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Topic: Game Design / Requesting Feedback

Thank you guys for the feedback. I read it all. It is appreciated and helps give me better insight from player’s perspective on game play.

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Topic: Game Design / Requesting Feedback

What is your approach to making games? I’m sure there are many different approaches. Mine has been to base a game design off of some form of fiction and try to figure out a way to mix game elements into it.

I’ve now made four games, two of which took about a month (“The Last Hope” and “Panda Stole My Wallet”)

My games haven’t done very well. I realize it’s a tough industry to get into and I would just like some honest feedback – how can I make my games better? Is it that there are certain game types people don’t like or maybe just my implementation? What’s your personal approach?

Appreciate any feedback.

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Topic: Collaborations / This is not really a collab topic, but rather a question

I second everything Epsellis said.

Also I feel part of the answer depends on the game you are making. Flash games can be sold on steam if they are put in an executable (source: ) but obviously some game types wouldn’t be suited for flash and I’m unsure how hard porting some systems like Xbox would be from actionscript but it doesn’t sound easy.

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Topic: Game Programming / external swf removeChild not stopping audio

I’ve ran into an issue I’d like a second opinion on. I’m trying to get a cutscene to play for a game intro but when removeChild is called the audio continues.

Basically this code creates a new instance of an swf then stops it at a certain frame
public function intro(event:Event):void
//Reset to begin with in case event called again.
if (timer > 120)
timer = 0;

if (scene_exists == false)
scenes0 = new scene1();
scenes0.looping = false;
scene_exists = true;

if (timer == 120)
scene_exists = false;
scenes0 = null;
scenes = 0;
timer = 0;
removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, play_intro);
//Do other stuff();
I’ve tried .stop with no luck. SoundMixer.stopAll(); stops all sounds but eventually the .swf file loops and the sounds start back. A loader might but one solution but I really need the animation embedded.

Another weird thing is I’ve used code real similar to this for cutscenes before and it works for a different swf with only modifying the frame counter (timer).

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Topic: Game Programming / FlashDevelop Embed Loop

You need to embed inside a .swc file. I’m unsure how to do this inside FlashDevelop, there is probably a way. It can be done via command line with Flex or with later versions of Flash.

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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

My name is Ronnie, I am over 18.

A game I made, “Panda stole my wallet” can be found in my profile which is the latest example of my best work. My website: Youtube channel:

I recently completed a semester of Advanced Java Programming and am skilled in C and Actionscript

I am primarily a programmer, though also basic artist, and animator. I can also add simple cutscenes to any game. I am available for paid projects or profit-share work (if the collaboration seems reasonable enough that it may go somewhere.)