for example at my own line: Western European, Dutch, descendants from the ancient fishing villages in the local area (vlaardingen,delft) dating back roughly 3000 years. Of course the problem is that these things don’t quite work as there is some crossing over in my case for example we can find some viking blood in my family trough my mother’s line. This can somewhat upset such a tree design (maybe a venn diagram is better)?

But saying black and white are not ethnicities is a bit like saying plant or animal cannot be used to describe organisms, it will still yield some information about someone’s genetic history and can be useful to identify someone especially if not all of those involved in convey information have knowledge of the specific cultural details (you would be surprised how many people fail at something as simple as telling a Korean from a Japanse ethnicity. So speaking about asian looking might yield clearer communication by not giving the false impression of having knowledge you don’t have).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

It doesn’t matter what it looks like; it matters how it behaves. You repeatedly refuse to understand this. It is increasingly clear that this refusal is deliberate.

You have to chance it’s recoil characteristics which can be done in any of a large number of methods. One of these would probably involve springs or double charges(second chamber that fires shortly after firing a first shot screwing with the signature). After all the only thing you need to do is fool a computer which is easy.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like; it matters how it behaves. You repeatedly refuse to understand this. It is increasingly clear that this refusal is deliberate.

By looking like I meant it’s shock signature. So if it’s shock signature looks like that of a gun or vice versa there is a problem.

Rather close doesn’t cut it. It has to be exact.

No rather close can be a problem. And you are trying to detect anything from a 10th century fire lance all the way towards a modern 50 cal sniper rifle. If you miss one and it becomes known that you missed one than it’s useless. So it has to classify a range of signatures, if in the final version (note that they had a very limited number of guns in the test) more guns are included then the signature range will also increase meaning that more non gun firing actions will now give false positives.

You have a very low opinion of the capabilities of law enforcement if you don’t believe that people doping this regularly is going to look extremely suspicious.

When you fire a gun then in principle you are trying to kill. So if someone does this once then you already have a problem.

If something happens and you are disqualified from driving Thisjer, it is good to know that you will carry on driving as usual, and the law can fuck off as it has no business telling you what to do. Just because you’ve been deemed unfit to be on the road doesn’t mean you will give up your right to be on the road and drive however you damn well please, laws be damned.

Let’s look at your example: someone is banned from driving. Now what are you testing with a sensor like this? Someone getting in a car? No that would be like picking up a gun. What you are testing is if someone is involved in a crash and if he is then he was driving a car. I hope you can see that if that is what you depend on for enforcing something then you have a long way to go. The moment someone fires a gun you are already far to late. And most situations that require one to fire a gun are not situations in which most people care about being arrested for afterwards.

It’s a prototype, what do you expect? Still, at least you read it, when by your previous responses it was clear you couldn’t be bothered to.

Adding in extra signatures in going to increase false positives. To counteract this some modifications can be added which will in turn reduce correct positives, it’s the problem with this type of method. Add to that that for the prototype they tested and validated using very similar scenario’s, this is logical but it does mean that they did’t test with completely new situations add to that the result of 99.7% accuracy they quoted included the training data which I view as a rather big no no when showing the result of any form of computational intelligence method (because of issues like overfitting).

Your whole argument up to now is that if an improvement is not absolutely perfect, then it cannot be considered. If say there is an injury rate of 20% whilst using a partivcular factory machine, and an improvement is made which brings the injuiry rate down to 15%, you will absolutely do your best to undermine implementation of the improvement as it has not reduced the injury rate to 0%, and so it is no better than what we have now.

My view is that at the costs this method is going to be much higher then other methods not currently being implemented (for example basic psychological care being provided for free).


Could you please use my normal name? This really breaks the correct pronunciation of my name? It’s normally pronouced a bit like tI,sir tI as in “the I” but without the pauze between them.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Well We’d have to see the recoil signatures of both a jackhammer and a range of automatic firearms to be sure, but I highly doubt the jackhammer’s unique wrist signature would match.

Well I wasn’t looking for a jackhammer that matches a gun but for a gun that matches a jackhammer. If I can legally use a device that creates any recoil then I can probably modify a gun to produce a simulair recoil signature. A jackhammer is probably a good begin but it can be a large number of vibrating or strongly shocking devices. A low calibr high rate of fire weapon might be modified to look like any of a number of handheld power tools, a heavier gun comes closer towards heavy construction. A single shot weapon might be close towards a simple tool.

You need to create a hammer that creates this double impact wave each time

While sadly I don’t have a power signature from striking a hammer I do remember one of the posters at my uni had the force/time graph of a hammer striking a mettal sheet and it showed a clear double peak the first as the hammer struck the plate and a second around 50% as strong that was the metal flexing back into position. This could be rather close towards a gun being fired.

