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Topic: Serious Discussion / Abortion

Originally posted by Darkruler2005:

By law, rights are given to those who are born and that is usually when we begin calling them baby instead of fetus.

But why? The law is just whatever the current politicians say, is there some great breakthrough in the babys brain that happens once its born? Of course not. There must be some other moment however…

Originally posted by charredmonkeys:

So when is a human a human?

That’s not the right question, it’s more like “When is a fetus a baby”

I have been corrected. runs off to edit

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Don't Tread On Me: A Libertarian Thread

Originally posted by cpasley:

You obviously not read my post. Most of these “useless” animals are worthless because it is illegal to own what is considered valuable off of them. Ivory, furs, meats even. Make them legal, make ownership legal, and suddenly these animals will come back from the brink of extinction to be quite numerous as people try to make money off of them.

The only reason they were made illegal in the first place was because people were hunting these animals to the brink of extinction with no thought to conservation or even basic husbandry. Simply legalizing these materials would just return those creatures to being decimated all over again.

It would depend purely on who was doing the farming. If it was people looking to make a quick buck they would kill the rinos or whatever right away and run with the money. (Like with the Dodo bird in early American history) If it was someone with a lot of time and money (And with some of these animals it would take a LOT of money) They’d breed the animals and raise them, farming a few while breeding the rest. Who decides who gets what is a whole other argument

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Abortion

I’ve heard who knows how many arguments fly around about why abortion is or is not bad. Most of these boil down to a “It is bad because they are humans” or “It’s fine because they aren’t real people yet”. What I haven’t heard much of us the why! So when is a fetus a baby? Can you argue that it is the moment of conception? Is it once the baby is born? What about kids born as much as 3 months early? It would be murder to kill that person while we can currently abort fetuses at any point in the pregnancy.