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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Dev] Simplifying Components

Originally posted by Skarg:

Somewhat simplifying components sounds good, though maybe not too much. You could just provide a few more ways to use and/or transform the existing components, and it could solve the problems while still keeping the detail.

But what I REALLY want the programmers to do, is fix the scrolling problem with Summons. It may have gotten slightly better, but it is still way too common that the player is left staring at the inactive end of the screen, where some inactive card has appeared on the right, while most or all of the turn’s action occurs off-screen to the left! Summons that will land off-screen need to return the view position back to the next action, not leave it on the right where all the cards are inactive! An alternative fix would be to have Summons shown as an animation showing the new card moving from the Summoning card to the new card’s position, but if the new card’s position is off-screen, DON’T pan the view position at all merely to show where the card lands. It’s far less useful and interesting than seeing what all the next actions are.

somewhat off topic but i agree 100%. i miss too much action on the left side of the battlefield looking at a stupid brand-new credo defender far right. that should’ve been fixed before even discussing capacitors and pistons.

back to topic: i am against a radical change devs intend to do. gold is far from meaningless to a L20 player. i suppose L150 player has no use for it but there is no way to fix that. in every, and i mean EVERY game in the world, player comes to a point where he has no more use for his gold pieces/credits/denarii/tiberium/ducats.

as for crafting components, something should be done there. after all this time, there are basically two items that can be bought for them – longshot and herc. both unique. after that, worthless. here’s my recommendation about that:

make each single card require one type of components, different component for each card set. and – make each instance require twice as much components as previous. for example, first utopia beacon bought from vault should cost 25WB+1capacitor (for example). second one – 25WB+2cap. fifth – 25WB+32cap etc… different cards would require different components. for example, first pathrazer would be 8000 gold + 1 gateway node; second 8000G+2GN; seventh 8000G+128GN.

as a result, we would have use for components, and it would be more difficult to build spam-decks. if you have 5 irad. inf., next one would cost a tiny bit of gold but a lot of components (64).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Eredan iTCG] living dagger upgrade

someone please explain one thing to me – is level 2 card better than level 1?

if it is, description needs to be reworded. when does health gain occur in each variant?

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Topic: Time World / What the heck are the odds for purple hero???

you can’t upgrade a “rarity” – does it make sense to turn a L50 uncommon hero into a L1 rare hero?
colors are rarities, not stats or skills.

if you have high level heroes, spend gold on skill books, not cards to replace those with L1 weaklings.