Better contact your probation officer to let them know. Better do it immediately. If you fail to let them know so it can be replaced, you have violated the terms of your release. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

break detector, fire gun, get in car go to nearest place you can use to call but not to close to where you shot your gun, report.

And of course this doesn’t really help with the real reason people carry guns: because they think they might need them. If your choice is being unarmed in a combat situation (with another criminal) or being armed in one and getting arrested when they shoot most criminals will go with the second. As such this will do little to discourage weapons carrying, risk false positives and stigmatize criminals trying to return to society. I think it’s better to just reduce the number of guns avaible to all.

Also looking at your source they had civilians wear the things for a total for 3*8+2*6+2*0.7=37,4 so let’s make that 38 hours. It had a total of 3 miss indentifications (out of a total of 693 non gun shot activities). If you look at it like that it means that close to every 12 hours of being awake will set these sensors off! While that is impressive as far as detecting a human activity goes it does make them rather impractical for now.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Or, and this is just a wild guess, it could work exactly the same as every other felon tracking device, and be a wearable device mounted in such a way as it is locked in place and cannot be removed without either the proper key or by alerting the authorities that this unit number has been removed.

You mean around the ankle? Most such devices are currently mounted around the ankle as that way they can easily be hidden. Most people don’t look at other people’s ankles. What you are proposing has to be attached to the wrist, that’s a lot more visible then just attaching something to someone’s ankle.

Then you become a multi-millionaire, as you have invented a recoill-less, bullet-less pocket-sized ranged death dealing firearm you can mass market, and new measures to deal with illegal usage of this new form of firearm will slowly be devised, and implemented.

It doesn’t have to be recoil-less it only has to generate a type of recoil that does not fit your method. What happens if I swing a hammer? That is going to generate recoil one it hits something, what if I make the gun recoil look like that? What happens if I fit the recoil of a fully automatic gun to look like that of a jackhammer? Or if I mount a gun onto something and that way don’t generate recoil? And what happens if your tracking device fails for any other reason(For example smashed to piece in an accident smashed to pieces in an “accident” how do you know the difference)?
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

The problem with the wrist movement thing is that it’s either going to require forcing surgery one somebody (with all risks involved) or it will permanently mark them as ex cons, preventing them from taking part in normal society. Addionally you go from 99% certain to undeniable proof. Even a combination of the two (sniffer and wrist) is not conclusive. What happens if someone is wearing/using a gun close to you as you make a grabbing motion that looks like you are firing a gun? What happens if I use a water pistol? Or any other device that uses the same control sceme? What happens if I modify a gun to no longer use the same motions to fire?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

Sounds about right. Granted I never really specified who the time traveler gives the advanced tech to (For some reason I was thinking distribute it worldwide as soon as possible {maybe stone age – iron age} and see what happens, you’ll probably get a radically different timeline, and after all being able to time travel allows you to reboot everything if it does go horribly wrong within the timeline by simply warning your past self not to do X,Y and Z)

The basic problem with these things is however that by changing history that much you have likely removed yourself from ever existing in the first place creating a variant of the grandfather paradox.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Well it’s a very interesting question I mean why wouldn’t a god lie towards all religions if it’s just to give some level of guidance and then see who starts punching/stabbing/arrowing/shooting/bombing/nuking each other so you know who not to let into heaven? It seems a more interesting method then giving one group the correct cheat sheet and the rest an inaccurate piece of paper.
So please explain why would an almighty being give the correct explanation of what he is doing? If you don’t know feel free to admit it or ask someone who might now (your rabbi for example) and then see if you agree with him or with me. If you continue to disagree explain why.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Robin Williams Suicide

I think he was arguing in times of war a soldier throwing himself onto a grenade or blowing himself up with his enemies is a form of suicide but to protect others. You could of course classify something like that as something other then suicide but to me suicide is literally any action that you take which you are aware of will kill you in a short-middle timeframe (no more then a couple of days as otherwise smoking could be considered a form of attempted suicide).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Originally posted by vikaTae:

Thijser’s argument somebody is that if we’re already using those religious concepts, why do we need organised religion? If it’s so deeply ingrained by now, then we can ignore the organised religions completely and it won’t make any difference in the end.

Exactly and if a god is all-knowing then he should be able to predict this making the question why any god would inform anybody of the true religion. Another valid option is of course that such an almighty being instead provided different people with different ideas that all contain the same basic rules but a different backstory just to test if humans will begin to attack one another over it? Seems like an interesting way to up the challenge.
Even so that means that not following a religion shouldn’t matter and that just being good is valid.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

somebody so why do we need religion at this point? Why couldn’t some almighty being just send down a few disguised angels as parents to the first humans and then let culture take it’s course from then on? Why tell us that if we behave well we will be rewarded? Why not just teach to be good without any kind of punishment for being evil or reward for being good but just good for the sake of being good? If atheists around the world are capable then surely all people are capable of it by choice.